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on September 27, 2017
I love these cookies. They're the perfect little snack (I don't advice eating a whole sleeve in one sitting) - a nice taste that lingers, but isn't overwhelming. I've ordered multiple sizes from Better Shopping, and they've always been good. Shipping is done by Amazon, which is generally a good thing, but in this case the cookies were shipped in a box almost exactly the same size as the five packs, so there was some crushing. Somehow, the cookies still held up remarkably well - a couple on the ends crushed, which then absorbed all further damage. If you absolutely can't stand a few crushed cookies, maybe order two, or something else in addition, to force a little bigger box, with more room for bagged air.
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on June 3, 2017
First time I had these (as with most people) was on an airplane trip from the West Coast. Buttery, caramelly, Crunchy thin cookies. I had all I could do to restrain myself and not ask for another pack. GREAT snack with a hot beverage. Also, because they are a thin 'snap' of a treat, they stay fresh when stored in a zip lock bag. The original package doesn't hold up to long term storage. Enjoy these crispy wafers. I do!!!
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on May 10, 2016
My husband recently flew to a conference and took a picture of his snack. When our youngest saw the picture, she was so jealous. She was having a hard time with her daddy being gone, so I ordered these for her. I sat outside the bedroom door listening to their convo for a second to see if she mentioned these. She did, though tears, so I ordered right then and there. They arrived the same day my husband got back, and it was like he was magical. Well, he's her daddy, he is magical!
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on October 16, 2011
Oh, I'm so glad to have found these on Amazon! Our local independent grocer carries them during the holidays, and we just finished the last of the ones we've been hoarding since last December. These have a very soft, pleasant taste that grows on you. One of these shortly before bedtime makes me feel calm, relaxed and quite self-indulgent, although they're actually more nutritious than you might think. A very desirable item to stock in the pantry for last-minute entertaining, or to bring along when visiting a sick friend or a shut-in. They're actually good for settling a shaky stomach (must be the ginger and/or cinnamon?!), which may be one reason Delta gives them out as in-flight snacks. They're fabulous with a dish of ice cream or fresh fruit, or with port, brandy, cream sherry or a liqueur after dinner. They work well as an item for elegant receptions. We like to offer them at dinner parties along with coffee and dessert. Unlike many cookies, they go as well with morning, afternoon or evening tea as with coffee, and of course they're marvelous on their own. I just ordered 2 packs of 5 and will be ordering more before those are gone. Hooray! If you haven't tried them yet, maybe you'd like to: I bet you'll love them as much as we do!
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on December 1, 2016
My family loves these as they aren't too sweet and pack a nice crunch. I was wondering how they were packaged, so I will let you know... The packaging is very similar to storebought Keeblers with all of the cookies in a single row. Once opened, the package does not close easily, so I ended up putting them in a freezer bag. Although with how fast my family eats them, it probably isn't necessary!
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on November 7, 2015
Great cookie! First had on a Jet Blue flight and tracked them to Amazon. Now I find them periodically in grocery stores. The problem with the Amazon order is that--and this is at least my second order--too often the first 10 cookies or so are broken into pieces. It doesn't make them any less tasty, but they are pretty messy in that form.
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on January 17, 2017
These cookies strike the right balance between not too sweet, not too crispy, with a hint of spice - perfect with hot tea or coffee. You can dip them in any thing of your choosing - lemon, a fruity or sweetened cream cheese, Nutella, straight up peanut butter. It's all good. Crushed, they make a good pie crust or ice cream sprinkle, (but what a waste).
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on October 31, 2016
Great for dunking. Texture of this cookie quickly absorbs any liquid you dunk it in....good flavor but doesn't kill the taste of your beverage. We bought a trio package and froze two while we worked on the first. Definitely will order again. I didn't give it five stars only because when I open the package the first two cookies broke each time....just means I have to eat them:-)
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on August 8, 2016
I really like these cookies, and I was afraid they wouldn't be fresh when they arrived. However, I was not disappointed and they were super crunchy and fresh! The only thing I would suggest would be that the packaging be a little better. The cookies were pretty broken up when I got them. Other than that, the product itself is fabs,
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on July 2, 2017
Sampled these on a recent airline trip and fell in love. Happy to find them on Amazon. They make a superb pie crust (instead of graham crackers). Only complaint, and it's not with the product itself, is they are fragile and don't be surprised to find them somewhat broken due to shipment.
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