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on April 18, 2014
I don't understand the negative reviews. I do daily youtube videos and wanted to upgrade to at least some beginner lights. They have improved my videos 1000% I have had zero problems with any part of these lights. I watched a youtube video to figure out how to put them together. I had them up and was filming within less than 20 minutes. Ignore the negatives. These lights are perfect for a beginner.
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on March 5, 2015
I first purchased the CowboyStudio Photography/Video Studio Triple Lighting Kit with 10 feet x 12 feet Black, White and Green Muslins Backdrops and Background Support System with Case for use in my photography studio. I was so impressed with the quality, low-cost lighting set up, that I ordered this set to go along with it. I must say, I am so impressed with the easy set up, the great product, the quality of the materials and the right amount of diffused lighting these give off. I have since recommended the Cowboy Studio lighting products to two photography friends of mine!! The stands on this particular set are much sturdier than the Triple Lighting Kit set I originally purchased.
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on April 19, 2017
 For the price, this is a GREAT value kit! 2 light stands, 2 soft boxes, 2 bulbs, and a carrying bag.
But the build quality is quite cheap and over time they will fall apart, especially if you don't baby them like I do.

I've had mine for 4 years, but they're just barely holding together.

The stands are lightweight and likely need weighted down or sandbagged.
The soft boxes and diffusion itself is quite nice.
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on February 16, 2016
Almost burned my house down. Setup was fine, got my studio area ready, turned the lights on to check function, went to grab a fill light, and the first bulb flicked off, with a nasty electrical smell. I pulled it to check it in another light socket, and it was dead.

By the time I got back the other bulb was flickering and making electrical short noises, and smoke was coming from the ballast. I quickly unplugged it and out of curiosity I grabbed my laser interferometer and checked the base of the bulb. It was 250 degrees F. I don't know if it would have burned my house down if I'd been distracted, but it is ridiculously dangerous, very poorly made, and the people who sold it are bad and they should feel bad, and everything about the lights are bad.

I'm returning it for money and I'll buy some lights that are less potentially lethal.
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on March 6, 2014
I couldn't wait to write a review for these lights. I just received them in the mail and put them to use immediately in the field. I work in broadcast news and decided to test them in conditions where you probably shouldn't be using softboxes. However they held up. I used both lights for a live shot and got great results even in the wind and some light rain. The stands are not quite as rugged as standard news lights, but they more than held up in the wind with some sandbags on the base.

Set up and tear down was very simple and quick. The lights did not get too hot to handle and I've been able to store the lights (with caution) in the bags the softboxes come in. They are light weight to carry around and I will be using them for "one-man-band" shoots in the near future.

A great purchase and an awesome deal.
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on February 26, 2016
This set is made ok and holds up as long as your not really hard on it. It's not as bright as I hoped and needed. One bulb blew right away when I turned these lights on. The seller was not very receptive to the problem, even though other reviewers had the same problem. After several unanswered emails a replacement bulb just showed up. Several months later the other bulb blew. These lights probably had been used MAYBE 10 hours total so the fact I'd had so much trouble early on makes this set a total disappointment for me. The replacement bulbs are too pricey(almost half the price of the set)for the brightness I'll get. Instead of putting money into under-performing bulbs I decided to replace them with Natural Daylight 150 watt bulbs and supplementing with 2 LED work lights and OTT lights. The big drawback about the bulbs for this set and in fact many regular incandescent bulbs is they tend to make photos appear yellow. I use a Fuji Finepix S1000 which does have white balance adjustment and found the bulbs that came with the set are no better than the little OTT Lights and homemade multiple bulb fixtures I had rigged up. In fact they were more yellow. There is no natural sunlight where I take photos so I need all the light I can get. I wouldn't recommend this set at all and feel it was a waste of money. The newer high wattage LED work lights are super bright, photos aren't yellow, and you get way more light for the money. Save your money and look into other alternatives.
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on January 12, 2014
I needed some fill lights to use on occasion and were quick to setup and transportable. These fit the bill. I use for digital videography and these lights were just what I needed. I'm not sure they would stand up to daily use but for occasional use you can't go wrong.
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on January 21, 2016
I am giving a low rating because one of the rods broke off where they attach to the loop (that fits around the bulb to open the box) while I was taking it apart from a second use/photo shoot. Unfortunately, I did not notice it until a third use that would have been well after a reasonable time frame for returning it.
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on December 28, 2015
as a working actor with many self-tape auditions to complete with a quick turnover, i am so grateful to cowboy studio for making something reasonably priced and of fine enough quality that my audition tapes look as professional as a non-techinical bloke can muster. these lights have done me (and many other actor friends that come to my place to put auditions on tape) so so well!
also, the cowboystudio folks are very kind! a year after receiving these, i wanted to finally address that one of my stands didnt have the necessary poles to bring it to the height of its counterpart. i contacted them and, even though my original order was placed with a third party, they quickly sent me a replacement stand with a really nice carrying case for it.
really grateful for these!
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on October 29, 2015
Very Cheaply constructed. First light bulb blew out in the first 5 minutes of use. Barely stands up on their own. Not as bright as one would think. The diffuser and reflector material is not great. The storage bags will get about 5 uses before they rip apart. Stands do not fit in same bag as reflectors. Look elsewhere.
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