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on September 20, 2011
My Dell 9100 had 6 x 2GB memory which I chose to upgrade to 6 x 4 GB, admittedly overkill, but I deal with large graphics files, often open contemporaneously in Photoshop CS5 and when edited, frequently, in 16 bit color, reach over 1 GB in size. Also, I often work with Illustrator open at the same time, so memory resources can be challenged. With large amounts of RAM, less is relegated to the much slower virtual memory on the hard disk.

When I installed the two 3 x 4 GB kits, the computer booted normally and worked well in all respects, both cold and hot; however, interestingly, the memory(as a whole) did not pass the Windows 7 Memory Diagnostics test. I'm not sure what this means since usually faulty memory causes crashes or will not even allow the machine to boot. I did not try the "memory dance" to isolate which sticks were perhaps suboptimal, but rather I decided to return the whole order as defective and request a replacement. I have to congratulate Amazon for facilitating the exchange, mailing out the replacement memory within one business day with no shipping charge, and accepting the return their prepaid shipping via UPS to them.

The replacement memory also functioned perfectly normally, and passed the diagnostics as well, so I suspect there was probably some minor defect in one or more of the initial modules which might have more likely led to failure down the line, but I do not know that for certain.

Corsair is a first line brand of memory so that customers should not feel that this ridiculously low price is indicative of "bargain basement" type of hardware. Any batch of RAM can have an occasional bad module, and is no reason to demote the value of the product. It is truly unbelievable how the cost of quality RAM has dropped precipitously over the past several years, as I clearly remember 1 GB sticks of slower memory costing several hundreds of dollars apiece not that long ago! It was really a cost/benefit analysis in those days, whereas now you can pretty much decide how much memory you need with little consideration of differential cost.

IMPORTANT: For those of you who have Win 7 Home Premium, please be advised that you will have to spend $89 to upgrade to the Professional Version(already installed, needing a key to unlock), if, after your purchase, you have more than 16 GB installed, and want to have all the memory accessible, since Home will address only 16 GB maximum. It will work perfectly well without the upgrade,however, with the aforementioned limitation. So, you may need to factor that additional cost into your purchase price if this be applicable. Just please be advised when you note in the Task Manager, or System splash screen that not all your memory in the larger installed capacities is available as expected in Win Home, that it doesn't mean the memory is faulty! There is a great deal of misleading information about this in various internet forums. As aforementioned, in almost all cases, the solution is easy. I hope this explanation is helpful, if you are not already aware of this.

BOTTOM LINE: Product well recommended, and kudos to Amazon's customer service!
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on March 15, 2017
I have 4 of these. So far 3 have failed! Never in my life have I had a single stick of ram fail. I know it happens, I was a computer technician for awhile and occasionally they fail. But usually just one. And these have individually failed over time. Perhaps it was a bad batch I don't know.
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I purchased two of these 8GB packs (4 pieces totaling 16GB) to replace the four 2GB memory modules which shipped with my PC.

Running an Intel Core i7 processor with Windows 7 Home Premium, I knew that despite the specs saying this desktop could support 32GB of RAM, the operating system would only utilize 16GB - thus no need to add more than 16. (TIP: Be sure to read up a bit on 'Max Memory Limits' via a Google search, before adding memory to your PC or laptop.)

Memory shipped in retail Corsair packaging. Easy to install, and all 4 of the memory modules were recognized by my system immediately upon reboot. Already set to run at 1333 MHz, there was nothing to do in the BIOS of my PC. Plug-n-play compatibility and as promised working order.

While the Windows rating on my PC didn't change (it always reads the lowest score as the main score - mine is the video card), the performance boost was noticable when surfing the Web. Different browsers yeilded different results. Surprisingly, IE was super fast, followed by Opera and Firefox. Google Chrome is what I normally use, and it turned out to be the slowest.

Photos and videos open faster, and boot time was reduced slightly. Game play was significantly improved, especially when running other programs like Windows Media Player in the background.

The system runs cool with the new memory and I'm happy I finally pulled the trigger and bought this upgrade. The cost was prohibitive when I bought this system two years ago, but with current prices, it's an easy DIY upgrade that will add to your systems performance and your enjoyment.
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on March 25, 2017
My computer will only take 4G sticks. So I ordered these, and got two 8G instead. So I tried again with their 16G memory thinking I'd get 4x4G. Nope. got two 16G, instead. Long story short, whenever I use these in a mid-2011 27" iMac, it fails the POST. Chances are someone thinks sending higher capacity chips is doing the customer a favor, when in reality I'm trying to order exactly what I need.
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on January 6, 2017
Worked just fine right off the bat. Powered down my system, popped this pair of sticks in the board along side the 2x 2GB sticks I already had and BOOM my system ram was tripled. Started my PC back up and didn't have any problems at all. Everything went off without a glitch.
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on September 3, 2016
Just maxed out my old HP P7-1010 and the new ram works great! Simple to install ( plenty of Videos on YouTube) and instantly recognised. Noticeable increase in performance. Especially in my video/ photo editing programs. I had the stock ram sticks installed, 1 2gb and 1 4gb, I left the 4gb in and added the 3 in this pack, no conflicts. 16gb ram running nicely
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on October 20, 2015
Unfortunately, these chips are flawed, unless you get a version 2.0 or less, your older boards may not be able to use these chips. It looks like if Corsair was going to allow the manufacturer to change the chip density, they would of simply give it a new part number. Instead they created versions, which is very difficult to determine that is the problem when the size, part #, voltage, and timing are all exact. They need to make board and part manufacturers as responsible as car manufactures, this would not keep happening. On third return now.
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on July 18, 2012
Tech is constantly changing, so my initial "Buy this NOW" may not be in effect at all times. However, it is RIGHT NOW. This RAM is not 1600. What it is, is name brand- quality- and low cost DDR3 ram that will add bang to any PC build. Let me tell you- this is the best Value ram I could find. If you are into getting the "bang for your buck" factor out of a purchase, you cannot go wrong with this. I will say that a year ago, this was not the case, as there was cheaper ram out there that was 1600. This however, is the current deal.

It works well so far! I would say pick it up if you are building a PC and you want the best value.
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on August 31, 2017
Works as Advertised. I wanted 8 more gigs to add to my current 8 gigs. The ones they sent me are yellow, not blue (like their pictures and like my old RAM) but I don't mind the new color! :)
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on July 27, 2017
I salvaged one of these DIMMs from an unused desktop computer. So I purchased this matching one to have an identical pair for use as a memory upgrade to 8GB (2 DIMMs) for an HP Proliant N40L MicroServer. The system detected them automatically and set up timing as 6-6-6-15 (i.e. N40L has a low memory frequency). The DIMMs are running fine 24x7 in the server for the past month or so.
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