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on October 31, 2014
I have another doll, just like this one (different clothes, an older model) and it has lasted almost a year and a half now. It has been great. I ordered this doll 5 months ago and it has ripped right across the seam from armpit to armpit. The fabric it is made of frays so easily, that it is impossible to restitch. It will not hold the stitch. This would not be a huge issue, if the doll were not so expensive. I have tried to contact Amazon about it, and they say that too much time has passed, which I understand. I have tried to contact Corolle, and there has been no response. I'm now left with a sad little girl, and an expensive, useless doll.

Update: I finally got a response from Corolle and they said that they have a 1 year warranty on all of their products, and to contact the retailer where I purchased it to get another. I called Amazon again and explained what Corolle told me, and they agreed to replace the doll. I am, of course, happy with this result, and since they back their products, would have no problem ordering from them again.
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on December 9, 2013
LOVE this doll. I wanted a realistic looking doll for our 1.5 year old daughter to help her prepare to be a big sister. This doll was exactly what I was looking for.

- The vanilla smell is NOT too strong, you notice it at first and then you only notice it when you put your nose directly on the doll's head. This is coming from someone who is pregnant (so smells are stronger and more annoying) and hates vanilla. I can only assume the people complaining about the smell are basing this just of off the first encounter or they have a crazy impressive nose

- The size is perfect for little toddlers. At first I was almost disappointed by the size, even though i read the description and knew it would be little but for a toddler the size is proportional. Do not get this doll if you want it to be life size, you will be disappointed. Your toddler, will not be disappointed, however, because his/her little doll with be very easy to carry and play with

- I love that this doll has the nice bean-bag like body. I found myself wanting to snuggle and hold this doll myself!

- I love that this doll is just a doll, no batteries needed, no annoying crying or sucking, just a cute classic doll with eyes that open when propped up and close when laying down.

- I don't know why people complain about the teeth. I think they must be looking for things to complain about. The teeth are only noticeable when you tip her head back and even then, they dont scream at you. They are really very subtle. I probably wouldnt have noticed them at all if I hadnt read reviews about people complaining about them.

-You can't force your kid to love a toy, that being said for MY 1.5 year old daughter loves this doll. She was in awe of it from the first moment she saw it. She was almost nervous to touch it at first, she has never responded that way to another toy before. At first she would gently touch her face or give her kisses and then gently hold her. This is by far her favorite toy. I think she has turned this doll into a "lovey" She is not as gentle and nice to her now that she has had her for a few weeks but she still loves her. So far this doll has held up well to being "fed" snacks and grubby little hands rubbed all over her clothes as well as being dropped and slept on.

-The outfit the doll comes with is cute like another review mentioned, it has pilled. But my daughter couldnt care less about that. I have washed it once and it came out fine. It is really easy to get the doll dressed, so if your child is constantly asking you to dress and undress their doll this one is pretty painless (can't speak for any other outfits as this is the only one we have)

-The hat stays on great during play or travel but if your toddler is like mine, expect that it will probably be ripped off in about 2 seconds. Not a big deal, and the doll's head is cute so I actually think it looks cuter without it

Bottom line:
Such an adorable doll! We don't spend a lot of toys so this was a splurge for us, but it was well worth it. Yes you could get a different doll for cheaper, but it wouldnt be as cute or as thoughtfully designed. If you are looking for that "classic" baby doll this is it. I will definitely be buying another bigger corolle doll when my daughter gets older.
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on July 18, 2014
My daughter has several Corolle dolls. It has become our go-to brand for baby dolls. This doll, however, did not live up to the standards we've come to expect from them. The places the arms/legs/head attach to the body look tenuous and I can see part of the construction around the neck that I really don't think should be visible. The 'signature vanilla scent' just wasn't there, as though this doll had been sitting around for a long while, leaving it smelling of plastic (vinyl). When I looked inside the mouth one tooth looked chipped from underneath. One positive thing is the eyes. They open and close beautifully and when the doll sits up they really do *pop* open.
I like Corolle and this doll is actually far better than what many other brands offer, but if you are going to spend Corolle sized $$ on a doll it should stand up to the standards of their other products. I returned this doll but stuck with the brand because the other Corolle dolls we have are well constructed, much loved, and holding up quite well.
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on December 15, 2017
This little life like doll is darling. I got this for my daughter as a big sister gift when I went to the hospital to have her baby sister.

It's so cute and the middle part of the body is soft. It has a baby powder like fragrance to it and its different from her other dollies.

Her eyes open and close and my daughter loves that feature. I'm not sure it is worth the price we paid for it.. but worth it to me. My daughter still snuggles with it nightly 10 months later!!
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on October 2, 2014
I purchased this doll for my daughter's 1st birthday based on the other reviews and it was, hands down, her favorite gift! I thought she would like the baby doll but had no idea how much she would LOVE this baby doll. It goes with her everywhere and I literally have to pry it from her hands when she is eating and has to take a bath. She loves to play with the baby's eye lashes and give her kisses. I also purchased this doll stroller ( and she loves to put the baby in and take her out. She hasn't learned to push the stroller yet but I think she will in a couple of months. Oh and this baby doll smells sooo good. As another reviewer mentioned, the baby does have two little teeth that you can not see in the picture but can in person. And the face is just precious. I highly recommend this as a first baby doll. She is not to big and not to small - perfect for a one year old.
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on April 10, 2013
My daughter (just over 2 1/2 years) absolutely loves this baby. This got her last summer when she became a big sister. She has named her baby "Sweet" (because of her sweet smell- truly!) and takes her all over... feeding her, changing her clothes, "brushing" her teeth at night, tucking her in to her own bed, and so on... doing everything she sees me doing with her younger brother, essentially. I highly recommend this doll. The only negative I can see- is the price... it seems a bit steep to me. For a special occasion, though- this doll would be something special. She certainly is to my daughter. (Note: I also love that she has a soft, cloth body... makes her much easier to carry around, and gives her more ability to bend and be played with as opposed to dolls whose bodies are rubber/plastic and have to be bent at the joints.) This toy will be around for many years!
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on March 8, 2015
This is a really sweet baby doll but the one we received has the leg stitched on in a very crooked way so the baby looks a little deformed. The eyes also only sometimes open and close. Despite these defects, my child loves the doll and hasn't wanted to part with since she received it at Christmas, so there's no way that I could contact Amazon for an exchange. In addition, we've had it since christmas and the smell is still apparent (it's not strong, it's actually nice). The doll is also the perfect size for my 20 month old daughter to cuddle and love on.

I am wondering if Amazon is selling seconds of this doll and that's why the one we received has issues.
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on May 2, 2014
My daughter got a Melissa and Doug Jenna doll for her first birthday. It quickly became her favorite! I decided to order the Calin doll for an upcoming trip along with some clothes as part of her travel package and hoped that the clothes would work for her Jenna doll too. The clothes fit both dolls well, but my daughter (now 20 months) very much prefers Calin! She was very excited to see that she came with extra clothes (purchased separately) and had to try on all of the outfits (with help) right away. She has previously refused to have any doll get changed so I was surprised at how much she wanted that part of the experience. After she got distracted, I tucked Calib and her accessories in the suitcase and put Jenna in the place where my daughter had left Calin. She complained (with her limited vocabulary) about her baby for the rest of that day and into the next! My husband even noticed and asked that night why she was so upset about her baby!
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on March 13, 2013
I was looking for a doll for my soon to be 2 year old's birthday. After reading about dolls in general, I decided I definitely wanted Corolle dolls (I also have a 4 year old and bought her a Les Cheries). I originally bought the Les Classiques for the 2 year old based on the manufacturer's recommended age, but when I received it, I was very disappointed in how huge it was. Way too big for a 2 year old to carry around, and just looks wrong. I don't know why - just not the right size for a doll. The Les Cheries arrived the same day and I loved it - it will be perfect for my 4 year old, but I digress... so I returned the Les Classiques and thought I'd give this one a try. My other choice was getting a cloth waldorf-style doll. I really want a doll that will become "the" doll and have an heirloom quality to it. This doll arrived today and I love it. I mean, LOVE IT. It's the perfect size, has a very satisfying weight to it, and of course the vanilla smell is divine. The clothes are very simple and cute and easy to remove, and the hat is tight enough that I suspect it has a chance at staying on the doll's head for more than a few minutes :) The arms and legs and face details are so precious. I didn't realize how crappy our other dolls are until I saw this one. It's truly beautiful, like a real baby. Ultimately, though I tend to like more natural fabrics and toys and shy away from plastic, the vinyl body on this doll makes it more lifelike than any cloth doll will ever be, and I suspect my daughter will love it. I immediately just wanted to cuddle it when I saw it! If you're considering a doll for your toddler, I can't imagine something better than this.
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on January 10, 2011
My 2 year old carries this baby around everywhere. She has two others (one that an aunt gave her that makes noise and moves, etc) and this is her favorite by far. The vanilla scent is really quite nice, and I'm not a person who likes scented things. The face is very sweet, although you can't tell by the photos online that she has two front teeth.
My one and only complaint is that the clothes are not that high quality. She has had the doll for about a month and the suit is pilly already. She does sleep with it every night and throws it around the floor (she has 2 older brothers so is not the most gentle and girly of all girls) so that could be a factor in the state of the clothes.
Overall I would highly recommend this doll, especially for the price.
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