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on February 20, 2017
Sorry, I hate to do negative reviews. I would prefer to be able to contact the seller to help me with my issue. If that happens, I would like to update the review if I can get a decent working product. I ordered this recently, and it was not good. The main piece that attaches to the camera (middle part) would not tighten for me - so it would literally fall right off & I almost broke my LED light fixture. I was not able to tighten it beyond a certain point and it became useless unless taped on, which then, it would still fall off. I attached a LED light to the side piece (thought it was also taped onto my camera and looking horrible) and guess what? The side piece did tighten to the LED light box, but the piece that you attach the light to, literally broke off onto my light upon first use! This means, one side is now broken, with no slot to insert light or microphone into and it's stuck onto my LED light fixture (which was $50+ dollars, now I can't attach it to anything) I'm assuming the other one might break right off too. It doesn't work at all because the main middle piece doesn't tighten enough. If they want to send me a new one, I would be happy to try it and pray it will be better quality. I could then update my review. This would not be worth sending back, since it is garbage and not working.
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on April 24, 2013
The Cowboy Studio Dual Mount Bracket dutifully fulfills my goal of mounting my Rode Videomic and Neewer CN-160 Dimmable LED Video Light to my Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera.

After searching for other dual mount brackets, the Cowboy Studio Dual Mount Bracket revealed to be the most favorable of its kind, despite the lower number of reviews and ratings. I concluded that the other brands were more popular due to the lower price tag, but for the most part I am a firm believer of "you get what you pay for."

I am glad I shilled out a few extra dollars and received a great product. Under the heavy load of my microphone and LED lights, I am able to face my camera parallel to the floor without the worry of the mount twisting or wobbling. There is not a single problem that I can think of.

Overall, this product is very solid and will meet the demands of the smaller-budget DSLR filmmaker and photographer who needs to attach lights, microphones, and even audio recorders such as the Zoom H4n to their camera. I definitely recommend this product.
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on June 20, 2015
I returned the first one due to what I considered to be a defect, but the second one had the EXACT same issue, so I just decided to fix it myself. The issue is that the lips that hold the hot shoe in place (the ones that rest ON TOP of the plate when you insert your mic/light) were not even. They weren't even close to being even. One stuck up at a 45 degree angle while the other was flat (how it should be) at 90 degrees. That was the case on BOTH mounts, BOTH times I ordered one! Clearly it's just a flaw in craftsmanship. When I tightened the hot shoe as much as possible I could still slide the mic/light out with no effort. Would have fallen out by itself if I tilted it too much. Luckily all I needed was a set of pliers and was able to bend the skewed lip down to 90 degrees, making it work properly. The second issue is that the arm for the light (the shorter one) is not level at the top. Again, it wasn't pressed properly, leaving my light sitting at an awkward angle. Had to lock it down on a tool bench and use brute force for that fix. After some effort it is now in fine working order. Just don't buy this expecting to use it out of the box. Oh and you may need a small Phillips screwdriver... on the first one I ordered the tiny screws holding the actual bracket onto the arm were loose, making it further useless to attach anything to it. Luckily the second one didn't have that issue.

With all that said, the bracket itself is quite nice, once it's working. If it didn't have those issues I would have absolutely rated it 5 stars. And maybe I just really am that unlucky.

It is a little heavy, but it's all metal, so that's to be expected. I use the Rode VideoMic Pro and the NEEWER CN-160 LED video light. The spacing of the arms is great so that they are not too close together and I don't get any shadow of the mic on my subject.

IMPORTANT: If you have the VideoMic Pro, be aware that the cable to plug into the DSLR is JUST long enough. I really mean JUST. An extra centimeter and it wouldn't reach. It's so close that when I store it I unplug the mic, because it just feels like there is a lot of tension on the port where the cord meets the mic, and I'm afraid that over time it may start to affect the wiring. Just a hint to keep in mind.

All in all I would recommend this over some of the other plastic cheapies out there, but there may very well be a better option for the same pricepoint that I was not aware of.
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on January 16, 2017
Doesn't fit onto my Canon Rebel T5i at all. I screw it down all the way and there's not enough pressure to keep the thing from just falling off the camera. Would not ever trust this to hold my lights or mics. The clamp on this needs to be able to tighten all the way onto the camera's hot shoe for this to work––that's the first basic thing this needs to be able to do to work and it can't even do that. Total crap. Sent it back.
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on March 20, 2017
The mounting points on the stand are cheap and don't do a good job of holding onto the accessories. The bottom mount tends to become loose and can fall off the camera. Overall it will work (kind of) if you're stationary on a tripod but don't expect to use this is you're running and gunning.
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on March 1, 2017
The shoes are a little tight. Has to use needle nose pliers to stretch them out a bit to get my Shure hood mic on the center post.
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on July 21, 2014
Good item, for the money. Just make sure your accessories are not that heavy...and tighten everything down, pretty well. All in all; I like this quite a bit (again; for the $$$)
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on March 17, 2015
Love this. Using it in my video creation class and it is great. It screws on to the tripod very easily and is very sturdy. I anticipate using it often.
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on March 1, 2017
The main hotshoe where you attach it to your camera doesn't screw on alll the way, so it doesn't hold!
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on April 3, 2017
my mic won't fit on the shoe of the bracket
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