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on August 7, 2000
Cordoroy is the perfect children's book. It is a gentle, sweet tale of a little bear in cordoroy overalls waiting to be purchased in a department store. A real little girl sees him and falls in love with him, but her mother says she doesn't have money to buy him and he's missing a button. After the store closes, all the toys with faces close their eyes except Cordoroy. Instead, he travels the department store searching for a button because he didn't know he was not perfect. He does not solve his problem. Cordoroy is back on the toy shelf the next morning. The little girl, Lisa returns to buy him. She takes him home, sews on a button, and provides him with his own little bed right beside hers. "I've always wanted a friend!" he says. This beautifully illustrated book has a simple text and huge appeal to anyone with a heart.
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on October 31, 2000
This sweet bear has been around for several generations. Living in a department store, Corduroy wanders off for the night. Up the escalator onto the floor with the beds and the lamps. Aha, he needs a new button to replace the lost button on his corduroy overalls. He pulls and pulls a button from a mattress, creating quite a racket in the process. The night watchman comes to investigate and finds the bear hiding under a blanket. The nightwatchman carries Corduroy down the escalator and places him back on the shelf. You see, the little girl's mother told Lisa that she did not want Corduroy because he had was missing a button. The following day Lisa returns with her saved piggy bank money, buys the bear and takes him home to his very own bedroom. This book is incredibly sweet and is appropriate for 2 years old and older. What's more, FAO Schwartz actually sells a Corduroy bear. What a treat. A wonderful gift for a birthday or holiday. Highly, highly recommended.
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on November 28, 2007
I loved this teddy bear who longed for his home and his mother. I like this story of not only receiving but also giving love. Corduroy was lucky enough to find Lisa but not all teddy bears are that lucky... Corduroy is exactly the kind of teddy bear that I love.
Other great books that I highly recommend are The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book and especially Why Some Cats are Rascals, Book 2.
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on March 11, 2009
This is a fine product--except corduroy is so small. I guess maybe I didn't read the description too well. However, for 10.00 I guess I couldn't have received a a big plush stuffed animal and a nice hardcover book as well!! I would recommend it, but just beware that corduroy is like 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide approx, and for a real enthusiast, I would buy a cheaper book, and a larger bear!! Especially for a child who wants to actually play with their toys--I don't see this bear holding up too well, unless he's on a shelf.
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on December 4, 1999
The little bear named Corduroy may not be as beautiful and perfect as the doll sitting next to him on the toy shelf, but he is more loveable. Corduroy is learning some of the struggles in life, just as we do in our lives. He is desperately searching for his lost botton because he wants a little girl to buy him. But the only thing the girl is searching for is not on the outside, it is on the inside. She loves Corduroy for Corduroy. This teaches children an excellent lesson. Love people for their personality.
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on December 12, 2011
The story is engaging. Lisa wants the bear but her mom says not today. The bear wants a home, but he's shopworn and missing a button. The story is resolved realistically (as much as it can be with a talking teddy bear) though realistic effort. It's a little long for my 2 1/2 year old but he'll grow into it.

The art is wonderful, much better than the quick cartoonish style so popular today.

I like the morals the story teaches. The bear tries to improve himself (find a button). The mother tells her daughter she can't have everything she wants. The girl goes home and gets the money from her piggy bank to buy it on her own. I also like that there's a normal black girl in a book that isn't about Kwanzaa or multiculturalism.
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Did the screenwriters of the recently released "Bridget Jones' Diary" lift Colin Firth's line "I like you just the way you are" from this wonderful 1968 kids' book (see the penultimate page's "I like you the way you are")? Well, probably not...but in both instances it's a very effective and heartfelt line, capturing the essence of unconditional, lasting love.
Corduroy is a cute little stuffed bear who nobody wants to buy: There are bigger and newer toys, and besides, the button is missing from one strap of his overalls. Only Lisa shows interest that day, but her mother hesitates and they leave without him. While looking for the button after the store closes, Corduroy experiences the wonders of a big department store: The elevator and the new beds lined in rows: "This must be a palace...I guess I've always wanted to live in a palace."
Lisa returns the next day and buys him with her own money, and the sugarcoated ending strikes up just the right amount of sentiment without becoming overbearing (no pun intended). "This must be home," he [Corduroy] said. "I know I've always wanted a home!" And then: "You must be a friend," said Corduroy. "I've always wanted a friend." "Me too!" said Lisa, and gave him a big hug. Powerful, misty-eye making stuff! Beautiful simple color pictures, and 28 pages of adventure and sweet love. Awwww-inspiring (pun intended). Highly recommended for the toddler set!
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on September 19, 2004
Corduroy has been my lifelong favorite childhood book. The story is about a stuffed bear in a department store that is not in perfect condition. A little girl walks by him and falls in love with him immediately, but is denied the opportunity to take him home by her mother. Corduroy wants to be loved by someone so he searches and searches for a lost button on his overalls. This book is quite an adventure for young readers as they flip each page to read what Corduroy is getting himself into just to find a button. This picture book is wonderful for young readers because the pictures coordinate with the text itself. A young reader around the age of four that may not be able to read can easily tell what event is taking place because of the pictures. Corduroy also inspires imagination for the young reader because of the stuffed animal coming to life throughout the story. This is also a predictable story, which allows the reader to predict the story line and what may happen on the upcoming pages. The grammar in Corduroy is also very helpful for young readers because it is correct. This book is a model for young readers to learn proper grammar at a young age. Corduroy is a very good story for children also because it has a wonderful moral in the end. All children need to feel loved and this story's moral is just that that no matter how imperfect you are there is someone that loves you for you!
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on June 13, 2015
I'm torn between a 3 and a 4 star posting. The book, of course, is classic. The bear is adorable. However, the bear's construction is not for heavy use or regular love. We have a two year old bear whose fur and corduroy pants have worn extensively with the love of a child. We ordered a second replacement bear after the first bear's pant stitching came apart. Bear 2 arrived fluffy with the book in perfect packaging. Sadly, his overalls were not matched up at the seam, and the seam already had come loose in the packaging.

I suppose my recommendation is that you buy two items if a child latches to this bear. It is perfect for small hands, but it wears quickl with the fur and overall fabric especially. Very sweet set, and the book is great for a gift if you already have a copy.
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on September 29, 2008
I bought this book for my grandson (8 mths old) as his dad had loved it when he was a boy and we had a teddy who wore overalls who we called Corduroy in honour of the little bear in the book. Even though the clothing of the little girl who rescues Corduroy from the shop is very dated, the story line is classic and my granddaughter of 2 and a half loved me reading it to her so obviously children don't take any notice of things like that. Because I love small bears as much as books I felt it was a bonus to get bear and book together. Recommended as an oldie but a goodie!
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