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on September 16, 2016
Great shoot-thru umbrella for this price. I bought two.
NOTE: I found this 43" umbrella is perfect diam to match beam dia coming off the Yongnuo 568 flash w/flash zoomed wide open (24 mm)

TIP: I found you have to spend at least $20 to get a decent flash hot shoe umbrella holder. I recommend these:
Full aluminum OM-18 Pro Flash Hot Shoe Umbrella Holder adapter mount with Swivel/Tilt Bracket 3 section U shape for Nikon and Canon Speedlight 430EX 580EX SB600 SB800 SB900 Yongnuo YN560 YN568EX YN565EX
Phottix Varos Pro S Multi-Function Flash Shoe Umbrella Holder (PH87200)

NOTE: I tried and DO NOT recommend these:
CowboyStudio Umbrella Mount Bracket (B0034WR71G)
Generic Flash Bracket Swivel Umbrella Holder (B003TYDBYQ)

If you want softer more flattering portrait light, one of the lowest cost but still good octo softboxes is this one:
Neewer 47"/120cm Octagonal Speedlite, Studio Flash, Speedlight Umbrella Softbox with Carrying Bag for Portrait or Product Photography

These are great as light stands or as intended backdrop stands:
PBL Backdrop Background Support Stand System Photography Studio Video 10x12 (feet) Heavy Duty Background Stands with Metal Locking Collars, Not Plastic, Spring Loaded Newly Patented 12ft Cross Bar Steve Kaeser Photographic Lighting & Accessories

What I love about the shoot-thru umbrella (like Cowboy Studio 43") is how fast is the set up, especially compared to the inconvenice of setting up a full softbox

Of course, I hope you don't think a cheapie CowboyStudio 43" will hold up to outside use in wind conditions. You'll need something heavier duty of that's your end use
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on December 5, 2012
Surely you don't buy $5 umbrellas to last a lifetime. I use this with my 285HVs and they work great. Don't man handle them and they won't break, sort of like any other umbrella. Not much else here. They didn't catch fire when I opened them so there is that. If there is something you want to know comment.

Update: Umbrellas are still working strong. I added a product image of a self portrait of myself to get an idea of their capability. No temperature shift seen. The temperature of the lights is the temperature the umbrellas transmit.

Update II (2-10-12): I broke one of the arms of the umbrella. I was half expecting this to happen. It wasn't from regular use but rather bending it when it came in contact with a lightstand I was collapsing. I repaired the arm by sticking a kebab skewer in the arm and lacing it to the arm as a sort of brace. It works well and I didn't have to buy a new one. Still recommended for the price.
review image
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on November 30, 2012
Over all my feed back on the item is positive.

The umbrella I purchased is as described in item overview. It is not a high quality item but is great for occasional use by non-professionals. One can not beat the price. Even professionals would find the umbrella useful with gentle use and care. The item is reasonable quality for the low price.

In conversation with the seller I found the seller to be helpful and considerate concerning an issue I had with shipping. Seller made an offer to me exceeding my expectation so my review of the seller is top notch.
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on July 10, 2017
I picked two of these up as a cheap umbrella to use when I'm shooting outside. After using them for two shoots, they have held up just fine. The only downside is that the fabric isn't exactly the same in color. I had planned on exchanging it for a different one, but the price doubled on amazon and amazon wouldn't let me exchange...only return. So I am hanging on to it and for 14 dollars, it's fine.
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on December 10, 2015
After a few mishaps my white umbrella died. It happens when the wind catches it and decides to fly just like Mary Poppins! haha. CowboyStudio makes quality gear for the price. I keep an extra on hand so I don't have to wait for shipping when I just have to have it. I've used the umbrella for thousands of photos and low how it diffuses the light and gives an even balance where I need it most!

Buy one, it's so worth the price.
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on November 22, 2013
These umbrellas are very cheap and affordable. They do the job well, but they are not very sturdy. I highly recommend using this umbrella only in low wind or no wind situations. I used it at the park with decent wind and the umbrella turned inside out and completely broke; happened twice. The umbrella shaft is also very weak. I've attached them to alien bee strobes and tightening the screw down onto the umbrella shaft bent it inward very easily. Loosening it up a little causes the umbrella to slip out easily.

I would highly recommend this umbrella indoors, as in an indoor studio. very cheap and dispensable if broken.
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on December 12, 2013
Expect to put this in your light stand once, maybe twice and then toss it....
It works great while it in your light stand, but once you take it out, the metal rod is going to bend, crimp, and break no matter what you do. I read the reviews of the rod being fragile and took that into consideration when I was tighting it down. The second I removed it, it has a bend in. I used it a second time and the bend turned into a break when I removed it. The rod now won't stay through the center spoke when the umbrella is collapsed...I can still use the umbrella (barely), but I have to fidget with the rod to get it through the center spoke....
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on March 1, 2014
Great product! Unfortunately, Amazon has proven to me that they do not care about their customers. When I had an issue with a different product (Amazon's fault-defective product) I contacted Amazon and they refused to make it right. After I emailed them (seven times!) I never once heard back from them. What a TERRIBLE way to treat your customers!!! Beware! If you can, always try and buy items from the companies who make them directly...DO NOT go through Amazon. They do not deserve the money when they disregard their customers so terribly!
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on August 19, 2013
This is a sweet deal. Makes for some great soft light. Cloth-y material seems strong and ready for action. Really excited on the shots I'm already getting!

One thing to note:
The bag it comes in, (sweet plasticy wrap thing you can re-use in a stand bag, etc.) has a sticker on it. DO NOT remove it!! It melts in shipping and becomes a sticky, nasty mess all over the outside of the bag. And doesn't come off. Like, ever. So just leave it!

This buy rules, though. Great deal!
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on July 29, 2013
I would not use this outside at all.

It is just not that sturdy, bends easy, the plastic is what it is. The price point is hard to be beat though and its intended usage was for me in controlled environments and it performs fine. Outside would be ok with no wind but I would just not recommend it.

With any thing cheap, be cautious, you cant exactly constant open and close this thing. Even though its cheap I intend to use it for a while. Very thin fabric but it actually does its job perfectly, it softens the light.
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