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on August 23, 2012
So this product is pretty great.

The Background system - The background system is very strong and i have been using it for quite a few months, i use it as an on the go system as well as in my home studio. Its not meant to hang off of but overall very sturdy!

The Muslins - to be honest not that great but i think this is based on personal preference. I personally replaced my muslins with vinyl because i was tired of all the creases and shadows that may have been cast by the creases. It's annoying to try to iron every time so i definitely recommend vinyl over these any day.. They do have there benefits of being very portable but require to much work in my opinion. If it was in a permanent studio set up then probably will perform better but vinyl or paper is the way to go.

The stands - the stands are ok.. you really have to treat them like babies so for rugged use I do not recommend them they break easily as in the clamps used top tighten them to a specific height as well as to tighten the base.. I had to replace both stands in maybe 2 months......

The Umbrellas - they perform great I have thrown them around many times and they still are not broken so that is something good to be said but i still believe they are very delicate and maybe i have just been lucky that they have not broken on me.

Continuous lights - I DO NOT RECOMMEND The ones that come in this system..they are not very bright at all and i moved on to flashes. To get the adequate light you need i personally find these lacking and have only used them to provide a little additional light to my speed lights...

IF you are a beginning photog. I recommend this set if you are on a budget. if you think you can treat your items like babies then this is a great first start. But you will need to upgrade as time goes on!!
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on July 28, 2011
I've become progressively more serious about my photography and wanted to do more pro-style portraiture. I wanted to get a lighting and background system, but always thought they were going to be beyond my price range. When I saw the Cowboy Studio set on Amazon, I feared it was too good to be true. After ordering, I can honestly say this is something so good it IS true.

The entire set is of decent build quality - don't expect sturdy metal equipment at this price. But the tripods to support the lighting sets and background are just fine and don't take too long to set up. The entire studio set can be put up in 15-20 minutes, and what you get is outstanding. The white and black muslin backgrounds dramatically improve photo sharpness and quality once you iron them and place them on the frame. Again, they're not super-sturdy but for the price you can't beat it. The lighting set consists of three lights (only two shades) that let you control studio lighting very well. It's even portable and can be stored, which is a bonus.

For less than $200, you get a great portable beginners studio set. Exactly what I wanted and at a great price. If you're thinking you want to get more serious about your portraiture but don't want to invest a thousand dollars in a beginner system, this is the one you want.
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on December 11, 2013
I bought this kit because I'm going to be doing my first photoshoot and I needed the bare necessities in achieving notable results. I absolutely love this kit.

Assembly: Literally everything can be assembled through common sense, it is extremely easy for anyone to put it together and take it apart. It does come with instructions that are accompanied with pictures. I didn't even read the instructions but rather looked at the pictures when I was stumped. Also, I think its worth mentioning that I have never put together a lighting set and I did it with this product with little reference to the manual.

Light stands: The light stands are a little flimsy but they do the job quite nicely. Bumping into them creates little movement. I can see why the only bad review about this kit is the fact that the tightening knobs are plastic. They feel very brittle but with some tlc you should be absolutely fine. My other concern about it was the extension of the legs, trying to extend the legs outward or inward poses a little fight but with some wiggle they go back into place easily.

Light fixtures: Nothing to complain here. The cord is a nice decent length.

Lights: I didn't find the lights to be weak at all, in fact they gave me a substantial amount of light leaving a beautiful bounce back.

Backdrop stands: Pretty much just like the light stands just a larger scale. You may need two people for assembly based on your ambidextrousness. The only confusing part to me in the assembly of everything was the horizontal bar. It took me a couple of tries to figure out exactly what the manual was trying to tell me.

Backdrops: You will need an iron and a lot of patience, and store it rolled up rather than folded.

Backdrop stand carry case: This carry case is absolutely ingenious. Everything stacks in neatly and yields minimal noise.

Umbrellas: Nice curvature in bending and bouncing the light back subtly.

Complaints: Light stands stick to a certain degree, all knobs are plastic, and the light stands don't come with they own carry case though I did find a 30" and 40" carry case from the same company for a very affordable cost.
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on February 25, 2014
For an inexpensive, starter light and backdrop set-up, this is great. I've used it for two photo shoots and considering what I paid for it, I have no real complaints. That said, here are a couple of things to consider:

1. The backdrop cloths are sturdy, but thin. Light comes through the white one and you can see anything behind it outlined clearly. Also, the backdrops cloths are for the smallest configuration of the backdrop frame. If you want a backdrop for a larger area, you will need other cloths to fit the frame. I happened to have some curtains that worked perfectly. I appreciated that the backdrop frame does open up to fit a fairly large space.

2. The frames and poles are made from a lightweight metal. This is great for lugging them around, but clearly you have to take some care to ensure they don't break.

3. One of the lightbulbs that came with the package didn't work.

4. The one thing that troubled me the most was that the bag that comes with this kit only fits the backdrop frame. I managed to squeeze most of the light stands and umbrellas in as well, but then the bag wouldn't close. If it's all going to be sold as a kit, I think it would be nice for the bag to hold everything.

Again, those caveats aside, this is a wonderful, inexpensive beginner's kit.
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on December 6, 2011
So, I got this a few months ago and I am satisfied with it!

Muslin backdrops get very wrinkly, so you either need a steam iron or get paper backdrops or just edit out the wrinkles.

The muslin that comes with this is too skinny too fit a few people on it, the least is maybe 2 , also the muslin is too short so the person has to stand back as much as they can unless they are short.

And you need to keep in mind that these aren't metal, only some poles are, i am saying this because, one of my poles broke while i took a trip on the plane (I guessed they threw it too hard into the plane).

You may also want to buy clamps with this to hold up the muslin ! (Very inexpensive)

Other than that this product works good and it is good for beginners. It works good for me
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on March 6, 2013
back drops were thinner than expected. Did not really effect the white one but with the photos of the black one i had to edit the photo and make the back ground darker.

Lights could definitely be brighter. They work well enough but im definitely having to touch up photos. With the white if the person is not to close to the back drop (meaning their back almost touching it) there are no shadows IF you use a speedlite with your lights. I like how the photos with the white back drop turn out better then with the black. Also noticed with the white its good to have the subject about a foot away from the back of it. That way there are no shadows whatsoever.

This is a great beginners kit. This is my first one and I am happy with the price and turn out. Just a few little things here and there like I mentioned but for the price you cannot beat it!

REALLY easy to set up. I saw people complaining that there were no instructions. There actually is. With your package is a card and it tells you were to go on youtube to find out about setup. I didn't need to do this though like i said very easy to setup.

All the stands are really sturdy. I have one from somewhere else that i paid $100 for and this one is better.
All light stands sturdy as well.

People were complaining about it sinking in the middle with the back drop on. I have no had this problem. They may be using a heavier material/backdrop than the two provided but the two provided does not make it sink in the middle.

Hope this helps! Other peoples reviews helped me out while deciding on the purchases.

Got this March 6th 2013.
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on February 22, 2013
The Cowboy Photography and Video Continuous Triple Lighting Kit is a fine product. I have no negative comments on the product. It does it's job well. The backdrop stand extends to 8 plus feet, and the width can extend to 10 feet. They give you two backdrops, one black, one white, which are 6 X 9 feet. They work well, but they appear a bit thin, as in you can see through them. However in filming against them they worked fine and what I could see through them live was not present on the video. I saw similar results in shooting digital stills. For my purposes I will have to purchase a 10 ft wide backdrop. Prices vary for that from $30 to over a hundred; it depends on what you are looking for. One thing not included with the kit (this is minor) is a canvas bag to carry the lights and light stands. They give you a black canvas bag for the backdrop stand, but none for the light bulbs, light stands, or reflective umbrellas. If you need portability with your lights and backdrop you will need to purchase a canvas bag somewhere. Even for storage, the idea of having a canvas bag for the lights, light stands, umbrellas is a nice idea. I have read some reviews where people said they felt the wattage on the lights could have been more. When I turned on the lights I thought about this, but in the end, digital cameras (still and video) work so well that the lights/wattage is more than sufficient to produce solid stills, or videos. All in all this is a good value for the dollar.
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on June 8, 2013
Essentially, if you want to get started in studio photography using solely continuous lighting, the wattage of continuous lighting that is included in this kit is really not worth the investment. The output is simply not enough.

The backdrop stand is decent, not flimsy, and the included muslin backgrounds are okay, but they need a good steaming to get the wrinkles out, and the white muslin is pretty much see through if you have anything of contrasting color behind it. Spring clamps are not included, and that would have definitely improved this kit by a lot, with little additional expense for the company.

As far as the light stands included, they are definitely on the flimsy side, and if you pass on this kit, you're probably better off buying better quality light stands individually anyhow. Compared to a single generic brand light stand I purchased from one of the major photography stores here in NY for under $20, the ones included with this kit are really not that good at all.

To me, it wasn't worth it to pack everything back up and return it, because in the end, even if I don't ever use the lights themselves ever again, I will still make use of the actual light stands, the umbrellas, the backdrop stand, and the muslins.
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on January 7, 2015
The reason I didn't give this more than three stars is because there were no assembly instructions - which really is needed for someone like me who is not used to setting up lighting - and for the fact that none of the lightbulbs worked. One I didn't remove from the package because it rattled in a way that told me the bulb is shattered. The other two bulbs burned out the moment I turned the on switch on the light (I have since purchased light bulbs from another company and those work just fine. I don't like to say things like this but the Cowboy Studio lights are garbage. Waste of money. Moreso, I had taken vacation to record my videos and didn't have lights nor a way to get lights in the timeframe I needed to record so I wasted time I don't get back.
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on January 20, 2013
For the price, I thought this would be a great kit to start with for photographing a toddler and an infant on the way. The 2 Muslin backdrops were pretty wrinkled upon arrival (strong creases where folded). This was no big deal, I just took the time to iron and get those out. A long and tedious job but that's OK.

The white backdrop is very nice and took excellent photos. The black one on the other hand was of light material so you could actually see through it.

The reason I gave this a 1 star is because the mini light stand metal piece that you screw the light bulb came out after the first use and I was unable to get it back. Therefore I'm unable to use it because I cannot screw the light into it. Very disappointed in this because I'm afraid this will happen to the 2 main light stands. Then I'm without lighting, which is why I got this in the first place.

I would not recommend this because of the broken light stand.
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