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on July 21, 2012
I was originally going to buy a 12" unit for smaller items (I already have a 48") Luckily the 12" was out of stock when I went to place my order. This unit was $6 more and I am very glad I got this instead of a smaller one.

Lately I have been on a "de junk quest" We're in our mid 40's and its amazing how much crap you buy over the years. When I was younger and had no kids I used to collect die cast cars well those have been sitting in boxes for at least 8 years so its time to just get rid of them and just sell off all the accumulated crap that does nothing but take up space.

The quality of the product is pretty good I don't collapse mine at all i just set it inside the bigger one and it stays on a table in the corner of the basement I throw a sheet over them to keep the dust off.

I can see how some people complain about closing it as when I opened it up it expanded quite forcibly so you do need to be careful when closing it as to not damage one of the internal wires.

The colored inserts that come with are nice they do require a light ironing as others have said. The one thing I will warn you about is that this type of product requires ALOT more light than you currently are using. To understand why you have to realize that this diffuses direct light and dims it considerably so you will need to add a few spotlights to ensure adequate lighting. I went down to Home Depot and picked me up a three of those old fashioned metal clip work lights that cost $10 each then found the biggest cool white CFL bulbs I could and for $40 have a great lighting package.

If your doing ebay auctions this type of product is a must have. I would recommend any of the cowboy studio pop ups as the 2 I have are serving me very well.


Plan ahead what are you photographing? if its bigger than lets say a 12oz can of pop YOU NEED A BIGGER TENT!

Here's why, Lets say you stick a 1 liter bottle of soda (the big ones), when you take your picture your going to see the edges of the tent. So as another example lets use a barbie doll as an example 15" tall about 10" wide and 2" deep. Placed inside a 17" tens you would see both edges of the tent so instead of seeing your product and a nice colored background you're going to end up with your product an inch of the colored background AND the white edges, the sides and the white top of the tent (it makes for a terrible picture).

As a general rule I would say your item should not be bigger than 1/3 the size of the tent. So if the tent is 17x17x17 your item should not exceed 5 1/2" in any direction.

IF you are willing to edit the pic and fudge a bit MAYBE you can go to an item 1/2 the size of the tent. Remember your goal is to not photograph ANY part of the tent just your product and the colored background that its sitting on.

Hope that helps!
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The CowboyStudio "24in Photo Tent" is exactly what was needed for our product photos. We own a small business and do all of our own product photography. The results were somewhat hit-or-miss since getting the lighting just right could be very challenging. Using a Photo Tent eliminates a lot of the guess work and helps to produce consistent results between shoots, and it also saves me a lot of time fixing things later in Photoshop. Here are my observations:

* 24"x24"x24" Photo Tent
* Front Screen w\Slit (attaches with Velcro and allows lens to poke in the box)
* Red, Blue, Black, and White Back Drops (attaches w\Velcro)
* Carrying Bag w\handle

Pros -
+ Good Quality; the material is thicker then expected
+ Easy to Setup; the box literally springs in to shape when taken out of the bag
+ Works Great; material diffuses light and eliminates shadows just as expected

Cons -
- Hard to fold back up
- No Instructions; CowboyStudio emailed shortly after we ordered and it included a link to the folding for storage, but not on the use of the product

Misc -
* Backdrops should be ironed or steamed before use to remove creases
* Look for the two small eyeloops on the inside top sides (bottom has the Velcro), these are useful for suspending light objects with fishing line
* We made our own Back Drops by cutting fabric to the same size as the ones included and attaching Velcro to the same points

This is a great Photo Tent and is a real value for what you get!

Highly Recommended!

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on March 12, 2010
After laying out plans to build a light tent using PVC pipe and adding up the cost I decided to do some internet shopping for a "store bought version". With the cost plus the over all size, weight and ease of storage being major inputs for my consideration I found the variety of collapsible light tents to be most desirable.

Having considered the various sizes materials and accessories of the various tents and reading through the comments on Amazon and several photography forums I decided to give the Cowboy Studio 30" soft box light cube a go. (I opted for the 30" version because it's easier to work with too big than too small...).

This particular light cube does not include lamps which makes it less expensive of course and was one of the features that helped in my selection. Reason being I have some 8" clamp on work lights Troy EL2211 6-Ft Clamp-On Work Area Spot Light I use in my shop and after installing 40w CFL 6500k bulbs in them and clamping them on opposing sides of the table I set the tent up on I have found they work perfectly! (I believe you can buy these work lights in any home improvement store for $5-6$).

I have read several comments made by folks who were unhappy with the lack of instruction and seeming confusion of how to open the cube for use and or collapse it for storage. Living here in the desert of Arizona many of us use the collapsible nylon sun shades in an effort to keep our car interior cooler in the summer time and they are very similar to this photo tent in the method of opening and closing them. In addition I see that the Cowboy Studio web site has printable instructions for the setup and take down of the tent here [...] , (although I do admit I am uncertain as to why they do not include them with the tent)? ALSO, for those who are extremely challenged when it comes to such things there is a video to walk you through it on you tube, of course... [...] (Folding an EZcube)

Having used it for some time now I must say I am very satisfied and have no reservation at all in promoting it to one and all that are in the market for a light tent of any of the various sizes they are available in. AND, at just $35 this light tent is an outstanding value.
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on June 23, 2012
Really easy to setup and take down, provided that you pay attention when opening it the first time.
Convenient storage pouch really helps to keep it clean during storage. Also its very easy to store due to it folding down flat into a small thin cylindrical package (2.5" x 14" diameter). Much better than my DIY light box that takes up a lot of storage space and gets dusty. The 30" cube size is great upgrade for my needs as I can use it for much larger items now, yet is still effective for tiny items.

Cons: Imperfect seams and loose threads. Didn't even bother to use the backdrops based on other folks comments and used a 24" wide white paper roll instead for a infinity background. For $35 though, these are non-issues IMHO.

I would happily pay more for something of much higher quality, but based on what I'm seeing at the local pro shops for ~$90 to $150, there is no perceivable difference in quality and only a different name brand. This is $35 well spent.

Attached is an example photo I took using this lightbox. With full noon hour sun blazing, the lightbox was placed on the hood of my car while at a race shop. I wanted to quickly get a photo of these parts before they were installed in my engine. No additional lighting was used beyond what the sun provided for this photo. This should give you a good example of the diffusing capability of this lightbox.
review image
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on August 11, 2014
I bought the 40-inch version of this tent and it has paid for itself about ten times over already. This tent easily and consistently recreates a product setup that allows for diffused lighting with minimal shadows and a wide variety of materials. It is great for copy work or a quick and simple product shots given that the object fits within the size you purchased. You can quickly move between reflective and non-reflective objects without too much time spent in post-production. Honestly, I probably could've used one of these a few years ago but I just got around to purchasing one now.

I will admit that the first time setting up the 40-inch tent is a little bit daunting if you can't figure it out on your own because you can't easily hold the whole thing with two hands like its smaller counterparts but the concept is the same. Basically all you have to do is work your way around the cube and keep pulling on the edges of each side until it pops into place, it's made pretty sturdy so you can be a bit rough with it if you need to. If you find that one side just doesn't want to pop open try to push it in a bit and then tug it back out and it will pop into place.

To pack it up just start pushing a side inward and then the opposite side inward after it, pushing the diffusion material in along with it until you end up with one flat panel like a collapsible disc reflector. For a tent this size I usually stand it up on one side and put the tip of my foot on the end of it on the floor and twist the top edge down counterclockwise until it squishes back into a disc and fits in the bag.

This also comes with a few pieces of fabric to use as backdrop on the inside, the backdrops it comes with work great and have velcro on them to attach within the tent. I would have loved to see it come with a backdrop in grey but I had to retro fit one out of Savage Seamless backdrop paper for a couple shoots and that worked like a dream.

The zipper on the front is also great and allows you to hide everything but the very end of your lens from view if you're shooting a glossy or reflective object.

For lighting I usually put a speedlight with an umbrella on the sides and one on the top on a boom but you can probably even get by with one light for this system.

Overall, this setup is worth its weight in gold. Cowboy studio has consistently made great equipment for those of us who can't afford to buy high-end name brand photography gear just yet. None of their products have failed me and as long as my cat doesn't get to it I think this light tent should hold up for a very long time. Take good care of your gear and it will last forever. Buy the biggest version of this product that you can and you'll have one hot setup!
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on January 30, 2014
I'm not a professional photographer, I'm not even an amateur one. All I do is take photos for ebay listings, and these seemed like just the thing for it. I use another reviewer's advice that the items I'm photographing shouldn't be more than 1/3rd the length/width of the light box because otherwise you'll get the box in the frame. That advice is probably solid, but I ended up going a size or two up more than I should have. This thing is huge, it does not fit on my desk. It is inconsiderate, demanding up to a quarter of my hallway space. I can't open the door all the way. Worse yet, it does almost nothing for me. It does not make me coffee, update my twitter, or use its spare processing power to feed starving children somewhere. It does not even make good conversation, its topics are simplistic.

On the upside, it seems to be good quality material. Note that when you open this thing it will pretty much explode. Seriously, make sure you clear room for it BEFORE you open it.
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on April 6, 2011
I was looking around for a small, portable light tent mostly to be able to take better pictures of some of my statues and collectibles. I'm a bit of a Flickr junkie, so I wanted to post images of what I have on there. Once you get into even amateur photography for long enough, certain basics become obvious and lighting is one of them. I have a pretty decent tripod and preferred to buy my own lights, so I didn't need one of the more complete sets that are available, just a good way to distribute the light and provide a neutral backdrop. The CowboyStudio 30" did exactly what I wanted.

It's a good size, which provides lots of room to frame shots. The light softening and distribution were exactly what I was looking for, in my case using two 75 w 5000k CFLs to light from the left and right side. Once the shooting is done, the tent folds down into a carrying case. My one struggle was in folding it the first few times, but that's a natural thing to expect for a brand new tent that I hadn't used before. If you've ever had a folding sun shade for your car, it's somewhat similar. Overall, I'm very pleased with the purchase. Here is an example of a photo taken using the tent: [...].
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on June 2, 2012
When I started to unfold it I thought I would never get it folded up again. But I watched a video on CowboyStudio's web site and found that it folds back up very easily. I do product photography for the manufacturing industry and this large, 40" tent is easy to transport and use with my Calumet travel lights at the clients plant.

Considering that besides the light tent you also get 4 different color backgrounds that quickly attach to the inside of the cube, this is a great deal. It seems a little on the 'delicate' side for industrial use, but I believe that if treated with a little care it should last for several years. At this price, replacing it, if you have to, won't strain your budget. For household use, it should last a long, long time.

I would recommend this to friends and family. I'm sure if they bought this product they would thank me for steering them in the right direction.
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I also own the 60" version of this. Both are great products for product photography both in the studio, or on location. I also own several other products from Cowboy Studio and am pleased with the quality and value of all.
If you have never worked with these spring form tents, or reflectors, they can be a handful to refold into the handy travel cases at first. But, with a little practice it will work just fine, even for one person to manage alone. Cowboy studio also has online videos and downloadable PDF instructions, as well as a very helpful telephone customer service department.
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on November 5, 2012
The soft box light tent works well, as advertised. While I did not have any problems folding it up after use, it's easier just to leave it squished into a giant square if you don't need to pack it up for transport. The backdrops work best if you first iron out the creases from being folded up. Use a cool setting on your iron. I roll the backdrops up so they don't wrinkle, but that does make them harder to transport. This is a large box. You should make sure you have room for both the box and external lights which may need multiple locations if using on a table top. 40 inches works well for large objects, but for smaller items, it's much easier to use a smaller box.
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