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on March 29, 2016
These are not real Converse! I ordered these for my husband and two days after he started wearing them, they started turning white!
We wondered if they were knockoffs, then read some of the reviews on here...and now I know they are. I'm so mad we wasted $60 on these. Too bad I can't give 0 stars.
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on September 2, 2014
the shoes are great. however, this is my story...
I usually a size 7 in womens for all shoes, so I decided to get the b(m)7 for my converse. but I read multiple reviews on the shoes posted by other people on this site, and everybody was saying that they run a half a size larger than expected, so everybody who was, say, size 8 got 7 1/2. reviews > my own thoughts [my first time buying shoes from amazon], so I got a size b(m) 6 1/2.
I got the shoes in a week. even though it was expected in 17-28 business days. I tried them, and a perfect fit! TOO perfect. they fit... but if my foot grows even a thousandth of a centimeter, it'll be too small. even if they fit it me, it might not fit you if you get a smaller size. [I usually keep a tiny bit of foot space. maybe an inch in the front of the shoe so I toes can "breathe" you know what I mean?]

do not order a half a size smaller. order as your foot size should be. I wish somebody told otherwise, but it was my mistake, and I'll learn from this.
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on July 16, 2016
Either the pair of Converse I received from this seller were counterfeit knock-offs or Converse has farmed out their manufacturing to the cheapest country with the poorest of quality standards. I bought this pair of Monochrome Blck All-Star Hi-Tops because it is my favorite style and my current pair was getting worn. When the new pair arrived I took them out of the box and placed them in my closet to be ready when the older pair was completely done. Well, the new pair had sat in my closet for about three weeks until today when I finally needed to wear them and to my dismay I discovered that they were the worst pair of Comverse I had ever seen. I wish I had inspected them better prior to trusting this seller and having thrown away the box so that I could return them. When I attempted to lace up and wear these shoes they felt oddly uncomfortable on my feet as if they were not the correct size and then I noticed the laces were at least 6 inches shorter than the standard All-Star Hi-Top laces. As I neared the top eyelets of the shoes one of the metal rings that surround the eyelets completely fell apart and off of the shoe. That when I took the shoes off and began inspecting them thoroughly. It is than that I noticed excessive glue at every seam as if the shoes were sloppily put together, the rubber emblem patch on the side of the shoe was incorrect and poorly seen on. I started comparing the new shoes to my older pair and not even the insole was correct, it was a completely different color, the new insole was black and the old was white. The actual bottom sole of the shoes were completely different as well with the original and authentic pair displaying the shoe size and the counterfeit pair not. I compared the model numbers of the shoes and they were the only thing that matched but the labels that they were printed on were completely different as well, not only were they different but they were both manufactured in completely different countries. The labels on the heel of the shoes were also completely different. This is the second time I have made a purchase on Amazon and have been shipped a counterfeit item, the last time it was a Carhartt hat that I ordered. I will no longer be shopping on Amazon as they do not monitor the products that these independent sellers are ripping us off with. I was ripped-off and will only be ordering my converse from Converse's website directly from here on out.
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on November 6, 2016
.. WISH I COULD GIVE 0 STARS....Fraudulent paid. No size on bottom... Tag says made in Taiwan... And she converse emblem on left foot is on inside of shoe instead out side meaning left foot emblem should b on left outside of shoe instead it's left foot on inside
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on June 18, 2016
I've been wearing Converse All-Stars on and off my entire life and while they are certainly not the most comfortable shoe, they make up for it in simplicity and classic design. I've never been a fan of the fancy, bulky basketball shoes of today, so for me, I always come back to the most basic of designs.

This particular shoe is from the Vietnam factory. Some people claim they know fake Converse shoes and say that if they have certain characteristics such as the loop on the tongue and the name Converse on the heel label that they must be counterfeits. I can assure you, these Converse are not fake. And even if they are, they would have to be the best fakes I've ever seen.

I've purchased Converse shoes from all sorts of retailers, on and offline, and they definitely differ in their manufacturing processes. I just looked at my 7 pairs of hi and low-top All-Stars and there are a mix of shoes that come from China and Vietnam. And they have varying differences...some have the tongue loop and some have Converse on the heel label, some do not.

But back to the quality...again, IF these are fakes, they are the same quality OR BETTER than the other pairs I have!! This, the price and my experience in buying these shoes for many years leads me to believe they are certainly not fakes.
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on September 4, 2016
My first order, they sent me the wrong size - a men's 9 instead of a women's 9. It wasn't my mistake; the shoes didn't match the packing slip. The second order was right, and they're my favourite shoes. Typical Converse: they're durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. They also lack arches, like all Converse shoes. I wear them to class and work, usually 12 hours or more in a day without problem. They're not tight on my feett, but my feet don't slide around. These shoes have much longer laces than high-tops I've bought elsewhere, though. Not that it's a problem; I just have to do that hipster thing where you loop the laces around your ankle before tying the bow. If I don't, I step on them.
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on August 16, 2016
My first pair of real Converse and I'm in love. I've had knockoffs before but they didn't come near these. I usually wear size 12 but my brother, who has Converse All Stars, told me to order one full size down. So I got size 11 and they fit perfectly. The shoes initially feel narrow compared to Reebok, New Balance, and other sneakers, but these fit like a glove and are very comfortable. I've gotten used to the feeling of being narrow and now like it. Mine are made in Vietnam but the craftsmanship looks great and uniform; I have no complaints. I've worn these shoes all day, multiple days and my feet have yet to feel uncomfortable or sore. I'll definitely get Converse again.
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on December 14, 2015
At one point in time I had 300+ pairs of shoes. Freaky, I know. It was an obsession gone wrong and I simply reached a point where I had to make a decision. You know how most people hate transporting the oversized couch, the refrigerator, the TV or the dining room table when moving into a new home? Well yeah, my "couch, refrigerator, TV or table" was my shoe collection - an absolute nightmare and impossible to move. Time to downsize!

After some serious reflection and debate I came to the realization that I didn't really wear any of the shoes in my collection half as much as I wore my classic Chuck Taylors. They're timeless, they can dress an outfit up, they can dress an outfit down, they come in every color under the sun, they fit as expected, they clean easily in the washing machine and after years and years of conditioning your feet, you'll actually find them to be comfortable.

There's no doubt about it, Chuck Taylors are hands-down and without a doubt or question my favorite shoes of all time.
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on August 29, 2013
These have been a staple in America for decades. They are sturdy canvas that wears extremely well over time. The soles are rubber and glued. After extreme wear, some parts that are glued can get loosened. Shoe goo can be used to make most if not all repairs on these. So they can last longer than nearly any shoe. They make them exactly like they did decades ago, with the same quality, with one caveat, Converse, the iconic American shoes, are now made in China. This may or may not matter to you. It does matter to me, due to labor practices, and environmental standards, which is why I typically buy New Balance shoes, still made in the USA as of 2013. I've worn made in USA converse in the past, but never the new China-made ones. On arrival I couldn't tell any difference in the shoe itself, just as sturdy as ever.

On a side note: This particular style is pretty trendy among celebrities. My wife saw this color/style on some female singer and had to have them. Lots of female celebrities buy these "male" high-tops. Which I find interesting, it doesn't look bad at all, but it definitely screams trendiness to me. You can google "celebrity Converse" to find pictures of the myriad of celebs who don Converse. If you do or do not want to be trendy, is your call, but these are definitely being revived in current "pop culture". To my wife, that is great, emulating her favorite artist, to me, I wouldn't be caught dead in them due to that reason alone. Although I thought about buying a matching pair just to confuse her, and be "that" weird matching couple, since pop culture has made them unisex lol.

Hope that helps!
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on January 8, 2016
These shoes are amazing so far! The delivery was a week fast, which was AWESOME! The color was a little darker than I'd expected but I ain't complaining! There was a small "doodie spot" (as my younger brother called it) on the inner side of the shoe right at the brand name, but nothing but a little bit of hot water and a rag won't do.

Converse have really awkward sizing. They go by men's sizes and are half a size bigger. I'm an 8½ in women's normal shoe. I'd normally be a 6½ in men's sizes, but I risked it all and got half a size down just in case and THEY FIT PERFECTLY!! Just take your normal shoe size and go down two and a half sizes then that's your Converse size!

After I break them in and actually start wearing and tearing then, I will edit!

Edit: they are truly authentic to the brand. Not a knockoff as far a so can tell. They've lasted me a good long time. The only problem is, after a while when you start breaking them in, they start to hurt your feet. I have very wide feet at the base, which is a fashion lover's nightmare and because of these shoes, they gave me a corn on my ring toe, the toe that always sticks out the side of everything. Make sure to get some Dr.Scholls before you wear these for long periods of time like work, and school. I know I should've. Still five stars since it's faulty of the brand since the 60s.
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