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on April 23, 2010
I've accumulated around $10,000 in camera equipment now and I have to say that by far this is the most bang for my buck of anything I own. The bag is easily a $40-$60 bag, each cloth goes for like $50 on it's own, and the stands I would say are easily $70-$80 stands each! Then you get a crossbar too! That's assuming you bought everything separate. What I'm saying is that like everything with camera equipment, you buy an inexpensive item and you expect it to be cheap and crappy. This is not cheap and crappy, the entire thing is very high quality, you will not be disappointed. I would say that the one and only thing I would like to see is a way to arrange it so you can make the cloth go lengthwise too but there is no one who makes them that way so it's not really a complaint about this product but something I could see myself using. You know if you're doing a large group shot without everyones feet or a green screen shot where the talent is running. I'm just being picky, this thing is awesome.
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VINE VOICEon June 9, 2014
If you have been looking at these, you should know that this is the upper level of inexpensive backdrops. The next step up is a LOT more expensive. At this roughly $200 price point, this is a great backdrop.

I have used it with the muslin straight out of the box and it worked great with a proper light on the white backdrop to wash it out with white. I couldn't see the wrinkles at all. Since then, I have washed, dried and carefully folded it to get the most smooth backdrop possible.

The stands are excellent FOR THIS PRICE RANGE. They certainly are easy to use and work well. The design is very good and easy to use and easy to set up.

The only thing that I would suggest is getting some of the Ravelli Clamps (which are outstanding) and some inexpensive sand bags to hold the backdrop in place.

I'm a huge fan - this isn't professional quality stuff, but it is close enough for most of the people these days! Compared to the average "wedding photographer" who just bought a digital rebel at costco with the kit lens and has always been told they take great pictures, you will be a real pro to most people.

For me, I acknowledge my lack of training under a pro to learn these things and consider myself an enthusiast or hobbyist. I use a 7D right now with lots of L glass to make up for my shortcomings.

I would HIGHLY recommend a few books on studio lighting to help you get your lighting set up for high key, or low key with this setup. A few good books will go a long, long way!

Anyway, back to the review - this is a great setup for the price. If you want to go better, you are going to spend a BUNCH more to get to the next step.

ONE LAST THING - I've seen people ask if they could set this up with three bars across the top instead of four - I CERTAINLY HAVE DONE THIS and it worked great! Don't know why others say it can't be done. :-)
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on February 27, 2010
I didn't expect as much as I got. This is very substantial, the supports are not at all flimsy. There is very little sag, if any, in the cross pieces. You can make it shorter if you want so you don't need to use the entire width. The muslin is sufficiently heavy. The bag is solid and I did not expect to get nice bags for the muslins. Also, they don't tell you that they have sown a pocket for the tube at the top to fit through so you don't drape the muslin, you feed the tube through it. I ordered clamps which now I don't need. It has a nice Italian name, but, of course, like everything else these days, it is made in China.
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on June 23, 2016
This is one of the best investment items I have purchased and is still being used after 3 years of use. Just keep in mind the Muslin material is really thin and will appear very wrinkly however when using the white light the backdrop with a flash/strobe/light that will wash out all the wrinkles in the photograph. I like to shoot through the white Muslin which makes it easier to create soft lighting behind the subject. As for the black and green just either reduce the amount of light on the surface or use a steam iron to iron out the wrinkles.

As for the poles and stands they hold up very well and can support 9 foot seamless paper rolls which is used 80% of the times. I purchased another kit very similar without the backdrops and solved the unlocking nightmare in trying to detach the poles. Use Vaseline or Graphite lubricant on the connecting pieces so they will detach when taking down the kit.

The bag is extremely durable and will hold the poles and stands with multiple uses and rough travels. The only other issue is that the case that holds the Muslin is next to impossible to refold to insert back in the pouch and can easily tear so recommend buying a small suitcase that can carry all three with some generous space that is reasonable to fold the Muslin.

I am looking forward to its availability to purchase again as a back up kit.
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on July 2, 2014
When I found myself spending more than two months car payments each year on pictures I decided it was time to put my hobby of photography to work and start taking most of my own photos. I ordered this as well as a light kit. One of the selling points was the height of the unit. I have a niece who is six foot, a daughter who is 5'6', another niece, and another daughter who dance "en pointe" (dancing on your toes in specially designed wooden shoes-it adds several inches to your height). I was afraid with arms in air and on their toes this would not be tall enough but compared to the other kit's heights it was my best shot. I have used it a couple times now and am VERY impressed! Not only do I have enough room for my niece's photos but I have a few extra inches.
The set up is easy and honestly I have set it up myself in less than 5 minutes. It is extremely sturdy metal and although I wouldn't allow my kids to use it as a bar to swing on like monkeys, it definately serves its purpose! My husband is a certified metal worker by trade and anything that comes in this house that is metal must meet his approval that it will stand up to its intended use or we send it right back. He passed this with flying colors and added that he would be shocked if we ever needed to buy one again.
As for the muslin backdrops, I have only used the black one and have quickly learned that you cannot expect to set this up near an uncovered window or glass door and expect not to see through it. I don't know however, what material you COULD do that with so I just draw the curtains and all is well. The only thing that makes me a little crazy is how easily this material wrinkles but cotton does that. I have ordered extra clamps and will just pull out as many of the wrinkles as I can. The rest will just have to add character :)
The bag to this set is AMAZING! It is extremely heavy duty with an industrial strength metal zipper and is monogrammed with the Ravelli logo. Everything fits great except the backdrops which come in their own bags with handles that can be easily attached to the clamped straps that the backdrop bag has on it.
Overall I would say this is an excellent choice if you are looking to get into some home photography. I have already been amazing my friends and family with great photos that you just can't get in the 30 minute sitting sessions at most photography studios. This was easily one of my BEST value purchases ever!
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on April 6, 2016
Terrible quality control I received a scratched bar, a bleached and blue faded black muslin, and one of the bags that the muslin came in was ripped. I'm returning it for a full refund. However, I do have to say that I liked the bag the stands came in, seemed high quality. The muslin sheets are nice and not at thin as some described (aside from the stained one). They do come wrinkled but this is because of the folds, but a steamer and some clips could fix that. The stands are not the greatest, they are ok, they are like the stands that come with budget light kits. You would have to be careful in handling the stands and aligning them correctly to avoid bending or breaking plastic parts. It's not paper fragile but don't over tighten or knock them down if you plan on keeping them for a while. The sheets are bigger width wise then the lowest bar combination width, which means if you are in a tight space you'll have to throw the sheet over the stand.This could easily be setup in about 5 mins. Putting the muslin away isn't hard if you ever folded sheets before. Summing it up, maybe I just got a bad order, but it does make me question the life I'd get out of the product.
review image review image review image
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on December 9, 2011
This set up looks and handles wonderfully. My only gripe is the green screen had a few snags but hardly visible when shooting. The support system is more sturdy than I thought it would be and very little chance to lose parts when putting together. It is so simple to put together but I highly suggest you have two people do this so you don't bend anything.

My associate and I put it up in about 3 minutes on the first attempt. The two clamps that come with it are not enough so I went to Home Depot and bought 10 two inch squeeze clamps at a dollar each. Now it is tight as a drum and looks amazing. The bag for the frame set up is very nice (heavy duty zipper and internal organizer loops).

I steamed the fabric before buying the clamps and it took it very well. There is NO shine from the fabric so I never had to correct anything. Huge plus.

I am impressed with the carrier bags for each fabric. The carrier bags actually have a window so you can see the color and stay organized. Keep in mind the entire set up in the box is around 40 plus pounds.

The overall impression this gives the client is way up there. Nothing looks cheap or jimmy rigged. I will buy more from these guys.
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on June 21, 2017
I needed some 10x20 backdrops for a recent photoshoot and this set seemed to fit my needs perfectly. The listing on Amazon clearly states that the backdrops are 10x20, the box I received clearly states that they are 9x15. I unpackaged one of the backdrops and measured it, and it measured out at 8'2" by ~13". For my need, I can't accept the loss of 2 feet in width and nearly 7 feet in length and will be returning these unless the vendor would like to suggest another solution. In the end I had to borrow a backdrop from another photographer so I wouldn't lose the booking.

The backdrop material is thicker than expected and I think it would have worked well for me had they not been too small. I was also quite pleased by the stand and how sturdy it seemed to be and how easily it went together. Had it not been for the backdrop sizing, I would have rated this as 4 stars, possibly 5.
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on July 15, 2015
This kit already has good reviews but i think some people don't give it what it truly deserves.
That is a five star review, based on what I see is the stands are very sturdy and strong they hold up well with no sag in the middle even after I
hung up two of the muslins. The muslins are nice, I tested the white and black so far, the black seems a bit thin but with a solid background it will work fine, the materials are of good quality and I believe will last a while with proper use. I am very satisfied with my purchase.
If I had one wish and I know everyone says it too, is (we want a wrinkle free backdrop).
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on December 19, 2015
Edit- The initial set was damaged, but the company went to great lengths to get me a new set. The overall quality is great for the price. This is an item worth buying. The first set was just assembled incorrectly. Thanks!

"I just received this item and the packaging was great. I assembled everything and things looked good, but as I turned the stands right side up the bottoms of the inside cylinder popped out on both stands. This is kind of hard to explain, but it is the piece that creates the suction to make the stands softly lower. There was also some extra pieces of plastic that fell off on one of the stands and I don't know where that plastic was supposed to go. I tried putting them back by hand and it did not change anything. I had to get my tools out and take the bottom of the stand apart to reattach the bottom of the cylinder. When the bottoms were out the stands fell freely to the lowest position. It seems that I have fixed the problem, but it worries me that it may fall out again and the suction will not be as good. It seems to be faulty assembly when it was made."

This seems like a good set, but I am highly disappointed that I had to fix it out of the brand new box. I am going to test it more thoroughly tomorrow and decide whether I should send it back or not.
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