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on June 1, 2016
This console was styled with a pair of ladder bookshelves that accentuates a pleasingly not too feminine decor. It softens all the straight lines. Assembly was fairly easy. There are three doors to this unit. In order that the doors fit and work properly, all parts must be properly aligned, if not, the doors will not fit properly. The middle door is a swing door that swings forward set on tracks that extend to the back of this unit. I would delay tacking on the back panel til the middle swing door is completely set in place. After the unit was completely assembled and all the doors set in place, when I attempted to move the unit, the middle swing door fell off its tracks. The only way I could reinstall the door was through the back of the unit turning the door diagonally til it realigned with the tracks, pushing it forward on the tracks. That was the most frustrating part of the assembly. The inserts that stop the door from swinging backwards can be easily removed and reinserted behind the door once the door is in place. I noticed that one side of the unit was just slightly off alignment that caused the door to fall out of place when I attempted to move the unit, which had to be securely flush and aligned with the the rest of the unit. Making sure that all parts were securely flush and aligned with each other, the swing door stayed in place when reinstalled.
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on March 27, 2016
Product was shipped with multiple pieces missing. We contacted the company and they did send missing parts, but the parts were so poorly manufactured that additional braces and screws had to be purchased to make this product usable. Very cheap design and manufacturing. Look for something better.

The upper shelf is supported by 5 metal pipes, they only sent 4. Cam locks were missing so I had to order more. The wood panels are only 1/2 inch thin, some of the edges were damaged where the particle board chipped away. Upon assembly one dowel actually pushed through to the other side of the board and left a chipped crater on the other side which I had to patch and paint. Some of the cam locks did not latch onto the bolt properly so it wasn't tight. Went to the hardware store and bought 8 corner brackets to reinforce the upright wood panels and the horizontal boards. The corner braces took 48 screws to fasten them but at least the TV stand won't wobble anymore. Two out of the 3 front doors are cheap plastic! If you have average to high standards, you should stay away from this product! For only $50 more, I saw a entertainment center at Costco which had nice thick wood structural members that put this product to shame except Costco's entertainment center is a lot heavier because it is way better.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
I really like the look of this stand, but, sadly, mine arrived damaged.

At first, I wasn't sure if it was damaged in transit or not, but I think when they put the door hole in, it cracked under the pressure and bent the front corner (WHY THE FRONT CORNER!? Haha. Why couldn't it be the back!?).
Anyways, I brought it up with Amazon, but the return process is still too much of a hassle, even if they pickup (I can't be around all day waiting on UPS to show up, as they never show up on time--seriously, it arrived at 10:30 PM when it should have been there before 8.). So, I'm opting to keep it and just...fix it? Probably a sharpie or something... Maybe glue in the crack? Something. :) I'm handy.

Amazon said they'd let the team know about the damage and quickly tried to send a replacement (scheduled it before I could see how the return would go), but I've rejected it. I just wanted the panel, and having to disassemble it, package it, etc., then wait on UPS... It's not worth it... So, it's my choice to keep the damaged product. Amazon was quick to try and right the wrong, but it's the UPS that makes me feel it's not worth the hassle. Hehe.

Otherwise, it's super easy to put together. I did it in like 45 minutes on my own. The hardest part was nailing in the back. :D
And the instructions did NOT match the equipment numbers. Lol.

Excited to have it.

I really think with products like these, sellers (or amazon in this case) should have extra pieces in case they arrive damaged. It'd be so much easier for everyone if they could just send out the replacement panel instead of needing a full thing repackaged, sent back, etc. We still built the unit because I wasn't sure if the doors would hide it or not (it didn't).

Oh, not to mention, if you notice damage too late, this product requires glue to be used, so it'd be hard to disassemble in some respect. I didn't use glue though because I did consider if I had to take it apart later.

Oh, another issue, the little pegs that hold the door up inside the middle drawer, they fall out...constantly. You'll probably need glue there too!

So, I'm removing two stars. 1.5 for damage and .5 for the pegs that constantly fall out.
Damage makes it so the panel wall can't sit even with the base.

Otherwise, super cute, feels sturdy, and it looks great.

Update: Despite being willing to just keep and attempt to fix the damaged product, Amazon refunded the full purchase price. Very sweet of them. Didn't require it, but I can either now buy a new one, or see if I can find a way to properly fix the base. :)

Update: So, I decided, after all that, I'd use the money and buy a second one (We have two TVs after all). I figured, 'hey, it looks great, and as long as it doesn't have damage, it's easy to assemble."
So, I put it all together, ignoring a small damage spot closer to the rear this time (like something hit it and knocked a chunk out), and then realize, oh, the entire center board is WARPED.

I'm currently trying to weight it down to straighten it. In my attempt to figure out the problem, I also ended up slicing my finger really good on the wood itself. So, I'm just not happy with this product and, sadly, have to say that I cannot recommend it... :/ Unless you're okay with some defects.

I may just be unlucky, which isn't surprising, but...good lord...
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on May 4, 2016
Stand overall is a good value for the size of tv it can hold. A few issues I had was a couple of defects in the stand itself. One of the treads in the main piece came too large or striped where one of the hardware pieces was not able to screw in properly, this wasn't a big deal and did not affect the structural holding capability. Another was a noticeable chip in the top main board. It looked like the box may have been dropped at some time. The box was also very dirty and brought in dirt in my house. Another thing is the two side doors is made of really thin plastic and looks a bit cheap. Nothing worth retiring the product over for a $41 dollar tv stand.
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on October 31, 2015
The package arrived on time, as promised, which is always a good thing. It's was fairly easy to put together, and looks great when finished. Couldn't give it a five star due to cheap quality materials. Be careful when tightening screws because I actually put a screw right through a part of the shelves by accident. The plastic doors look nice, but are very flimsy and cheap.
I bought this for the tv in my "man cave" but would not recommend it for a formal living room due to it's quality of construction. I knew off the bat that you get what ya pay for, but it does look nice.
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on February 15, 2017
The reviews are right. I decided to get this in spite of reading the reviews because I'm not someone who cares too much about how something looks, I've got plenty of other particleboard furniture, and plastic doors don't seem that bad to me.

After receiving it, here are my thoughts. The price is good -- you'd be hard pressed to find another stand made for 50" TVs at this price. The main unit (sans doors, back) is nice and sturdy, even if mainly made of particle board. But there were a few too many "off" things that made me somewhat regret my decision to get this instead of the $20 more expensive Altra Carson 50" TV stand, which is the most popular non-mounting TV stand. For example, the back of the bottom unit might as well not be there (in fact, I decided against installing it--no sense in nailing a centimeter of thin wood into the back).

My main qualms with the unit are nothing fits as you'd expect it to--while you can force a fit, none of it fits perfectly. Half the camlocks that came with my unit were either falling out of their holes (the holes were too big) or jammed in there sideways. You doubt the integrity of the camlocks, too, because it's hard to turn them more than 30 degrees. The doors are made of plastic, but I'd be okay with that if they at least opened and closed without scraping the bottom board as they swing open and closed (unless you open and close the doors with an upward lift). None of the doors are flush to the parting particle board "wall" pieces--you can see gaps between the doors and the separating pieces.

The "off" parts were substantial enough that I regret making this purchase instead of something a little more expensive and more well-reviewed, but not enough for me to muster the determination to dismantle and return it, buy another TV stand, and assemble that. It still holds my TV, raising it to a nice height, as well as my Wii U and other accessories, and it doesn't look bad if you don't know where to look to see the flaws. I can live with it. Just not as ecstatic over it as I'd hoped I'd be. Feeling somewhere between "meh..." and "it's not bad"--so more like 3.5 stars than 3.
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on October 27, 2013
For 60 something dollars you get what you pay for.
> The wood is cheap
> The doors are cheap plastic.
> Requires you to glue stuff while assembly. Be careful to not glue it the wrong way. Like assembling all cheap things, it might be a good idea not to over-tighten screws. The wood will crack. (Actually I don't even tighten it much until it starts to come together.)

For 60 something dollars it looks very good!
> it looks very good as long as you don't come close and examine it.
> I can't say about the plastic doors. I don't use those that much. That said it looks OK with the rest of it. You wouldn't be able to tell it's plastic from normal TV watching distances.

There might be other better TV stands out there for the same price. But this is not as bad as some people are making it out to be. As long as you are careful in assembly, you won't be disappointed.
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on April 23, 2014
This is a good, sturdy product. I put it together by myself with little-to-no problem. Instructions read like ikea. If you can put together something from ikea than this will be a cake walk. I have a 55 inch plasma screen sitting on it.
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on January 21, 2017
I liked a lot about this Tv stand. The manual to assembly is easy to follow. It is easy and simple to put together the pieces i think anyone can do it. The tv stand is sturdy and looks nice. It even fit my Lg 60 inches tv. Great stand for the price

The bad: quality control or shipping ?? The right door is broken on arrival. The doors are flimsy plastic which i can understand because of the cost. Its okay for me even if it look much cheaper than the other component. The color is black so these doors can blend in easily. However a broken pieces on arrival is a big bummer and the point of buying a brand new product is that everything should be in perfect condition.

I've tried contacting amazon. Will update soon
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on August 17, 2017
Could not be happier with this this purchase!! All the parts were included, directions were extremely simple, and assembly took less than an hour (30-45mins). It's not big and bulky and looks VERY nice in my son's bedroom!! 5 stars!!
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