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on May 20, 2014
Tried two computers each far exceeding minimum installment requirements for this program. It starts to install then stops 3/4 of the way through. The program appears to be running and it states it takes several minutes. I left it alone for 45 minutes two out of the four times I tried to install it, twice on each machine, and it made no further progress. Turned off the virus protection. Didn't help. Turned off everything there was to turn off. Didn't help. It has two options for installation: (1) without the serial number which makes one program part expire in 30 days, and (2) with the serial number for the full program installation. I have no idea if the program is good or not because it doesn't install. Maybe you'll have better luck. I'll never buy or recommend this one again. Waste of time. Fortunately, took it back.
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on July 19, 2013
This PDF fusion software does not work correctly. I was trying to finish my thesis and send to my thesis committee and the conversion appears with extra characters and formatted completely incorrectly.
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on April 26, 2014
I gave it 2 stars because it serves my simple needs i.e., change the security rights of a pdf. But I will continue creating pdf docs using MS Word and a free pdf printer app called Bullzip. Unlike the Word reader in Fusion, Bullzip works flawlessly. First I had a difficult time registering Fusion. Corel's web site is very buggy and refused to connect the first half-dozen times giving me all sorts of errors. Then I opened a simple Word document. The headings - white text on a black banner - were all black - no text. Next there was an area with an indented list. The entire list shows up a strange characters. I printed the same doc as a pdf with Bullzip and it's perfect.
And no support. Nowhere can you email or call. No manual.
So I installed the program, checked for updates - the update function does not work. I went to the website and found there are several updates. I downloaded these and it told me they couldn't be installed because I have an earlier version on my computer. Well Duh! So I had to un-install the software I just installed.
I'm not impressed. I think Corel is about to go out of business. The only reason the sell this is because Adobe is a bunch of bandits.
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on March 1, 2017
It has some cool views; but, no OCR that I could find and doesn't include Win 10 as an option for OS. When I exported to Word, it simply placed a terrible image in a Word doc. Would never recommend.
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on October 6, 2014
Very difficult to figure out how to work the program. I read the directions several times and tried to follow but it will not work. So I enlisted an "expert", my son, and he got one thing to work but not the other. With even a cheap program how difficult is it to simply write directions ? If the generation who grew up with computers and cell phones can't figure it out what good is the program? I bought it for a work related task and now it is several days, and I still can't send the document back with the mark-ups I needed. Very poor directions.
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on February 15, 2012
I am very irritated with this Corel PDF Fusion, and here are the reasons why:

1. It does not allow you to simply click on a text field and edit it. No, sirree Bob! You must select text fields for each blank that you wish to fill in. Unfortunately, many of the people who write these forms to fill in (doctor's offices, etc.) write them with a view to where you have to do it the old-fashioned way, with pen or pencil, and as such, the blanks are so close together, so jammed together, that selecting one area will block out a bunch of the document in its vicinity, thereby giving your document a very uneven look.

2. Saving it does not preserve what you typed in its proper place. By that I mean that the bottoms of a lot of text entries are cut off, and this also falls under the "uneven look" problem.

3. Printing from Corel is also a formidable problem, in that even if you save what you type, the printout can treat your document as if you did not type anything at all (and I cannot explain further beyond that).

4. About Corel the company-- I tried to go on their site to complain, but they won't let you just register a complaint and leave it be for an answer. No! They want you to go through these hoops: one, create an account; two, register your product. The account creation more-or-less went off without a hitch, but the registration ran into a horrible roadblock. How? They ask for your serial number: I found it on the envelope with the installation CD, and I put it in just as it came. Unfortunately, they say that the format is incorrect! This I do not understand, as I included all the dashes that the serial number had. I tried again, and they still insist "incorrect format."

These factors comprise the backbone of my one-star review of Corel PDF Fusion, and why I cannot recommend that this be purchased without serious thought of what you're getting into.
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on January 15, 2016
This product does not work for me. I am trying to edit a PDF and I cannot do it. This product actually does not allow me to make corrections over what I already have, only if I overwirte on top of what is written. This is not a good way to on and give a presentation. I waste my time the whole afternoon trying to fix a presentation and I could not do it! I have a program at work where I can modify any PDF file edit or convert it with no problem, but this is not good at all!
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on May 29, 2014
It works as advertised. You can open a series of pdf pages and use the "assembly view" to move the pages into a single document. I have used it to save pdf files in .doc (Word) format and have never experienced problem areas but that is not to say there are pdf docs out there that are too complex for 100% conversion. I received a pdf document that had a series of questions to answer from a contractor. I saved it as a .doc, answered the questions, saved it as a pdf in Fusion, and emailed it back. Alternatively, I could have printed the document, written in the answers, scanned it, saved it as a pdf, and emailed it back. Fusion was easier. Well worth the price, much less than Adobe.
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on May 29, 2013
This is the same version which has been bundled with X5 Corel and Word Perfect Office suites and now with X6. It is however, a stand-alone product which performs nicely in compiling from other applications into PDF. That being said it does not do the reverse; to take scanned or graphic documents and allow you to enter into them ,(such as filling out a pdf form) for that you will need ANOTHER program: Corel PDF Converter, which I wish had been included as I also wish that the WP Office suite I ordered had also included more than a trial version of PDF Fusion available either as download or on disk.

I should add, that (being a stand alone product)you can use PDF Fusion with any suite or applications not just Corel or Corel WordPerfect.
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on January 24, 2017
Was hoping this could be an inexpensive alternative to Adobe, since I am only a casual user, but alas, it is not worth the money. Even at $25, I just wasted my investment. Editing ability is totally lacking - you can highlight and add notes, but true editing, cut and paste functions - not there.
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