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on July 18, 2012
I have a MacBook Air and was looking for a fairly inexpensive mouse to use from time to time when working on projects from home. The trackpad on my Mac is great and easy to use but sometimes I just want a real mouse. I opted for the Cosmos black wireless mouse and I'm very happy with my choice so far. As far as compatibility with Mac, I had no problems. I simply plugged in the USB receiver and the mouse was working. Some previous reviewers commented on the mouse feeling "cheap". It is cheap! For the price, I'm not sure it is reasonable to expect differently. The body is made from a somewhat "cheap" feeling plastic but it doesn't feel like it is going to break easily with normal use or anything. The top portion (where your hand sits and the buttons are) is a more matte, rubbery material which feels nice makes the mouse look great. The buttons are "just right" for me; not too sensitive yet you don't have to press too hard (similar sensitivity to the Mac trackpad).
Overall, if you are looking for a wireless mouse with a sleek appearance to compliment your Mac but you don't want to pay for the Magic Mouse then this is a good choice. The material quality is not outstanding but it feels like it will certainly tolerate normal everyday use. Well worth what I paid.
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on August 30, 2012
I usually use my desktop, but when I use my laptop for long periods of time, I prefer to use a separate mouse for comfort and ease-of-use. I didn't want a corded mouse and I wanted something that would match my laptop (a black and silver Acer Aspire Timeline).

I noticed the mixed reviews about this mouse and I thought I would share my experience. Yes, the mouse feels very cheap and the picture makes the mouse look nicer than it is. When you flip the mouse over, you can see the cheapness. It is crappy, flimsy plastic with very cheap-looking silver paint and some nonsensical Engrish that says it's compatible with "all kinds of Motherboard Dos of CPU", hahaha. BUT, when you flip it back over to the top, you can barely see the cheap plasticky underside. The smooth, black matte finish looks great next to a black laptop, giving it a classy appearance and the mouse itself is light and comfortable to use. I use the mouse next to my laptop oftentimes at the dinner table and I find the mouse quick and responsive. I noticed another reviewer said that the mouse didn't work after coming back from hibernate. That is probably true with an earlier model of the mouse, but they might have fixed that problem because mine responds almost immediately. I have left the USB plug in my laptop for pretty much the whole time that I've owned the mouse and it is unobtrusive and inconspicuous.

My main gripe is that the scrolling wheel is made out of a sticky rubber material that attracts dust, fuzz, random food particles, etc. The best way to clean it is to use a damp microfiber cloth.

Also note that on the product description page, it says "The service life of one AA alkaline battery is UP TO SIX MONTHS" - the mouse uses one AAA battery, NOT an AA battery. I picked up some cheapo generic AAA batteries and so far it has powered the mouse perfectly fine for the 3.5 weeks I've owned the mouse and still going strong. I can't vouch for the six months claim, but I'll post an update if/when I find out.

Overall, no, this isn't the best mouse I've used, it's not the most ergonomic or solid and it probably won't replace a fancy, brand name mouse. However, for a $10 wireless mouse, it's a great deal and it works just fine for my purposes.

UPDATE: The battery crapped out after 3 months. Nowhere near as advertised, but not too draining. Mouse still works fine.
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on June 28, 2014
Efficient is the best word for this mouse. One thing I would definitely suggest is changing the colors from a glowing color to a matte, should make it more stylish.

Mouse works perfectly, goes to sleep when my laptop does so the batter is saved, when I return to use the laptop all I have to do is push the button under the roller bar and mouse goes back to work in no time.

I've received great comments about it, and my roommate is about to order one of these to herself.
review image
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on March 27, 2016
Cosmos Black optical wireless mouse was replacement to the original that we somehow found missing from our office ?
Anyway this is perfect inexpensive replacement that really works well (even better than the original)
1. light weight
2. small USB transmitter attached to the desktop for communication with mouse
3. on and off switch on mouse to save battery
4. auto standby/shut off when not used for a period of time
5. compatible with both pc and mac
6. good size and portability
7. sensitive to movement (pointer follows nicely)

1. needs to be on a solid surface for the infrared to read better
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on November 27, 2016
Cheap and simple as well as cost effective. The sleek design is nifty and the red light under creates a cool effect in the dark or dim-light settings. It is also lightweight and super responsive while conserving energy- runs on two AAA batteries. I play computer games all the time with this mouse and have to say that I rarely change the batteries ( I later bought rechargeable batteries and when it runs out of battery I even forget that it runs on batteries since the interval between charges is so long). I have only bought two of these since my first year at college 6 years ago. After I stepped on and broke my first one, I knew there was no other mouse I really wanted and bought my second one.

I will say this though, you cannot step on it or throw it but then again who is doing that with a mouse? In my first mouse's case, accidents happen. It has a little space inside to put the USB that sends the signal from the laptop or computer to the mouse and you can plug it in and out of any computer or laptop by simply taking out the USB and putting it in another computer- no funky troubleshooting required just plug in and the mouse is ready to go. Really straightforward product and super sleek. Worth the few bucks you spend on it.
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on March 13, 2012
I got this as a replacement for a wired crap mouse, and I liked it and used it often. After about 8 months of use, the bottom of the mouse cracked and the pads came off of the bottom. It was pretty cheaply made in the first place, but then again, it is a cheap knockoff of the Apple Magic Mouse the Apple Magic Mouse is built with metal and glass, and although it may look like the mouse is made of the same in the photos, it is in fact, plastic and more plastic. It is given a unnatural shine on it to make it appear more valuable, but is really a cheap hunk of plastic. If you are going to invest in a new wireless mouse, buy a quality one if you want or expect it to survive more than a year. I would suggest a Apple Magic Mouse if you are using a Mac and a Microsoft mouse if you are using a PC, and if you want a good gaming mouse, and you aren't very worried about the price, a good choice is the Razer Deathadder Infrared Gaming Mouse (RZ01-00151400-R3)
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on November 15, 2013
UPDATE: This mouse has grown on me. It automatically goes to sleep/shuts off when I close my computer. When I want to use it I just click and it comes to life. Also, the USB insert is extremely small. I just leave it in my Macbook all the time. LOVE THIS! Cannot be beat for the price. My wife actually thought I spent a lot on it!

For light use, this thing is great. I only use this when I need to use my Macbook like a desktop computer at a desk. Using the trackpad can be a pain for extended periods of time during heavy use. It is extremely light (and not in a good way). It feels cheap, but it looks nice enough. It feels fine in my hand. No problems here. For the price, can't be beat. Perfect for me.
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on November 28, 2014
I have a mac 13' air.I wanted a cheap mouse that I could casually use to game and occasionally browse the web when I didn't feel like using my laptop's touchpad. I figured this would be adequate for my purposes. So this cheap wireless mouse seemed like a good choice.
At first it seemed okay. The materials are really cheap, but I didn't expect something high quality for the price. The surface that your palm rests on is okay, smooth matte finish. The clicking is nice, the scroll wheel click is stiff though. Oh, the scroll wheel's scroll up and down functions stopped working like on the second day that I had it ( I've had for like 3 weeks now), the scroll wheel click still works though. The DPI settings buttons eventually broke.
I was still using it after all that though. I could stand all that, it still mostly all worked. BUT there is one thing that made me really dislike this mouse so so bad, Connectivity! I would have to try so many times to connect it with my laptop. I tried disconnecting the usb and reconnecting it, and then turning the mouse on and off. Over and over again. Sometimes to no avail. Eventually after trying so many times, I just gave up, and have declared it junk. Hope this helps. I think the lesson here is, don't go cheap. Save a little and buy yourself a good mouse, it is worth it. I have a E3 blue wireless mouse now-only $20. And it is fantastic. Save and get something better :)
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on March 12, 2015
It does what it's supposed to. It makes the little arrow move when you move the mouse. The tracking is good, if a little small in the area covered equivalent to mouse movement. It's not a high DPI mouse by any means though but if you're someone who isn't used to a high/adjustable DPI mouse you won't care or notice.

It's somewhat cheaply made, but it also has a price matching that fact.

It is an LED mouse, not a laser mouse so tracking and response may vary based on surface. I've had issues with some surfaces over others, so don't think you can just slap it on any given table and it will work flawlessly. If you need something that will work anywhere, spend a few extra bucks and get something with a laser.

All in all, it does the job. I needed something asap to replace my nice Logitech I couldn't locate and it did the job until I found my Logitech. The receiver is really small, smaller than most I've seen, which is a nice plus and facilitates just leaving it in the computer if you don't have a need for that 3mm or so in your bag or what you carry your computer in.
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on November 26, 2013
Its a wireless mouse that does what it should. I didnt buy it for myself, but I tested it for a bout a day of nearly constant PC use.
Its a little flat so hand position can be a bit odd depending on your work area, mostly chair height or personal height.
It has this DPI button on top that I couldnt tell did anything when i pressed it.
Hardware sensitivity seems high, at least in comparison to my other mouse.
One thing that really got to me was that the scroll wheel click was difficult to use. Its either stiff, or It need to be pressed in a different angle than I am used to.
But overall its a mouse that works. Small for travel.
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