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on July 30, 2015
I replaced the OEM RAM in my ASUS U32U-ES21 notebook PC (originally specced with 4 GB RAM) with Corsair's 8 GB ValueSelect RAM kit.

Sure, I could have bought a single 4 GB SO-DIMM, but it wouldn't have saved me all that much money, and when possible I like to run matching memory modules in my machines.

I also could have paid one and a half times as much for a different set touting itself as specifically-designed for ASUS' U-series and their ilk, but considering that I paid less than five hundred bucks for the U32U when it was new, Corsair's comfortably-priced ValueSelect option seemed worth a try.

Corsair's packaging was clearly labeled and easy to open. I don't usually comment on packaging in product reviews, but it seems relevant here: the manufacturer's packaging for this upgrade kit is designed so you don't have to wave sharp objects around to extract your new memory modules, nor do you have to worry about getting label adhesive on your fingers and transferring it onto the precious cargo within.

A little round sticker at the top of the box kept it closed; I just ripped that whole part of the box off and went to town. Inside, the memory modules were packaged in a little two-piece plastic shell that came apart easily with finger pressure while still keeping the modules contained until I was ready for them.

The modules themselves are pretty much your standard DDR3 SO-DIMMs: green circuitboard, gold pins, bunch of black chips. They feel nice and rigid, with just enough flex to help get them in and out of their seats. They're definitely pretty durable (they certainly withstood the abuse they took during installation).

I don't particularly love the giant sticker that covers the whole front side of each module, but it doesn't appear to impact performance in any way, so I'm not knocking off a star for that. Maybe if I could knock off a quarter of a star, I would, but that's mostly a matter of taste. For all I know, it might actually serve some purpose (maybe it's glued on with cooling paste, or something?).

Installation was a pain in the neck, but that's not Corsair's fault -- it's a function of the way the clamps that hold the modules are arranged in my particular machine. Your installation experience will vary based on the design of your particular computer. If one or more of the modules is seated incorrectly, of course, the machine won't boot, leaving you to pop the cover back off and fiddle with it some more. Once the modules were properly seated (after much grumbling, dramatic sighing, and gnashing of teeth), my previously-wheezy old notebook booted right up.

I expected a performance boost, but was actually really surprised by exactly how significant a boost I got.

The U32U-ES21 was never intended to be a high-powered machine, but it's much, much quicker and more fun to use now. MS Office applications pop right up; Chrome runs like ... well, if not a cheetah, at very least a pretty fast pony; even a concurrent session of Photoshop, Pidgin, and a handful of Chrome windows flows along swimmingly.

I guess I'll have to find a new window in my day for making a cup of tea; I no longer even remotely have time to do it while Photoshop launches. Meanwhile, Sims 2 and Sims 3 are significantly less slow, if not exactly blazing fast.

In short, and perhaps rather obviously, dropping in 8 gigs of shiny new RAM won't turn your lazy old work mule of an notebook into a blazing gaming hoss. It can make you feel like you've got a whole new, much-peppier mule, at any rate -- and, in my case, I got a much peppier new mule than I was expecting, which is really quite nice.

For about fifty bucks (at the time of purchase) with fast Prime shipping, I'm very happy with it.

Full disclosure: one of my first "real" jobs was working in ASUS' tech support center; Corsair was one of the brands of RAM we routinely recommended for its reliability based on our experiences kludging together various motherboards and so forth that we got to build up in-house so we'd know what our callers were facing. That certainly influenced my purchasing decision. However, I have long since wandered away from the hardware-support world (though I do still do some tech-oriented work), and I paid Amazon's full price for this upgrade kit.
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on May 25, 2013
This item did not work on both the 2009 and 2010 MacBook Pro's.

On a mid 2009 MacBook pro, the computer won't even start up. Once the power button was pressed, the laptop won't power on. Instead you will hear a series of 3 beeps repeating, and the while LED flashing slowly. This is to indicate the laptop thinks the Mac's RAM is bad.

On the 2010 MacBook Pro, the laptop will power on, but will either hang at the grey apple screen, or it will spew out random errors either for the IO / ACPI kernel or random memory addresses when trying to start up.

The RAM is not 'defective' as it works in both a 2010 HP Envy 14t and 2009 Dell Latitude e5400 without issues. Memory tests passed with flying colors.

After a bit of research it turns out that there is a specific line of RAM for Macs. This is not mentioned on this products packaging. The packaging only contains one simple word: 'Compatible'. Packaging should be redesigned to emphasize both PC and Macs are separate products.

This being said, I've not experienced another brand of memory on the market that has separate PC and Mac lines of RAM. PNY, G.SKILL, Crucial, Kingston, Samsung, and Hynix are all examples of brands I have used in 20 years that work both in Mac and PC without discrimination.
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on May 10, 2014
I bought this for my Macbook Pro, the installation was easy found a YouTube video and did it.

WARNING BEFORE INSTALLING on any laptop (I own Macbook Pro Late 2011)

-GROUND YOURSELF TO THE FLOOR or atleast make sure you touching a metal or glass or rubber shoes/sandals
(You will short your Motherboard and your laptop will die, or use rubber gloves)

When I was installing the RAM and attmepted to start up my Macbook Pro the Laptop would not turn on at all and I thought I had shot out my laptop, if this happens to you do not panic or anything a simple tip is ***when installing the RAM unplug the battery cable(Macbook Pro has it right next to the RAM) If you like me and didn't do it and your laptop doesn't turn on unplug your battery and plug the power adapter(to see if the light comes on) and replug your battery cable back into the motherboard and it will power back on.
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on November 19, 2016
I bought these to go in a newly built computer. They arrived in careful packaging and work great so far. I can't vouch for the longevity of the product yet as I've only been using them for about 3 weeks. However, I can say they worked right out of the box. I've tried ordering RAM cards before from other companies & individual sellers that came in new packages but did not work at all. I recommend ordering from this company for RAM cards, and I will purchase more in the future from them as well.
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on September 13, 2012
I recently bought a Mac Mini (2011 edition) that came with 2GB ram stock. Although it ran OK, I could tell it was a bit sluggish on apps like Lightroom. I was originally going to upgrade the ram to 8GB through Best Buy, but decided to look on Amazon first. I found this set of 16GB ram for about $30 more than the 8GB sticks were going to run. The plethora of decent reviews and my previous experience with Corsair Value ram gave me confidence that chances were good this would work out.

Got the ram the day after I ordered it! Love Amazon's free two-day shipping, especially when it arrives in one day! The package was a simple padded legal pad size envelope which was easy to open. The ram itself was in a easy to open with one scissor-cut package - none of that ridiculous thermally-sealed-impossible-to-open nonsense.

Replacing the ram was a breeze, just shut down, undo cables, twist off the bottom cover plate, gently pull apart the pins holding in the ram, slide one stick out then repeat for the next. Installing the new ram was just as easy, pop in the bottom stick, then push down to seat it, then repeat with the top stick.

The computer booted normally, and right away I could tell the snappiness was better. I am running Mountain Lion, and the gestures on the track pad were smooth and quick. I checked the "About this Mac" window and it recognized all 16GB. I am currently running the MEMTEST OSX and not finding any issues.

Super duper and easy-peasy! Couldn't be more chuffed. I will update if I encounter any issues.
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on December 24, 2015
I installed this in a friends Dell Inspiron N5050 Laptop. It was instantly recognized by the system. It made a noticeable difference going from 4 - 8 GB of RAM. Installing was pretty simple for this laptop, maybe a little more complicated than some. Typically memory is under a hatch on the bottom but with this laptop it's under the keyboard. However, removing the keyboard is pretty simple, there is a very good YouTube video showing how.

This is a cost effective upgrade for this particular laptop. Combine this with an SSD and it really breaths new life this laptop. I installed this SSD here.

SanDisk Internal SSD 240GB 2.5-Inch SDSSDA-240G-G25
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on April 21, 2012
This 16gb ram kit went in my new HP DV7 QE, My computer recognized it immediately but I still ran memtest86 with both chips installed not individually. No errors came back with a full scan. I will run memtest again in a few weeks to see how everything is doing and update this post. but for now 5 stars all the way!

UPDATE: Just ran memtest86 after a few days of having the ram installed and let it go for two passes this time and glad to report 0 errors. this ram is great for the price and NOTE to all mac users there is a certified mac version of this set, the product number is CMSA16GX3M2A1333C9 notice it's CMSA not CMSO. So if you put this in your mac and have had problems that is probably why.

UPDATE:July 23rd,2012 This Ram has been running smooth without a hiccup ever since I purchased it. The speed is great for the price but Corsair now has a vengeance line for the laptop that comes in at 1600 mhz where these are at 1333 mhz. I would go with those if I didn't already buy these. Love this kit though don't get me wrong!
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on January 10, 2013
This is it people. The real deal. Corsair memory on the cheap. I was a bit leary at first because I didn't want to put non Apple OEM Memory into a computer still covered on AppleCare. No fret, Corsair backs it with a lifetime warranty, if the sticks are bad they will replace them no charge, shipping both ways prepaid! Apple does not cover the RAM but why have coverage only for 3 years when you can have it for LIFE. Just save your Proof of Purchase (Barcode from the box) and your Amazon receipt (Amazon does this automatically) and you are good to go!

These sticks much like any other RAM should be quite reliable. I have rarely came across problems with any Corsair RAM and when I have it was rectified quickly. in 2007 I had a stick die on me in our iMac, sure enough Corsair sent a new stick out next day air and inside was a small Anti Static bag and envelope with a prepaid USPS Priority Mail Return Service label. Pulled the bad stick, put the new one in, dropped the bad one in the mail and that was the end of that Corsair incident.

I have been incident free with Corsair since 2007. I strongly recommend Corsair for all your Memory needs.

I also got a 16GB set for my 2011 15" MacBook Pro, it works per OWCs confirmation. The 16GB will work in a 13" MacBook Pro too.

If yo need more oomph in your machine throw down the cash on the Corsair, you can't go wrong with Corsair!
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on October 21, 2017
I purchased this back in 2012 for my Macbook Pro 15" (Late 2011 model).

Last week (5 years later, in Late 2017), one of the RAM modules died. I submitted a RMA request to Corsair and they were happy to Approve it, which is currently in process.

This RAM has been and continues to be excellent, even in the event of an unfortunate failure, and so I rate this highly for both the performance it has provided me, the lifetime limited warranty from Corsair, and for the great value I've gotten and will continue to get due to that warranty.
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on November 12, 2011
I purchased a VAIO from SONY with 4GB on board and immediately got extra 4GB from Corsair to maximize RAM size. Although I have been using my new laptop (VPCSA3BGX/SI) for a week with pre-installed 4GB without a glitch, after installing additional Corsair 4GB module, I have experienced two BSOD within following week. After rebooting Windows told me there could be a problem with memory and recommended its test which I did immediately. No problems have been found.

It put my attention to other reviews where I found some reports about wrong memory module being shipped, etc. I have decided to run my own little investigation. First I ran memory86 test and it made two passes without a glitch. Then I used CPU-Z and checked memory module reporting its parameters (see attached CPU-Z capture under item main picture) as described on the package including model number, frequency, etc. So everything seemed to be ok.

Still certain discomfort remains having Corsair memory module on board. Depending on future experience including BSOD appearance (hopefully its absence) I might revisit this case and replace Corsair with other vendor module. Or return my new VAIO to Sony for replacement. One way or the other I would advise attention when selecting memory for high end laptops like mine.
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