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on April 17, 2012
I spent god knows how many hours searching for the perfect inexpensive camera strap. Over 15 or 20 dollars for a strap and I imagine you may be getting screwed. These things are very inexpensive materials, even for a small cushioned or padded strap.

Anyways, this strap is MUCCHHHH more comfortable than the original manufacturer strap I got with my Canon t2i. That canon strap was so irritating with my neck and it was not too comfortable.

This neoprene is very soft and gentle, it gives a very cushioning feeling. I can imagine it getting annoying after a few hours of wearing but only from the weight, not any skin irritation or issues with that. The weight issue is something that would happen no matter what strap you have, I believe some person in these reviews mentions something about it hurting them after a few hours. Theres no strap that will avoid that.

Anyways, for the price this is an amazing strap and I am done looking.

One thing to note: the length of the strap is significantly less. I usually wear my strap so my camera hangs around my belly button or a little higher.

With this one the maximum I could reach was about two inches above that.. at max. It was a small issue but I have gotten used to it and I am average height, 5'8". Just be aware of that before buying.. in case you like to hang your camera down below ur knees you probably wouldnt be able to do that with this... :P
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on August 4, 2012
The Cosmos strap replaces the original Canon strap that came with my SX40, a camera that only weighs 21 ounces. The trouble with 21 ounces is that after 5 miles of hiking, it becomes 10 pounds, and the weight is concentrated.

This is the fifth strap that I've bought through Amazon, and it is the overall best that I've tried. It's not perfect, but it is an improvement.

I saw that the Cosmos was wider than the Canon original, and I thought it would disperse the weight better, and it does! It is definitely more comfortable than the Canon strap, BUT I wish it was padded and that the edges were curled (called "beading" by those who sew). I've yet to find a strap like that that would last [see other review] and stand up to sweat.

Although I had some difficulty in putting it on the camera - I ALWAYS have difficulty - and that it is somewhat narrower than I'd like, I still give it 4 stars.
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on November 16, 2012
I picked up a Sony Nex 6 a few days ago and the strap that came with it felt cheap and uncomfortable. So I wanted a comfortable inexpensive strap to hold me over while waiting for my USA made LumaLabs Cinch strap to arrive (at 7x the price), which currently has a 2-4 week waiting period. This strap is much more comfortable than my stock strap and the padding is plenty thick and cushiony. But there's two things I don't like about it:

First, it's quite short. My camera sits just above my belly button with the strap extended as far out as possible. Which leads to my second issue, you can't put it across your shoulders and still use the camera, unless you're really small (could be a great size for short slender females), thus all the weight is on your neck, pulling it forward, which is horrible for your neck. Most of us, myself included, already have forward positioned necks from working at computers all day with imperfect form. This just adds to the problem.

It does the job for now, and at the price it's a nice, simple, and comfortable strap, but I can't see myself using it after I get the shoulder strap because of the neck strain it will eventually cause.
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I have both a Nikon D3000 and a D7000 with the stock Nikon straps and found that after extended shooting, the stock straps would dig into the back of my neck. This was more apparent on my D7000 since its a heavier camera and I frequently shoot with the Nikon 18-200 lens which has some heft to it.

I know you can spend a lot of money on high quality camera straps, but thought Id start at the low end of the price scale, and this product had many positive reviews and at $7.99 I gave it a shot.

Immediately upon installing the strap onto my camera, I could say that this strap isn't made with the quality of the stock Nikon straps. The sides to this strap where it loops around the camera strap mounts are narrower than the stock Nikon strap. The material is some form of polyester and while it felt strong enough, it was definitely a lower quality than the stock strap.

The padded part of this strap is made of a neoprene-like material that is soft. This neck strap is definitely way more comfortable than the stock strap, so I definitely feel as though I could shoot for hours with this strap and not have the issues I did with the stock strap.

I am docking 1 star from this because of poor stitching where the soft neoprene padded part is attached to the polyester mounting straps. When the camera is hanging from your neck, the camera bounces due to the neoprene padded part stretching. I have nearly $2000 worth of camera equipment hanging from this strap around my neck and the stretchiness does not instill confidence that it wont tear one day and fall. You might say, "If you can afford a $2000 camera, you should spend more than $8 on a strap", and well, you'd be right. Except, I feel the same way with my $400 D3000 hanging from this same strap, (I bought two).

Its very possible the stitching is better than I feels, and this strap will never break, but I thought it should be worth mentioning, buyer beware. It would have been nicer if the polyester side straps would have gone through the neoprene padded part from one side to the other. This would have eliminated the stress from the stitching where the two parts meet.

This strap gets the job done as a more comfortable replacement to the stock straps, however there is a possibility that it could tear over time. For the money, its definitely worth 4 out of 5 stars.
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on September 15, 2015
It's okay... I thought it would be different. I wanted a strap which is padded neoprene from end to end so that the padding would rest on my neck whether I wear it cross-body or when I'm holding the camera in front of me, without having to adjust it. But the padded part is only 16" long out of the total 46.4". The way they showed it attached to the camera made it look like the neoprene part was at least 35-40" long. If I attach the strap as shown, with the neoprene almost touching the camera, the camera would be at my throat.
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on July 30, 2015
This camera strap is super comfy and I get comments on it all the time from other camera users. It feels so much better than the included manufacturer strap and makes it easy to "wear" your camera for much longer periods of time. It does look like it will be short when you first take it out even when you consider the "give", but it definitely isn't and puts the camera in a very comfortable position. I'm 6' tall and still find that to be the case. My shorter 5'8" niece uses it as well and it feels comfortable to her. At this price you can't beat the strap as a must have for any new (or experienced) DSLR user. People are shocked when I tell them how little it costs. Thanks for a great product!
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on March 19, 2013
The strap is very comfortable and looks better than any strap that comes with a lens camera. The problem is over time the strap is leaving black filth around the neck of the wearer and on their clothes.
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on March 21, 2013
This looks like it would be a great camera strap if you can get it on your camera.It specifically listed my Fuji Film camera in the listing but the strap was too wide to go through the slot to attach it. Rather than send it back when it didn't fit, I tried to modify the end of the strap. The ends are melted so they don't unravel. I tried to shave of a little of the melted nylon but still couldn't get it though the slot. I trimmed the end into V shape, hoping I could get it started. That almost worked, but the strap was still too big to manuever through the S turn involved in getting the strap end all the way in place. That modification was a one shot deal. The end immediately frayed to become totally unusable as I knew it would. I still have it and am trying to figure some way to attach it as it is a really nice strap when compared to what came with the camera. If your camera does not have a large opening for the strap to go through, you will probably have similar issues.
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on June 7, 2016
Had problems before this product finding a strap that wouldn't rub my neck raw. This is padded so no problems. Very comfortable.
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on May 1, 2013
I like this strap for its comfortable flexibility and non-slip surface....but I had to give it a very low rating because the special "knot" used to attach it to the camera "slips" under the weight of a heavy camera, heavy lens, and heavy activity..

I purchased this to replace my Canon strap for a trip to Greece and Turkey and although it was a little short... I liked it. But after about a week into my trip I happened to look at the strap's "knot" and its was within 1/4 inch of coming totally loose and allowing my expensive and heavy Canon 5D Mk II to crash unto the pavement. What a close call that was !!!!

I carefully re-threaded the strap (as I have done on many cameras before this one). After that I inspected the strap ends almost every couple of days. After a weeks time the strap had again slipped dangerously. I re-threaded it again. The "corrigatted (?)" surface of the strap looked just like all the other straps I had used in the past and I had never had one slip even one inch before! What was going wrong ?????? I finally came to the conclusion that my heavy SLR plus my new and very heavy f2.8, 24-70 Tamron Lens, plus the daily and constant swinging of the camera off my shoulder on my active vacation ..... was just too much stress for this strap.

At the end of the third week, the strap had slipped too much again. I've been home now, less than 12 hours and writing this review was my 1st and most important task. My next task is to put my Canon strap back on. I never noticed any slippage with it. But....... then again I never worked it that hard for that long with the heavy lens. I'll update this review if my Canon strap doesn't work as well as I expect it to.
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