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on December 5, 2012
This is a good camera for the price I paid, I got it on sale and so far I am pleased with the camera's performance. I would have given a five star rating if the camera came with better instructions. The printed material that came with the camera is sparse at best although the camera is easy to operate I had to learn some things the hard way. For example, I purchased a helmet mount bracket for mountain biking. The camera slides into the bracket via the grooves along either side of the camera (so the camera is lying on its side.)

Going for my first ride the camera worked very well however the film was sideways and I was unable to rotate the movie and ended up deleting it. The camera has a lens that rotates but there were no instructions regarding this feature and how to use it. On my next ride I rotated the lens and my film came out very nice.
Another example of poor instruction is the use of the waterproof case. Although the case works very well I had a difficult time mounting the camera and case to my helmet mount. After much consternation I finally located the small black plastic lock tabs that were preventing mounting. Had there been adequate instruction I would have been much happier.

In the minimal instructions provided there is information about downloading Storyteller" a program for uploading video etc. Storyteller takes a lot of time to upload your video. Additionally, in Storyteller is where you can make adjustments to your camera such as 720, 960 or 1080 filming and sound sensitivity. There was no information provided with the camera that explained this feature in Storyteller, I found it by looking around within the download. Camera does not come with any SD card, you need a micro SD card, shop around I found a micro SDHC (High Capacity) chip at a big box store that was 32GB for $24.99.

Otherwise I am delighted at the performance of the camera the waterproof case was put to the test in recent heavy rain and rough trail uses. The only drawback for the waterproof case is that it dampens the sound pick-up. The camera comes set with a 720 HD default and the pictures are very good. The 720 setting provides the longest film time and least battery depletion. The 720 is so good I do not have a need for anything higher for the way I use the camera. The only other issue I have found is that there is considerable sound distortion in high winds or at high speeds (high wind). I realize this is an issue with all cameras I have encountered especially in outdoor sporting activities.

My first trail ride was 46 minutes and the camera battery was fine for the entire time. I charged the battery after that ride and it took only about a half an hour. The camera charges via a USB plug. I recommend the camera if you can catch it on sale, the instruction provided is lacking but the camera appears sturdy, well-built and delivers very good video. The helmet mount is an extra that costs about 15 dollars.
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on May 7, 2013
I have both the Contour Roam and a GoPro Hero3 White. I would equate them as far as video is concerned. The video is definitely HD. The Contour is easy to mount and permits easy reorientation of the video and photos regardless of the angle of the mount. It comes with sufficient mounts to use immediately, and there are quite a few mounts and adapters available for separate purchase. The camera is light enough that I use it with my larger radio controlled aircraft and it seems made for quad, hex and octo-copters like the DJI Phantom and similar. It seems a little slower to charge than the GoPro, but it lasts a long time on a charge. It is more rugged than the GoPro, and equally waterproof when used with its underwater case but the GoPro's water case is a bit more elegant. The Contour Roam has a builtin laser that can be handy for adjusting framing of shots. I like and use my Contour Roam pretty extensively and liked it so well I bought one for my daughter who uses it while diving, skydiving, skiing and just recording sights and sounds while hiking. For all around use, I really like this video camera and have no complaints except wishing that it had a removable battery. It's a great camera and an excellent value.
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on September 22, 2014
Super cool. Super streamlined. Super sturdy.

I used this to record video (and engine noise) on an RC plane. I had to locate it near the center of gravity, because it's heavy. But it delivered great video. It also survived a few crashes.

- Easy operation with single slider switch.
- Great optics (if your situation calls for wide angle view)
- Lens rotates (manually) so you get a horizontal picture regardless of the angle of rotation at which the unit is mounted
- fast frame rate and time lapse are useful functions
- takes a beating (as long as you don't scratch or smash the lens)

- you can't see the exact picture you are about to take (though there is another version with Bluetooth for that reason)
- Has no A/V outputs to transmit video
- You can't record while connected to external power. The internal battery lasts for hours, but that's not always enough if you're doing time lapse photography.

For a helmet cam, I'd probably prefer this camera.
For RC, I think I would prefer the GoPro so I can transmit the video while recording the onboard (clean) source
For a rifle scope cam and would prefer the GoPro where you can see the realtime picture or export it to an external viewer
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on September 27, 2013
Brand new out of the box, mine was having issues with the sound. All I heard was popping and static. The picture quality was very good but remember this is only a $120 camera. For all you get, it's definitely worth it....if you get a good one. If you buy from Amazon, you will have no problems returning. I'm returning mine and taking my chances with another. I just love the design!! If you haven't heard already, this company has closed it's doors. Hopefully, there is someone who will buy up whatever is left and give support?? As of this review, you cannot get the needed software for this camera. I ended up getting it from the Facebook page. Someone had posted all that's current. The website link does not work. It seems this company has had a quality control issue with the manufacturing process. Either you get a good one or not. If yes, then you will have lots of cool video to use. If it lasts a year or so you probably got your monies worth. Get the square trade warranty and you're good for two years!! Not that it really matters but this company has really cool packaging.

UPDATE:Received a new camera from Amazon. It works flawlessly! Also was able to update the firmware. Check the Facebook page. It's the only place you can get the software and firmware files. Ready to have some fun with this little thing!!
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on July 31, 2013
Overall, this video camera is an exceptional deal for the price. I paid $110 for this shipped right to my door. That included did not include the micro SD card, but no camera comes with one of those.

If you're looking for a nice 1080P action video camera without a bunch of bells and whistles, this one is for you. This is last year's ROAM model. You have to plug it into a computer to make any adjustments (i.e. video quality, microphone sensitivity, etc.). And there is no app for it that let's you see the camera lens view on your smart phone.

All of that being said, it is still a waterproof, shockproof 1080P HD video camera that accepts a 32gb card and has a rechargeable battery that lasts at least 4 hours (about double that of a Go Pro). The lower profile is also nice feature. The lens is also rotatable 270 you can mount the camera right side up, on either side, or even upside down. Whatever works for what you are trying to mount it to. Then you just turn the front lens to file the image from the correct "right side up" perspective. The aiming and leveling laser works great too.

The only real downside is that it is about twice as heavy as a Go Pro. This doesn't matter at all when hearing it on a motorcycle helmet, but it makes a difference if you're planning on wearing it on a headband or baseball cap most of the time.
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on November 6, 2013
this is a great camera. I have used it to record 3 mountain bike, and cycling trails. I have used the handlebar mount that you have to buy extra which works great. I have also used the flex strap wrap mount for it, and that also works very good. the camera was dropped 2 times on dirt trails accidentally, and has worked like a champ. it's well made, and renders great HD action recordings. you will have to visit Contour's facebook page (while it's active) to get the storyteller software from other owners of the cameras who have kindly shared their storyteller software to use with it via dropbox. you have to have this software to change record settings, but once you do that - you will be able to use it fine. the company, Contour is out of business now - so that's why you can't get the software any other way. great camera, too bad the company must have been poorly managed, and is out of business now because of it. it's not because they don't make an excellent product. :-) I wouldn't let that deter you from buying this, it's at a great price and a great camera for the value.
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on November 4, 2013
I really wanted a hands free camera for my trip to Hawaii but I was not willing to spend a lot of money. For a fraction of the cost of a GoPro I was able to get this Contour Roam which offers different formats from 720p to full 1080p. The audio is surprising good even with the water proof case it comes with. The camera itself is water proof up to about 3 feet perfect for surface snorkeling. I bought a 32GB micro SD card and I am able to get up to about 8 hours of 1080p hd video. The lens is able to rotate so after its mounted either on your shoulder or head you can adjust the lens to make the picture right. It also has a button on the back to show you the camera leveler, memory space and battery life. Operation is as easy as pushing a switch forward. The only drawback is that there is no display on in and you have to plug it into your computer to make changes to the format and resolution. If you are looking for a good cheap alternative to the GoPro you must consider this camera.
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on May 6, 2013
There are several options for helmet mounted cameras, however, none of them are as low profile as the Contour ROAM. The things that I like about this camera is it is easily mounted to pretty much any location on your helmet. The adhesive that is provided to mount the camera is extremely efficient. Once mounted, you have to really work to get it off if you decide to move it. The camera has a 170 degree view which provides optimum coverage. I discovered that by mounting the camera on the side of my helmet (my original mounting location) that its view was restricted to the opposite side. When I remounted it on top with the low profile mounting bracket and now it covers it all.

The picture is really clear and crisp. The only issue is that noise that the wind creates. There are several methods to lessen the wind noise that offer varying degrees of effectiveness. Check out some of the options on Utube.
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on September 2, 2013
I just returned from a 2,500 mile motorcycle trip on which I used the ContourROAM daily, and am generally pleased with the camera, but it has several issues that you should be aware of.

1) I was only able to record approximately 7 hours of 720p video using the 32GB SD card that came with the kit. This is far short of the advertised 12 hours for 720p and even short of the advertised 8 hours for 1080p.

2) I could have sworn that I remembered reading that you could film while running the camera off of a USB power source. This was one of the main reasons that I purchased the camera, and it definitely is not possible.

3) It is easy to bump the USB cord and have it disconnect the camera while importing videos to your computer. You will basically need to set the camera and computer on a flat surface and not move them until you are finished. Also, sometimes my Macbook doesn't recognize that the camera has been attached and I need to unplug and replug it several times.

4) The surfboard mount is clear plastic, but the adhesive is solid white. I stuck stuck the mount on my motorcycle faring (not the intended use, I know), and it stands out a lot seeing as how the bike is red and the adhesive is white. A clear adhesive would have been nice.

Despite these issues, I am pleased with my purchase. The camera lightweight and functional. Also, the waterproof body was great for unexpected rainstorms while riding. A good deal for the price.
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on April 28, 2013
Be sure to download Story Teller for the latest firmware updates which of course it checks if you have the newest editions, no guessing. This came with nice waterproof housing which also has the standard 1/4 x 20 camera tapping so you can use a your digital or film cameras tri-pod as well. The camera itself has the same tapping. Handy feature! You can make your own mount anywhere on anything. I am going to make a Stainless Steel mount on the hard-top of my boat using a floor flange and small piece of stainless all-thread rod and a couple of lock nuts..Bam! Done! under 20 bucks for a mount, and I have a set up to record the fishing events on the rear deck of the boat for under $150.00 with a 170 degree view of crystal clear 1080p action packed video.
I won't be using it for a hand-held video camera, so no need for a rear screen. Simple press of a button shoots out a powerful flat (horizontal) red laser beam (not a dot) displaying your viewing angle.
I like the Square Cameras commercials, but IMO this camera is better.
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