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on May 21, 2017
This, or more accurately the Hyper 212 Evo that has replaced it, is quite frequently the baseline against which other cooling systems are rated. This is because it is effective, reliable, and budget-friendly. You can do better, for more money – but you won't necessarily. It out-performs many more expensive options. I noticed (just now) that it lists compatibility with AMD Phenom and Phenom II up to 4 cores, but not the x6 (which I have). Don't worry about that, it works quite well on an overclocked 1090T.

Get a second fan. It will make things even quieter, because they'll run slower for the same amount of airflow.

Just be aware it's FRIGGING HUGE. It's 4 inches wide, 5 inches tall, and with both fans installed it is almost 4 inches thick. It won't fit in every case, so measure first. If it will fit, you won't be disappointed.
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on May 30, 2015
The Cooler Master Hyper 212+ is one of the most popular heatsinks of all time and it provides excellent performance for its value. If you can't afford to purchase a premium air or water cooler then the Hyper 212+ is the best heatsink money could buy. Most high-end heatsinks are priced above $70+ while this beast goes for around $30. Also, you also have a high risk of a water cooler leaking and completely destroying your other components.

Installing it is a piece of cake and the instructions are very easy to follow in case if you have never installed a heatsink before.
There are also videos on YouTube that you could watch that show step by step of how to install a heatsinnk.

The performance of this heatsink is excellent. I installed this heatsink to my 3770K CPU and temps were running 43C idle with stock heatsink. After applying the Hyper 212+, the temps dropped to 34C idle so that's a big difference and I have a lot of headroom for overclocking. I plan on overclocking my 3770K to 4.4Ghz but I need to do more testing for that.

It comes with a 120mm fan attached pre-installed onto the heatsink and the metal clips make it very easy to remove the fan for heatsink. You also have an extra two metal clips in case you would want to add a second fan for more airflow. When it comes to noise, this beast is very quiet and does a good job at staying quiet even under full load. The Hyper 212+ comes with its own thermal paste which is decent but not the best one out there.
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on November 25, 2013
Lowered the load temp of my Core i5 2400 by 25 degrees Celsius vs the stock cooler and the fan is much quieter than the stock fan. A bit of a pain to install as the motherboard has to be removed if your case doesn't have a cut out in the motherboard tray. My case has a huge fan on top and I wanted to mount the heatsink so the fan was blowing the air towards the top but this heatsink is so large that it hit my ram so I had to rotate it 90 degrees and have it blow out of the back of the case and I had to mount the fan in a pull direction instead of a push direction, it still works well in this configuration as revealed by the massive temperature drop. I also had to remove the side panel fan bracket from my case as this this heatsink is very tall. I doubt you'll find anything better in this price range.

Pros: Excellent price/performance ratio | huge drop in load temp | quieter than stock

Cons: Huge- might interfere with ram, video cards, mosfet coolers, case side panel | not silent | pain to install if motherboard tray doesn't have a cut out

Note: I used Gelid Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Compound TC-GC-03-A on this heatsink, I did not compare it to the included paste but I imagine the difference would be at most only a couple of degrees.
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on December 24, 2012
Luckily, I just went from a 6 core to 8 core AMD CPU and this still fits. That aside, I like this thing for it is quiet and keeps my CPU from dying on me. It only really makes noise when the computer starts and that is about it.

With that said though it does have some pain in the ass qualities. For one, getting the thing on is hard because of that thing which presses against the CPU. Novices will definitely feel like they maybe breaking the motherboard trying to get those screws in if they try to put this on after mounting the motherboard to the case, also because of its size it may for some be an issue when it comes to the memory slots. Depending if your memory stick has a heat sink, if it is over the top then you may have some frustration with this.

Otherwise, it's worth the money and does what it should. It also works with most smart fan applications for better utilization.
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Installing this system was more of a challenge than planned. Included directions are useless, more than useless, so I did form fit before screwing anything together. At one point I set it aside and began packing it for return to Amazon. A short break and finally, after about an hour, managed to make it work. So far it's done well in keeping the CPU (AMD 555) operating around 94F, without overclocking. Being able to set CPU fan speed thresholds through Asus and AMD software can reduce the temp much more. Standard is about 200RPM. I bumped it to 250 just for safety reasons of my own.
Caution, install memory first; this is larger than it looks, depending on your board, it might block access to RAM install.
Other cautions: Handle motherboard with ESD procedures, be careful and work slowly. The board becomes a bit off balance and easily dropped.
This works nice, I'm happy to have it working. I'm still tweaking the fan and adjusting fan for some rattle/buzzing, but it's not enough to annoy, but loud enough to be aware it's happening. Be prepared for lousy instructions, and some backward ideas in setting this up, though you'll be happy once it's installed and working.
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on May 9, 2014
This cooler will perform just as, or within a few degrees as well as coolers that are double or triple the price. Most people don't need to dish out $100 or even $70 for a cooler that will only get you a few degrees cooler than the Hyper 212 Plus. This is a very large cooler that's cheap and reliable. If you want to do some light overclocking, live in a hot area with little AC, or just want something better than the stock coolers, then look no further. The Hyper 212 is a superb cooler for around $30-40.
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on October 22, 2014
A great dual fan push/pull quality made CPU cooler, [only comes with one fan but has hardware to install a second one] if you have a wide enough case to house it, this cooler mounts as easily as any I have installed but would not fit in my case, it also is fairly heavy and should have some sort of support mechanism installed especially if your tower is going to be moved/used for LAN parties or jostled in any way (it will snap your retention bracket or mother board) as per other personal and equipment reviews I have read.
[ Installed this CPU cooler in a revised build with a different case my son gave me that was almost 1" wider than my original case and would allow this cooler to work, (the case I am using now is a Lian Li that has been modified by removing the small high speed fan on top, two 12cm holes cut, screw holes drilled for two F12 Pro PWM Arctic fans for high air flow and low noise), I also replaced the original fan (a blade broke on the original fan when I put to much pressure on it while installing the cooler unit, the blades are hard plastic) with one F12 Pro and one F12 standard PWM Arctic fans in a push/pull configuration, this seems to work very well with all my other fans to keep every thing at the proper temps even during heavy game play. There is a small gap between the side case cover and the CPU cooler and the weight of the cooler was pulling down on my CPU, when the computer heated up during high loads it was causing a BSOD to occur I had to install a support for the cooler to prevent this from happening even when the computer was left in a stationary condition.]
[all updates are inside of these type brackets, thanks for your support of reviews, they are a way to help others make wise purchases, just remember a good review = keep up the good work, a bad review = get rid of that crap, we don't want it. ( updated 11/30/2016 )]
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on August 3, 2011
First and foremost it works well. Running an I7-2600K full bore (einstein@home) with the stock cooler I was getting temperatures on the individual cores between 94-96C. (98 is max). With this cooler they are running 68-72C.

It took some research because the package does not list 1155 surface mount (only 1156) but it is on their website and it does work.

I agree whole heartedly with the suggestion to watch the YouTube video CM uploaded. I didn't understand from the instructions and the bag of parts how to do it.

I had to remove the motherboard to install it and compared to the Intel stock fan of put it on and press down the connectors it's not easy to install. It is also HUGE so be sure your case has the room.

Bottom line if you need better cooling this device works great and is a bargain.
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on December 6, 2013
pros: it cools like a dream. my i5 runs at 30 or under now.

cons: it is huge like an xbox. it pretty much bumps up against my side panel, forcing me to remove the side panel's fan.

it only includes 1 fan, contrary to some of the pictures, although this is clearly stated in a few places on the amazon order page, if you bother to read the whole thing.

it's awkward to install, i would recommend (and this probably seems obvious to people who've built more computers than me) completely removing the mobo from the case for the entire installation of this fan. i took it out and only put the bracket behind the case in before replugging in the mobo, and lining up the heatsink with the screw plate while it's in the case is a bitch.

i chalk that up to my inexperience with doing it before... but the instruction manual is pretty terrible as well, and provided almost no written instructions to accompany the 7 tiny pictures depicting how to put the mount together. it provided the 3 lines of written instruction in about 20 different languages, though.

still, it cools great, the default fan isn't loud, and the side panel fan just went onto the other side.
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on August 17, 2013
I purchased this to replace the stock fan for my Intel-5 4670K CPU. While using my stock fan for about a week or so it ran at about 50 degrees Celcius according to the motherboard stats. My system began the habit of "blue screening" which I believed had to do with the temperature and that's what made me look for a reliable after market heatsink fan.

Cooler Master has been highly reviewed here at Amazon and just about any other merchant site there is. Since this was my first PC I built I wanted to make sure I got the best ingredients for a great running PC. I came across the Hyper 212+ which is said to be no different than the EVO and was more affordable. I was concerned if it was compatible with the MSI ATX LGA 1150 motherboard because it doesn't directly say so, but after researching online I found that it is comaptible which finalized my decision to buy it.

I will say that I'm happy with this purchase. I have a NZXT Phantom 410 mid-tower case and it fits inside. It's very effective and since installing this fan my statistics says it's running between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. Since installing the fan my PC has not "blue screened" since. As a novice, it takes a bit of patience installing the fan unless you're an expert. It's a bit tedious, but it's worth the effort in the end. Very good product. I will definitely keep Cooler Master in mind for possible future builds.
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