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on January 13, 2017
What a catastrophe.
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Impressive opening degrades in an almost quantam fashion. By 10 minutes into this film, disbelief can no longer be suspended and it becomes a comedy, though not intentionaly. The relationships of the characters to each other have an almost comic book feel. An analogy where a peach is roasted with a can of hairspray and a lighter is probably the best place to stop this movie and run out of your house and do something rather than waste your life watching the remainder of this film.

It's not quite torture, but I think the U.N. should look into it.
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on October 2, 2016
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on August 12, 2016
enjoyed the movie
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on September 18, 2011
This movie was brought to my attention at a professional meeting of astronomers, where it was cited as one of the worst movies in recent times for bad science content. Since my friends and I regularly get together for "bad movie night", and many of them are astronomers, I acquired this one immediately. It lived up to its billing. There is a scientific mistake almost every minute of the movie. When you add bad acting, a bad script, and inane dialogue, you can't go wrong, ROFL all the way. Yes, Hillary Swank appears in this film, but Olivier couldn't make anything serious out of this script, and Swank certainly doesn't show her Academy Award style here. They also stick to the action adventure cliches quite closely, and that makes the overall plot completely predicatble and the characters are all one-dimensional. They are intended to be steriotypes, but they don't even have a sufficient grasp of scientists to be able to carry that off.

In summary, if you want to laugh at a truly bad science fiction movie, then this is worth picking up.
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on March 13, 2016
Good movie.
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on February 6, 2013
This movie shipped with 3 other movies. The other movies worked just fine, however this disc had several scratches and is unrecognized by my disc player (xbox 360). The disc was securely fastened in the dvd case so it did not get damaged during shipment. I realize that there is an inherent risk in buying used dvds but I wish that the description was either reduced to less than good condition or that the disc be inspected and sent in the "Very Good" condition that was expected. The amount it cost me wouldn't be worth sending back but for all intensive purposes this disc is useless garbage to me.
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on January 20, 2005
This is not a good film. I found while watching it that such circumstances, as the end of the world brought on by the core of Earth ceasing to spin, while imaginative and awesome, were poorly dealt with.

The cast is very good though. Aaron Eckart, Hilary Swank, Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci, Tcheky Karyo, Alfre Woodard and Bruce Greenwood are all excellent actors. But in this piece, it seems they signed up for the $ and the special effects blah, blah, not for the script. Forget the fact that this may or may not be possible. What ticked me off was the speed with which the ship capable of tunneling into the Earth's core is built-because it has to be, the swift nature of each member of the crews training-everyone is a genius and capable, the ease with which Rat, the internet hacker, manages to keep the situation a secret from the rest of the world-despite the fact that the Coliseum in Rome and much of Rome, the Golden Gate Bridge, and probably countless other cities and citizens are destroyed under a black and auroral sky....

The Core has no scope. Are the finest, most capable people all at the ready of the U.S. gov't? That narrow scope, which allows the story to plug along, aggitated me.

Eventually the film is just stupid, and great actors are wasted, as are their characters.

Even as a rental I can't recommend this. If watching Stanley Tucci and Delroy Lindo get cut off by an edit, right when a scene is beginning to cook between two actors is for you, then The Core is worth your $. Other than that, pass.
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on March 30, 2003
Was this film any good?? No. Though starting off well enough, it was pretty bad as a whole. Actually it was quite stupid, with ignorant science that was very unrealistic. The movie had way too many conveniences in it, all explained away with ridiculous scientific stupidity that wouldn't fool a ten year old. Credible, hardly! When being spoon fed dribble about indestructible materials called "unobtanium"...yes, you read it correctly...that actually gets stronger under greater pressure and can transform energy to fuel (or something ridiculous like that), we are then expected to believe that this incredible new experimental ship gets fully completed and ready to go in three months! How convenient, eh? Just when the people of Earth just HAPPEN to need a device like this made from a material like this! Perhaps it was divine intervention????
The lack of destruction scenes really annoyed me. We got a few good shots of lightning striking all over Rome culminating in the destruction of the Coliseum, then it suddenly switches to an entirely destroyed city! The same with California, the Golden Gate Bridge melts and suddenly it switches to a news report of all California being fried while showing scenes of an already destroyed city! By the way, if the sun's harmful rays could melt a bridge like the Golden Gate, why did it not harm any of the cars or the people in them. One man's arm got burned when he stuck it out the window. That is it, nothing more! The bird sequence early in the film was silly also. Since when can crazed birds (the electro-magnetic field makes them go crazy and attack people???) actually bust windows? Panes of glass are thick and birds smacking into them will not break them unless they (the birds) are literally made of stone or something! What a cop out for a supposed disaster epic!
The special effects were mediocre at best. The few destruction scenes we are treated to were handled adequately, but nothing nearly as impressive as disaster films of the past have presented us with. I never got past the fact that the Space Shuttle was very computer generated looking, ruining any real sense of danger during the crash landing sequence. The shuttle soaring over the city simply never looked RIGHT at all, though the actual crash was well executed. The Earth's core was silly looking and may have WOWED me ten years ago, but not these days. I expect more in the 21st century, but actually got MORE in the 20th century!

I would have almost forgiven the movie's shortcomings when it looked like all the main characters would have to die to save the planet. But no, at the last minute they come up with a thoughtlessly mind numbing idea on how to get the surviving cast out of the Earth's core, in a fraction of the time it took them to get in to boot! Can't a film ever have the courage to sacrifice everyone to save the planet? I wanted the filmmakers behind DEEP IMPACT to have the courage to actually let the second comet strike the Earth, while mankind survived in the caves till the Earth was habitable again. They did not have the courage to do that either, but rather saved the day at the last minute! A bittersweet ending, would that shock me and make me respect the filmmaker?? Yes. Did this movie (or any of the other disaster flicks for that matter) take the chance and actually DARE to do that? Of course not!
The cast did a good job with what was given to them, but even their superior acting skills could not save this mess. Every time a team member dies, there was intense emotion, followed minutes later by a casual "OK, lets get on with the mission" attitude. Unbelievable to be sure, laughable definitely! The complete lapses in logic completely ruined my enjoyment of this film. Some may accept it as "dumb fun", but I refuse to be treated as a brainless movie-goer who doesn't deserve to be treated as though I have some intelligence. Hollywood, I expect more, but you never seem to deliver anymore! CGI whales, take me away!
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on April 24, 2017
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