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on October 23, 2012
I am a long time user of VideoStudio, starting when it was ULead software, and decided to upgrade my version x2 Pro to x5 Pro Ultimate.

When I did the install I didn't uninstall my version x2. I received no errors during the verX5 process, and upon opening the program, I was instructed to download an update by Corel to it's Service Pack1. After following all the instructions and installing the Bonus disk which came with the "Ultimate" bundle, I launched the software.

The opening screen of Video Studio defaults to show the "Samples" folder and the media clips provided by Corel, which visually show up.

Hmmm -- no "samples" appeared -- no images, audio or video files??

OK - so I then tried to download (import) my own media into the library, and the error message kept appearing saying that the file format was not recognized. I tried images, audio and video files using standard file conventions -- the same error message appeared. (These were on "known good files".)

So ... maybe the problem had to do with a conflict with my VideoStudio verX2 which I still had installed on my computer.

I uninstalled this older version of Video Studio, and made sure my computer was scrubbed of all shortcuts and files.

Re-booted, cleaned my registry files (using my Norton Utilities), and launched verX5. Same problem -- no "Samples" clips and couldn't import my known-good media files.

Uninstalled, and reinstalled VideoStudio vX5 plus the other programs that were installed associated with this program -- cleaned the registry files -- STILL HAD THE SAME PROBLEM!

Ok -- after spending about 2-3 hours on all the above, as well as poking into some other areas (directX, etc.) -- I decided to contact Corel.


I went on Corel's website and started a "Chat" -- I tried to explain via text entry, what the problem was that I was having. The person who I was chatting with just didn't get it. I had rediculious responses to my inputs, but when I was asked what kind of camera I had that I used to take the pictures of the image files I was trying to import into VideoStudio -- I lost it.

I was then told that I would be contacted by Corel via email to address the software problems.

The following day I received an email by Corel's customer support saying they were reviewing my chat file, and I would be contacted within 48 business hours.

4 days later I received an email from Corel reviewing my problems, with a "to do" list of items -- below is the content of their email:

"I have checked on your conversation with one of our chat agents and you mentioned once there that the files you were trying to import through VideoStudio Pro X5 are all from your iTunes library. Please note that when a file comes from the iTunes library, these files are all copyright protected and could not be imported through VideoStudio Pro X5, mainly because of copyright protection issues.

However, if VideoStudio Pro X5 still cannot import any files that are not from your iTunes library, then you may want to try downloading the codec updates from the links provided below:

* Microsoft Direct X DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer --- [...]
* QuickTime Player ---[...]
* Real Player ---[...]
* DivX --- [...]
* Xvid ---[...]
* FFDSHOW ---[...]

You may also want to follow the steps from the attached article to reset the program to its default settings."

You have got to be kidding!!!

Corel -- Get your act together and provide phone support to insure your software can be installed.

I consider myself beyond a "novice" computer user -- though I'm not an expert.

What about someone who is a novice?? Does Corel honestly think their customer support approach is viable???

Oh, and by the way my final email that I sent to Corel's Customer Support Contact with my complaint was also copied to Corel's CEO - Thom Berguist. It's been 1 week since I sent that email, and no response from Corel Managment. Am I surprised -- NO.

Thank you Amazon for accepting the return of this software.

Corel -- Shame on you!! Why are you still in business???
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on November 26, 2012
I was doing video editing for roughly two years with Microsoft's free Movie Maker. As my demands grew, I came across all of Movie Maker's downsides, and just happened to come across this program. Not only is everything you've learned from Movie Maker the same concept as VideoStudio, but with a little bit of your time you can learn to do lots more. There is a slight learning curve for more advanced effects.
I docked a star for a few reasons. One is because I wish the audio waves had "deeper" waves to indicate the loudness of the audio. This is an issue because the wave is merely a straight line for the whole audio log and usually a flat line represent a silent or muted sound. This is a problem because if a clip has a few stutters, I have problems cutting them out when editing.
The other issue is the inability to overlap two screens at once, using some transparent effect. Actually, I can't even put two scenes side-by-side either. I thought this would sort of be in the basics or intermediate category.
Now another issue is how frequent I have to adjust the volume/audio or else crackling sounds will occur. I discovered this is caused when two overlapping clips (one video and one audio or music) are both being played at their default audio levels. Maybe this is just my issue but to the program, when two audio clips are playing at once with a "loud enough" volume, it produces that crackling sound, so I have to lower the volume to each clip by a few notches.
Other than that, I'm happy this is an improvement from X4 in the sense that it's more responsive and quicker than the X4 and that I can now resize the video editor's window, which was a huge pet peeve for me when using X4 since it was either fullscreen mode or minimize. X4 was NOT multi-task-friendly.
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on October 12, 2012
I did a lot of research on video editors that were the next logical step up from Movie Maker, a Microsoft product that is included in Windows 7. I wanted to be able to mix video with still photos and add audio overlays, as you might do in an instruction video. Movie Maker would do neither. I narrowed to the obvious top 2, after looking at many freebies. Each product had its passionate followers that said theirs was the best. I ended up making the decision based on the consensus that this product was great for beginners moving from Movie Maker. I have not been using it for a long time, but I am very pleased with the features and ease of use, but there is a learning curve. Fortunately, there is great support on the Corel website and lots of YouTube videos. It has the ability to create slide shows and can mix videos with photos. You can also extend the time that a photo shows, a must for me. The mixing capability was not listed in the descriptions, so I was happy that it has slide show tools that are similar to stand alone slide show software.
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on November 6, 2012
UPDATE: This software crashes way too much. It makes it painful to use. CTRL+S every single time I make one single change, because I have had it crash from opening a file and make 1 individual change. Very frustrating. I am running a Dell XPS 15 with Windows 8.1.

GoPro videos that have been run through Cineform studios so adjust the framerate will crash this software sometimes. Can be a bit frustrating, but overall I would recommend this software, I will be get X6 when it comes out.
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on November 5, 2015
I use this software to digitize video and audio from videotapes and edit before burning to DVD. I had problems with the Cyberlink editing software that came with my laptop, so I installed this Corel package as a replacement. It was easier to use in most respects and didn't make the video jumpy when I compiled the edited video like the Cyberlink sometimes did. Corel isn't perfect but was up to the demands of my conversion to digital requirements.
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on January 21, 2016
For what I paid for this product it was a bargain. It is much easier to use than my old Nero 10 which failed to work properly when I got a new box running windows 7. I looked at a number of video tutorials on YouTube and was looking forward to doing some of the neat things they demonstrated using the rotopen and green screen images to animate objects. Unfortunately these are all features that DO NOT come with the product as sold.NO Rotopen, No green screen images. Nichts ! Bummer !

Now I can't fault Corel directly because I bought this product based on a artist friend's recommendation, but want to warn people that the many of the videos you see on YouTube are done by people that have added Plugins to the product and the Plugins aren't cheap.


And now the rest of the story and why I reduced my rating to 1 star(since I can't get the product to work) ZERO stars.I had a problem where the audio and video got out of sync after rendering. I tried multiple video files, all of which had in sync video and audio but no luck. I seems if you edit the length or use an effect, audio gets out of sync. What a stupid program. This means the neat effect and transitions and editing functions are all useless rendering VideoStudio into a nonfunctional program for the final output step. I have wasted a month and a half learning the software only to end up with a product that only works correctly in the VS editor but can't produce a finalized working copy without the audio being out of sync. How bad is it ? People are talking when their mouths aren't moving ! Now the software refuses to start at all after last nights big batch of Microsoft updates (about 20). I uninstalled it and reinstalled, ran it as administrator all to no avail. I suppose I could go back to the next restore point but what a pain and I don't think I want to install 20 Microsoft updates one at a time to see if one of them is the offending update.

As others have stated Corel has no support phone number and their so called knowledge base is of no help either. So I bought the software and a book to learn how to use it only to end up with a product that won't run anymore and messes up the final product when it does.

Extremely disappointed and ripped off by Corel.


I have the software working again. I fell back to a restore point before the Microsoft updates and the software began to work again. Now I will grind my way through each update, testing VS after each one until or if I find the culprit. It is possible that they will all install and the software will still work. This would not be the first time I have seen this happen.

It seems that some videos that play with A/V in sync outside of the VS product will play with the A/V out of sync in the VS editor and there are two types of sync problems

1. audio out of sync by a consistent amount for the whole video.
2. audio progressively more out of sync as the video plays.

I have found if I trim a frame or two at the beginning, the audio sync issue disappears in the editor and the finished product. This is strictly a catch as catch can solution. Whether this will work for a whole project with multiple video clips remains to be seen. It appears that some clips work as is and others need tweeking. The virgin clips that play fine outside of VS may or may not stay in sync in the editor. It is a defect in the editor and Corel support is absolutely worthless.

Bottom line is you have to play your way through each clip after it is loaded onto the timeline to see if the audio stays in sync. Since one clip I have is of the category 2 (progressive audio slippage) I have to play it all the way through to be sure the trim on the front end fixed the sync problem.


The problem with the software not launching was caused by two Microsoft security patches:

KB 3126593
KB 3126587

I have found that these patches also disable VS pro X8 but Corel has a hotfix for this issue. The support from Corel on the A/V sync issue was totally worthless. The first person wanted me to take a screen shot of the issue ! DUH ! How can you take a screen shot of the audio being out of sync ? He proceeded to tell me how to take a screen shot. DUH and Double DUH ! The issue was handed off to another person who was under the impression I was some dude in Australia with a software license issue. ?????

So I fixed the software not launching issue by researching the latest MS patches and discovering the offending patches. The audio I uncoupled from the Video and manually shifted the audio track to be in sync with the video. The rendered mpeg file was still in sync and the final DVD product was also in sync. I now know at least one reason why movie companies use a Clapper board for each scene the film. Matching the spike on the audio track with the visual of the Clacker would be a snap.

Now some things VS pro X5 doesn't do as well as Nero 10. I like Nero's crossfade transition better. You can use a short crossfade of a small segment to cause a brief overlay of a face or scene on the main video track which is much more visible in Nero than VS. The DVD menu and chapter creation in Nero although complicated is more robust than VS. The effects you can use for a animated slide show are better than VS. I haven't had any audio/video sync issues in Nero. BUT and it's a big BUT, Nero 10 has no chromakey function, so doing green screen effects is not possible. So, I find myself doing slide shows to music in Nero, exporting the project to a mpeg file and then using VS pro X5 to incorporate the mpeg into a video production. It's nice when a piece of software has everything you want in one package, but if it doesn't you can often find a workaround using another product.
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on February 27, 2013
The capabilities of Video Studio are most impressive. I tried several competing products before buying it and couldn't really find another product that suited my needs better.

A lot of the strength of the product is in the wide variety of filters that come with it - I don't really use most of them but a few are real work-horses for me. Video Studio would benefit from having a user-configurable favorites list of filters or perhaps one that is created automatically by observing frequency of use.

With X5 came a second filter for sharpening in addition to the sharpen filter that was in X4. Unfortunately, they have the same name so it is confusing to know which to select - the new one works poorly and has nothing I've found to recommend it over the older one.

Multiple filters can be applied to a single clip and options adjusted for each. Unfortunately this involves a bit of guess-work because when making those adjustments you can only see the effect of the one filter being edited, not the effect of all filters together. This is particularly a problem when one of the filters is the zoom and pan filter or another filter that alters the visible portion of each frame.

From time to time you will add new clips to a project, sometimes a photo, sometimes a video, and sometimes an audio piece. In each case, a browser opens for the file to be selected. Sadly, it is not at all clear how it decides what directory to display when it opens. It would seem the sensible thing to do would be to display the directory last used when opening that kind of clip; that does occasionally happen, but it seems only by chance. Most of the time you simply have to waste time navigating up and down the folder tree to find the file you want.

The most serious failure I've found with Video Studio is it seems nearly incapable of burning a DVD that works reliably. This has been the case with earlier versions of the product, but with Version X5 I expected better; after all, Corel did acquire Roxio and surely Roxio has some experience with this kind of software.

I recently spent more than a full day trying to get X5 to burn a DVD. With one brand of DVD's it consistently failed, reporting either "unidentified error" or "failure to write". It did this even when I specified the minimum write speed. With another brand, it reported success in burning the disk, but the disk would only play in one of the three players I have.

Eventually, I gave up and turned to other software to actually burn the DVD.
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on November 19, 2013
This program is great for both basic and advanced video editing. Handles most video formats, from both camcorders, DSLR cameras and P&S camera video. Renders quickly too.
It's easy to learn and easy to use. You'll have your finished video up and ready fast.
I really have no complaints about it. I love it.
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on November 12, 2013
It is much better than the previous versions but still hangs with large files. In long files the sound does not go very well with video. Good software overall very easy to use and to get the hang out of it. The feature I like the most is the sound: it allows the sound to be amplified to 400% of the native recording, the default starts with 100% of the volume, but it can be increased to 500%. Great feature for videos recorded from low audio. I highly recommend it but for videos below 1.5 hours.
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on December 22, 2012
So I downloaded the internet version of this video editing software. Just to test it out because I didn't want to buy anything and end up disappointed with it. Though the Pro X5 has all the features I need and was looking for (in terms of video editing). Why the heck does the videos seem sluggish or the video footage trying to catch up with the audio? As if it's slowed down or delayed? Seriously I have Windows 7 (64 bit ect...) on my laptop. My computer is up to date. That's the "but" part. It seems as if the codecs (whatever the tech terms are for that) seem to be lacking. Why have have a program Windows 7 but it acts as if it still doesn't want to work in unison the OS it's suppose to be made for? It's suppose to be universal right? I might purchase it, but they need to fix that issue. I guess in mean time I'm stuck with bare bones Windows Movie Maker.
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