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on December 22, 2014
This product works Very well! I suppose the main competition for this type would be "frownies" and I tried those, but these are much better and I suspect these would be better for almost all skin types.
Comparison: You get multiple sheets of frownies whereas you get One sheet of these, but both are reusable. Frownies are made of very thin soft plastic, and you can reuse them if you are careful, but they do have a type of glue on the back that visibly starts to come off after a couple of uses. These are made of silicone - thicker and slightly less transparent (a slightly yellowish peach/tan) and the limit to the reuse with these seems to be a degradation of the material of the product itself (as in it ages and thus deteriorates Eventually) plus a build up of skin oil, product, exfoliated skin particles, etc. These can be rinsed/washed to reduce the build up, but eventually the edges will start to curl and the material won't stick as well. I end up reusing mine for so long that I think the two pretty much last about the same total amount of time, and the costs end up being comparable.
Given the thickness and slight color, these are more noticeable, but anyone is going to notice either one anyway. You are going to wear either one at night or in private times. Both are about equally comfortable.
That leaves the effect as the deciding factor, and the very thin but ever so slightly harder plastic of frownies can be difficult to place so that it doesn't cause a wrinkle at the edge. The instructions say to avoid adhering the frownie right to the edge (in other words, leave the edges free from the skin), which is probably an acknowledgement of this problem and an attempt to avoid it - but even if you manage to do this, the edges often adhere themselves over night, and you can wake with a whole new wrinkle where the edge dug into your skin. The softness of these DermaGen patches tends to avoid that better. Also, the softness seems to allow the skin to flex a little more so that the skin beyond the patch isn't taking up all the stretch or flex and developing New wrinkles. Both are pretty good, both have their advantages, but when I repurchased, I purchased this type, directly from the company using the paper inside...
Oh, my one cringe about these is the quality of the illustrations which make it look like a cheesy low quality product - which it is not. DermaGen; get a real woman and use a camera!
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Enthusiast: Petson February 1, 2012
First let me tell you I really am impressed with the anti-wrinkle patches. I am 39 and started getting Botox on and off about 8 yrs ago around my eyes and forehead but it wouldn't really help my small crapey wrinkly crows feet eye I took a chance on these. I noticed that my lines were far far much worse in the a.m. because I sleep on my sides when my cheeks push up causing horrifying lines/wrinkles mostly my left but on both pretty much and Botox can't help that!!! (I even use a 100% silk pillowcase) After using these I awake without wrinkling! I haven't had Botox in 6 months. Granted, when I smile, which is a lot, my lines show up but just at that moment and not permanently. The only reason for 4 stars is that it is fristrating to not be able to Purchase a full sheet(s) of the under eye moon shapes instead of the variety... I waste all of the other ones. I wrote/emailed the company today so I am hoping they will offer that option. **there is also another type that works but they are for your glabella (sp?) aka middle eye at the forehead area that if turned a diff way work too but the don't come in the "moon" shape which would be perfect! Those ones I buy here on Amazon too and are: Fur lesse - all one word - I am going to research that company too to see if they have under eye patches and will email them too. I am leaving a review for that product today as well**
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on May 31, 2012
I've used all sorts of things for the wrinkles I've seen appear under my eyes: silicone scar strips, scar-away scar pads, you name it. Nothing works the way these do. I still use the Scar-away to "extend" the area that the under eye pads reach; if I use only the pads, I get a little "fold" below it that shows up as a wrinkle the next morning. However, these anti wrinkle patches are the best thing I know of to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I suspect that the material also helps my anti-wrinkle cream to work better.

I wish the company had full packages of only one type, but I can also use the straight line pads (I cut them in half and then use two, one on top of another) in the same area. The under eye pads also reach the "crows feet" area, but when I'm using the straight line pads, I use the triangle ones on the crows feet. They do stick better if appplied immediately after I apply my moisturizer but you can also make them stay by cutting Band Aid Tough Strips Fabric bandages into small strips and using them to help the Wrinkle Pads stay secure. Works for me! :-)
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on December 29, 2014
I love DermaGen patches! I've been using them for 2+ years or so. I usually put the patches before bed time, and remove them in the morning. Very easy and comfortable to use. And the result is GREAT. It's an instant gratification for me almost, because when I peel them off in the morning, my skin under the patch is super moisturized (bright and soft). This is one of the items I know I'd use for years and years.
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on April 29, 2015
Okay, so basically I purchased these because I'm a side sleeper and I want to avoid getting wrinkles due to this in the future. Frownies were WAY too uncomfortable, so I was searching for an alternative. These are comfortable and work very well FOR ONE NIGHT. The description states you can wear them 2 or 3 times, but if I try to reuse them, they start folding the second night. They ONLY work well the first night. If you don't wear these to bed than you are throwing money away; this patch will not help wrinkles go away unless you are trying to avoid expressions or sleep lines. I bought them bc they stated you could use them multiple times. I recommend these only if you're okay with paying money for 20 ONE TIME USE patches to sleep in. However, don't purchase if you think you will be wearing 3 times over. These are more or less only a 20 day supply, not 40 or 60 days. But they work great the first night, and are super comfortable.
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on March 17, 2012
By the way, this is Greg's wife, Clair! I really like the DermaGen patches. I used Frownies for several years before discovering these, and the DermaGen patches are far superior for a number of reasons. First of all, the Frownies would often come off in the middle of the night, or they would move. The patches are easily adjusted and they almost always stay on all night. Second, since they are clear, they are much less obvious than the patches, especially for darker skin tones. Third, they last much longer. I can reuse them a number of times, so they are economical. I love my DermaGen patches, and have often had the pleasure of being told that I look like my 20-year-old daughter's older sister rather than her mother. I'll be using these forever!
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on April 19, 2015
I have re-ordered this product again and again and will continue to do so. I use them for my eleven lines (frown lines) in between my eye brows. These patches are a good alternative to botox, which I cannot do. When I wake up in the morning after sleeping with it on, the lines are definitely smoother. Also I think the longer I've used them, the smoother the lines have become. That is why I will definitely continue to use them.
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VINE VOICEon March 18, 2012
I'll start off by saying that I do not work for the company.
I have used Frownies before with ok results and have also given Botox a try with awful results (a lifted eyebrow and no change in the deep crease between my eyebrows). I decided to give these a try and I am so impressed. They stick easily and stay, but they don't hurt when you peel them off in the morning like Frownies can. They are see-through and aren't obvious when you are wearing them (I mean, I wouldn't wear them out to dinner or something, but my husband has never noticed that I'm wearing them at night).
The best part is that they really help reduce the lines in my face (I'm 55, so I've got a few!), particularly that crease between my brows and the "marionette lines" near my mouth.
I've ordered more!
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on April 10, 2017
I purchased this product to help with 11 lines between my eyebrows. It temporarily removed the 11 lines BUT the product created two new (temporary) lines; one on either end of where the strip was located.

Your results may vary but for me this was a "no go".
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on February 14, 2016
I wear these every night to prevent more sleep lines & they don't irritate my skin. I wish I had known about these years ago, I used to use frownies, these are better.
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