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on January 23, 2017
I am a professional photographer and I purchased this backdrop system for a location photo shoot. I had the need for a system that I could set up remotely rather than using the studio. I received them in short order and set them up for the shoot. While they functioned nicely, I did have problems with one of the stands. It seems as though the air cushioning system has a week point. The bottom valve popped out of the bottom of the main support when it was collapsed. I was able to repair it although it is not functioning at 100 percent. I would not consider these to be of professional quality but they seemed to provide adequate support for the muslin backdrop and could support a roll of background paper. They are of average quality and would work for someone setting up a basement studio on a semi-permanent basis. I will most likely purchase something of higher quality the next time.

UPDATE: 1/30/17
I wanted to amend my review regard this product. After I submitted my previous review, I received an e-mail from the product supplier indicating that they were sorry to hear that I had experienced problems with one of the stands. They indicated that they would be sending a replacement stand kit to my home free of charge. Was a bit skeptical, as many of us are today. I was shocked when I got a knock on the door and there was a package from SPN Performance with two new stands and cross bar in a carrying bag. In todays market place this is extraordinary customer service and goes beyond any expectations that I had. I have been using the product and find it to be of quality indicative of price and with their customer service backing the product I a great value for the price. This company deserves the business from any photography enthusiast, semi-pro or professional.
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VINE VOICEon February 11, 2010
I have to say that I was more than a little impressed when I received this set. My expectation was about in line with what any reasonable person would expect from a photography-related item priced in the low $100 range. That is to say, cheap and unreliable.

Well, I can't tell you how happy I am to be wrong in this case.

My first thought was that the muslin would end up being some cheap cotton bedsheet material to save on cost. This isn't true -- both of them are quality items, just as good as the other two muslin backdrops that I purchased separately. They also each come in their own protective bag with a velcro clasp, good for keeping them clean during transport.

The stands are thick and sturdy, and the legs are braced against the center pole when extended, ensuring that a) they won't collapse, and b) at any given point of extension, the legs are all equidistant from center. So the stands will always be level assuming a level ground. The feet are rubber to protect the floor and help to keep the stand from moving around.

The carrying bag is nice too. It's a sturdy nylon on the outside, and soft on the inside for protection. Each of the four crossbar pieces get their own elastic holder loops which keep them from getting banged around inside the bag. The two stands each get their own deep pockets as well. Really impressive all around.

You really can't go wrong with this item, considering the low price. If you're looking to get started with some basic studio equipment, or you need something portable like I do, this is an excellent bang-for-the-buck option.
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My Videographer friend was so impressed with mine, She bought herself one. This is just an awesome set (depending of course on what you need) but for me, shooting short videos, product reviews, or portraits makes it absolutely the perfect solution and at this price, even better. The muslin bag drop is HUGE. It even has a sewn hoop (like for a curtain) so you can put the horizontal bar through it and have it hand securely. The tripod legs are adjustable to allow you to shrink them up if you don't have a mega-space and in my 10 foot room they do fine.

I didn't have to use one of the four bars I was sent. That went exactly across the room. I can't say enough about how perfect this set up it for me. Very generous and well made.
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on March 14, 2017
A couple things right off the bat. I've had this for about a year and have used it about 4 times. The white backdrop arrived with stains on it. This wasn't the biggest deal but I did not expect it. The stands themselves were fine upon arrival but after my first time using them when I was packing them away, the legs lowered and popped the bottom of both stands out. Now when broken down for storage, the bottom of the legs go past the end of the stand. The biggest annoyance I had with this kit is with the bag that the stand came in came. Instead of arriving with 2 working clips attached to the bag, it has one functional clip and one non-functional clip (instead of having one male and one female side to actually fit together, it had two male sides). I will very likely get another stand because this one continues to fall apart more and more every single time I use it.
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on April 24, 2017
The backdrop support is good quality. It consists of two durable hydraulic stands and a middle support rod. It pieces together easily.

The black muslin is too thin to use completely rolled out. You pretty much have to double it up. I have had to spend time editing spots where you could see to the other side of the backdrop. But for starting out it's good for the money. I'm going to use the backdrop support for better thicker canvas. Hopefully it'll hold it, we will see.
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on February 22, 2015
I'm quite happy with this setup. The Ravelli stands are a little shorter than my Impact light stands, but are just as stable. I really like the air cushion feature of the Impacts, and having it on the Ravellis is a really nice touch.

The only real surprise I had was the size of the muslins. They really are 10'x20' as advertised, but I don't think I appreciated what that actually meant until I tried to set them up in my living room for the first time. The setup filled the room! But I was glad of the size the first time I set it up in a studio. The 10' width gave me plenty of room for props in addition to the model. In that setting the size felt just right.

Normally in a review I try to assess whether I'd buy the same item again. But given the quality of the hardware I doubt I'll need to. At the most I expect I'll need to replace muslins as they wear. But I've already done four shoots with this without visible signs of wear and tear. I'm very happy with this.
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After purchasing their light stands which was surprisingly sturdy and stronger than most of the bigger name competitors and sold at a low price, I had to see if the quality also extends to their other products.

I have been planning to get a backdrop stand set for awhile now and although I was planning to go for seamless paper, the fact that it does come with two Muslin backdrops is a positive, I can get the seamless paper anytime but with Muslin, I can also use those, steam and clean anytime as well.


As expected, a pretty big box and inside are three bags. One bag contains the two tough Ravelli ABS stands and top bar in 4 extensions (optional size depending on your space). The other bag with the black muslin and the other with the white. And you get two clamps.

The ABS stands I believe are the exact same as their light stands which are tough and sturdy. The bar is also tough and good news about the Muslin, this is the thick threading type (not the thin type) and because they give you so much, you can easily double back and make it ticker if needed or lay it up front for people to step on.


Putting together is quite easy but for some it may require more than one person. Note: It's important to note that its easy to scratch the black paint on the bars if scratched with metal.

Once you have your ABS stands set on both sides (just remember to use the Ravelli stands, unscrew the bottom latch first and then slide the bottom pole up to extend the foot of the stand), the next thing to do is put your bar together. I don't plan to do much transporting and a lot of shots will be taken in my garage, so I just needed two bars which is enough to fit 4-5 people width wise.

Put the Muslin in the pole. It's like a curtain, so you put the pole through the seam.

Attach it to the top of the ABS stands and secure it with the metal ring and wingnut. NOTE: A lot of people tend to rush this part, take your time because you can really ruin the threading of this.

Now this is where it may require two people. As you elevate stands, of course, while side will be up and it will make things crooked on the other side. Fortunately, these Ravelli stands are tough but I did one end up pretty high and then tightened and then quickly adjusted and did the other side, elevated to the same width and tightened it.

And that is it. You can use the two clamps to hold the bottom of the muslim and towards the back if you don't want to run it across your floor (it's easy for Muslin to get dirty).

NOTE: While two clamps are enough, you may want to get more on Amazon. I bought the six-pack 3.75 Muslin clamps (which will be useful if you decide to go paper in the future).


Overall, it was easy to setup and get started. You can easily set this up using two bars in a living room space but for the most part, it's easy to put together, easy to take apart and transport.

Once again Ravelli has put together a quality product and trust me, I did my research because I know others who bought from the other brands and the top bar would sink because they were not strong enough to hold the muslin. In this case, both their stands and bar are heavy duty and are pretty tough.

For those who are planning for a garage setup, while paper, you can get it dirty and tear/cut it. For Muslin, because it's easy to get dirty and you get a long piece of both black and white to extend towards the front, I know some garage studios tend to purchase white or black tile boards for a section of their garage. But that's up to you!

If you don't need the Muslin, go for the background set minus the Muslin and go for the seamless paper.

So, the ease of putting together, the quality of the product and the fact that you get two of the muslin for under $120 for the entire set (not inc. shipping), that's pretty awesome!

Highly recommended!
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on June 1, 2017
For the price, the bar and already set low. It is easy too assemble but does feel cheap. However as a background it's fine. The problem with this product is the zipper on the carrying bag, is worthless. After the first time using the bag I spent 10 minutes trying to zip it back up. The zipper is very very cheap. I don't see why they wouldn't of spent another penny to get a zipper that would actually zip!!
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on July 3, 2016
Initially when I purchased this product, I received the item with broken legs on the stand. Jaden (Customer Service Manager) immediately recitified the issue by sending me replacement parts and providing a discount for the hassle. Throughtout the process Jaden kept me in the loop and provided excellent customer service. This stand comes with a life time warranty, so if you ever have any issues contact SPN.

Thanks again Jaden!
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on June 24, 2017
The stands are good, but you will either need to steam the muslins, or buy better quality backdrop. Mind you, this is huge! The backdrop is 10' wide, and with the stands, you'll need about 15' of space. I just wish there was an easier way to have both hung up to switch between. But for the money, great deal!
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