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on October 17, 2014
This product is falsely picture, the arm is not Silver and is black which isn't a big deal. The Reflector panel is correct and is a very nice size. Stand is pretty cheaply made but has a very wide base, but what do you expect when the price is so cheap. The major problem i have with this product is that it shows it 2 DIFFERENT images reflector holders that seem to squeeze then grip onto the reflector disc. The images shows that there are 2 different ones, well when I received the package I only found 1 grip and it does not look even relatively close to the images. See below image. I was not happen and requested an exchange. I got the exchange package to find the exact same problem, not sure if they changed what is in the packaging with this but didn't update the images but I believe thats FALSE Advertising. Also no instructions, I'm not even sure how to correctly use the holder they included. If they would of shown the correct pieces included I would of gave a better rating.
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on August 26, 2012
This item can really be broken down into both its parts:

1) The Reflector Disc
2) The Stand / Grip Head

The first part of the item is great. The reflector disc is MASSIVE and worked wonders as a diffuser for hard light. It folds up into a compact disc for easy stowing.

It's the hardware that is far below satisfactory. The stand is fine, it's obviously not top quality, but it's very easy to use and works very well if used in conjunction with a few sandbags. I have no complaints with the stand, none more than are already touched upon by past reviews.

What is most disappointing is that the arm / grip gear is completely different than what you see pictured. The gear head, for one, is not dual as shown in the pictures. It's a single grip gear head and, as a result, can hardly support the weight of the arm and reflector. The weight of it all falls on one screw, and since the grip head is made out of plastic it appears it's only a matter of time before the plastic gives way and cracks.

The reflector arm is also black, not silver, but that hardly is noteworthy since the bulk of the item is hid behind a massive diffuser.

Eventually, I just couldn't use the arm because it wasn't stable. It was nearly impossible to adjust the angle of the reflector because the arm was giving way to the weight of the disc.

Amazon, as always, came out like a champ and refunded me half the order since there was no replacement in stock. I can't say if this was a bad batch that slipped by QC; however I did order TWO of these and BOTH had this problem.

Buyer Beware.
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on October 6, 2010
This is the best option I found. After reading some reviews, I was concern, especially the one titled "Changed my review after setting up", but when the item arrived I couldn't be more happier. I agree with other reviews that instructions should be available, it took me a while to understand the setup of the stand. I don't know if there's something missing on the product for the person who wrote this review, but it doesn't need clamps, it already have a couple of small clamps with spring on the arm where you put the disc reflector. There's no need for more. I think you can see that on the product photo, but I'll make sure to add some close-ups.

The item arrived just in time for a session I had, and I put it to test. the light stand is really heavy, no cheap materials, you can trust on it. I was working on a bad weather and I didn't need any sand bag, although with a heavy wind you may need it. About the reflector, I used all the options! The weather was crazy, it went from rainy and cold to heavy sun, so I had to go to the different options, from reflecting light, warming it, to diffuse it and block it.

I honestly can say I am really happy with this product, really good materials, and the price is the best. the size is really good because it gives you a wider range.

CowboyStudio is a great store, I bought this reflector along with a lighting kit and remotes, and all the items are great. You can buy with confidence.
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on February 13, 2014
First let me start with the good. The reflectors seem to be well made. The zipper seems durable enough for the constant switching to the opposite side I'll have to do, but the zipper also makes it difficult to get the reflector into the clamps on the boom arm. I really needed a reflector with black and white on opposite sides. This one has black which reverses to white on one side with gold to silver on the other. This reversible cover fits over a white diffuser panel giving the 5 in 1 options. Good reflector otherwise.

Second is the bad and it's all about stand. The stand itself is fine. Light weight, but then that's what i needed as I'll be carrying it to locations. I'll have to buy a case as there isn't one in the kit. Something I overlooked when purchasing... Lesson learned. I'll also need sandbags as the reflector will be gone with the wind otherwise. In a good gust sandbags probably won't be enough. (Sigh!) Next is that contraption for mounting the boom arm to the stand. This is the most worthless piece in the kit! I found the video on YouTube ([...]) with instructions for assembly of this, but honestly it looked as if even she could not get it to tighten on the stand during the video, which is the same problem I am having.

All in all I'll keep the reflector but purchase another. The stand, maybe I can use it for a speedlite. The boom, or at least the contraption to connect the boom arm to the stand, will probably be land fill.
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on December 10, 2016
I run a high level adult video making agency... I really don't I just said that to get you to read the next sentence. These are exactly as described and yes I did use them for some adult videos where they made the lighting look fantastic and my performance look mediocre. This is actually a very durable high quality kit that if taken care of will last for a very long time.
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on April 7, 2017
Reflector popped right open, stand went together quickly. I do not like the clips that hold the reflector to the stand, they dont seem to open far enough. Also it took me a few tries to get it collapsed again, there are YouTube videos that can help with that.
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on July 27, 2010
Apart from the gold being too yellow, this is a very good reflector. The silver side is very nice, as is the diffusion of the white inner panel. A good large size, but it's still portable. The thick support ring seems very sturdy, but is easily folded up. I've used it multiple times on location for bounce/diffusion of natural light. The stand is light weight and will definitely need a sandbag, if taking it outside, unless you want it to go sailing. There is no perfect substitute to having another person to hold/aim this outdoors. However, I like the fact it is very portable and my hot-shoe flash bracket fits on the end of the stand to give this dual function for location portrait shooting. I haven't used it as a gobo for blocking light, but I'm sure the black cover would do well, as it is completely opaque.
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on May 2, 2014
This kit works well in our home studio and the price fits well for what I want to spend. The reflector panel(s) can be easily set up to supplement my fill light(s); and the light weight of the combined stand, boom arm and reflector does make position adjustments easy.
The same cannot be said when used outdoors. Because where the sun shines cannot be controlled with respect to where you want the shots, it becomes quite a challenge to adjust and get the right angle/position/direction with a single grip head and the reflector/screen being held by only two edge points. The translucent screen is even harder to be held/set-up in place by the boom arm without falling when it needs to be placed it high (over the subject/model’s head) to filter/block the sun (avoiding eye squinting and reducing/softening the intensity of sun light). The lack of a counterweight (although you can purchase this separately and attach to the opposite end of the boom arm) can lead to disasters when the wind blows (even with a slight breeze, the entire setup can fall over). If you’re really serious about using these outdoors, you may want to invest more in sturdier (albeit, not as compact to carry/set-up as this) set-ups that professional photographers and videographers use. You can/will quickly realize why professional photographers and videographers have assistants holding these reflectors/screens for outdoor photo sessions :)
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on November 16, 2016
Super flimsy and the arm doesn't fit snuggly into the attachment piece. I have tried every combination and it just doesn't fit. I've purchased two of these and the only good thing out of it is the large reflector. Wishing I would have put them together sooner so I could return them after seeing how poorly made they are.

Because the arm doesn't fit the bracket properly once the reflector is attached it weighs it down and won't stand up like it should. Very disappointed and won't be purchasing anymore products from cowboy studios.
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on March 21, 2013
Update: Still very happy with the stand, it is very stable and it's bracing spring system is fantastic as well. I am adding a start to make it 5 now because though I had a piece cracked (shipping or manufacturing error) they replaced it promptly and free of charge. It is fast and easy to setup though some users have commented that they have issues figuring it out. Nearly every stand works the same way including this one which is why they probably assume they don't need to include instructions as professionals already know how to use it.

Note: there is substantial weight/balance to address because of how large the reflector is and that the stand can just slightly weight more than the reflector end. It is always strongly recommended to use sandbags when using lighting equipment/stands to prevent accidental falling and added stability.

ePhoto FOUR Photo Video Sand Bag Light Stand Sandbags by ePhoto INC 4SBblack

The stand is the best I have purchased, it has a spring-like device inside as well so if for some reason it should fall when you are adjusting the height it catches itself softly. My only issue with the kit was the adjustable reflector clamp broke on one end of it's loop so I had to super glue it ( I don't know if it came this way or snapped when I was tightening it because it still holds somewhat with the crack.
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