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on June 2, 2010
After doing my usual exhaustive research i settled on the CowboyStudio Table Top Photo Studio Light Tent Kit.
It's got everything you need, lights, walls, backdrop, all in one convenient and very low profile carry case.
It folds up for easy storage, takes up very little space. The kit is light weight and even has a carry handle.
The most important factor in my purchase was the price, much lower than similar kits. And this is the only kit
that came with the lights in a handy pouch attached to the folding light box. Truly all-in-one.
After using it i'm quite pleased with the photographic results. You can use the provided backdrops or your own
easily. Light is sufficient for web quality pix. Excellent way to professionalize your eBay, Etsy, or other
website presence.
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on May 19, 2010
I bought this product with much hesitation. Since a lot of the reviews with some similar items were awful and some of the images provided were not all that convincing I still decided to give it a try. It arrived and I rip it opened because I could not wait to test it. And it is great!!!!! I definitely recommend it if you do product shots. I've included a couple of pics of (wedding salt shakers and dominoes) so you can see the quality!
review imagereview image
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on September 8, 2014
Horrible! I set this up the moment I got it to test it out, I needed to get photos done for an online store and when I set it up not only did one light immediately break when I turned the switch by it blowing out the light and then one of the wires just fried but the other light within minutes of turning it on, less than 5 mins to be more specific, burned my hand badly! This is a hazard to health and wellness! the box and backgrounds were cheaply made, the backgrounds didnt even fit, they were too small so if I velcro'd the background ion, any of them the red the white or the blue they were too thin so they barely held onto the other edges of the velcro on the box and then there were the sides, there were gaps on the sides from where they dont fit and if your looking for an interesting shot where you have maybe a red back with white sides all showing in the pic on purpose it has these two gaps making it look crappy.

I returned this 2 months ago and still am battling the company for my refund, they wont give me the refund, I am giving them one more week and if no refund I will be reporting them to Amazon with a claim and never buying from them again!

For those of you out there with my same or similar to my needs here is a helpful suggestion (hopefully);

I do various photography, I do a small online store where I sell synthetic dreadlocks so I have a need to take product photography, I also do some commercial photos for local pubs where they want photos of their food and different beer. I also take photos of models wearing products or just artistic models for art photography as a hobby on the side with my nature and industrial photography. Now with all this I need a mini studio with lights for products plus a full studio with lights for modeling, Most people will get both these studios separately but I found a way to save money and get one thing that could be used as both, I purchased 2 of those octopus style cell phone tripods, and 2 NEEWER CN-216 LED Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel Light (links to both of these are below if your wanting to consider this option for yourself) With this I also purchased a backdrop and I sometimes depending on the shoot will purchase an already made backdrop to hang up or will make one with fabric from Joanns.

I found this self-made studio is far better because the backdrop can be used for either as you can imagine but the lights, they are pretty powerful LEDs and come with a rose colored and gold colored filter so you can change the type of lighting you want, you can buy other filters if you need too. These dimmable lights are perfect because they are bright enough to be used as big lights for modeling or to take outside to get some outside nature shots int he dark but you can dim it down for products too. My whole system is that if I am doing anything indoors I use the octopus tripods but if handheld and outdoors what I got was the Neewer® 7-inch Dual Mount Bracket Arm with 2 Cold Shoe Solid Steel hotshoes to hold the lights onto the camera and be set to be above and below the camera or side by side of the lens. Its a perfect system as I have tested it out a lot and its still working great and most the time I only need one of the lights with how powerful they are. Also side note, I have dropped these lights and the mount a lot from 5-6 feet in the air (try hard never to drop anything but sometimes it happens) and they have absolutely no damage to them, the lights held up fantastically and I dropped them on hard floors or the pavement!

Here are links to all the products I suggest for this make it yourself light studios;

Neewer® 7-inch Dual Mount Bracket Arm with 2 Cold Shoe Solid Steel to mount lights to camera

NEEWER CN-216 LED Lights

Octopus Tri-Pods


Hope this helps someone out there! Good luck!
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on March 16, 2016
So many things wrong with this product. First the product design itself is flawed. This comes folded and each side folds up to create the cube. The top as pictured is the heaviest part of the item and does not have any way to secure to to the sides. Because of this, the top will of course not stay up by itself. Second the lights are not diffused so where ever you point it, will have a bright center spot instead of creating overall light inside of the cube. The final issue and the reason why I returned this is the lights emit a very, very strong burning smell and are extremely hot to the touch. I was scared that it would catch fire or burn anything that is was facing. The lights were also so hot that within a minute of it being turned on, I could not touch the lamp anywhere without oven mitts. I'm sure there are better products out there. Spend a little more and get a quality product.
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on September 25, 2012
This package works well for people wanting to just shoot small objects whether it is for personal use or selling items on eBay. However, I will say if you have items surpassing 7" in height, most cameras will have a hard time getting the object in full frame without capturing the Black top/or White sides of the tent.

- Simple to setup
- Different backdrops to choose from
- Convenient for carrying around
- Lights provided do well against the darker backdrops
- Cheap
- Tripod legs surprisingly sturdy. Made of metal.

- Lights insufficient for the White backdrop
- Lighting might not be enough for lower end cameras to pick up
- Crevices on all backdrops. Recommend ironing before shooting
- Tripod legs sturdy, but the actual tripod is crap. DSLR's don't have a chance on it
- Lights get very hot at times
- Simple to setup, but no instructions included. It's not that hard though people. Just look at the product photo...

That pretty much sums it up.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on January 13, 2013
I have owned this kit for awhile now, & have played with it quite a few times. I use it, when I have a few items to shoot, but it is portable enough to carry around.

The one big thing I like about this kit, is that it folds together in it's own attached case. Also, that the polyester (?) material is very good for reflecting light. I haven't used it with the black on top, as that is too heavy, & there isn't a base for the bottom. So I have the case part hang down.

With that said, the polyester is captured during the shoot, & sometimes, throws the view off.
The colored sheets come folded & pressed, so getting that crease out is a bear.

The camera stand is nice & heavy, & folds together as easy as the other pieces.

The lights aren't anything to write home about. They are only 50 watts, & really under powered to do any serious shooting. I have tried to find higher wattage replacement bulbs, but these two prong (outdoor marker style) bulbs are tough to find. I don't even keep them with the kit any longer.
An additional note, is that they aren't heavy enough for the cord, & will fall over, & bust the bulb. I believe there are many other reviews here about that.

I use other lights, when using this tent. Often, only use it to reflect the back lighting, & having a white background. In direct sunlight, this is a very , very nice set up. It is also very good, when you set your camera up to shoot objects, with a short (macro) focus.
You can turn it around, enough to use it as a white floor, but you'll do better getting some foam board, or a sheet of card stock.

As with anything, you'll want to play (test) with it to get the right ratio for you. Be sure to white balance, your camera, if you can. But that goes with your shooting style. You could probably get away with shooting your products to sell here, or professionally, any place, but it's not bright enough in my opinion, for point & shoot cameras, & the lights aren't bright enough to give you that diffused look on other floors/backdrops.

I hope this helps you in determining if this is a purchase you should make.
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on June 27, 2012
Overall it's a decent product. I'll point out the pros & cons:

- Price is very reasonable.
- The tent itself is high quality and easy/quick to set up.

- Camera stand is flimsy and difficult to set. The ball joint likes to flop, even when the tension screw is fully engaged. I honestly felt like my D90 was going to fall over and finally just took handheld photos.
- The lights are cheap and fragile. They don't telescope at all. It is nigh impossible to change the bulbs because the housings don't allow for any kind of grip on the bulb. One of the lights fell over on carpet, and from just that minor impact it stopped working. I thought I was going to slice my fingers open trying to remove the bulb from its housing and finally gave up.

The price you pay is worth it just for the tent. That's why I give this 4 stars. But do yourself a favor and pick up a couple quality light housings and a small tripod for the camera. Kind of messes up the idea of having a quick grab-&-go case when the pieces that fit in the pockets are poorly designed rubbish.
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on May 2, 2013
Explore other options if possible.

This set is very inexpensive. It comes with 2 lamps, a tripod for your camera, the tent/carrying case, and a few backdrops.

The lamps are severely under-powered. In pitch black conditions, using the tent as your diffuser, and a white backdrop, I still needed to employ 2 freestanding lamps to get adequate lighting.
The lamps overheat tremendously within a few minutes of use, and need to be handled with extreme caution to avoid injury.

The tripod, though functional is not intended for use with a full size camera. Its something you would use with a point and shoot.

The pictured set up removes the possibility of having an downlight diffused from above, This is problematic with non-white backdrops and cannot have a back light. In every instance I had undesirable shadowing. I remedied this by turning the set up on its side, and using an external diffuser and lamp.

However the portability of the set up is fantastic, and the built in carrying case makes transportation easy.

Needless to say, if I were to buy another portable photo-box set, I would buy something with diffusing materials on all sides apart from the opening. Unfortunately it seems that with all bundled options, to get quality shots, you will need to purchase more light sources.
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on August 18, 2013
Now I am not a professional photographer in that I do not take pictures for profit. I did need to take some still photos of my products for my web site. I looked at several of these cubes for still work and decided on this one because of the overall dimensions. The package came very quickly, which is an Amazon trick they play to keep my business. It works too.
The set up was simple. The various color backgrounds got my mind started thinking about props to better illustrate my wares and i had a creative epiphany. I got all of the photographs I wanted and was able to control and us e features on my camera that I didn't even know I had. I used a tripod and completely eliminated any camera movement and the photos came out stunning.
Wonderful results and when all was said and done, It folded up with the backgrounds and auxiliary lighting all in one thin package and I slipped it behind a piece of furniture and no-one will ever know it is there.
Great Product from a great company!
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on January 5, 2014
The tent is great, well designed, especially the velcro top. I was able to iron the back drops with a warm iron to remove the creases.

But the hardware and lights? Forget about them. So just buy the tent separately if you can. The hardware is too flimsy to support a camera and hold it still. And it gets in the way of your arms anyway. The lights are not very bright, and burn out or break at the slightest irritation from the environment or power switch. The have no rubber grips on the feet so they slide about. I anchored them with gum. The bulbs have some strange GU11 base I had never seen before, and are VERY hard to remove and replace, but you can get replacements cheap, $1.25, from China, if you want to wait. Otherwise, be prepared to replace them often with expensive bulbs, like $12 each on Amazon, not typically found in the hardware store. And to struggle with a pliers or very skinny fingers to remove bulb from holder. JUST BUY THE TENT. After both bulbs broke, 2 days after I got the tent, I ended up setting up my own lighting using a pole lamp and a clamp lamp. That set up works better, is height adjustable, sturdy and cheap to replace. I gave it 3 stars because the tent is excellent and 2 star rating is not fair to the seller who probably didn't manufacture the product. But they should know better and not sell it like it is.
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