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on July 4, 2017
I cut the crap out of food. I have used these for the past 3 or for 4 years and I still use them. However, the smaller one has cracked down the middle probably due to leaving it in the sink water for too long. I gave 4 stars because there should be a carved rim to stop the food juices from going over the edge. We need trenches!
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on August 29, 2015
I purchased this set over 3 years ago. I use them every day....continuously. At times, I let them sit in the bottom of my sink with constant water and wet. The 2 bigger ones have just started to split; the little one is not, but is hardly used. For this price, I feel I am definitely getting my money's worth. The other thing I love about these is that they are light in weight.....great for arthritic hands AND the finger hole is very handy when pulling out of the lineup of cutting boards.
Please understand, I use these boards to the point of abuse.. I am a gardener and a bread maker...and we have chickens. I am constantly cutting up veggies and bread for my chickens, and for the birds and squirrels.
When I went shopping for cutting boards, I found them very heavy and thick....hard to lift with one hand. Not for me.....give me these guys any day. Buying another set this week.

Addemdum: This review was posted BEFORE I realized that in 2 years these boards went from $13 to $30!!!!! Will NOT be buying at that price.
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on January 14, 2013
Overall, it's a cutting board and works as you'd expect. Some thoughts:

- The largest board is too small for an average sized cook's knife. Look for something larger if you do a lot of cutting or work with larger items like a whole chicken. I wouldn't try cutting up anything bigger than a quarter chicken on the biggest board.

- The smallest board is great for cutting and serving cheese

- The boards are made of bamboo so it is harder to cut extremely quickly. This only really matters if you can cut very fast and have only used heavy hardwood boards in the past. Bamboo is a more environmentally friendly material than hardwood so at least my conscience is clear. ;-)

- The bamboo splinters a little too easily. Serrated knives like my bread knife seem to make it splinter more. This is just an annoyance and doesn't really matter for the most part.

- The low cost easily outweighs the minor flaws for me.

update 11/6/13:
After 10 months of abuse these are still serviceable but not in good condition. They are warping and cracking in multiple places, but this is due to my complete lack of concern for them. Normally I only hand wash my good cutting boards and oil them occasionally to prevent warping and cracking, but with these, I throw them in the dishwasher on the hottest setting. So if you hate taking "proper" care of cutting boards, these are a good choice. That said, they started warping and cracking before I started using the dishwasher (got worse after), so if you need something durable you might want to look elsewhere.
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on October 12, 2012
So the product is what it is.... an awesome bamboo cutting board. You cut on the darn thing, what else is it supposed to do??? So yeah, some may want to know about the longevity and all that, but let's get real.... things wear over time, period. This isn't a $200 high-end fancy-schmancy high dollar super exquisite "I have a superb $200,000 remodeled kitchen" item. It's a darn $15 set of cutting boards... and if you're all into the renewable don't destroy tree thing, well more power to you in your house that's constructed of pines that are harvested to give you a comfortable home. But what I really want to comment on is Amazon's focus on customer satisfaction... I ordered two sets of these...... one for my wife here at the house, and one for me and my hunting buds at the duck camp. Well, one came intact, and the other had all three boards split... obviously a handling mishap of some sort, or maybe a bad lot. I went throught the Amazon return deal, and put the damaged one back in the box to be returned. Well, the very next day, I see a closed box sitting upon the numerous other empty Amazon boxen in the breakfast room, thinking my wife brought the box to be returned back in the house. I see that it's sealed, and open it up. BAM!!! Replacement set delivered in less than 24 hours, no damage! Thank you Amazon Prime!!! I was expecting at least a few days, if not a week. Folks, if you have any worry, just order this set, and if it's not to your satisfaction, Amazon will make it right! The boards work - cut whatever on them. They work great. I'm looking forward to pot roast ducks at the camp, and being able to slice and dice to all ends on these boards... very sturdy, very.... well, they're darn cutting boards, what else could you ask for, especially for $15!!!
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on October 31, 2015
These are not long lasting cutting boards. Within the first year, all 3 boards had warped and/or split. And I would always wash and promptly dry them, so they weren't sitting around wet or soaking in a sink or anything like that. These are the first cutting boards I have ever owned which warped, and that's probably because of how thin they are. While they were nice and lightweight and easy to store and use, I won't be buying such a thin cutting board ever again.
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on December 14, 2015
I've used these for about 3 years now. Almost time to replace, since after running my hands over I can feel slivers/grains. Just need to make sure you follow care instructions so they don't warp. Even then, they will go back to shape if treated properly.
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on September 19, 2012
UPDATE: Well, after 18 months we no longer have these cutting boards due to them splitting. We use them pretty regularly, but didn't put them in the dishwasher or anything and are disappointed. We're still on the hunt for a set of light yet durable and natural cutting boards.

We had a large (heavy) hardwood cutting board, and a smaller bamboo board, and found that we were constantly competing to use the smaller, lighter cutting board, because the big heavy one was just too cumbersome.

However, the small cutting board, while useful in many situations, did not always fit the bill when cutting larger quantities or items, so we went looking for additional cutting boards.

This set is great. It provides three different sized cutting boards, and the boards are thin, light, strong, and look good. Even the largest one is very easily maneuverable, and even though they are thin they do not flex or bend.

So now all the cooks in the kitchen can have an appropriately sized cutting board to work with. And to top it all off, they are made from organically grown bamboo, which is a renewable source for material. Put it all together and we couldn't be happier with this set, particularly since it was less than $20 for all three boards. Highly recommended.
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on July 25, 2012
I love the sizes included in this Amazon Exclusive 3 piece cutting board set. They look decorative on my counter, work great when doing prep work for all sizes and textures of food ( fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken and fish), AND I use them to present and serve as well! People have commented on how nice and functional they are and I've recommended many products from this line. An added bonus, I noticed that they don't dull my knives when I use them. And the price was great considering I got 3 boards that tackle so many jobs. I also love the bowls from this company. They have these colored bowls that are great for dips and savories, and their salad bowls are not only pretty, they are just the right size to serve my salad and even better, MIX my salad, without everything falling overboard. This company is beautiful and practical to the "CORE".
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on May 4, 2015
I purchased this about a year ago, and I've already had the medium sized board cleaved completely in half along the seam of the bamboo (perpendicular to the direction of my cuts, so I know its not because of a heavy hand!). The glue used to hold the boards together are not very good, and anything more than minimal use renders cracks and eventually splits into the individual pieces. The quality of the bamboo itself is great, and the material thick, but I would not recommend this set because of the poor assembly.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 15, 2012
I found these via DealNews link and thought they'd be good for things like cheese and fresh-baked bread (slicing + serving in both cases). They work OK, but the smallest one is VERY small (apple size, at best) and even the largest is shorter than an average loaf of bread, though a boule would fit. They also feel cheaply finished (i.e. not totally smooth).

They are basically, OK, but that's about it. I liked that they were so-called "dishwasher" safe but after a test run through of the smallest board (which I thought I'd use rarely, so it was OK if it didn't make it), it's pretty clear that they won't last AT ALL if you actually clean them that way, as the single board I washed, just the once, warped slightly and started to splinter immediately. I tried this, by the way, because I do have a composite board that I can run through the dishwasher which is very nice for lazy nights. I also have bamboo woodware that I dishwash without significant harm, in that they've lasted for years that way.

Though the price was definitely right (i.e. cheap), you get what you pay for (i.e. not much) with these boards.

UPDATE: After only the third use, the largest board (i.e. NOT the one that went into the dishwasher that once) developed a distinct crack. Even at this minimal cost, these are just not worth the money. I'm returning mine.
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