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on December 8, 2015
My experience is with the 1000w model, it has served me excellently for the last 4 years. I built a fairly power-hungry system, Cooler Master HAF 932 case with lots of large fans, 2011 ASUS board with Intel i7 3930k, Corsair H80 liquid cooling system, 32gb RAM, 5 hard drives, etc... This power supply has run like a champ without any issues. Cables have all been easy to work with and plenty long enough even in an extremely large case. Of course the modular design helps keep everything neat and clean. I will definitely look at Cooler Master in the future for power supply needs.
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on December 12, 2011
Ordinarily I'd be giving this five stars. It works perfectly and is too quiet to be heard over other things in my lounge.

So what's the problem?

I bought this with a Cooler Master HAF 932 case which accommodates this PSU perfectly... at the bottom. Great place for a heavy PSU. Unfortunately the cables are designed for a top mounting location. They expect the first drive to be at the top and the power to daisy chain down. Well these cables won't reach round the back (where the wiring belongs on this case) and then out to the top drive bay. They will reach the bottom drive, but then either you can't connect the others or you have to twist the cable round so it can hook in upside down. That leaves the rest of the connectors hanging down and that's no good for powering the other drives. So now what? Well fortunately people make extensions and converters from standard cables, so I was able to pick up power from a 4 pin Molex (old style drive connector) and use that to power my two DVD drives.
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on December 29, 2011
I began building a new gaming rig, starting with the power supply. Sadly, this was not my first purchase. I bought a 650W Corsair PSU and was a happy with it- up until the point where I decided I wanted a Crossfire setup with dual 6950s... Let's just say I would be pushing that power supply to the limits... That's when I went to Amazon to solve my problem.

Looking at popular brands like Corsair, I was turned off by the price... At over 200 dollars for a 1000 W Power Supply, I was not feeling it. At a good 30 dollars cheaper there was the Cooler Master Silent Pro... Went for it- I am happy I did!

Cooler Master has been in the business a long time, and I expected high quality from their product. I received the product on time, and was happy to unbox such an attractive power supply... Very appealing if you care about case appeal and the quality of the build was impressive. Mounting to my case was easy, and it comes with rubber noise dampening pads that fit in-between the PSU and the case... nifty, but hardly required. This PSU has been running quiet for me, but I haven't taken a lot of time to really listen to it as it sits on the floor. I didn't bother mounting it with the rubber pads as they actually made mounting rather difficult, so I left them out.

Modular means that you can add and subtract cables as necessary, and that makes me happy as far as cable management goes. The cables are flat, which some of you listed that as a con, but it hardly makes a difference to me. I used mini zip ties to secure my cables, and I was in business. It comes with plenty of cables, so if you have multiple video cards, you will be happy to know you will have room for them. The cables fit into the PSU with a nice snap and click, making it secure and capable of taking a good tug without being jerked out.

If you are thinking that a power supply that is rated at 1000W uses more power, think of it like this: 1000W means it can handle UP TO 1000W of power, not that your PSU will constantly pull 1000W. Most computers use less than 300W at a time from what I have read. During heavy processing / gaming, it will spike, and this power supply will be more than ready for it.

I have been running this PSU for a month straight- I have rebooted my computer maybe 5 times since then... I keep my PC running. Under heavy loads, my computer continues running great playing Battlefield 3 under Crossfire with dual 6950s overclocked, and my overclocked AMD X6.


-Black / Stylish
-Price VS other brands
-Build Quality
-Modular (Must have)

-Some "Flat" Cables?
-No "sleeves" for cables... Some PSU have the cords in a nice sleeve... Not a big con

Overall, a great purchase!
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on August 24, 2012
My system runs well with this power supply (the 850 watt version). Here's a list of pro's and con's about it.

-The power output rating on this power supply is accurate, meaning it does provide as much power as it says it does.
-It stays very cool and quiet. In fact, it stays so quiet that I've had to check a few times to see if the fan was still spinning (and yes, it was running each time).
-It has plenty of power connectors, as well as different connectors on different wires. For instance, one of the SATA cables has only 2 connectors, the second one has 3 connectors, and the third one has 4 connectors. Use this feature wisely to give the case the best cable management.
-It is heavy, showing that it is made with good parts. My experience shows that the heavier the PSU, the better the quality.
-The 8 pin +12 volt CPU connector (it has 2 of those, totalling 16 pins) is well long enough to reach from the bottom of my Cooler Master Elite 430 case to the top of the motherboard, routing the cable around the motherboard so it is out of the way.

-The cooling was NOT what I was expecting to get. The page shows some finger-style coolers for the MOSFET's and diodes, but the coolers in the PSU that I received are the standard vertical fin-type. I hope that it can stay cool enough with those.
-The size is different than what was stated. Amazon said that the PSU was only 5.5 inches long (which is what I needed), but in reality, the unit is 6.5 inches long. If you have the same case as I do, you know how much of a pain this is. There is a 120mm fan that fits right next to the PSU on the bottom of the case. I had to remove this because the PSU's length was listed wrong.
-This PSU's cables were obviously not meant to be used in a bottom-mounted set-up. The SATA cable that I have running up to my DVD drive and external HDD slot had to be twisted around to get it to actually fit. The wires are looped up, and it takes away from the aesthetics of the computer.

-All the cables are very long, so if you have a small case, cable management will be dang near impossible.
-The rubber vibration dampers are a bit tricky. To get them to stay put, I had to wiggle little rubber posts into holes on the PSU's case. Even then some of them popped back out, forcing me to do it all over again.

Overall, it's a fine piece of equipment, and the only problems I had were with incorrect labeling and advertising.
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on November 6, 2013
The power supply itself, that is the electronic parts are excellent, and It's operation is exceptionally quiet. The cost for a good brand 80 Plus Bronze 1000W power supply is also spot on. The built in cables (the non-modular ones) are plenty long enough to be used with a full tower case such as mine and are well suited (as another reviewer mentioned) to being used in a tower case if that's what you're using. The design of the modular cables, that is the way they're put together in kind of a ribbon cable style is interesting and being black they hide well in my case. However they're wide and and might cause an issie with airflow in smaller cases, particular ones that lack for good cable routing in the case (ie the rats nest effect). I dinged 1/2 a star for this, while it's not an issue for me I am aware of several friends that the wide cable with this PSU might be an issue making it difficult for me to recommend this PSU without providing that caveat.

I also dinged half a star for the poor design of the SATA power cables. Included in the box were two SATA power cables both of which had three power plugs towards the ends grouped very close together. This presented a problem in my case as it is a full tower and the distance between the DVD/BluRay burner and the first HDD near the top of the case is a distance of about 5 inches. The way they are grouped together there is only about 5 or 6 inches between all three plugs which presented a problem in my situation. However this was a replacement PSU, had this been my original choice for PSU's I could possibly have placed the various drives in a way more suited to the design of the SATA cables. I would like to see more than three power plugs per SATA cable with a wider spacing between them, which would give the cables more utility. Also I'd like to see a 3rd (third) SATA cable in the box if altering the manufacture to include more plugs is difficult.

Overall this is a solid power supply, with an excellent warranty of 5 (five) years, it's obvious they engineered it better than it needed to be to provide such a lengthy warranty period. And it's also nice to see Cooler Master stands behind this product for the next 5 (five) years, which is excellent investment protection and a great commitment by the manufacturer.

Final rating:
Electrical Components: 5/5
Attached Cables: 5/5 (Plenty long enough for tower cases)
Modular cables (PCIe): 5/5
Modular cables (SATA): 4.5/5 (I don't really care for the design here, it feels lazy and sloppy)
Modular cables (design): 4.5/5 (read below)
Warranty: 5/5

Modular Cables flat design:
For cases with good cable routing and plenty of room I agree that they are everything Cooler Master claims they will be (in fact I know routing in my case was made easier by the design). However in cases where space is already at a premium (older cases, cheap cases lacking routing, etc) I think the design of the cables will only further decrease airflow if care is not taken to bundle the cables to help improve airflow. While the choice of case and what people put into their cases is not Cooler Master's problem (Go buy a HAF X or similar for example) the situation where you have a rats nest of cables pre-existing the install is a very real issue that some people will have to contend with.

Having said all that, I would recommend this power supply in 95% of all installs both as a new build, upgrade to a pre-existing power supply or a replacement power supply for one that was dead (as it was in my case). The warranty and price alone make this an exceptionally good bargain. The SATA power cable issues will probably only effect 1-2% of the people buying this PSU. But you should be aware of the issue prior to buying.
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on January 1, 2016
Fits in the case nicely, looks and feels solidly made. Comes with lots of cables, both molex and sata in addition to the motherboard cable. So quite I can't even hear it. Cool to the touch, although that's not surprising since I'm not stressing it at all. I'm running a big motherboard with an i7, a big aftermarket heat sink with fan, 3 case fans, one SSD drive, one 2TB hybrid hard drive, one 1TB regular HD, a CD/DVD burner and some external USB-powered stuff. Even after I add a graphics card, I don't expect it to warm up.

The rubber noise reduction gaskets are not very impressive and are a bit difficult to control during installation, but that's pretty minor.

Seems to be an all around good product.
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on January 26, 2013
I could not believe that I started smelling a burnt wire smell emanating from my PC. I have a gaming PC with a Coolmax 1200 W power supply. The cords are all heavily insulated on that one. As each day passed, the smell got worse and worse. I have so many memories on added HD's that when it shut down finally, I hoped that I did not ruin a HD. This thing arrived by Super Saver in a mere three days. I just laid the PC on its side and took out the old supply with 4 screws. I left all cables connected from the old one on the end where they connected with either video cards, etc. I then replaced each cable/wire with the more flexible ones that came with this new unit. One at a time. One end in the new supply, the other end in the appropriate slot on Graphics card, hard drives, etc. So easy to do. I was done in no more than 20 minutes. The case is much more "roomy" now with these cables. When I went to boot it up, something told me that it can't be this fast and easy. That what did I forget feeling. I just stared at it until I could find nothing wrong. Went to turn it on and nothing. The power switch on the back was off. Flipped it and it booted right up. No problems. Much more quiet than the last one when that one was new. Amazing. I forgot to apply for the rebate. Too lazy. I better see when the cut off date is. Great PSU!
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on February 16, 2012
runs an enthusiast level mobo with enthusiast level components (i7 2600k, noctua nhd14, creative thx sound card, a ssd and four hdds, gtx 580 with room for sli), power to spare. perfect.

Edit 18FEB2014:
This power supply is no longer quiet. It has a cooling fan that kicks on when the system is pulling around 50% power. This fan now makes an annoying clicking sound. I will replace the fan myself, probably voiding my warranty, but this noise is unbearable, and I don't want to be without my computer for as long as it would take Cooler Master to send me a replacement (assuming they would do so anyway). Next time I will go with Seasonic.
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on September 8, 2013
Honestly this PSU is great for anyone building a PC, however I think I got one with too many watts but oh well. Overall this is a very nice power supply and it runs silently in the background whilst powering all of your components. The cables that come with it are useful for daisy chaining up to 15 drives if your motherboard supports it and 4 GPU's. The main ATX power cables are neatly put together in a protective mesh so they don't clutter the machine and they are easily manipulated to keep them out of the way of other components. Overall I am very satisfied and would get another but maybe with a lower output for my current machine.


Ok so I have now had this PSU for 8 months and I and I can say it is relatively reliable and stable. It outputs all of the power my PC and I have plenty of headroom for upgrades. It's very quiet and it doesn't get hot and the fan is barely audible. I recently did a GPU upgrade from a GTX 650 to an AMD Radeon R9 270X and the card requires twice as much power than the 650 and the PSU still runs like a champ. I have had no random loss of power and everything has been stable.
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on April 7, 2011
Bought this PSU 3 months ago (31 Dec 2010), and its doing great.

Cables seem to be good quality.
Cables are long enough for everything.
Cooler master is a good brand.
Power is more than enough for a SLI.
ITS QUIET! VERY QUIET! (You will only hear the case vents).
Price wise its really good, I paid $139 for 850W (YES, up to 1000W, it has the power)
Enough PCIE-6+2 for 3 GOOD video cards if you're into gaming, also the AMPS on the PCIE is more than enough.
Rubber pads included, nice touch, not necessary tho.

Cant think of any.

I'ts Jan 31 2013, and it's still going, electric current is very unstable where I live, but that has not stopped this PSU at all!. On a side note, I decided to build a new computer and bought a 2nd one of these (Dec 2012), didn't even think about it... I knew exactly what to buy.

The first PSU is keeping alive my old build, this is what it has:
CPU: I5-750.
RAM: Corsair 16GB DDR3 1333Mhz.
VIDEO: 2x EVGA GTX 460 (2-way SLI).
Cooling: 4 120mm fans.
CPU Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper N520 (Has 2 fans).
STORAGE: 1 Hard drive (WD Blue 320GB).

The new PSU is being used for this one:
MOBO: ASUS Sabertooth Z77.
CPU: I7-3770.
RAM: Corsair 32GB DDR3 1600Mhz.
VIDEO: 2x Gigabyte GTX 660 TI OC in SLI.
Cooling: 4 200mm fans (3 with led), 1 140mm fan.
CPU Cooling: Stock fan, (waiting for Cooler Master X6 Elite).
STORAGE: 3 Hard Drives (1 Sandisk SSD 128GB, 2 WD Blue 500GB).

Cant go wrong with this PSU, I bought both of them from

PS: If you're wondering, both computer cases are Cooler Master (Elite 341 and 2nd HAF XM respectively), but it has nothing to do with power consumption so I decided not to include them on any of the configurations.
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