Customer Reviews: Corona HS 3950 Hedge Shear with Extendable Steel Handles, 10" Blade
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on April 2, 2010
I bought these shears at Lowe's for about 40 bucks. They were on the higher end of the offerings at the store, but you should never skimp on real tools. The tool has a great look, and the blades were rippin' sharp.

The tool is a joy to use, very satisfying, and it simply annihilates whatever you throw at it. In fact, I turn to these rather than my electric Black and Decker long handled hedge trimmer (which I love), because they're easy, and tearing up the vegetation manually is pretty badassoldskool.

One day, though, I was cutting some very minor shoots around the base of a tree, and I gave a nice chop to a branch, probably not more than a 1/2 inch thick, and the handle simply snapped, ironically right next to the "Forged for Strength" sticker. So it sat on my shed workbench all winter (I'm lazy), until I was finally motivated to look up the Corona website and complain. I'd had the tool for maybe a year and half, no receipt, registration, nada.

I got an email response from the Corona sales office within a day, and they took my address. In about a week, I got a replacement via FedEx, no questions asked. Nice. I'm happy, because I still love the utility of the tool, and chalk up the failure to a defect in the metal.

So I give the product 4 stars, because it was a 5 star until it broke (which should have put it down to 2 stars), but you gotta love good customer service.

But if it breaks again, I'm taking those stars back ;)
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon July 2, 2009
I was really surprised at the quality of these clippers. Given the price, I was expecting a somewhat low-end product, but Corona really did a great job with this.

The handles are steel and can be extended with a simple twist. They lock in at any spot with a positive click - very secure. The grip is very comfortable to hold using gloves or bare hands.

The best part are the blades. They are forged rather than stamped, and come with a very sharp edge. After a fair amount of use the blades were still razor sharp. It also has a notch at the base of the blade for cutting larger stalks - handy for when you don't have hand pruners handy.

The blade is straight and non-serrated, so it will be easy to re-sharpen when needed (I highly recommend the Istor sharpener). Has bumpers to minimize the jolt to your arms and shoulders when using it for long periods.

I normally use a powered trimmer for my shrubs, but wanted a hand one for small jobs. This is so comfortable to use that I hardly use the powered one anymore!

Now, this is a homeowner-grade model -- there's a reason why Felco or Bahco cost a lot more. But, unless you're a landscaper or have acres of shrubs, this will perform nearly as well as the pro brands at a fraction of the cost.

Corona also makes other hand tools with the same locking extendable handles. I have the mini rake and find it to be an excellent performer as well. Note that Corona also makes a cheaper version of this with stamped blades. Spend the couple (and I do mean just a couple) of extra bucks and get this one - the blade will last much longer and hold an edge far better. I also looked at some of the Fiskcars (sp?) and found the build quality to be far inferior to this model - handles felt very flimsy, and not nearly as easy to use.

Almost makes you look forward to cutting the hedges!
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on April 25, 2011
These shears are sharp and do a great job. My only complaint is the extension handle: the lock is not secure enough, so that as you're pruning, if you aren't very careful, the lock comes undone. I spent as much time re-doing the lock as I spent on the actual pruning. It could just be me, but I had a problem keeping the handle (sometimes one, sometimes both handles) in the length I chose.
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on October 27, 2010
Corona HS 3950 uses high-carbon steel which has excellent strength and durability. However you must clean and preferably oil the blades after each use, else they will rust. This is simply an unavoidable consequence of high carbon steel. Some competing products use a corrosion-resistant steel or coat it with Teflon -- in that case cleaning immediately after use is not as vital (but you still should).

However non-stick tool coatings eventually wear off and corrosion-resistant steels don't retain an edge like high carbon steels. The Corona HS 3950 is a serious tool. The designers selected a steel for serious use, and the owner is responsible for maintaining it that way.

The product has a sturdy, precision feel, and the telescoping handles are a nice feature.

I also own the Fiskars PowerGear hedge shears. They are good, but overall I like the Corona HS 3950 better. The Corona has a more precision feel. The Fiskars gear drive gives you more torque, but slows down the blade speed.

The Corona HS 3950 are the best hedge shears I've ever used.
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If you're short, or even if you're not, trimming tall hedges can be a pain, because you have to get up and down off the ladder and re-position it every few minutes of work. The handles on these shears extend another foot and a half to keep you on solid ground and OFF the ladder.

This is also helpful if you're gardening from a wheelchair or in a seated position.

Now, a caveat - this pair of hedgers is for solving a very specific problem. These do not cut through thick branches or ornamental grasses easily like the Fiskars Powergear Hedgers I use in other situations. Nor are they the most lightweight hedger around.

I ONLY recommend these for hedging leafy growth that is a little taller than you can ordinarily manage - for that, they do an excellent job and mine have lasted many years doing just that. For other tasks, my favorite is still the Fiskars 9189 PowerGear 9-Inch Hedge Shears.
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on September 15, 2013
The landscaping in front of our house was terribly overgrown, so I popped down to Lowe's in search of a solution. Other than having no idea how to actually trim a hedge -- my wife says the result of my hard work this weekend belongs in a modern art museum -- these shears seem to be a pretty solid and useful tool. They're not too heavy and they powered through most everything I threw at it. I didn't have occasion to use the telescoping handles, but it's good that they are there in case I do ever need them.

I looked at the Fiskars 9178 Power Lever 10-Inch Steel Handle Hedge Shears, which were also available at Lowe's. These Corona shears open wider, which gives you more cutting power, but the Fiskars were less expensive. If you're looking to save a few bucks, the Fiskars will probably do a fine job.

These shears are made in Taiwan.
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on July 28, 2014
I'm using these to prune cattails under the water line in a pond. they are working great for that task! i can get multiple cattails in one snip, and my colossal project is going the fastest it's ever gone. a trimmer isn't meant for underwater. the pond razor was not working on the infestation i have going on. i don't have big manly tools to do it the SMART way, like a tractor or pond mower. these shears have created two lanes in the middle of the pond in a day! looks like i took a lawn mower over the top of it. it's the worst project ever, and i've tried going renaissance inventing possible solutions to this cattail plague (like pond shoes made from plywood and shoe laces, a battery operated hedge trimmer, and an expensively effective but valuable blade trimmer that i don't want to ruin in the water) but the best thing has been a simple pair of shears! they can go under the water! they can get a lot at once. they're sharp enough. the handles extend. they're not light weight but not crazy heavy either.
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on September 9, 2011
Along our back fence is a long hedge. I never looked forward to trimming it because it took so much time in the trimming and in the clean up--usually a two day event. So I decided it was time to get new hedge clippers. The Corona Clipper with telescoping handles saved the day! I did not have to climb my ladder to clip the hedge along the top of the fence.
I rated these shears 5-stars because they were sharp, easy to handle (I'm 4'11") and long enough to trim the hedge in half the time. What a difference this new clipper has made in my life--and that hedge looks terrific!
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on April 5, 2013
I won't waste my time or yours with a long and rambling thesis on a simple tool. These have excellent quality blades, but if you do a lot of pruning these are not for you. The twist lock telescoping handles become a problem if you have your mind on a big job instead of your shiny shears. They need constant twisting in the right direction in order to stay where you want them. But other than that, I guess they are good.
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on June 11, 2015
These clippers do a great job trimming my hedges. They hold their sharpness and the extendable handles allow me to reach higher on the bushes. I was concerned that the extenable option would be of cheap construction. Such is NOT the case. The handles are easy to extend and the locking mechanism prevents them from slipping. They are as secure extended as they are collapsed.
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