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on February 9, 2015
For the money if you're trying to build a decent home studio setup on a budget then you can't go wrong with this stand. It's build quality of the metal stand parts is heavy duty enough to get you going. The tightening knobs are what you'd expect from this price range but they work. I used cat litter instead of sand in the counter wait and it works well. I use this mainly with my 22 inch beauty dish and an SB700 speed light. If you're running higher end studio strobes you may want to get better stand, but for those of use using speed lights then this will do the trick.
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Enthusiast: Photographyon January 30, 2014
First of all, CowboyStudio needs to double box the item if not Amazon. I'm surprised that the box didn't tear apart as it had number of holes and the adjusting knob you see for the weight didn't fall out of the box (as it comes detached). Right there alone I have to deduct a star.

With that said, the counterweight works really well (10lbs) and counter balance my strobe perfectly. I just balance the position of the boom arm to stabilize the weight. If you want to position the strobe out further you'll probably want to get extra weights. Adjusting the height is easy to do and overall setup took less than a minute minus installing the AB800 and the beauty dish I just received.

You can of course adjust the boom to position in any direction; high above or much lower which is one thing I was looking to do. The counterweight is also easy to adjust and is all metal construction including the plate that secures to the boom arm. The knob itself is plastic but has metal insert. I have a feeling it's probably best not to over tighten this knob.

While the light stand doesn't go up very high it's probably to reduce flex with heavier equipment. If you have Speedlite or equivalent off-shoe flash (like the Yongnuo/Nissin/Nikon/Phottix, etc) this will be more than a perfect setup to have flexibility with the lighting. On top/end of the light stand comes with another metal insert where you can attach another flash or screw in a Speedlite.

I'll be honest here, if I were to use this setup frequently WITH the strobe & beauty dish I will likely buy Matthews or other heavy duty commercial light stand. But for Speedlite and equivalent flash with an umbrella or small to medium softbox then it should be more than enough. You're definitely not going to need the 10lb weight attached with such setup.
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on March 4, 2014
As a professional, I have realistic expectations when it comes to equipment, that's why I named my review accordingly. Generally speaking photo hardware like stands under $150 tends to be suspect. Since I am a mobile and work on location mostly I expect my equipment to take a beating. For the price of $65 shipped, I consider this boom stand good value. It probably won't hold up like another brand name so I know I'll have to be more gentle/

The hardware for tightening are plastic so I have to be sure not to put too much weight on the boom. It should probably work ok for one Speedlite and a light modifier. I wouldn't mount a studio flash on this boom. If I did, I would make sure an assistant is stand right next to this boom.

I might update this review after a few months of use but I'm not too disappointed with this boom.
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With the caveat that I'm writing this on Day 1 of ownership, I will say I'm impressed. THIS is what I envisioned light stand to be made like. It's thick, sturdy, and I finally have no fear in placing a light on something. Everything (cheap) that I purchased when I first started out felt like they were made by 5th graders from bamboo stalks. This is (for now) a solid piece of gear. I wish they'd make all of their stands like this, not just the boom stand.
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I couldn't find anything close to this for the money. I've had one for about six months now and used it on several shoots, holding up a speedlight inside a 36-inch softbox. Works great, nice and sturdy. Well, it feels sturdy when it's set up and holding the light, but the plastic parts make me fear it won't last long. So far, so good, though, so look for a reviewer who's had one longer.

My only real complaint is the goofy attachment device that both holds the boom arm and allows it to be tilted or extended. Can anybody use one of these without three hands? It seems to be industry standard, though, so maybe I'm missing something. Anyway, if you're like me, a semi-pro who does the occasional studio shoot, this thing does the job for a reasonable price.
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on September 11, 2015

At first...when you get it, you feel it and go "this is VERY light weight,,,and the joints are made out of hard plastic...hmm"

But then you remember, if you want it to be lightweight (which you do), they have two options..Carbon Fiber or Plastic. So, sure, Carbon FIber would be a better thing, BUT, you'd also be paying a LOT more.

So, I'm ok with the "plastic" feel of this thing. I'll be careful with it.

Now, on the top head, and the boom arm head, you have the standard lightstand style knob thing, AND, attached, you have a 1/4 20 thread for mounting ANYTHIng else! So cool! I thought I'd have to buy little adapters but this stand comes with it standard. The boom are is VERY long and that is exactly why you'd get this.

Just, of course, be very careful to add counterweights, always. It's just basic physics, people. Even the strongest, fully metal C stand will tip if you are not careful about properly weighing it down.

Anyway, I'm so glad I found this cheap, cheap option.
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on January 6, 2016
Package arrived totally banged up, presumably because if the counterweight. Only one piece came off in transit but it fell out of the hole in the box on my front porch. I guess I got lucky.

So the product... it's way sturdier than I was expecting for the price. It's obviously not pro quality but it's good enough for me. Hung my D750 and a pretty hefty lense over a shallow pool for a photoshoot and felt comfortable because of the counterweight. Good for stationary purposes. You can mount two things on it too. You have the vertical stand and the boom. That's nice. You do need an adapter to put a tripod head on it. I just mounted my camera directly to the screws that came with it while I wait for the adapter to arrive. Adapter is on its way so I can try out my ball head later this evening.
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In the past I have owned a Manfrotto Boom Stand with their lead counterweight. It was a work horse and I missed it a lot when it was stolen. When I was ready to replace it I decided to go with this Cowboy Studio model because I have purchased some of their stands and have been impressed with the quality of them. The stand that comes with this kit is better than I anticipated. The tubes are really large and solid and the locks for the two sections have a flip-type switch which is really quick and convenient. There is also a quick release socket on the top of the stand with could be helpful if I wanted to mount a light or another accessory on the top of it. The weight is solid but it did not lock as well onto the boom as I would like.

The only thing that disappointed me was that the bracket that attached the boom arm to the light stand is made out of plastic where my old Manfrotto/Bogen bracket was made of metal. The plastic connector may last as long but it doesn't adjust as easily to the exact position that I want it in. Still, I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to those on a budget.
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I thought this boom and stand were very substantial for the price. The stand, boom and fastening devices have a solid feel. For the money, I was expecting something very flimsy that might just workout. I didn't expect the solid feeling stand that I received. The clasp mechanism, is a little simplistic in design and slightly more complicated in function than I would like, but for the money I paid, I couldn't expect more. The sandbag is top quality as far as I am concerned. I will try to get back and update this review after some more use. I am so far pleased with the two purchases I have made from Cowboy studios. This and a cheap radio trigger device that works perfectly.
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on March 8, 2010
I have to say, this stand is quite a value for the price. It's BIG, the components are chunky and seem to be of decent quality, and I'm not afraid to put relatively heavy lighting gear on it. I'm not using monoblocs or heavy AC powered studio light or anything, just multiple flash strobes and modifiers - softboxes, brollies, etc, but I have no fears about putting a good bit of weight on this stand.

The main tube is faux-air-cushioned (meaning, it appears to have a simple spring in the main vertical tube to dampen the shock of the weighted boom arm dropping after you loosen the tilt head). The spring scrapes a bit on the inside of the tube, making a slight noise but otherwise working quite effectively. Personally, I'm not complaining - they could've left that out entirely at this price point, but it's a welcome addition.

There is an aluminum screw-in O-ring at the short end of the boom for an (included) weight bag, and there is a cheap little carabiner included in the package. This is great, because you can stick a camera bag, reflector kit, etc on that ring to act as a counterweight, or use the included bag, or whatever else you feel like. Pretty convenient.

The boom arm has one telescoping extension that goes out pretty darn far. The end of the telescoping extension has a metal stud locked in place with a clip-tensioner that feels quite secure. Once you have the end weighted down there is a small amount of flex in the arm, but that's to be expected. The diameter and weight of all the tubing is actually quite impressive, especially at this price point.

The tripod legs extend quite far out and are surprisingly stable, though if you have any significant weight on the (extended) boom you are at risk of tipping. Just make sure to keep one leg pointed toward the end of the boom arm, and utilize a counterweight. If you do that, this stand isn't going anywhere.

My favorite feature has to be the extra stud included at the top of the central vertical tube. This allows you to attach another accessory (flash, umbrella stand, lightbox, etc) at the central post of the lightstand while having a second modifer/light setup at the end of the boom arm. This is perfect for clamshell lighting setups, etc.

I've also found that a heavy duty spring clamp (or two) works great on the boom arm to hold a large reflector.

The knobs and clip tensioners seem to be sturdy and of good quality. The tilt head is probably the weakest point. It's plastic and has chunky grooved teeth that interlock to hold the boom at the desired angle. You have to loosen the adjustment lever pretty far out to be able to slip the teeth apart and adjust the tilt. Swiveling action is somewhat stiff as well. That said, it feels secure and I'm not too concerned.

It's a pretty versatile setup, all things considered. If you're on a budget (starving student, hobbyist with pro ambitions, etc), this is the *perfect* multi-purpose lightstand. Use this one at home or in a relatively static environment (it's bulky to carry around, though it folds up quite well and doesn't weigh too much), and get a mini lightstand for portability (LumoPro LP604 is ideal). If you're a pro photog whose livelihood depends on the best equipment, well, you should have known better than to look at this product in the first place. But it's a fine, well-made lightstand that I have no problem recommending for medium-duty use.
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