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on February 5, 2016
The knee space in my desk does not have a privacy panel and my desk is located adjacent to an exterior wall that is cool in the winter. I purchased the Cozy Legs Flat Panel Heater to keep my legs, ankles and feet warm. The panel is attached to the dry wall with adhesive back, Velcro strips that were supplied with the heater. The strips have stayed in place on the wall but came off the panel within the first week, even after carefully using the alcohol wipes provided to clean the attachment surface.

According to my optical pyrometer, the hot face of the panel cycles between 125 F and 145 F. I am not sure how accurate my Harbor Freight pyrometer is, but you will immediately withdraw your hand (without a burn) if you touch the hot panel. This seems consistent with the readings. The back face remains cool to the touch with the panel leaning against the wall, but not attached to the wall. The power cord is reasonably long with the off/on switch in the middle. The switch illuminates brightly when the panel is on. The panel is either off or on at full power.

With the panel on, you end up sitting next to a warm wall, but there is little heat projected into the knee space. My desk has a 1x4" decorative/structural board across the back in the knee area which ends up about 3" from the wall. That board and the electrical cords wrapped around it do not get hot to the touch.

If you are buying this heating panel to compensate for a cool environment, you will be disappointed. Buy a space heater instead. The panel basically keeps you from radiating heat from your body to a cool surface.
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on March 3, 2015
Purchased this to mount inside our newly-built chicken coop. Tested it out inside - It gives off a nice amount of heat constantly. When you actually use it to put your feet on, with just socks on it is too warm to keep your feet on. This was mounted on the back wall of our coop. It has gotten down to -25 degrees this winter and the chickens are perfectly fine. Along with their body heat and a well-insulated 4' x 4' x 4' coop, this was the perfect solution...and no worrying about a fire!
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on December 30, 2017
For starters....you are not supposed to use this as a chicken coop heater. That didn't stop me though. I am using this to heat a cheap, $200, 4 foot by 3 foot chicken coop that is drafty and made out of wood sides about as thick as single ply cardboard. In the daytime, with the ramp/door down, the inside of the coop stays about 10-15 degrees warmer than outside, At night, with the 2 chickens and 1 duck in their coop, it ends up about 20 degrees warmer than outside. While Cozy Products does make a chicken coop heater, it was a lower wattage, and not designed to be wall mounted, but rather to stand up in an open space for a larger (better insulated) coop. I am very happy that I chose this given how drafty and cold their coop gets, as well as considering the space constraints.

While this came with velcro to mount it, I didn't see that working out well for my purposes, and definitely did not want this falling over and possibly scalding my birds at night. I also didn't want it under the hay because despite having a metal finish, that plus their water dish just screamed "eletrical hazard." Anyway, I mounted this with 2 bolts and washers on the top and another 2 on the bottom, holding it firmly up against one wall of the coop. At this point, the coop will definitely fall over before this thing falls off.

I have this plugged into a thermocube to turn on at 35 degrees and off at 45 degrees. I just leave it plugged in and ready to go year round with a temperature alarm in the coop in case it ever fails. So far, it's survived a very stormy Illinois fall though and is slicing through a bitterly cold winter with ease. No frozen water dish in the morning either, despite having removed the dish heater. This thing can keep up even in a chinsey little coop.
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on December 7, 2013
Bought this heater to use in our chicken coop. Not really made for that particular usage but it does the job wonderfully. This in combination with the hi/low switch keeps the chickens toasty warm on the coldest of nights and uses very little power on the low setting. Will buy again if and when it ever stops working.
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on September 23, 2016
This is very powerful and warm. I used to make my own kotastu and I love it. Keeps me warm in the midwest winters and does not have the dangers of a space heater. Overall, I am satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone who wants a nice heater at their desk or in their home. I do not think it is powerful to heat an entire room, but it works great for small spaces.
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on December 21, 2016
I felt it was important to write this review on behalf of my hens. Was going to try to tough it out with no heat in the coop and so glad I chose to go with the Cozy Legs. I have 5 hens and a 4x3 insulated coop - they are out most of the day or in a sheltered run and in the coop at night, we live in a high altitude desert type climate, so can be warm in the daytime and very cold at night. Installed the Cozy Legs on one end of the coop alongside a roost, so the girls have free choice about being next to it or not. The very first morning, they came out brighter and happier - I could see a difference in their attitude. They like to sit in front of the heater and warm their tail feathers! It is such a safe & gentle heat - does not warm my entire small coop, but am seeing about 10 - 15 degrees difference between the two ends and the heater has the benefit of reducing the humidity level in the coop. So my girls are happier and drier - today is solstice and one of my best layers gave me a lovely egg after an 8 week break - think it may be related to warmth, as the days are certainly not getting longer just yet. So am not viewing this product as a coop heater but more of a warming option for the girls, like the Brinsea was when they were babies. Very glad I made the choice and very happy with the product!
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on January 21, 2015
I bought this for my chicken coop. I live in western NY and it get very cold at night. I use it when the temps get way down in the single digits and below zero. It works great! the chickens love roosting near it at night. it doesn't get hot but just warm enough to help them brave the cold. i definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a heater for their coop. I want to add that it comes with velcro to add attach to the wall. there was no way i was using velcro to do that especially in a chicken coop so we bought some brackets to make sure it was up there nice and safe. Worked Great!
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on December 18, 2015
Yes - It heats up.
No - You won't feel the heat from it more than about 6 inches away from it.

I have poor circulation to my feet. For years I've been searching for the best way to keep my feet comfortable in the winter at both of my desks (office and home). In both places I work on top of a concrete slab with low-pile carpeting (no pad). Once it gets to 45 deg.F outside, I start getting cold feet (in socks and shoes, or thick socks and slippers). I've tried numerous forced air heaters. Too often these little space heaters throw off too much heat and use too much energy, or they burn themselves up in a year.

At my office I have a corner, so I have 2 outside walls to deal with. It will often be about 48 deg.F under my desk in the winter. I'm now using a pair of Lasko #100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater, and it helps. At home I have a Vornado and this Cozy Legs Flat Panel Heater - often running them both at the same time.

I tried the panel heater as suggested: mounted to the vanity panel on my desk - no noticeable comfort. I tried it on the sideboard of my desk (closer to my legs) and only noticeable comfort on the leg closest to it. Today I laid the panel flat on the floor (I know the directions say not to) and my legs and feet are much happier - as long as I wear my slippers to keep my feet from getting too hot, and as long as I keep my feet and legs over the panel. I don't see this as a long-term solution. My next trick will be a heating blanket on the floor at home. 3 settings and an auto-off timer. Maybe I'll try this panel heater at my office to warm a section of cold wall.
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on February 6, 2014
I bought this heater for my chicken coop .. I live in Michigan and it gets cold here .. I wanted something in their 4 ft x 4 ft coop so there was some heat - I think it helps take the chill out .. not much but some.. -- they have a small out side area to go to too but I have it enclosed with windows ..this heater works and it is a bit warmer so when they sleep at night the heater and them warm it up enough.. I have been watching the combs for frost bite -- and other with what they had - I don't see any new. I had no problem putting it up - I just used some 1 inch boards around the heater and held it in with some window screen clips ..
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on February 15, 2016
We, too, are using this as a chicken coop heater. I am very happy with it so far. The metal sheeting on it protects it from pecks, I mounted it on the inside wall with some screws and old shelf brackets, and it keeps the temp inside around 40 F even on very bitter nights(down to 0 F one night recently). I have it plugged into a 75' extension cord with the lighted switch outside the coop up under the eve. I can see if the switch is on easily from the house in the dark.
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