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on April 10, 2015
Installed it exactly as recommended / specified. I had the antenna about 5' above my roof attached to a galvanized metal pole. At first I saw like 7 more networks (a separate list from my laptops built in wifi adaptor's list) and had a few with 5 bars whereas before all I could get was about 2 bars max. I saw KOA campgrounds wifi about .75 mile away with 4 bars even so it was awesome. But I walked away and came back to the laptop and then no more networks were showing. The separate network list from the antenna was gone. Since then I have called C Crane and tried restarting the laptop multiple times, unplugged and plugged back in, plugged both USB cords in, reinstalled the software, checked the red and blue light on the antenna, tried installing the RaLink utility, so on and so forth and I cannot get any networks beyond what my built in adaptor can get. Needless to say I am very mad and very disappointment and am returning this. .......UPDATE - purchased C Crane's repeater so that I don[t have to plug in to get the antenna's signal. So far working great, great reception. So if you want to get this antenna, I strongly suggest you get the repeater as well (only via C Cranes website right now) otherwise you might end up angry like I was.
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on January 5, 2015
I have mixed feelings about this WiFi antenna. I purchased this last year to replace an alpha antenna that I had been using for years.I had been using this antenna for three month's before it decided to die on me. I contacted C Crane and sent that in for an exchange for a new one,in which the company took care of me.now here's where it gets interesting.the antenna does help you connect to network that are far away but they won't connect to network that are like right down the street from me.there is a Dairy Queen with free WiFi and a hair salon with free WiFi and I cannot connect to their network with the C crane. It barely picks them up.I don't understand that but when I hook up the alpha antenna I get an 80 percent signal with that, when I hook up the C crane only get about 20 percent but it does pick up networks that aren't even around me. I'm not saying this is a bad antenna it just didn't work for me it might work for you though.it could be that on my street my house is the lowest spot on my road that could be the problem and I haven't tried mounting it to my roof. it's just sitting in the box collecting dust.
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on November 28, 2014
When I bought it, I searched everywhere and never saw information stating that it didn't work with MacOs 10 versions. It doesn't. I think that information is available now. Everyone who I know who has a computer that it works with raves about it- range seems to be increased quite extensively on this device
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on December 29, 2013
The device itself does what's expected. Found out about it on YouTube. Actually had to go back to YouTube to get a better "show and tell" than the instructions that came with this. But the problem was more with the computer where it had been directly connected to a modem and was now accessing the Internet remotely. Took some fidgeting, but go it to work. Depends on where your modem is located in the house, as you may need to find the right spot to place the antenna to pick up the signal.
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on September 18, 2013
Oh how we love these! Both my husband and I have one. First we used them in our RV to get internet on our desktop computers, to pick up park Wifi. It amplifies great. We also used it at hotels and motels to get better connection. Also when traveling we've used it with our laptop in the car to be able to access Wifi's slightly out of range for the laptops built-in wifi card.
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on December 9, 2014
Extremely disappointed. I bought this because of the reviews to connect to the wifi in the RV park I am 12 RV's and a park street from the wifi station. My laptop will pick up the station at half the distance but with the Crane it only improves reception by 10 feet. Laptop shows 12 wifis and the Crane only 14. I even tried placing it on the roof of the RV. Tried it on an i7 desktop one RV closer with the same results. It did not meet expectations. I still have to walk to the station to check email.
Pros--The suction cups, lanyard and lights all work.
Cons--Only added two wifi stations and not the one I wanted on the other side of the park.
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on January 3, 2012
Dealing with weak WiFi signals while traveling is a common problem. I purchased a C. Crane WiFi Antenna 3, and I must say it's very impressive. At a hotel where I have often stayed for several weeks at a time over the past seven years, I have never had access to WiFi in my room - having to go to the reception area to get a signal. With the C. Crane antenna mounted outside the room, I get a very strong signal, and for the first time can have access to the internet in comfort. This is a game changer for me, and from now on will always bring the WiFi Antenna 3 with me on travel. The one issue (non-trivial) is that the Internet sharing does not work with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). This is too bad, since I'd love to have access to the net in the room with my iPhone and iPad as well as the computer. Hopefully this issue will be addressed in the near future.
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on July 18, 2012
I just bought this antenna to mount on my Chevy Express van which is used as a camper. I mounted it inside a plastic pipe that doubles as a mast for my TV antenna. I immediately picked up many more networks and the ones I normally use are much stronger. For those of us who camp a lot both in campgrounds and in the city, this antenna is invaluable.

It includes a variety of mounting methods such as suction cups and velcro... or, do like I did and wedge it in 1.25 inch PVC pipe to hide the antenna. It fits snugly and securely in the plastic tubing.

One word of advice... Be realistic. If you live in Nevada and there is no wifi for 20 miles or all you can see around you are mountains, then this product will not help. But if you live in a city and things are line-of-sight, you'll likely be amazed at the number of wifi hotspots you never knew existed. I was using a different antenna inside the camper and installing this one outdoors is far superior.

It's not often that I think an item is five stars but I'm at a loss to think of an improvement. This purchase fit the need and exceeded the expecations. A more thorough review is on my blog (which, if you piece the link together) is VanTrekker dot blogspot dot com. There are some pictures of the installation.

** Update on 8/6/2012 ** I parked the camper at a regular urban spot where only 6 networks could be picked up with the netbook computer. When I plugged in the C.Crane antenna, I was receiving over 30 networks, most of them three bars or over.
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on July 30, 2016
I have this product since 2011 , it's perfect, getting five bars from almost 700 feet , use it in cruise ship , raising the bars in my room from 2 to five , amazing
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on July 12, 2012
I didn't expect much even though I had read the very positive reviews. However, I was amazed at the excellent performance of this antenna. I use my computer below decks on a sail boat. Without the Super USB Antenna 3, my computer was able to bring in between 0 (zero) and two bars (out of a possible 5) from a pay site located in the harbor.

With the antenna mounted on the sailboat's mast about 8 feet above water, reception was 5 bars for several network connections including the free one in town. When the antenna was mounted below decks at about 4 feet above water (approximately one foot above the dock)the reception was a solid 4 bars. The only reason for mounting it below decks is to keep it dry.

The only weakness is the connection between the wire and the antenna which is held in place by friction. The weight of the antenna wire would be enough to pull the plug out if the wire were not fully supported by other means.
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