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on June 14, 2016
The only negative about this game is the length - you can beat it in a single day if you're good.

But, just like Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, what little time you have in the game is incredibly worthwhile. Crackdown takes the groundwork placed by GTA and makes it about a hundred times more satisfying.

Unless you wanted an in depth story. Because you're not getting a detailed story, Agent. You don't have time for one! Gangs have taken over Pacific City, and you're the one who's going to change that. Now get out there and make daddy proud!
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on April 2, 2012
I actually bought this game along with Dead Space through Amazon. I mainly added Crackdown because I wanted something that would help me qualify for the free-shipping. Turns out the cheaper title (this one) is the one I have been playing more. I have played the GTA's, Read Dead Redemption, Assassin's Creed games and love open world, 3rd Person style games. Crackdown fits right into that category. While the graphics seem a bit dated and cartoonish, the ability to roam and do some wild stuff is a winner to me. I try to get serious and attempt a few things but I tend to keep laughing at the narrative from the Agency "voice" over-seeing your progression through "abilities" as you rank up. Some of the comments are pretty funny ..... "Agent get in there and show the peace-keepers how it's done !".

It's Good over-the-top fun. If you like the earlier versions of GTA and GTA San Andreas, you'll probably like this. I understand the guy who developed this game also was the man behind Lemmings and the early GTA's. While not like GTA, it does introduce "abilities" to make exploration different than GTA. I recommend the title to anyone who just wants to have some good old fashion fun.

Final Note: Amazon was able to package both of my games in one shipment and they arrived sooner than the expected ship date. If you can qualify for the super savings on shipping by all means do it. Amazon is always AAA+ in that area.
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on October 31, 2010
Crackdown is a great game, much like Grand Theft Auto-except here, you play a cop (with superpowers) instead of some gangster. I do appreciate this with regards to teaching lessons to gamers-roundhouse kicking a gangster is much more fun-and moral-than, say, collecting virtual cocaine for your virtual gang.

Gameplay: Crackdown is, as previously stated, very similar to Grand Theft Auto in terms of gameplay. However, in Crackdown, there is one huge difference: you have superpowers. Or, rather, you acquire superpowers as you use certain skills. For example, the more punching you do, the more strength experience you get. The more dudes you run over, the more driving experience you get. Get to 100 xp and your skill in a particular level increases, to a maximum of 4 stars. In the end, you will be able to leap from rooftop to rooftop, punt a sedan several blocks, and use the most high-tech vehicles available. It is a ton of fun just to mess around with your massive powers. Also, you can take gang weapons to a checkpoint and store them for later use; this can also be done with vehicles but only at the main base, not the various scattered checkpoints.

Story: The story is not the main focus of Crackdown. Basically all of it comes in the form of a long cut-scene at the beginning of the game that basically says, "Bad guys have taken over the 3 islands of Pacific City, destroy them." and off you go. Along the way, when you get close to a location of a gang lord, you will recieve intel updates to inform you of the situation. In Crackdown, there are 3 gangs: Los Muertos, The Volk, and Shai-Gen, each of which has control of one of Pacific City's 3 islands. Within each gang, there is the leader and their underlings. While you can go after the leader right away, it is advised that you take out the underlings first, which weakens the leader's lair as well as has an impact on the gang as a whole-for example, if you take out a recruitment officer, there will be less gangsters on the street. It is a pretty great feeling when you completely eliminate one of the gangs and the streets are perfectly clean.

Graphics: Crackdown is full cel-shaded, and this is a good thing. It serves to give the game a unique, comic book style. The game runs very well on the 360 without any framerate drops, except when you create a massive chain explosion.

Sound: No real music to speak of other than when you're in a vehicle the radio will play various tracks.

CONCLUSION: Basically, if you yearn for a GTA-style game with a twist, this will satisfy-especially at the price it's at now. With lots of fun things to do other than taking out gangsters, the freedom allowed to you by Crackdown's world will surely entertain you for good while.
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on April 6, 2011
- The game has no story at all
- Every boss battle is pretty much the same
- The gameplay gets repetitive

Yet the game is pretty fun to play overall. Crackdown is not a game you want to play for multiple hours straight because the gameplay is always the same. So playing in spurts keeps the game fun & less frustrating.

BasicallyyYou go to a boss location take on swarms & repeat. However there are some nice things that keep the game fun. For example you can work to uprgade your character. Its a open world game where you can do anything you want. That means steal cars, blow things up, do races foot & car.

+ Open World
+ GTA type Freedom
+ Upgrade character
+ Action Packed

Also enemies respawn in swarms so gunplay can get tedious after a while. Like I said playing in spurts is best to keep the game enjoyable
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on November 16, 2008
Crackdown is sort of like GTA in that you run around a large city fighting gangsters, stealing cars, generally causing mayhem, and dying with minimal consequences. Except instead of being an up-and-coming criminal, you're a genetically modified and cybernetically enhanced super-cop tasked with cleaning up the city. Your skills improve as you locate hidden power-ups, kill enemies, jump vehicles, and complete races. Plot is kept to a bare minimum of "go there, kill that guy".

Despite this simplicity, the game is quite fun: Jumping from roof to roof, leaping up the side of buildings, taking on gang hit-squads like a one-man army, and blowing up basically everything. Personally, I thought the driving mechanics were lame, but I'm not a big fan of racing games in general so your experience may vary, plus that part of the game can largely be ignored. Jumping from roof to roof is much more fun than driving down the road, anyways.

Don't know about the multiplayer elements because I didn't try them.
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on February 8, 2010
I don't know why anyone would be reading these reviews.. the game is soo cheep... just buy it.

This game can be very fun! There are few games like this but I'm sure there will be a lot of games like it in the future since this game gets very good feedback from people who play it looking for a good, fun time. I really enjoyed this game.

It's a great game and should be in any video game collection.

Fun! You can save at any time! No need to worry about dying because you just re-spawn and don't really lose anything!

The only cons:

1) The characters you can choose from are not that great but since you don't ever see your character's up close it's fine. More character's or customization of them would of been nice.

2) The game is very short, you can beat it very quickly.

3) It can get a bit repetitive since every objective is the same, killing the bad guys and their boss every time with no surprises unfortunately.
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on April 17, 2012
Crackdown in a phrase is a flash in a pan. The open world city is a great touch, the orbs are challenging, and the story is okay, but thats about it. You play as 'the agent' and you can go anywhere, do anything, and take out the three gangs in any order you choose. However once its done, its done. Sure you can continue to play but as for the story, you play it once, then you have to probably delete your file and start all over because there is no New game option. Normally I go into some detail about something I review, but this doesnt have any. Kill the bosses. There. Thats the game. All of it. You can get more out of GTA I assure you.

+ Nice Graphics
+ The city is HUGE

- The story is a one time play through and the ending is just cliché and made me irritated.
- Movement isn't the best in the world.

I give this a 3/5, but make sure you have played all of the best games, the great games, and the good games in the world before going to mediocre.
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on August 4, 2008
i'm a mature gamer who bought a dozen or so games along with a new xbox just to see how the technology had evolved. (all the digital animation in recent films had piqued my interest.) having just opened grand theft auto 4 and assassin's creed, my first impression of this game was not favorable. but i've come to appreciate its unique and considerable charms. it is basically the urban sandbox, multi island, gansta life conceit of gta4, plus the rooftop play, "assassination mission plus side missions" concept of assassin's creed, but with a distinctively "comix" style of graphical design that is stylized to be less realistic, less textured, less graphically gory than either gta 4 or ac but more colorful, lively, and "artistic" than either. your avatar is not a thug but a maniacal police agent fighting evil and cleaning the streets, so you're not put in the position of looking at everything through gangster eyes, which is nice. however the most enjoyable innovation is a gruff voiceover guide who occasionally comments on your play ("are you crazy?" "i sure love the smell of agent in the morning!" "you sure like to push your luck!") along with gameplay and strategy tips; more than once his comments on my play made me laugh out loud. the avatar has physical and tactical skills that improve with use, notably the ability to leap and climb tall buildings if enough "agility" points are collected (these resemble the flags scattered around in assassin's creed) and the strength to lift and throw almost any detached object, from dead bodies to cement mixers, as weapons. but otherwise you have three options of play: roam the city to collect markers or perform racing stunts to improve agility; take on random firefights with street thugs to improve strength and skill, or kill off the senior members of three different crime gangs. these "missions" can be done in any order; each requires penetrating the gangster's lair after killing his almost endlessly spawning guards (though most do have a back entrance or rooftop way around defenders). this involves quite a lot of wearing down of the opposition, but each time you're killed and "regenerate", the enemy forces remain weakened, so you don't have to start the same exact mission, over and over, as happens in most games. the game physics are compelling, especially the explosions and flying objects, and the avatar has plenty of agility without cumbersome button combinations or programming limits. overall: a great game to look at, lots of fun to play, a very nice blend of humor and excitement, and no glitches in the xbox version that i could find.
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VINE VOICEon March 23, 2007
This game is tremendous fun. It's basically Grand Theft Auto where you are a genetically engineered "supercop" that must secure the city from the 3 major gangs. As your powers grow, the game gets more and more fun. There are only a few things that I do not like about this game, and they are all minor interface / control issues (cycle through targets,map interface, recover in mid-air from getting knocked off your feet). Co-op over xbox live is easily the best feature about this game. It could have been a bit more seamless, but it certainly works well. Excellent game that I would definitely recommend if you love these sandbox type games. I can't wait for Crackdown 2.
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on January 10, 2015
There's so much good I can say for this game. It basically ruled my childhood as a gamer. It has such a fun and carefree comic nature to it which makes it pretty unique from the rest. It also allowed enough advantages as a player to play countless times with minimal boredom. I bought multiple copies over the years just to play it again. True love.
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