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on October 2, 2016
We ordered both the softer and firmer, one of each, king size. The pillows come shipped in a vacuum bag and they give you instructions on how to "fluff" them up; mine did not need it--after five minutes they were fully expanded on their own. I was worried that there might be a plasticy smell with the pillows packaged so air-tight; Nope, their is no smell at all. The first think I noticed about these is that these are biiigggg pillows. They are every bit of king size, no skimping. I personally like the softer one but both firmnesses are still way better than any other pillow I've used before. I bought some expensive pillows from Ikea earlier in the year but they still were not very comfortable. With these CozyCloud pillows, I have finally found a product that doesn't give me a stiff neck or cause me to toss and turn. Give these pillows a try, I think you will find them as great as I have.
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on November 27, 2016
I bought this pillow to replace the My Pillow I was using. So glad I did. The My Pillow was a lumpy mess and I never could get it adjusted for my head. This pillow came as described and I put it in the dryer for 20 minutes as directed and it fluffed right up. I am now sleeping so much better and my neck seems fully aligned. I am a side-sleeper and am going though some night sweats but I just need to flip this pillow when I get hot and go right back to sleep. I do have trouble with my cat taking over the pillow because it's so comfortable. Thanks for the good night's sleep I've been missing.
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on June 1, 2017
We started out with the Firm model. This was a little too much pillow, even for me sleeping on my side. So we did the exchange process, which was very simple, and they shipped me out the softer version. So far, I like this pillow. It's hard to give it that "great" rating, partially because it has to be extremely good to get that kind of rating from me, but I do like it. My only complaint would be that the pillow doesn't hold a pillow shape, so each morning I have to beat it up to get it to fill back out the pillow case and look like a pillow again. It has a tendency to form in whatever way you manipulate it throughout the night. It never leaves you flat, or unsupported, but it won't necessarily look like a pillow in the morning if you do any kind of tossing and turning, or for the king size, slide it down and wrap your arms around it. All together it's a good pillow and I'd recommend it to others. We'll see as time passes how long it lasts, but for now, I'm happy.
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on March 10, 2017
I just purchased two of these pillows last week needing to really upgrade my sleeping conditions and comfort from what I have been using. I've been experiencing some sleeping discomfort from shoulders and arms falling asleep through out the night to tossing back and forth to keep my blood flow even in my arms and shoulders. I am about to turn sixty so I thought this could be an underlining factor just one of those things you need to except as you age.
Since, it was time to upgrade my sleeping situation back to Amazon doing my homework, reading reviews, making a finally decision.

I finally decided on the "CozyCloud Deluxe" after reading numerous reviews about neck pains, headaches being relieved from just a pillow which in my case I just wanted to sleep in comfort. I decided to order two CozyClouds noticing that they offered only Queen/King size only which is fine I
needed Queen size any ways, but they also seem to be the only distributor selling these bamboo pillows with a choice in soft or firm with a statement of sending back for trade in on either or firm/soft.

With that said I'm going to ordering one of each because I don't know which will accommodate my present needs. I ordered the soft for my son and firm for myself because I'm a side sleeper and all reviews and pillow companies suggest firm for side sleepers. This was my first time for this older man to order a pillow online though the mail since I hate going to malls. It came on time just like 95% of all Amazon products.

Funny how you can send two queen size pillows and be able to fit in your locked mail box for delivery. They come rolled up just like a sleeping bag with all the air taken out for easy shipping. All you have to do is unroll, cut a small hole in the plastic and wait for it to grow into your new pillow. My son on the other hand just took it and slept on it that night.

I am very happy with my purchase of these pillows. The firm is just like it says firmer then the soft. I notice from trading off sleeping on each one for a
few nights my head molds into the soft pillow yet gives me the support I need for side sleeping and feels comforting on my face for some reason. I can tell since I do have both soft/firm the pillow form pieces inside are smaller to the touch or filled in with different sizes of filling or mixture of combination. Now remember these pillows I believe are the only ones that have 3 different kinds of filling fiber, foam, and memory foam. Most others have only two or some gel?

I don't really know the difference between foam and memory foam...I really don't want to do that much homework on a pillow...if it feels good for yourself and meets your needs that's all that matters.

I hope this helps others to make a decision on the "CozyCloud Plush Bamboo pillow"

Have a great night sleeping.

P.S. I also forgot to mention this company sent me a follow up email and I responded back and couldn't believe that Mike even followed up with my email. I really thought the first mail was just one those automated response mail back when you order something online. He mailed back knew what I wrote about and reminded me to use a code for a free pillow cover.
This day a age of automated customer service it is very refreshing to get back personal response from a company. This is another big plus on your own purchase from iDreamBest, LLC.
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on December 4, 2016
This is the Best pillow I have ever owned. I previously had a My Pillow which was great also but left it at a vacation place and needed a replacement quick. Thought I would try this pillow after reading reviews. I liked that it also was made in the USA so thought I'd give it a try. Well this Cozy Cloud Pillow was even better! I had ZERO neck pain after the first nights sleep. I got the softer one and it was perfect! I highly recommend this pillow!!!
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on January 8, 2017
i love this pillow! I've slept great since I got it!! I've spent a lot of money on pillows trying to find one that worked for me. I wish I'd just spent the money on a CozyCloud at the beginning. I'd have saved money and had several years more of better sleep. When I got it, I put it in the dryer for 20 minutes like suggested and it was perfect. Then they sent me an offer for a zipper cover. Score!! I'd love a zipper cover. I ordered the Firmer Queen.
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on December 15, 2017
I got a 20 dollar memory foam pillow and it was lumpy and unconformable. This one you cant feel the chunks.
First night I used this I over slept till 11 AM. It does a amazing job of cradling your head and establishing good spinal posture whilst sleeping. Its soft, cloud like as the advertised. Except clouds are all water and air so that would be unforgettable, soggy and not much support. Perhaps they could say soft like a dumpling. But then sleeping on a dumpling would be weird you could just eat at any time of the night and get fat.
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I was a little skeptical about purchasing this pillow as I have tried a couple of other memory foam pillows, but with the foam being shredded it makes all the difference in the world. I was used to sleeping on a buckwheat pillow which I liked because I could maneuver the hulls to accommodate my position. This pillow does the exact same thing, but it is so soft and comfortable, and it is much larger than my buckwheat pillow. I have been extremely happy with this purchase and would recommend HIGHLY to others! Thanks CozyCloud!
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on June 30, 2017
Warranty is useless if you can't even reach someone in customer service.
Although this pillow seems to be well made, it is far too full to use comfortably - ended up with stiff neck every night. Tried three times to contact the company to return the pillow and have some of the stuffing removed under their "Free Exchange Warranty", but never heard back from them.
The warranty and made in the USA were main factors in why I chose to buy a CozyCloud pillow from iDreamBest, LLC, but now I wish I hadn't.
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on July 15, 2017
This pillow started out great but within 1-2 months it became lumpy with the internal material clumping together. The seller suggests putting it in the dryer for 20 min to refresh the pillow which worked for about two weeks and it became lumpy again. I do NOT recommend this pillow after owning it for 6 months.
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