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on July 4, 2012
I work for an attorney in a law office and am a free-lance writer as well. I have used the Wordperfect software for the last twenty years in all my writing and wouldn't dream of touching anything else. The software quite simply does everything I need and does it easily, and the most recent addition of letting me create a PDF version of my document with one click is just some welcomed icing on the cake. While I concede this software may not be right for someone who does only a little word processing, if you're serious about doing a document and doing it RIGHT and easily, buying and learning to use Wordperfect is, to me, the only way to go!
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on July 14, 2012
Corel WordPerfect Office X6 Home & Student
Before you try loading the CD turn OFF all virus protection and fire walls. Or you will have nothing but errors while trying to load the program. After turning everything off it loads and installs with no problems. Be sure to turn everything back on before you let WP access the internet for any updates it needs. If this is a new install or an upgrade you will like the changes this version offers. One nice thing you can save in over 60 file types. Comes with WinZip (a nice program) A nice surprise the disk is good for 3 install. No wear did I see that in the product description. And be sure to write down the serial numbers some place you will not lose it. Or you end up with a use less CD. I've been using Word Perfect before it was taken over by Corel and highly recommend it today.
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on June 18, 2013
While Word has a greater following, and there is certainly something to be said for compatibility, I have found Wordperfect to be a superior program for banging out documents. Wordperfect can do three major things that Word cannot do:
1. Wordperfect allows you to see all of the embedded formatting codes within your document. This makes it easy to visualize what is going on with the formatting. Once the codes are visible, you can simply delete a code and wipe out that format change, or you can click on the format code and edit it. With Word, you cannot see the formatting codes. You can keep making changes, but you are always working in the dark, not quite knowing what is there controlling your document or exactly where the formatting code takes effect.
2. Wordperfect allows you to insert a saved document into the current document. Lets say you have boilerplate paragraphs that are saved as individual files. You can hit Alt-I and then I, and you can bring a file from the disk directly into the current document. Word does not let you bring a saved document directly into the current document. You have to bring it up in a separate window, then block and copy that portion into the current document, then close the window for the boilerplate paragraph. That's a lot of clumsy compared to just popping it in right where you want it to go.
3. Wordperfect will let you preview documents without actually opening them. Let's say there are several potential files that you want to review, just to see what is there. If the documents have a similar root, for example they all start with Jones, you can ask for a list of Jones*, and you will see a list of everything that starts with Jones. There is a preview icon on the toolbar with the directory list. When active, preview uses the right portion of the screen to preview the document, while the left portion continues to show the directory you asked to see. Then you can click on each item from the list and read what is there, one after the other, without opening (or having to close) each document. With Word, you would have to get your potential list, open the first document into a new window, see that it is not what you want, then close the window, then go back to a directory request again and start over.

Wordperfect allows you to record macros and assign macros or keystrokes to keys. Word does this also, but I am just saying this has the bells and whistles you need in a full featured word processor. The macros can even take on the complexity of programming. Wordperfect does everything you may need to do with a word processor, including support for graphics, colors, page numbering, numbered lines, highlighting, fonts, strikeout, comparison of different documents, password protection, templates, and creating an index dynamically linked to each page with the specified content. In Wordperfect, the F10 key is not assigned. I have found it very useful to define the F10 key with the command to print the current page. I need to print the current page quite often, and this way I can do it by just hitting one key. I have also defined the NUM+ key to cycle the window to the next open document. If you have several open windows with documents, it is very handy to be able to just pop from one open document to the next. You can even write a macro that will flip to the next window. For example if you have a long mailing list in one window, a macro could block the address, move it to the window with an envelope format, print it, clear the envelope, move back to the mailing list, go down for the next address, and repeat. The trick to automating word processing is to be consistent in the way everything is entered. That way, you can apply a macro and it will always work the same each time. Another tip is that when I bring up a blank letter format, there is already a blank envelope format attached as the last page. To copy the address block from the letter onto the envelope, I start by putting the cursor within the address block, then I run the macro (which can also be assigned to keystrokes, such as Alt-E.) The macro looks for two carriage returns above, starts blocking, then looks for two carriage returns below, copies the blocked text, moves to the end of the document and inserts it, and voila, by just hitting ALT-E you have addressed your envelope. It is also helpful to define the insert key as paste-unformatted. If you copy something from the internet and use Control-V to insert it, it will retain the formatting of the original, which usually means a different font. If you use paste-unformatted, the inserted portion will take on the formatting of the document it is copied into. Wordperfect tries to enable compatibility with the then current version of Word, although Word does not try to be compatible with Wordperfect. That means you can save from Wordperfect in a Word format, and you can open documents that are saved as Word documents. Wordperfect gives you more options for formats to save documents, including PDF, RTF, HTML, and some older programs. You can fax directly from the program, without having to print the document first.

The Office suite comes with presentations and a spreadsheet, which are supposed to be compatible with those counterparts in Word Office. I have not used those programs. Wordperfect does everything you need in word processing, and in some cases some things that even Word cannot do. It is robust and does not hang up. I think it is more intuitive and gives me the control to see and do exactly what I want. Lastly, if you do real hard core typing, you will really enjoy a good mechanical keyboard. The keyboards that come with computers just don't cut it for heavy duty typing. A good mechanical keyboard (called mechanical because they have switches rather than membranes) will run between $80 to $160, but you will really enjoy typing if you get one. There is a range of choices depending on the resistance and the click that suits you.
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on June 25, 2014
In January this year I reluctantly "upgraded" 2 of my desktops from XP to Win7 (avoiding Win8). This "upgrade" made it impossible to continue using Microsoft Office 97 with which I am proficient.. So I decided to look for an office package that would not be deliberately obsolesced after I got really expert with it. After a bit of looking around I decided to try both Word Perfect Office X6 and Apache Open Office.

WORD PROCESSORS: After about 5 months experience with the word processors, I think the Apache Open Office text processor is more consistent with my needs, since its menus are much closer to Word 97 than is the Corel product. Also I find it easier to set up templates. Also I have learned that bad templates can actually corrupt the Word Perfect installation, requiring much sweat to fix (WPwin16.exe actually disappeared !!!) . Also,while WP6 claims to be able to read documents from an impressively long list of word processors, it did not do a good job loading Word 97 documents, which to me is a fatal flaw, as I have so many documents written in Word 97 format. Also, while Apache Open Office is explicitly devoted to running on all Windows platforms from 95 to Win8, and will most likely cover Win9. Corel makes no such promise. Also, Open Office runs under Linux and Mac OSX and is ported to other systems as well.

SPREADSHEETS: Given my background with Excel 97, I have found the Open Office Calc spreadsheet easy to use, and that it does a good job reading Excel 97 files. I cannot comment on the Quattro Pro spreadsheet that is bundled in Word Perfect Office.

PEDIGREE: By the mid 1980s WordPerfect was a beautifully designed and very powerful DOS-based word processor with company headquarters located in Orem Utah, and made the transition to Windows in the 1990s. Recently it fell on hard times and was sold to Corel Corporation, which has been in the business of acquiring premium software brands with a good customer base. I consulted Wikipedia and found that OpenOffice has a strong pedigree, having started out in Germany in 1985 as an office suite called StarOffice, that was used on Zilog, Amstrad and Commodore 64 computers, and which was purchased by Sun Microsystems in 1999, and then in 2000 was changed to open source freeware, presumably as an attack on Microsoft by folks angry at the software behemoth for one or another reason. It was later taken over by Apache Software Foundation, a volunteer non-profit organization, which has numerous software projects, and is clearly composed of ultra strong programmers.

COST: Open Office costs zilch. On the other hand, Word Perfect Office X6 is very inexpensive when compared to competing Microsoft products.
​CONCLUSION: From reading the reviews of Word Perfect Office I can see there are many folks who have used Word Perfect products for many years and love them and find them powerful and reliable. If I were a veteran WP user, I would no doubt stick with the brand, unless Corel does something really awful. But coming from Microsoft Office 97 I have found that I prefer Apache Open Office 4.0.1 to Corel Word Perfect Office X6.

One other reason I prefer Open Office is that it runs under all versions of Windows and under numerous versions of Unix, including a Linux type operating system called Ubuntu, which I am trying out because I would like to avoid the never ending cycle of forced obsolescence imposed by Microsoft.
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on January 20, 2014
I have used WordPerfect for 30+ years. Back in the days the WYSIWYG was a big deal. I have also used MS office during much of that time. But my WordPerfect use goes back to the DOS days and has always been my preferred word processor.

IMHO WordPerfect is 5x's the word processor than MS Word. 2nd best won out because MS was selling the OS's and put pressure on the vendors to install office.

But MS Office is pricing themselves out of the market for people needing to add an office suite to their computer. WordPerfect exports to all the various formats of Word or Excel. So you can save as one of the MS formats to get by in the corporate world.

If you are looking for a strong word processor, with presentation and spreadsheet capabilities, Corel offers a very COST EFFECTIVE alternative. And for your money will be getting the superior word processor.
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on January 6, 2013
I keep MS Office on my home PC current in order to use Outlook and Excel. However, even though I get MS Word in that package, I never use it. My first word processing system I used (in the early 90s) was WordPerfect for DOS. Through the years I've had to use MS Word because of others using it, but I will never use it on my own free will. WordPerfect is so much simpler to use. The indentation it has seems so much more consistent than in MS Word, although MS Word has gotten better with this.

I will always buy the latest edition of WordPerfect even though I have MS Word effectively for free.

Update for Win 8.1 (not on the Metro POS)

I installed the program from the DVD, and the first time it fired up it fell over immediately. I did some googling, and there was a suggestion from someone in Corel support to delete the .jpg file that is used on the splash screen?? The instructions pointed to exactly where the file was, I renamed it rather than deleting it, tried it again and it worked? Anyway, that allowed my to update it with their SP1 which was documented as making WP more Win8.1 friendly. No problems after that.
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on November 6, 2015
I am a student at a local community college. I was, at the time of purchase, in the middle of getting my masters in business administration. I had so many writing assignments, they felt like I was trying to write in my sleep. But the computer that I was using at home did not have any really good software programs that helped me write my papers. So I looked up writing software and came up with this one! I am extremely happy with this software. Has everything from spell check to helping me write a complete sentence. You can write papers, make birthday cards, and make flyers. The possibilities are endless with this writing program. Very easy to install onto the computer as well. I highly recommend this product to anyone that needs help writing!
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on August 27, 2013
I used WP for years, and then got reluctantly sucked into the ubiquitous Word culture. Which I could cope with - unhappily - till the new Word came out, and I had to deal with translating docX's. When my husband got the new Office I installed it, took one look at that ribbon and said I AM NOT LEARNING THIS. And when upon exploration I discovered that WP Home and Student could be purchased for a very modest sum and would read docx's, i said why not? (I had thought I needed the pro version, but I don't, actually. I use the program almost exclusively for word processing.)

The program is much as I remember it (unlike Office, it doesn't change for the sake of change). Reveal codes is still there so I can figure out why the document is doing what it's doing. The menus are easy to understand and rearrange to suit me. It does everything I want it to do, and every time I see the WP splash screen as it loads, I smile.

My only gripe is that in a Word-centered world, they could make it easier to automatically save your documents as Word files. When you set it to do that, it saves a new doc as a word file, but when you open that file, edit it and change it, you get a window asking what form you want to save it in and the default is WP. If I could I would, but I can't, and I wish they'd recognize that and let me set the program so the default on every save is Word. (I even have to save my personal docs as word if I want to edit them on my tablet, as WP hasn't got an Android app - only a reader).

Sorry, WP - you would probably sell more copies, not fewer, if you made it easier for users to exist seamlessly in a world where 98% of people use Word. Fools that they are.
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on June 30, 2013
Like others, I had been a long-time user of WordPerfect going back to DOS version 5. I had upgraded from DOS versions up to WP for Windows version 9 (2000) where I stopped only because most places I worked for were using Word. One feature I missed the most was Reveal Codes which Word has always been lacking. I wasn't even sure Corel was still selling WordPerfect Office because I had wanted to purchase it years ago. It wasn't until I was in the market for moving back to CorelDRAW again that I discovered Corel still owns it. I'm glad that the loyal users have kept it alive all these years.

I purchased the Home and Student version of Corel WP Office X6 for home use even though I considered getting the Standard release, but I couldn't pass up the great price for this version.

I did have a problem after opening up Word 2007 documents in WP that when I clicked in the header or footer, WP would crash on me. I don't know if this was due to codes in Word or something else. I figured the best solution is probably just to copy and paste the text and headers/footers directly in WP. I don't believe it's a WP issue. My documents in Word are based on a custom template with macros and I figure it has something to do with that.

I was trying to create a new template based on my Word 2007 one and I couldn't find a way to save the document as a template. The templates included have an extension of WPT, but nowhere in the file format list did I find a way to save as a template for WP. Was this excluded from the Home and Student version? If not available, I assume the workaround is to just open an existing WPT file, make my changes then resave as a new template. I have a feeling I'm going to have to relearn WP again since it's been many years since I last used it.

I had no issues with the download or the installation. I am running Windows 7 64-bit and all the programs work flawlessly.

I look forward to becoming a loyal Corel user again.
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on May 31, 2013
I started out on Wordperfect 5.1 for DOS back when dinosaurs roamed the digital "DOS" world. So I know Wordperfect. I must confess I've been using Microsoft Word for many years so this is my first foray back to WP.

The highlights of this Office Home and Student X6 version of Wordperfect are:
1. You can install it legally on up to three home computers (awesome).
2. It supports all the file versions from all the other wordprocessors.
3. I comes with an easy to use conversion utility allowing one to make PDF files (super awesome).

I'm using this X6 WP on two Windows 7 Professional 64 bit computers and I like it very much.
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