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on January 13, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I am not a reviewer but I decide to write for this one, this is my first review in my life time.

I am using Corsair Force Series GT 120GB, and I have no complaints so far. I wanted to buy 240GB but looking at reviews with 1 star and 2 star I thought I should stick with little cheaper option. I didn't ran any benchmarks I just feel it fast. I have very old computer almost 5 years old, and I wasn't sure if this drive will be compatible with my old rig.

My rig configuration:
ASUS P5E mother board (I don't know what kind of SATA controller is in there Intel or any other)
Corsair DDR2 800 MHz 8GB ram (upgraded at the same time as SSD)
very old LG SATA DVD Drive.
Win 7 pro 64 bit (upgraded same time)

only change I made with this upgrade is changed IDE to ACHI in bios setting, and after installing everything I updated the SSD to firmware 1.3.3

And its been 4 days not even a single problem. I am just thinking should have gone for 240GB, but its late now may be in future.
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on August 15, 2012
I have owned one of these drives for several months now, and I just have to say it is incredible. Windows Experience Index ranks the drive at 7.9. I previously used a Western Digital Caviar Black as my primary but when my computer booted up in nine seconds, there was no going back. The only issue with the 120gb version of the drive is that, after being formatted and installing Windows 7 ultimate you only have about 80 gigs of free space which is great for most people but after installing Left 4 Dead 1&2, all of the Sims 3 made up until now, and some adobe programs you really start itching for more space.
So to rectify my space issue, I am building a RAID 0 with two of these drives. In theory that should have about 160 gigs of free space and a read/write of nearly one gigabyte a second. Although thats in theory, I haven't put a RAID array together before nor do I know the real world limits of SATA 6. Nevertheless, wish me luck I can't wait to get the second drive in the mail!!!
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on January 11, 2012
I love this thing. I wanted the 120 GB model but amazon didn't have any in stock when I wanted to buy one so I opted for the 180GB model instead.

This thing is fast, coupled with my P8Z68 deluxe motherboard and Intel's awesome software, I got a WEI rating of 7.9 straight out of the box. (I know the WEI system means nothing but still) I didn't even have to tweak anything.

I almost got the OCZ RevoDrive 3 PCIe SSD but after a ton of research, this SSD seemed like the way to go. Couldn't be happier with my choice!

Makes my system lightning fast and ultra responsive.

I'll update my review in 6 months or so with any issues I run into along the way.

So far it's awesome.

UPDATE :: 9/16/12

Well, it's been several months since I installed this SSD and guess what ... this things still performs like the day I installed Windows. I haven't had to even think about touching the firmware or anything (Still v1.3.3). Purchasing this piece of hardware has been BY FAR the best decision I have made concerning my home built PCs. I still couldn't be happier with my choice!
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on December 4, 2012
This particular SSD has amazing performance. After dealing with what I believed to be operating system issues for weeks, I replaced my hard drive with this SSD and my system runs amazingly well. I have now purchased 3 of them and put them in different systems. Here's a rundown.

Windows XP 32-bit laptop: I hooked up the SSD in a USB enclosure and used a system migration utility. Then I swapped the drives and booted the machine into a GParted boot disk. This is all explained in the How to Migrate to a Solid-State Drive Without Reinstalling Windows. Search for it. This is easily done but it is a very long process. I would recommend backing up anything important and doing a clean Windows install, Windows 7 or better to truly take advantage of the SSD performance.

Macbook Pro OSX Lion: For this one I did a time machine backup, removed the old drive, put in the SSD, booted it into recovery mode and did a restore. Pretty easy. I'm not a fan of migrating installations but this worked pretty well. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist though so when I pay a premium for drive space, I still prefer a clean install.

Macbook Pro OSX Mountain Lion: By far the easiest. I installed the drive and did a clean install of OSX Mountain Lion. Rock and Roll! This thing is smoking fast. I went to the App Store and reinstalled my purchased apps. Then I downloaded my non-App Store apps, Dropbox, Teamviewer, ControlPlane, etc...
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on May 16, 2012
The drive is very fast and having 480GB of space (447 once formatted) means I don't have to have multiple drives. Initially scored 550Mb read and 520Mb write speeds on ATTO as claimed. However, the write speed has deceased to around 400Mb with use. Installation was fine but as I was migrating from an existing mechanical HDD it did take some work to get my partition aligned properly. Proper alignment is essential to achieve the drive's rated performance. If you are installing Windows 7 from scratch you won't have any problems as Windows will align the partition correctly. But if you are migrating from an existing mechanical drive as I did then you will have to address this. My PC now goes from power on to the desktop in only 12 seconds (seriously) and most of that is POST.

An occasional secure erase of the drive will restore its original performance (I verified this). This is not about writing zeros to the drive (which is actually something you do not want to do) but rather issuing the secure erase command through the drive's controller. Finally, you won't achieve anything near the drive's potential unless you have native Intel SATA 3 support (with a Marvell controller you'll see only 400Mb read and about 225Mb on write).
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on June 6, 2012
I bought a 160GB SSD, but before I even had it home, I determined I didn't want it. It was reviewed to have random deaths and as SSDs go, it wasn't very fast. I did some research the second time around, and no one had anything bad to say about the Corsair Force GT SSDs. I went larger and got the 240GB this time. My primary use for the SSD was as a video editing drive for HD video. Standard platter drives make editing a nightmare. The SSDs are absolutely essential to any HD video editing rig due to both the raw read rates (555MB/s) and more importantly the access times (always tests as "<0.1ms" -- compared to "fast" platter hard drives which clock in at 15-40ms).

I used the SSD for a while, and eventually found I filled it too quick (too many large projects going on at once). So my solution, build a new computer (other things were getting a bit old on my existing one anyway) and buy a second SSD. I assembled it all, and decided it best to RAID 0 the two SSDs together and make it my primary drive...

...and the angels sang!

My computer (Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate) now boots up in 6 seconds, and video editing is a breeze! It's amazing all the little things that you don't realize suck up your time. Installing Win7 SP1 and all the updates took only a few minutes, instead of the normal hours. It seems the majority of a technophile's life is spent waiting for things to load, take this major bottleneck out of your life!

As it is, 480GB to use for all the essential Windowsy-type-stuff and video editing is plenty (I have several 2TB platter hard drives for a lot of non-Windows stuff). The speeds clock in at about 700MB/s which isn't as fast as I would like, but the motherboard has to have some limits. I did find (for those who plan to RAID) that smaller stripes work much better on SSDs. I think I'm using 16KB stripes.

With everything I've seen and read, these Corsair SSDs are pretty much bulletproof, they'll last longer than standard platter hard drives, they are way faster and with the recent price spike in HDDs, the price difference between the two is as low as it has ever been, and SSD prices continue to come down.

Just keep in mind you want the drives to be setup on the motherboard as AHCI and in Windows with TRIM.
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on December 8, 2015
A good SSD, performs very well. For about 4 years I have used this as my primary drive for the OS and misc accompanying programs coupled with large traditional HD's for lightning fast load/response times. My experience with durability/longevity is as-yet in the "mixed feelings" category as I had to warranty out the drive a couple years ago. After having to RMA a couple things to Corsair, I can honestly say I can't imagine an easier, hassle-free process. Some manufacturers, I don't even bother filing a claim, it's a better use of your time to just go buy a new whatever broke.
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on July 31, 2012
Do not recommend installing this item in older computers for performance gains only unless:
you are running windows 7 for the TRIM command, which is the only way to truly delete/empty the trash can of your new Solid State Drive, otherwise it just runs out of space because of the build up of trash and grinds to a slow halt; and that your ROM BIOS has the ability to have AHCI enabled, TRIM command will not work unless you can enable this facility.
I am having to go through a lot of nonsense upgrading my vaio ROM BIOS to facilitate AHCI functionality and install a dual boot vista/win7 operating system just to be able to run the basic TRIM command.

On initial boot up with the new SSD installed the system was lightening fast and the shut sequence down even faster but over short period of time and since in no way should you ever defragment this type of drive, ever, it has slowed back down close to performance of my old spinning drive :(

On the upside any new machine with a SATAIII bus motherboard I'm certain will lap up the responsiveness of this type of drive.
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on March 1, 2014
I have this product installed on a 2012 4gb (ram) 13' macbook pro. I was unhappy with the computer's performance and thinking about buying more ram... My brother-in-law told me to start with a SSD and see if I needed the extra ram.

My mac is very fast now and the lack of ram is being shaded by the SSD's performance. The reason is because when you computer runs out of memory it starts using the HD as Random Memory and if you have a SSD it will do it much faster while you will also benefit from application load speeds.

Bottom line, if you only have money to choose between the ram and the SSD don't think twice. Go for the SSD and leave the RAM for the next upgrade.
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on May 17, 2012
{For Force GT 120Gb) Bought a second of of these and set them up in RAID0. Now I get 1Gb/s seq read/write... insane speeds. Both times I bought this I tested the speeds and found I got exactly the advertised read/write speeds. When using a single drive I tested again a few months later (Using TRIM, at this time no RAID) and had absolutely no drop in performance speeds. I expect some degradation over time now because RAID doesn't support TRIM yet, but I am ok with secure erasing every 3 months or so until them come out with TRIM RAID support.

For those slightly less tech savvy: this drive is VERY VERY fast, and is Well worth the money. You will absolutely see a difference in load speeds, especially in time it takes windows to load and time to open programs. Note, setting up and installing this device does require a little bit of research and work (secure erasing, firmware update if necessary), so if you know nothing about computers be cautious buying this.

Again, this drive had outstanding speeds in both AHCI and RAID modes. Could not be happier.

Another important thing to note: the latest firmwares 1.3.2/1.3.3 have vastly improved issues from previous versions.
I have NEVER gotten a single BSOD from these ssd's, in both AHCI and RAID setups.
I ran in 1.3.2 for half a year on the single drive, recently updated my older drive to 1.3.3 and bought another already at 1.3.3 for the raid setup.
Again, never a single BSOD (-my overclocking fails)

You will love this drive!
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