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Nicholas VinOair Wine Aerator
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Price:$10.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on October 30, 2014
Red wine needs to be aerated in order to deliver the full flavor. You can do this by decanting a bottle -- pouring it into another glass container which typically has a large mouth. Aeration helps get rid of undesirable chemicals and gasses in red wine, including sulfides, sulfates and even ethanol, which can add sourness and a "rubbing alcohol" taste. Using the in-bottle "VinOair" Aerator adds bubbles to the pouring wine, right out of the bottle, and works just fine. However, I still prefer to decant the wine into another bottle, and using a small funnel, even pour it back and forth into the original bottle two or three times, then let the wine stand in the decanter for half an hour. Then I put it back in the original bottle and insert the aerator in the neck, and pour a glass. This helps deliver the full flavor the vinter intended.

By the way, a friend pouring themselves a glass thought they had to upend the bottle into the glass in order to get maximum airflow. Not so! The aerator works best with the air intake on it on the top, bottle at about 45 degrees. You will hear it bubbling nicely as the aerated wine flows into your glass. Enjoy!

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on July 1, 2014
I do recommend the Nicholas VinOair Wine Aerator, but primarily for convenience or a novel gift.

MY TESTS: I have conducted blind tastings on red wines comparing the Vinturi and the VinOair against decanted wine and fresh-out-of-the-bottle wines. The Vinturi still fares best by far, simulating about 1-hour's worth of decanting to us tasters. This product, the VinOair, provides less, perhaps about 15 to 30 minutes of breathing.

GOOD USE OF THE VINOAIR: Use this to pour and drink now if the wine is fine with no or minimal decanting. However, I find almost all reds benefit from some breathing, so simply use this to pour your wine into a decanter or some sort and give your breathing a head start. This can be done, however, with any wine aerating device.

CONVENIENCE: The VinOair is half the size and weight of a Vinturi, hence fits better in a pocket or whatever. Importantly, it allows for a one-handed pour (you have to hold the Vinturi over your glass unless you purchased one with a stand). This encourages use.

PRICE: I paid only $12 for the VinOair, so it was worthwhile to me. However, I see that in some places this VinOair is about the same price as a Vinturi -- perhaps not worth it there.

NICE GIFT: this is a great and inexpensive gift idea for red wine lovers who do not yet decant their wines. All decanting or aeration is beneficial to the taste, and some people may not use a Vinturi simply because you have to hold it over the glass. Idea: tie one to a wine gift bag for a cool accessory/bling.

Bottom Line -- I liked it but do not use it all of the time, choosing to use a Vinturi for most pours.
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on June 23, 2015
Reviewed another similar product and feel the same way about this one as that. Works, not dramatic, but works. Makes pouring easier. I have used aerators that you pour the wine through it from the bottle to the glass (not attached to bottle). This works as well as those and with less mess.
Update: We did a side by side testing of the aerators -- their Venturi and this one-- with our neighbors with a and we could all taste a difference between aerated and non aerated, but not between the two aerators.
My husband actually liked the unaerated stuff better.
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on January 5, 2014
Of the new aerators we tried recently we like this one the best. It stays in the bottle, so there's no need to hold an aerator over the glass and then deal with it after pouring.

It produces a lot of bubbles. There's a bit of a knack to using it without spilling wine all over the place as my klutzy self learned on the first pour. We're now using this aerator full time and are replacing the Christmas gifts aerators we gave to folks with this one. And yes, we're getting another one for ourselves.

The complaint of it being fragile hasn't arisen for us yet. We're generally careful with items like this so hopefully its fragility won't be a problem.

We like it.

UPDATE: My klutzy self dropped it on a ceramic tile floor and sure enough the tip chipped. However it continues to work well, so we'll use this one just for us and when company comes we'll break out the other one. We still like it.
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on March 16, 2010
I have used this aerator on about 6 bottles of wine and tried the taste before and after using this product. It works as per description and the spout is great for pouring without drops. The areated wine tastes better than just out of the bottle. I now use it on all wine bottles I open.

The reason I give it 4 and not 5 stars is that the other popular product - Vinturi - which I have also used, areates the wine more than this unit. The other item - Vinturi - aerators more but leaves a lot of mess behind in terms of spills and drops due to the way it is supposed to be used.
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on January 18, 2016
I bought this as a kind of stocking stuffer for my husband. I was hoping for something that would aerate wine a bit without spending a fortune (and without making a mess). This seemed like a perfect compromise of cost and capability. We did an experiment two days ago to see how this measured up to decanting wine. We bought a recommended bottle of new Argentinian Malbec from a dealer who said to let it sit for 30 minutes for the best flavor. This seemed to be the perfect wine to try this aerator with. We poured one glass of wine for each of us and let them sit out for 30 minutes. Then before we tasted the wine, we poured two smaller glasses of the wine straight - one from the bottle and one with the aerator. There was a discernible difference between the wine poured straight from the bottle and the wine poured with the aerator. It was more difficult to tell a difference between the aerator and the wine that had been sitting out. While I would probably recommend decanting your reds before drinking, this seems to be a great option if you are pouring right before you drink. And you can't beat the price.
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I was curious as to what kind of difference a decent wine aerator could make on cheap wine.
The answer is "quite a lot."
This little guy is really convenient to just throw in a bag or a pocket, and makes even a bottle of 2 buck chuck taste 'okay.'
It's less noticeable on actually nice wines, but on mid/low end wine it makes a tremendous difference. Especially for the price, this is a great gift for anybody you know that loves their wine. And will make your own wine even better.
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on July 12, 2015
This product is absolutely amazing. I can't believe I've been drinking wine for so long without knowing of this product's existence. First, it is incredibly easy to slip into wine bottles - I've yet to find a bottle this won't work in. Second, it pours beautifully, with subtle aeration noises (compared to the loud gurgles of the Vinturi) with no need for extra hands or paper towels to clean up the mess - you simply pour! Third, it really does prevent wine drips - and come on when you're drinking a pricey bottle, every drop counts! Finally, we've done many taste tests - yes it really does work. For < $50 bottles, it's usually enough to pour through the VinOair, and maybe swish in your glass a few times for tighter reds. So great that I've already gifted a few of these to fellow wine lovers.
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on November 18, 2017
Seems to work ; I haven't tried it with a much older wine that would require 1-2+++ hours of decanting. The stem below the seal looks a bit delicate and may break off if one is not careful.
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on December 15, 2011
It's debatable what aerating red wines does to help enhances the flavors/taste however I can testify that this aerator does as much as the more expensive and bulkier larger wine aerators that one has to hold above the glass and pour the wine into it (yes, I own one of those and am giving it away now that I've discovered this VinOair unit).

I also own a $100. glass wine decanted designed specifically for allowing red wine to "breathe" and although I'm not a highly educated wine connoisseur I can sometimes distinguish between $3. wine and $20. wine and consider this little Nicholas VinOair wine aerator a pretty nice product to own and pour wine with.

A really nice feature besides it aerating the wine is that you'll not experience ANY more dripping from the wine bottle spout which by itself is worth buying this aerator.

I've bought many of these aerators now as they make great gifts. I usually will hint what's inside the small wrapped gift box by having the recipient guess what it is by saying "This gift will turn a $2 item into a $3 item." When they unwrap their gift they will still wonder what I meant and I will reply with a smile "It takes Two Buck Chuck wine and makes it into a nearly Three Buck Chuck wine."
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