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on September 8, 2011
My two-year-old daughter has lots of stuffed animals, but this is her first doll. Personally, I am not a fan of those life-like dolls, I was a little hesitant to get it, especially given the price. Like the other reviewers, I was worried that the crying, giggling sounds will be too annoying after a while, but I did not have to concern about that at all. Although there was no volume control, the sounds the baby make are low, and the crying sound only last 5 seconds, tops. The baby has a nice scent too, reminds me of the days that I had a Cabbage Patch Kid, very similar scent... Both my 4 yr old son and 2 yr old daughter really like to play Daddy and Mommy to the doll (I guess that makes me the "Grandma", goosh, I am not ready..... =) And they take good care of "her". It was touching to see both of them running to get the bottle of milk (included) as soon as the baby was crying. I was introduced the Corolle dolls at a small boutique toystore, and I try to find it on Toys R US with no luck. I am glad that Amazon does have it. The company delivered very quickly, overall a very happy mom (pseudo-grandma)!
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on September 19, 2007
We placed this doll in bed w/ my daughter before she awoke on the morning of her fourth birthday. She woke up to the doll's cries, and it was love at first cry!

We chose not to show her any of the doll's other features, but rather allowed her to investigate and discover each one. It was a joy to watch her face light up with each new discovery!

Perhaps I have a revised version, but I do not believe that the cry is too loud. In fact, there are times when I wish the doll's sounds were louder. The cooing and giggling are incredibly life like and sweet. And while I can understand someone being annoyed by the realistic cry under stressful circumstances, the crying actually compels the little "momma" to immediately attend to the doll, achieving for herself a sense of satisfaction in a "job well done" once her "baby" has stopped crying.

I was concerned that the doll might lose a bit of magic, in my daughter's eyes, once she realized that it was battery powered, but she was not phased by that knowledge.

Lila has been in our home for almost one year, and there has not been one day when she is not played with, cared for and cuddled by both my four year old daughter and her six year old brother. We are quite pleased with our choice.
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on February 20, 2007
Our two year old daughter received Lila (renamed Gracie) for Christmas. She absolutely loves her baby! We could throw away all her other dolls and she would not care, as long as she has Gracie. The baby has a beautiful face, nice sturdy accessories, and a nice vanilla scent. The baby seems well made, but we did have a problem - her left eye was stuck. I called Corolle and they took care of it immediately. They were fantastic. Gracie went on vacation, (we sent her back to the company) and they sent us a brand new doll. We highly recommend this baby! She laughs, says mama and coos, cries, and takes her bottle. The bottle provided is the only one that will make a sucking sound. The sounds are realistic and not annoying like some other 'cutesy' dolls. My daughter loves to take care of Gracie, and she goes everywhere with us. There is an off switch in the back which is nice during church and at night, so Gracie doesn't wake our daughter. Our 3 yr old son also likes to take care of the baby - a great nurturing product. Would be great for families expecting a new baby, really helps teach children. We also have the Corolle baby buggy. My daughter likes to take the baby and stroller when we go shopping, and she pushes her around. This actually works much better for us than me trying to push my daughter. She stays right with me and we get a lot of comments on how cute she is.

UPDATE April 2012
After five and a half years, Gracie (Lila) is still my daughter's all time favorite doll. She is her constant companion. The baby doll works as flawlessly as the day she arrived, although she has seen some hard play! She has been thrown from the top of a swingset by an older brother, has been colored on, has had her bottle chewed on, etc. When we went on vacation this past summer, on the way home, our daughter became frantic that she had left Gracie at the hotel. My husband reassured her that he saw Gracie in the car, but what he saw was a different doll. When it was discovered that Gracie had indeed been left, our daughter was inconsolable. I began talking with people at the hotel, but the weekend we went was the last weekend of the season. (It's a summertime destination). They finally said they had looked everywhere and the doll was nowhere to be found. After a few weeks, I asked our daughter if she wanted a new baby doll just like it, but she only wanted her Gracie to come home. After several weeks of correspondence, a woman with a little girl herself finally found Gracie and she sent Gracie on her way back home. Our daughter wondered if she was scared all alone in the dark box, but we told her Gracie was probably just sleeping. Gracie is back in our daughter's bed each night and no longer goes on vacation by herself. I make sure to keep up with her when we travel!
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on August 10, 2009
I purchased this doll for my granddaughter who at the time was 2 years and three months old. Her mother just had another baby. The doll was absolutely perfect for the little girl to play with and imitate her mother! The doll has a very cute face, there is "on" and "off switch" for the sound effect so you don't have to keep it "on" all the time. When you have it "on" and the baby starts crying, it only does so for a short period of time, so if it does not get any attention from anybody it will stop crying by itself shortly. I believe it was a very good purchase and I can not list any negatives. It's been five months since our little girl has the doll and she still plays with it and everything still works perfectly.
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on January 10, 2007
I love this doll, and so does my four year old. Her little lips are a shiny pink color, she does giggle, babble, and make eating sounds. Her crying is not at all annoying, it's a quiet cry. But my daughter loves to console her. I also bought a couple of outfits for her, and since her body is soft, you can squeeze her. My daughter isn't strong enough to squeeze her hand to hear her babble, and I drew a very small little heart where you press to make her giggle, but those are the only small drawbacks. Once my daughter gets a little older, she'll be able to really do these things on her own. And she doesn't potty, which I wanted to avoid, I've changed enough diapers in my life! This is just a wonderful sweet baby all around, and I would buy her again.
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on January 11, 2007
My 5 year old loves this baby doll. I love it, because it isn't as loud as some others that I have bought. It really cries and stops crying when she feeds her the bottle. Just like a real baby. It also has a spot on her belly that when you tickle it she laughs. She has a spot on her hand that you press and and she says Mama. This doll is well made and durable. Not too heavy for small children. Easy for my daughter to dress. The only problem that there may be with this doll is the doll only makes the sucking sounds when you use the bottle that comes with her so if your little one loses things easily this may not be the doll for her yet. I recommend buying the Corolle infant carrier along with this doll it fits her perfectly.
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on January 29, 2012
I purchased Lila for my daughter for her 2nd Birthday and she has been my 3rd child ever since. My daughter who is now almost 6 1/2 has LOVED Lila every single day for the last 4 1/2 years and it is so sweet. Lila's smell which is vanilla is still as beautiful as the first day. We never turn on her sounds because they are not needed although they still work like Day 1. Don't doubt how much love this sweet baby doll will bring to your family. Lila is a part of the family, she is in most of our family photos!
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on June 1, 2010
I ordered this doll for my daughter. The first doll that Amazon sent was defective; some of the eyelashes were missing, and the doll didn't make sounds when its hand was squeezed, and it didn't "suck" from the bottle. Amazon was WONDERFUL in accepting the return (Amazon paid for the shipping) and sent me a new doll immediately. However, even the new doll is not perfect. The defect relates to the on/off switch. Even when the new doll is switched to the "on" position, you have to use a tool to push the switch as far as possible in that direction before it really is turned on (and vice versa to turn it off). It has nothing to do with the batteries, we used brand-new batteries and I even tried other new batteries to make sure that was not the problem. This is a quality issue. How disappointing and frustrating it has been to get two less-than fully functioning dolls, when they cost this much money. Ridiculous. I didn't bother to return this one because I just gave up and my daughter plays with it anyway, but the doll is totally not worth $70 with all these quality issues.
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on February 18, 2013
My 4 year old granddaughter fell in love with this doll on Christmas morning. She loves to make it "talk," loves feeding it, and changing its clothes. The doll is very pretty and well made. I bought some clearance preemie outfits that fit it perfectly. I also purchased the Tiffany Bow Lil Doll Cradle for her and it's just right for this doll and very well made.
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on March 14, 2010
Santa brought this doll for my daughter a month before she turned 2. It has been the perfect gift, she carries this doll with her everywhere. "Santa Baby", as she calls it, eats with her, goes potty in her diapers, and talks to her! Her imagination with this doll has just continued to grow and they are very best friends. She also had a Calin doll she received when she was about a year old. That one is still second favorite to Lila doll. Highly recommend this item!
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