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on April 10, 2014
I bought this book because I was trying to change my lifestyle and drink more water instead of sugary sodas and juices. I was excited to try the recipes because of the beautiful photos in this book but I have to say I am rather disappointed. So far I've tried 4 recipes in this book, I don't remember the names but they were the one with blueberries, lemon, and ginger, one with orange juice and tamarind paste, another with watermelon and basil, and another with celery and green grapes. All these recipes sounded good in principle but they either tasted like flavored water or reminded me of dishwater. What I mean by that is, even though there is good tasting fruit juice in your water, the recipe always tacks on one weird vegetable/herb ingredient that ruins everything. The blueberry drink was way too gingery. The orange juice and tamarind drink had cilantro in it that made it taste like I was drinking leftover dish washing water from a pot of soup. The watermelon and basil combination by itself was great except the recipe called for vinegar that made the watermelon juice taste like a vinegrette salad dressing. The carbonated water did not help and made the watermelon juice more sour when watermelon is suppose to be nice and sweet. The celery and green grape was just nasty salty and sour. Also, the book says you can keep the waters for up to 3 days. I would not keep them for more than 24 hours. I ended up with a big almost half gallon of celery water, and the morning after getting it out of the fridge, what was a nice green turned into a boogey green. It just did not look or taste appetizing after that.

Overall I dislike how the author tries to be "inventive" with the recipes and make them more packed with flavor than they should. I think you are just better off infusing slices of cucumber or lemons in water and drinking that! More refreshing and fewer weird ingredients.
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on July 2, 2013
I credit this book for helping me lose 25 pounds and counting.

I was a diet soda drinker all my life - an addict some would say - downing 4+ cans of the stuff a day, and I was so frustrated that all of my weight loss efforts seemed to be in vain. I then read an article that claimed soda (in any form, not just regular) was an impediment to weight loss.

So, I decided to slowly cut out my soda intake. I stopped buying cans and switched to 2 liters. This helped quite a bit. Eventually I phased out the soda in place of sparkling water like San Pellegrino, and eventually just stopped buying soda to keep in the house and only had it when I went out to a restaurant. However, at home I was feeling the need for something else so I was making and ingesting gallons of Crystal Light, Sugar-free lemonade, and other "calorie free" drink mixes. My weight loss progressed, but painstakingly slowly.

Finally - it clicked. I was still drinking diet soda only without the fizz. I was still pumping my body full of chemicals and artificial sweeteners that made my body crave REAL sugar only to cause me to overeat. I bought this book and have found that after a few months of drinking only the waters in this book (I try to stay away from the fizzy waters, but they make good party punch) I no longer crave diet soda or Crystal Light. In fact, it tastes kinda funky now. And, without changing my food intake (I was on restricted calories before) my weight loss has sky rocketed and I feel like I'm no longer in a chemical haze.

This book was a Godsend for me. Not all of the recipes are awesome (the green one just tastes like liquefied grass), but my standbys are super easy to make, and way cheaper than buying all that diet soda and hauling it in from the car.

Tip: if you own a juicer just chuck everything (except herbs) in the juicer and pour it in with the water. WAY less mess than the author's method of putting everything in a food processor then straining the pulp, plus I feel like the water has a more intense flavor with the juicer method.

Enjoy your Cool Waters!
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on August 18, 2010
This book is packed with great recipes you can use for drinking water-healthful and delicious. The photographs are beautiful and inspired me to try more recipes. There are so many interesting fruit and herb combinations which have unique and addictive tastes. I bought a nice glass pitcher to show off the drinks. My monthly artist group loved the Squeeze of Citrus. I bought the book for a sister's birthday present and she really likes it too. Highly recommend if you're bored with plain water and/or you want to make your water healthier. You will need a very good blender, a juicer for citrus, and a very fine large metal sieve.
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on December 10, 2012
Since Amazon recommended this book to purchase with a pitcher with built-in infuser, I expected this to be a book with flavor boosters for water. This is a book of juices diluted with water. Most of the ingredients are run through a blender and strained. Another thing to beware of is the exotic ingredients, you be the judge: rose water, lemongrass. blood oranges, fresh lychees, orange blossom water. fresh spearmint, ground ancho chile, fresh lavender leaves, fresh peppermint leaves, golden kiwis, coconut water, aloe vera leaf or juice, carambola, red Swiss chard, purple kale, fresh lemon balm leaves, goji berries, fresh lavender leaves, dried chamomile flowers, tamarind paste, dried hibiscus flowers, vanilla bean, juniper berries, star anise, Balinese long peppers, kaffir lime leaf, saffron threads, shiso leaves, fresh yuzu or bottled, Charentais melon, Thai basil leaves....seriously. Each recipe is written nicely and they do try to explain what these ingredients are. They also recommend foods to pair it with.
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on October 23, 2014
I bought the hard cover version of this book months ago and have since been randomly making and tasting the recipes. There are some great mixes here. I especially like the Pineapple and Lime Seltzer, the Crimson Dew and Mango Ginger Beer. But there are heaps of others that taste great and even more that look great but I am yet to try. There are many recipes which have ingredient combinations that I would not have thought would taste so good together.My one small complaint is that the packaging could have been better. By the time it reached me the book's dust cover was torn and crumpled. Highly recommended and will be in high use as our summer approaches!
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on July 8, 2012
My husband has tried a few of the recipes in this book but as the taste tester, I can attest that they are good recipes. We have many more that we want to try. My only con is that I wish it were specifically for the infusion pitcher or infusion ball that we have. In this book, you might use a blender or food processor to blend the flavors together and then add it to water (so for those that do not have an infusion pitcher, it is not necessary to have one as the book does not refer to it in any of the recipes). Great little book!
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on July 8, 2016
I have purchased different flavored waters and fresh herbs. So, I made some of the ideas in the book : such as mint, pineapple, lemon and other zesty fruits. Wow I need to buy a few more books for friends!! Also will use tonic water which is awesome for leg cramps.
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on June 25, 2010
This is a great book with wonderful recipes (50 to be exact) to flavor water with ingredients that are easy to find. Some recipes in the book are Squirt of citrus, pineapple and lime seltzer, honeydew-mint mist, rose water with lemon, blueberry twist, crimson dew, sweet tart, and mango ginger "beer" just to name a few. The book is hard cover and the pictures are beautiful.
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on April 1, 2011
For medical reasons I have to limit my fluid intake, so when I drink something it should be good for me and it MUST taste good. Of course, water comes to mind. I have been experimenting with flavors and "creative mixing" for years I was freezing "weird things" as my kids would say. This book gives me so many ideas and validates that there are others out there who (for whatever reason) enjoy water with a twist. I am very pleased with everything about this book and so glad I found it.
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on January 24, 2011
Cool Waters is an excellant launching pad to an endless array of at home sodas and coolers. The book is full of recipes and supporting naratives on why the ingrediants work together.This is not written for those interested in pouring sugar syrup into a Sodastream. More to the contrary the recipes are Lite and the pictures are visually refreshing. Makes you want to try every mix in the book..Have Fun......
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