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on March 27, 2015
I really love this. There are many less expensive mounts out there but in my opinion you can not find a better bracket than this without spending over $50. It is all metal construction with plastic knobs and umbrella block the plastic is really really tough. It feels strong and substantial when you have it in your hands. The cold shoe clamps tight and secure. It comes with a metal adapter on the bottom half that allows you to mount it on a tripod directly and the cold shoe adapter is removable to reveal a standard screw to mount other accessories. The umbrella mount is heavy duty and I have no problem using a 43 inch Brolly-Box with my speed-light and wireless controller attached. A very versatile piece of equipment. A very high quality mount for the price and I'm going to buy more and toss out all those cheap brackets that I've been struggling with for years.
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on August 7, 2016
Even though the investment for this flash bracket is minimal, I'm requesting a refund/return since it just doesn't work. No matter how hard I tighten the flash bracket, the flash sometimes falls off. Fortunately, it has only fallen inside my umbrella/softbox and hasn't hit the floor yet... In addition, the umbrella pole can't be cinched tightly enough into the hole for the umbrella, and the umbrella also slips off of the bracket. My smallest diameter umbrella shaft is sort of okay, but still wobbly. The larger diameter umbrella shaft can only be inserted partially due to the metal flange that is inside the umbrella receptacle, and tightening the screw doesn't help at all. Since I needed to use this bracket for a photo shoot right away, I simply removed the metal flange from the umbrella receptacle so that I can tighten the screw to get a better grip on the umbrella. The whole set-up is just too rickety and subject to failure, which would be embarrassing if it happened in front of a client, so I'm searching for a better system. Investing in a cheap bracket is not a good idea, since your expensive flash unit and radio trigger and softbox or umbrella is at risk...

The picture below shows the umbrella opening with the metal flange that is probably supposed to help secure the umbrella shaft into the hole, but it doesn't work. If you remove that flange, you can insert the umbrella and tighten the screw.
review image
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on April 9, 2015
I think the confusion over what these brackets are made of may be because there are several different models listed on one product page. I bought two of the D mounts, which Cowboy Studio says are made of aluminum alloy. It has a heavy, solid feel to it. I was about give it five stars, but then I realized that on one of the two I purchased, the part that contains the umbrella hole was loose where it screws into the upper plate. I called CS for support and was told how to disassemble it and tighten the screws, or return it. I decided tightening the screws sounded easy enough -- until I took the thing apart and realized the holes in the top plate had not been threaded correctly. After a bit of achy work with a Phillips screwdriver, I got it tightened up and reassembled. I think it'll be fine, but I'm dinging it a star for quality control. Now as to the features, this thing will swivel horizontally and tilt vertically. The mounting post has a spring-loaded catch to keep it from falling out -- this feature is also what lets you loosen the post to rotate the bracket without it coming off the stand. The knob for adjusting the vertical angle is large and easy to use, and the bracket tightens firmly. The thumbwheel just under the cold shoe is how you can adjust the angle of the shoe in relation to the umbrella if you need to: turn the thumbwheel so that the shoe points in the proper direction when tight. For aiming the entire bracket, loosen the bottom thumb screw and swivel the bracket from the bottom. The cold shoe adjustment is a little finicky so be careful to get your flash inserted tightly and just so. All in all, I think this is a very good value.
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on January 28, 2014
I paid half as much as I paid for a speedlight mount that I bought at a local camera store, and feel like I got twice my monies worth. This mount is built very well, I am very happy with it. The umbrella shaft hole is angled, to help center the umbrella in front of the flash, and the swivel part of the head is built very strong, absolutely no chance of it slipping once the umbrella is mounted and the head is tightened. When I get more lights this is the only mount I will buy.
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Works as intended. This tilt bracket holds my Canon 580EX-II or 430 EX-II when used as slaves for direct flash or reflected diffuse flash using an umbrella. It includes a clamp-down flash shoe mount, and a solid brass 1/4-20 to light-stand mount pin, so can be used directly on a pin light stand or on a tripod with a 1/4-20 screw. It's sturdy and is made of die-cast metal, sheet metal, and plastic and is fairly heavy.

It's easily strong enough for the heavy Canon 580EX-II. There are locking metal thumb-screws for the light-stand pin mount, the flash shoe clamp, and the umbrella shaft and a large plastic lock knob for the tilt adjustment. All are secure when tightened. The umbrella-shaft thumb-screw is off center, so although it does securely hold the umbrella shaft, may cause damage to the shaft if over-tightened (use caution).
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VINE VOICEon May 10, 2013
Over the last year, I have come to rely on products provided by CowboyStudio ( they source products and do not actually manufacture them). I consider their vetting process pretty good. However, this product simply did not fit my specific need based on the design.

My intended use was to create a "Speedlight gun" similiar to the Lastolite LL LU2125 Brolly Grip, which I tried previously (I reviewed the product on Amazon as well). The first issue I had was that when mounted to the Camera Pistol Grip (also reviewed) via a stud (not provided btw), the entire setup became unstable (pocketwizard and Nikon SB-900). One I added even just a small umbrella, the entire solution became unusable. I simply could not tighten down the clamp onto the stud in a sufficient manner.

Despite my experience, this is a good umbrella holder bracket for basic traditional needs. The build quality is OK, but not comparable to Manfrotto for example. The highlight of the build quality is the all metal cold-shoe clamp system whereas the lowpoint is the threads on the screws, which can quickly become bare if overtightened. The price difference should be a clear indicator in regard to build quality. For advanced hobbyists, this product should prove fine and last for at least a year or two under normal use. If you want "lifetime" brackets, you will need to go all metal and pay a lot more.

Note that this product does not come with the brass studs needed for mounting.
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on May 2, 2014
A mount bracket is a pretty generic piece of equipment with at least several manufacturers. This one has a tightening screw that is a bit fragile. The screw broke pretty quickly when trying to tighten something down. Otherwise it fits and does its job.
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Not sure why you want a cheap Hot shoe umbrella holder other than your like super tight on budget. I would not recommend getting anything with Cowboy Studio unless you are just looking to collect junk. I mean it can do the job, not going to take that away from this tool, however, learning through life, I rather have more quality and long lasting stuff like a hot shoe umbrella holder from Manfrotto. I think the Newer one is good too, I forget, but you want something metal like and rigid, not plastic and cheapy feeling like this one.
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on June 13, 2015
Was led to believe that it is metal..... it is resin grade plastic and while that is tough stuff, it weakens over time. Not quite what I expected but it does work as stated. Would recommend this only if you are not supporting more than about 5 lbs of gear or holding it at a wierd angle that would place fa lot of stress on the mounting point. One major issue: The umbrella mount has a flex spring mounted to provide friction pressure as you insert the umbrella shaft.....however, the screw designed to clamp onto the umbrella shaft actually makes contact with the side of the flex spring and so does very little for security. I removed the flex spring and threw it into a box in case I want to sell the whole stand at a later date.
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on March 21, 2014
In looking for a flash mount, I wanted something as high-quality as possible without spending as much on the mount as I did my flash.

There are definitely cheaper options out there (can't vouch for any of them), but I'm very happy with this. It's sturdy, solid, and has all the adjustment options I need. It might not be made out of solid titanium and a marvel of German engineering, but I'm not at all worried about it breaking or dropping my flash.

It's still not perfect, of course - there are a lot of screws that are easy to confuse while working, and the screws feel like the least sturdy part of the entire mount - but, for this price, I'd definitely buy it again.
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