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VINE VOICEon November 2, 2012
This is my first Contour camera, and I was lucky that just at the time I decided to get one, the new ROAM 2 came out. The reason I like the ROAM2 over the original ROAM (which can now be had much cheaper) is for the 60 fps filming in 720p. This will produce smoother video, especially if you like to use slow motion effects now and then.

The ROAM 2 comes in attractive packaging and includes: 1 profile mount; 1 rotating flat surface mount; lanyard tether; USB cable; lens cap; 4GB MicroSD card; storage pouch and lens cloth.

Initial tests of the ROAM 2 in 720p @ 60fps and full HD 1080p @ 30fps are very impressive. At 720p you will have a view angle of 170 degrees, which gives you a wide panorama but some fisheye effect (to be expected at that width). In 1080p the view angle is reduced to 125 degrees, which still gives a nice wide view, but much less fisheye. The quality of the video image is very good. In full 1080p it is ultra-sharp and the colors are very good. The automatic white balance in the camera is also extremely good, and will self-adjust to present very true colors even indoors.
Operation of the ROAM 2 is very simple, via the one large "On-Record / Off" button on top of the camera. The mounting options available for Contour cameras is very good, but still could be a bit better. They have the snow and water sports covered, as well as skateboarders, bikers, etc. But I intend to use mine primarily to capture POV video from shooting sports, and there is still a lack of good mounts for that. A mount designed for a hat bill that would allow the Contour to lie flat via the rails would be perfect...

The rotating lens and built-in laser line make it easy to set the camera to frame a perfect shot, no matter what angle you mount it. I accidentally turned off the laser in the software and thought it was broken, until support at Contour provided me a quick response and helped me figure out that I am an idiot (my word, not theirs). Previous ROAM had two laser dots for leveling, the ROAM2 has a solid line, similar to home improvement tools.

The ROAM 2 has a standard ¼" x 20 tripod socket already on it - so no need to buy the Universal Mount Adapter (which I did, and now have no need for).
To set up the camera, change configuration options (such as selecting recording quality), you use Contour's software "Story Teller", which is easily downloaded and pretty simple to install and get using. Now, here is one thing I don't like about the ROAM 2 - you must use the software each time you want to change resolution of video. To do this, you must be connected to your computer via USB. So, if you're out in the world enjoying your camera, you are stuck with whatever setting you made before you left the house. There is NO option to select different modes via the camera itself. Given the designed purpose of the ROAM 2, I find this to be a bit lacking. Perhaps that is a feature on the more expensive versions of the Contour camera...

So, my first impressions of the ROAM 2 are very good. The quality of the video image is fantastic, the camera could not be more easy to use, and the software is pretty good too.
After a couple of full days of using the ROAM2, this camera performed flawlessly. Used it to capture POV video of a shooting match and attached it to my ear protection. The mic in the ROAM2 is very good - much better than any other camera I have. It was so easy to use the on/off button to begin and end each segment of recording - from a postion where I could not see the camera. The quality of the picture is superb (I shot at 1080p today).

UPDATE: After weeks of using this camera in real life action sports and other activities, I like it more and more each day. I am amazed at the quality of indoor picture also - no yellow or green cast - very natural light and it picks up everything very brightly. I find myself using 720p more often now, not only because of the economy of storage space but for the smoothness of the video if I want to go "slo-mo" from time to time. I would gladly buy this camera again... in fact, it might be nice to have TWO!
A couple tips: The 32GB microSD card does work fine in the ROAM2, and I've never even come close to filling it up. Secondly, if you're looking for some of the more exotic mounts and Amazon doesn't have them in stock - go directly to the Contour website. I ordered two mounts from them and they shipped quickly and only charged $2 for coast-to-coast shipping. Some of the merchants here wanted $10 for shipping.
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on July 14, 2014
I rarely review products, but this is a product I feel is widely underrated and deserves positive feedback. I previously had a Hero2 and there was a period of time when there was firmware issues with the product and I turned to the ROAM2 as the market alternative. I mainly wear the camera snowboarding via either the flush helmet mount or the goggle mount - I prefer the helmet mount but I don't always wear one. My specific reasons for favoring this product to the other POV cameras on the market: 1) Form factor: The tube design just makes more sense and I honestly have no idea how GoPro's bulky brick style camera became the go-to. The Roam2 is light and can be mounted on the side of your head OR the top, so it won't absorb the wind and jar your helmet around. It simply doesn't effect my riding to wear this camera all day and that's the most important thing. 2) Rotating lens: You mount the camera once at the beginning of the day and level the lens with a laser that is projected from the front of the camera. Once it's set up, you don't have to think about it again. 3) Slide to record: For snowboarding, I'm wearing gloves and I sometimes like to turn the camera on and off as I'm moving down a run and encounter things worth filming. The simplistic nature of the sliding record switch allows me to simply slide to begin recording without stopping, without removing gloves, and without thinking. When I come into something worth capturing, the last thing I want to do is stop and kill my momentum. 4) Durability: With the ROAM2, you don't need a waterproof case or anti-fog inserts. This reduces bulk and eliminates the chance that your lens will fog up due to moisture getting into the case which ruins your whole day of footage. Also, I've slammed directly on the camera to the point the the rails on the mount snapped off but the camera had no issue - it even captured the impact perfectly. I will say that the simplistic design means it lacks some features like a viewfinder, the ability to switch modes on the fly (you need to be hooked up to a computer to change the shooting mode, video resolution FPS, etc), however as I've said throughout my review I prefer simplicity to features if it allows me to focus more on the action and less on capturing it.
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on January 12, 2017
UPDATE: So far I've used it in the snow, sledding, and yesterday I used it kayaking and put it to the real test, and I even FELL IN with this thing on my head and when I got home this thing was still working and I was able to offload all the videos! The quality I felt could've been better, but then I had it on Action 720 Daylight, and maybe I should've had it on full 1080p Daylight I'm not sure. It seemed like some of the people's skin washed out in the sun. Oh well. I will keep using it! :)
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on July 2, 2015
I had a hard time choosing between 2 stars and 3 stars. For one, i don't hate this camera (as per what Amazon suggests when you give it a 2 stars review). But I honestly cannot bring myself to say "It's okay".

The build of the camera is great. this feels like a quality product that should withstand most drops and knocks.

However, the low light performance of this camera is horrible. I use this while riding (motorcycle) and while it performs alright during the day (more of this later), it just plain suck at night. All I can make out from the night footage is just my dashboard. A blurred dashboard too. I eventually stopped bringing this out to ride at night.

In the day, I sometimes experience focusing problems with it. It would remain unfocused the entire trip home from work. Luckily, this happened less than 5 times over 4 months.

The sound of the videos isn't synced with the footage. I'm not sure if i'm one of the few who suffers from this problem.

Although this costs a fraction of what a GoPro (which seems like the industry standard today) does, I bought this hoping that it will perform somewhat comparable to an entry level GoPro. It did not live up to my expectations, sadly.
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on March 13, 2017
Great camera. I wired in my own microphone and attached it to my helmet while riding my motorcycle. It took a beating in the rain, sun, and different places. The quality is great, and so is the program that comes with it. The mounts are great.
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on November 3, 2013
So I bought the Contour ROAM2 with the notion of being extremely careful with it. After a few weeks of filming with it, that idea went out the window. I can drop, kick, and even throw my camera, and it will continue to outperform my expectations of it. I bought the windshield mount as well so I can film my "automotive antics" and it is awesome. I completely covered the camera and mount in thick mud, water, and dust, and the camera still works flawlessly. The lens got a little scratched up but other than that nothing is wrong with it. I am extremely impressed with my Contour ROAM2 camera.
Now for a little friendly advice. I would not recommend buying this camera unless you are OK with filming at whatever resolution the factory sets it at. The Contour website is not working, and as a result, I/you cannot download Contour Storyteller which is the program that allows you to tweak the camera's settings and exposure like filming at 720p or 1080p, and whether you are filming in the dark or in bright sunshine. Mine is stuck on 720p HD, which is not bad, I just wish I could change it when I want. It has been a entire month and Contour still has not fixed their website, so I am skeptical as to whether they will fix it at all.
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on December 15, 2015
Good camera... but it only lasted 1 year before it stopped working.

I used this on my motorcycle helmet. I really like everything about this camera. Low profile mount. Rotating lens. Nice PC interface and configurable device (turn on and off leds, beeps, manually set contrast, adjust fps, etc.,).

The initial bad thing I had to say about it was the lens EASILY SCRATCHES. I would've been fine with that, but after 1 year, the battery crapped out and it just no longer charges. I tried all the troubleshooting fixes (try different USB cable, try USB power adapter plug, reformat card, try different card, reset device, etc.,), but none worked. It just no longer charges. I'd work it out to about 10 dollars a month for the cost I paid, eh. At least I got some decent footage out of it, but since I use the camera as more or less for safety/insurance reasons, I need to purchase a new camera.

Also I could be wrong but the company went under, so that could possibly mean not warranty on these things.
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on July 1, 2014
I do not post video on youtub. I do not produce any final product that goes to anybody. To be honest I am a bit of a technophobe and a little simple minded. I wanted something sleek and well made.

I purchased this item for analyzing technique on my superbike (body position, racing lines, etc) without looking like a tool. I also wanted a easy to remove battery operated dash cam for my vintage soft top 4 wheeler (it has no power points). It excels for both these uses.

Easy to use and good quality, I can set this up quickly and with little fuss. The laser level is very useful for orientation. The attachment accessories are clean and minimalistic. The video operating/editing system is good enough.

The unit does take some getting used to (it communicates in beeps and flashes- you get used to it) but for the functionality and the price point make it unbeatable in my book.

If I ever want more bells and whistles I will upgrade to theContour+2.
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on August 11, 2016
This camera works really well. Easy to set up, I just have to slide up and down bar on the top to turn on and off. I use it to record my airsoft game, swimming sessions, and 6 flags ride ( oops, just the easy rides of course guys). Video quality doesn't look that clear like 1080 or 720HD, but acceptable. I like it more with this video quality. Make my airsoft games look more wild. And it's waterproof like in the description. I forgot it in my jeans and "laundry" it. Though, when I found the camera, it still functions well as before. I have a goPro4 also, though video quality of goPro is better than this one, but in my personal taste, I like contour roam 2 way better. Worth the $ I spent.
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on April 22, 2013
I would really like to rate this 5 stars, and I probably should, It is an absurdly small, easy-to-operate camera that in 720p mode produces very high quality motion video; I can't imagine what it would do in 1080p, and I'll probably never find out - I don't need that much detail. I've used others, and the only drawback I've found with the Roam 2 is that the battery won't charge when camera is recording - when you're doing a 14-hour ride and the battery only lasts 8 hours of it, that puts you at a disadvantage - you have to choose when not to record, and that means that the camera may be off when an incident you wish to document happens (a car cuts you off, or rear-ends you, or there's an accident on the road ahead and you have a good view of the circumstances). That doesn't mean that I'm going to abandon the camera - it's proven useful when I'm doing shorter "sightseeing" rides, which is probably in excess of 90% of the time I'm using a camera. For the long days on the road, though, I'm acquiring a Contour+ 2 camera, with a replaceable battery that will permit, with a quick battery change, as much recording as I do riding. It also just happens to fit the same mount - how good can it get?

P.S. - Had a "conversation" with Mr. Mr (see comments) - picked up a Contour Battery Charging Kit (Model 2950) locally, and the camera was still going after 9 hours, 25 minutes, much better than the power cable (Model 2900) had been able to do. I also discovered that the 2900 had been charging the battery slowly, but for some reason it wasn't indicating it was; there's no such problem with the 2950; both the charge and record lights are on when you're underway. I don't know just how long the kit would keep the battery alive, but I'll be riding up to Washington, D.C. for Rolling Thunder toward the end of May; 1,410 miles and about 22 hours in transit should reveal just how much I can get out of the Roam 2/2950 combination.
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