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on September 28, 2014
I have a Bose SoundDock that I got 9 years ago, and I haven't used it in a couple of years because it is an Apple 30 pin connector, and all of my iDevices are Lighting connector now. It doesn't have auxiliary in port, or I would have hooked an Airport Express and played music through it that way. I thought that I had a $300 paper weight on my hands until I found the CoolStream Duo.
It works great! As soon as I received it, I plugged it in to the Bose, opened up the Bluetooth Settings on my iPhone 5s, paired them, and stared playing music. It works like a charm.
I have a typical wood frame single family home, and I walked around the house while the SoundDock was in the living room, and it never lost the signal, even when I went downstairs and in the garage. The distance that the signal reached was very impressive. I was concerned that since this was Bluetooth, not Wifi like an Airport Express set-up, I would have to stay in the same room, but that was not the case at all. The other nice thing about this is that you can control the devices volume from your iPhone while you are playing music. I set the Bose volume to max, and then control the volume from my phone.
I easily paired my MacBook Pro, iPhone 5s, and 3rd gen iPad, and played music from all of them on the Bose.
It has another feature that you might not use often, but it does add value in my opinion. The Duo has an auxiliary out port that you can plug into any radio that has an auxiliary in port using a 3.5mm Auxiliary Jack and play music through that player as well. This would make it work with any device that doesn't have the Apple 30 pin connector. While it is plugged in to the 30 pin connector, it is charging it's internal battery, so you can take it with you and play it through other devices with the 3.5mm Auxiliary Jack wire. They say you'll get 4-5 hours, of play on a full charge, but I did not test this.
Overall, I strongly recommend this product.
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on December 12, 2014
Have been thinking of upgrading the Bose sound dock system to a sound link system until I found this. The connection is a breeze. Sound quality very decent.

Since the iPhones came out we used the classic iPod and this old sound dock less and less. Now with this little gem our sound dock is alive again!

Highly recommend.
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on August 7, 2016
So I have the original Bose iPod dock that sat in a closet getting moved from shelf to shelf totally useless. Then I discovered this adapter on another site and started my research. I wanted to make sure it was compatible with the Bose I have and that the Bluetooth range was as stated. In the product description it states the serial # of the Bose it's compatible with so I checked mine. When I found mine was, it was ordered, arrived from seller in 2 days, setup was a breeze (simply unpacked item, check where on/off switch was, plug in and go. As simple as that.

Now not only can I stream from my Apple devices but the great part is my Amazon Dot now streams from Bose dock. Life just keeps getting easier.

Since it will draw power from the dock being on I shouldn't have to worry about the battery and to be honest this little Bluetooth adapter could not be better. The range I think is better than stated, there basically are no CONS. It's pretty straightforward and with my Echo and 2 Dots I now have an additional great speaker for whichever one I want + any other device that has Bluetooth.

Definitely recommend this product.
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on January 8, 2015
I have a 2010 Kia Forte koup. I'm only able to Bluetooth phone calls but with this product I'm now able to Bluetooth music. It does everything that it says it does. Thus product has breathed new life into my stereo that was just collecting dust up until now. Sound quality is not sacrificed with this.
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on November 27, 2017
It's always a joy to be able to use something right out of the box without reading the instructions first. So it was with this little gem. I recently upgraded my pandora account to be able to download music to my phone. It was a wonderful addition to my car listening experience. At home however, I had no way to stream the music on my phone to my Onkyo receiver because the dock was a simple 30 pin affair and while it had a permanent resident iPod Touch, that device did not have the ability to download music, nor did it have a way to send a stream via Bluetooth. The CoolStream replaced the iPod and I turned on the system, paired my phone (iPhone 7+) and instantly music came out the speakers. Then I read the instructions, haha. Like the old commercial so easy a caveman could do it. Not only that, I have a Bose tabletop player in the bedroom that I can use it with as well. I'm impressed with the ease of using this adapter. Also the instructions are actually quite easy to understand, being well written, a rarity these days. I'd be happy to give anyone the exact model of my audio receiver and its dock if I'm asked in the comments. They are both over 7 years old and no longer available to purchase. It's nice to be able to add new capabilities to an older system.
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on January 17, 2018
Sound quality is excellent (at least with my Tango TRX) with no drops, crackles or connection issues.
Makes connections easily. I can connect both an iPhone 6 and an iPad 2 at the same time and fairly easily switch between using controls on the iPhone and iPad. The Tango TRX comes with a remote that should support pause/play/RWD/FWD on the Apple connector but it doesn't work. A minor issue since I can do that with my iPhone or iPad. If I adjust the audio on the Tango TRX speakers to the loudest I would want it (essentially setting a 'max'), I can adjust volume on the mobile device instead.
I tried in my 2011 Mini Cooper using the OEM USB/analog audio cable and the car never 'saw' the BT adapter.
My observations lead me to believe that there's some basic enough functionality so that 'primitive' 30-pin adapter devices can recognize that an audio device is connected, supply power and play audio and that's about it — can't use it as a wireless 30-pin sync cable, for example. No complaints for the amount paid. Does everything they said it would.
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on February 20, 2017
Great product that will add life back into most old 30pin speaker systems. The only down side is that if you keep it plugged into the 30 pin connector and keep the speaker unplugged, it will drain the battery over time. Should be smart enough to shut off. There is a switch to operate this device on its own internal battery which is cool, but it would be nice if it auto-switched over. Also the volume is defaulted set to full blast when you connect it. I have a Logitech S715i. Overall very happy with purchase despite these silly shortcomings. I guess this is because this device is designed for so many speakers it cant be perfect for all.

Update, the 30 pin connector broke. I tried to solder it back in place, but it didn't work. Seems like the brackets that hold the connector in place are way too light duty, and held in place by 2 solder connections that aren't strong enough.
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on June 27, 2017
2nd Update:

This unit has been flawless with reconnections unlike most other bluetooth speakers I have bought over the years. Even with the volume a little low, the price is so good and the unit so flawless, I'm increasing to 5 / 5 stars


Susan with CoolStream processed my warranty claim very quickly. New unit is working well. Volume is still a little low, but much better than the original unit.

Original Review:
Worked briefly. Volume was low. At max volume on car stereo and max volume on phone. It wasn't quite loud enough on the highway.

2 weeks in it stopped working. I have filed a warranty claim on their website today. If I get a new one, I will update my review.
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on November 7, 2017
OK, I love this thing. I have an older Bose speaker with a 30 pin dock which I use for my old iPod. Unfortunately, you can't easily use that speaker with the newer iPhone/iPad/iPod connectors. I plugged this little Bluetooth gadget on the 30 pin connection and now I can use it with my newer iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Basically, this little device salvaged a very expensive speaker that wasn't really being used because of the old 30 pin connection. All of my newer Apple devices recognized the device almost immediately and Bluetooth pairing was quick and easy. I haven't tried this with my Android tablet or my laptop yet but I don't see why it wouldn't work. This thing is an absolute MUST BUY for anyone with one of the older 30 pin docking speakers.
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on August 22, 2017
Reviewing a product like the CoolStream Duo bluetooth adapter is pretty simple. It either works or it doesn't. In this case, it works great! And to think that I had held off getting this Bluetooth adapter for my Bose SoundDock II back when I had an iPhone 6 out of concerns for sound quality. I purchased an expensive 30 pin to lightning connector cord from Apple instead. But when I replaced my iPhone with a Sony Xperia, I didn't have a choice, I had to get a Bluetooth adapter. I settled on the CoolStream based on the good reviews. And aside from a slightly tinny sound quality, I am well satisfied with the CoolStream adapter. It works great considering the age of the Bose SoundDock.
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