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CowboyStudio Set of Two 7 feet Photography Light Stands with Cases
Style: 2X803|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$27.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on February 28, 2014
I'll start by saying that I make a living by lighting film sets. I've seen all kinds of stands, good and bad, cheap and expensive. This is the worst lighting stand I have ever used - but this is also the most inexpensive lighting stand I have ever used. I get that people are on a budget. That's why I gave it 4 stars. Value. If I had to use this thing every day for work I would go insane. But, If you need a stand to help you do the occasional personal project, you will probably be quite satisfied.
The cheapest stands that I use for work are the ARRI kit stands, about $100. The most expensive stands that I use are American Grip Roadrunner 200 stands, about $7000. I got this Cowboy Studio stand as a daily deal for $15. It comes with a bag, not sure what that's for. It's really clumsy to open and uses cheap materials. That said, you will be hard pressed to find a better value, especially if it's just for occasional, personal use. Buy one or two!
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The stands are quite tall--as billed.

In theory, they're very sturdy because they're constructed of heavy metal (insert Spinal Tap joke here). In the case of one stand, that's quite true; when extended, you can push quite forcefully and it won't budge (telescope). However, the other one is a little more moveable; the weak spot is that little twist key (not sure of the technical name) where the main shaft goes through the leg assembly. It's not horrible, just considerably weaker than the other one. That raises two possibilities: 1. the strong one is an accident and doesn't represent the intended capabilities of these stands, or 2. the weak one is the "blooper" and should be capable of greater support.

It's not the metal that's failing; it's the little juncture with the plastic key. Otherwise, these are quite sturdy.

Honestly, they come as a set and if I returned one, I'd have to return both and thus lose the functionality for quite awhile during the return process. Given that they're never going to carry anything heavier than some LED panels (and some soft boxes), the weakness isn't a deal-breaker--just a disappointment. I won't return them, but I'll certainly have second thoughts about ordering another Cowboy Studio product, given their lax quality control.
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on November 2, 2015
Bought two - they were light, simple, cheap, easy-to-use - but the first chance i had to really use them properly they both failed... Plastic compression rings are used to hold the pole extended. Inside those rings are small, thin spring steel (?) bushings that the poles slide on. The first I pulled the top sections to full height those bushings popped up out of the compression rings making them too loose to hold the sections extended or even steady. l attempted to re-seat the bushings but they are so thin and fit so tightly that without a special tool there is no way I can find to force the bushings back in place.
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on November 21, 2016
I purchased 2 sets of these (4 stands) and have been using them as inexpensive light holders for making videos. I am using these with the Bayco SL-300 8.5in clamp lights - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007RKKEHA/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_19. I purchased some daylight bulbs from Home Depot and have been using 3 of these for lighting (2 front, 1 rear) to make talking head videos. The stands have been meeting my expectations on being easy to setup, hold the lightweight lights and put into position quickly and easily.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on January 29, 2018
I don't have much experience with photography light stands, but I do like this one. I've got a large softbox Glow Softbox 30 x 60" mounted on it, with Adorama's Flashpoint M320 Flashpoint II 320M, 150 Watt Second AC / DC Monolight Strobe.. You also need the extra-cost Glow Speed Ring, of course to attach the soft box to that item. Anyway, that all fits pretty well on this stand, it definitely holds the weight fine and is not tippy.

From what I can tell, the stand is all metal construction, including the 2 collars that sit at the top of each of the extension points. The set screw things on the extensions are quarter turn (no extra fiddling screwing a set screw in and wondering if you've got it tight enough -- though you do have that kind of part on the base part that locks the three legs into extended position). And I think even those little knobs are metal.

I'd earlier bought a Neewer 75"/6 Feet/190CM Photography Light Stands for Relfectors, Softboxes, Lights, Umbrellas, Backgrounds stand which I really did not like as much -- it was somewhat lighter duty, and had plastic collars (and regular set screws). One of them came broken in the package and there wasn't terrible trauma to the box, so I'd just expect that one to not last as long.

I've seen some reviewers complaining about the quarter turn knobs not locking the rods down well enough -- I'm pretty sure I read (and can see how you could do this) that the tightness of the collars is adjustable with a socket or pliers by tightening up the nut on the bolt that goes through the knob, I assume when it's in unlocked position.

I've only had it for a week or two but it seems to be a pretty solid product to me.
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on August 2, 2012
Up until now I've been using the smaller Cowboystudio stands that came with my CS continuous 3 light set with 2 backdrops and a backdrop stand. These 9' heavy duty stands are WAY nicer than the smaller stands.

Here's the play-by-play:
- stand height when collapsed: about 3'; approx. 1' taller that my smaller stands collapsed.
- stand tube thickness: almost double that of the smaller stands.
- height adjusters: quick release knobs make adjustments fast and easy and less likely to break with use. However heavier equipment could cause stand sections to drop since you can't tighten it as much as you want. But I tested it, and it takes quite a bit of weight to make them drop while tightened. Much more than the average person would have on top of these stands.
- footprint: almost 3' when fully opened; smaller stands are around 2' or less
- Cushioned means spring loaded tubes which attempt to absorb shock on an abrupt drop. The springs should be beefier, even just dropping the tubes by themselves with no equipment on them sounds harsh and like I wouldn't want it to happen to my lights...even with the springs.

Only downside to these, I also bought a Ravelli stand of similar price, quality and size and that one comes with a really nice bag and has MUCH nicer components (except it has plastic height adjuster clamps) and it comes with a removable and reversible screw stud at the top. This adds to the stands versatility and is why I'll probably buy more of those and less of these.
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on September 26, 2017
I've owned a dozen cheaply made light stands in my life. I've had two break in the past 5 years simply due to heavy gear being put up too high (and the cheap metal bends). This is to be expected -- and in fact, only having to replace TWO light stands that I've bought for around $10 per stand is amazing to me.

They're easy to setup and just -- shouldn't take you more than 10 seconds. You can't really adjust it if it's on uneven ground -- that's not what you're going to get at this price range.

I'm more than happy with these, just got them a few months ago and they're holding up fine. They survived dings just fine, and you can toss 'em around a bit without too much fear that they'll bust -- they compact nicely and I've only had to worry about ruining them when fully extended.

Buy a bag or two so they're easy to carry along with your gear -- if you plan on using them on location anywhere.
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on June 9, 2016
Using these since they were the cheapest 7 foot tripods I could find. Few things:

- Get what you pay for. They work great, but the metal itself is kind of cheap.
- I have it extended slightly below max for stability purposes
- Has a small footprint and take a minute amount of space
- Works great for the HTC Vive (note: I also purchased some 360 degree tripod ball heads to tilt them)

Overall they work great, seem plenty stable, but again they cost me $25 and it is the craftsmanship I would expect for two tripods in such a price range. If I was looking for professional photography equipment, I would likely spend a few extra $$
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on June 23, 2016
I have used this stand for 3 years primary on location shoots at beaches and high deserts. Held up well worth the value of its price however rated it with 4 because of its build quality. One one of the stands the screws holding the bottom locking mechanism came off however there is enough friction to keep it from collapsing which is why I still use it.

The extendable portions do not rotate if unlocked which can be a pain when trying to quickly rotate the light left to right because these have a unique shape poles that do not swivel. This can help those who do not want the lights to be moving left to right with the wind but I would advise against using this one in windy conditions.

I do not recommend putting Studio strobes or Alien-bees on the heads of these due to the weight limitations of these stands. For using Speedlights and occasionally with umbrellas only. Will need a 10lbs sand bag to keep it from flipping over!
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on April 18, 2017
I like the aluminum stand. I use it for my ring light. However the moment I took it out of the bag a little black piece that belong in the part that holds the poles in place fell right off. I didn't even have it out the bag for 5 seconds before that happened. It has 2 poles that extend but being that the part fell off I can only extend one of the poles. So it does not extend to the full height. Would've given it 5 stars but I feel no matter how cheap a product is, I still feel pieces should not be falling off while still brand new. Maybe after wear and tear but not while brand spanking new.
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