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on April 12, 2017
Purchased this item used and when I go to play it, I find out it's a pirated copy of the movie. The screen size of the movie on my 50in tv is no bigger than my phone. The picture on the DVD is crooked which should have been the first red flag. I'd advise not to purchase any type of DVD from this vender... Corey Haim.
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on April 12, 2015
It's impossible to believe that some of the viewers found this movie stupid. It's meant to be a COMEDY! If you pay attention to all the situations and scenes - they are absolutely hilarious (perhaps, with a dark sense of humor). This movie has a very witty plot for a comedy and great acting, pace, cutting, music, etc. If I am not mistaken, this is the first Action Comedy Mr. Statham has done - a very GOOD one. Reminds me of Arnie's action comedies of the 90-s. For a reference, there is a movie Shoot 'em Up (with Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci): clearly made as a comedy, but acted so very "serious" that even accelerates the comedy quality of the movie. I only wish that Jason Statham lifts up to his full comedy action hero potential and make more of similar spectacular films. Eagerly awaiting...
P.S. Do not forget to watch the closing titles - many bloopers embedded with them.
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on March 18, 2017
You would not expect this to be good, but it is the pinnacle of the genre. They not only don't take themselves overly seriously, it's like they've invited you into their cracked-out, ridiculous minds to play insanity.


At some point there is a Godzilla scene, complete with tiny plastic action figures.
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on October 18, 2014
Didn't work. Like some other reviewers stated, it takes a minute, the loading icon starts then freezes and nothing; not sure what kind of blu-ray player you need, but it doesn't work with Sony.

Amazon sent me another copy the next day, which was surprising, and that one didn't work either; so that was returned and Amazon gave me my money back. which is great, but it would be even better if they stopped selling this blu-ray movie or put a warning on the page about it, seeing they've known about the problem for sometime.

Just get the DVD, that works; Blu-Ray sucks anyways.
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on July 19, 2017
I purchased two copies thinking the one was just bad. They both were pirated copies. They wouldn't work on my highend bluray player.. very disappointed!!! In the dvd shreader they went.
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on March 27, 2010
Ok, maybe not on the calibre of the Academy Awards, but this film too often gets subjegated to the "crap" category. To that, I cry foul. If you cannot suspend disbelief or you lack a wild imagination, then my review cannot help you. Please move along.

This film is an amazing experiment in cinema techniques, story telling, and plain old exploitation. This is THE film America needs. Why?

It's brutal. And not just rough and tumble bvrutal. No. It's brutal beyond belief. I had to rewind the "sushi" scene at least 4 or 5 times just to make sure I actually was seeing what was going on. Then, some guy cuts his own nipples off. Ever wonder what happens if a stripper gets shot in her boob job? Wonder no more.

It's offensive. Besides the racial and sexual stereotypes, it's as though everyone in LA is scum. The cops, the gangsters, the old ladies. Everyone. (I've heard that's the case, but I've never been there so I can't confirm. but it seems like fun.) And Bai ling is great as the kooky prostitue that murders the English language. Yes, baby. I will be your shiny lunchbox. It's about time a film lays it out and puts everyone on guard in this PC world that makes us scared to think freely. Does it promote prejudice? Hell no. Does it make fun of stereotypes? Hell yeah.

It's got lots of sexual stuff in it. Maybe it's the hormone charged 16-year-old that still controls my brain, but I loved that aspect of the film. Stripper lesbian making out in a cop car,. Porn star protests. A chinese crimelord witha fetish for black chicks and a yen to steal our prtagonist's johnson. BAM! Suddenly there's a horse dong thrown in for good measure.

It's absurd. The use of video game graphics, flashbacks, surreal asides, and the full-blown kaiju battle make this morsel of celluloid worthy of your time and appreciation. Plus, it's centered around a guy who needs to electrocute himself to stay alive. throw in a gay biker gang, a floating head in fluid with a robot voice, and an one of the best endings EVER: FLAMES, BURNING FLESH AND THE MIDDLE FINGER.

This film does not set out to change the world. It does not take itself so seriously, as it constantly laughs at itself and the characters within. And that's what makes it so important and awesome. We forget to laugh at ourselves and each other. We forget how absurd life is and can be. And we forget to have fun. America needs films like this. We're so caught up with the human condition that we forget that the human condition sucks.

That's why I love this film so much. And that's why you need to watch it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 1, 2012
I know it's farfetched but just in case my heart ever is ripped out of my chest and replaced with a battery-powered mechanical pump, I am furiously taking notes as I watch this sequel. I admit that whoever came up with this screenplay had to have been sipping from the goofy juice, the narrative is that loopy. I could've sworn there was no way to resurrect rugged paid assassin Chev Chelios after his mile-long plummet from helicopter to unforgiving terra firma, but survive he improbably did. CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE demonstrates the how. Also, one peek at the film title should present a quick clue that this movie isn't about Jason Statham's character knitting in a rocking chair all the live-long day. Jason Statham is a trooper, to take on some of the insane stuff he's asked to do here.

CRANK 2 picks up moments after the first film leaves off. We revisit Chev Chelios' seemingly fatal plunge from that helicopter in downtown Los Angeles, his harsh caroming off a car roof and face planting onto cement - that's how CRANK ended it. But, in the sequel, seconds later, Triad hoods pull up and spatula Chev Chelios off the pavement. Three months elapse during which Chelios undergoes massive surgery, and it's at this stage that his highly coveted heart is removed and the Avicor Artificial Heart System - basically a battery-powered artificial pump - is implanted into his chest cavity. Upon learning that there are plans to harvest even more organs from his body, a frantic Chelios escapes captivity and begins his odd quest to reclaim his heart. His target is Johnny Vang, him what carries around a suspicious ice cooler. But Chev has to go thru a gauntlet of Triad goons and Mexican mobsters, overzealous cops and incensed porn stars on strike (look for real-life porn stars Ron Jeremy and Jenna Haze in this throng screaming out slogans like "No dough, no blow."). Our heartless hitman also finds himself fending off the unwanted attentions of a wacked-out Asian prostitute (Bai Ling). For now, Chev Chelios has to make do with the artificial pump, and what sucks is that he has to keep electrically charging the pump's battery. At least long enough for him to retrieve his "strawberry tart" (which is cockney slang for "heart").

And that's the film's primary hook, really, Chelios unearthing all manner of messed-up ways to keep the pump device topped up. It's crazy how he applies jumper cables and tasers on himself. In one instance, he even puts on an elecric dog collar and continually shocks himself. But maybe the funniest bit is when Chelios is at a horse-racing track and begins to rub himself against complete strangers, trying to muster static electricity. This sequence leads to a reprise of a famous crowd-pleasing scene from the first film.

CRANK 2 is gleefully unapologetic about its political incorrectness. It flaunts it, actually. CRANK 2 churns out elements of satire, crassness, manic brutality, and even casual racism. It for sure is damn irreverent and over-the-top and so offbeat even beatniks are thrown off. It's shot frenetically, with a hyper-realistic sensibility in mind, and it may take a bit of time before you acclimate to the disorienting camera movements. Dwight Yoakam and Amy Smart reprise their roles, only it's disappointing that Amy Smart's character Eve has been dumbed down and trivialized even more. Efren Ramirez is also back but this time he plays the brother of his character from the first movie, and maybe it's wrong to laugh at the guy's disability but when the writers saddle a character with something called full body tourettes, hey, I'll play along and willingly laugh on cue. CRANK 2 ventures into What-the-F territory. You'll be up to your ears in sudden claymation figures, disembodied talking heads, and a jarringly inserted talk show segment. Again, roll with the punches. Tasteless and offensive and lewd, ridiculously violent and pretty much certifiable, this movie marches to the beat of its own drummer. It's even more absurd than the first CRANK. And, no, it's probably not for everyone. Me, though, I laughed like a mother.
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on August 31, 2017
ridiculous movie that takes a great original and totally messes it up. Worst sequel since Highlander 2.
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on September 14, 2009
Take two really, really warped filmmakers (Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor), an action star (Jason Statham) with a finely-tuned sense of the absurd, and a beautiful leading lady (Amy Smart) willing to have sex in public places...VERY public places...and you have the basic ingredients of "Crank 2: High Voltage", a gross yet hilarious trainwreck of a movie than actually succeeds in outdoing the insanity of the original "Crank". To say this film ISN'T for all audiences is an understatement; there is something here to offend nearly everybody! But if you have a 'gonzo' streak when it comes to action films, want to see really cutting-edge camerawork and editing, and don't mind an implausable plot, rampant bad taste and even worse language, you'll have a ball!

The storyline is simple; Chev Chelios (Statham) survived the thousand-foot fall from the helicopter at the end of "Crank", is kidnapped by Chinese who surgically remove his heart (replacing it with a temporary artificial one, until they can harvest his other organs...including his "Big English" attribute), but he recovers in time to beat up the surgical team and escape, spending the rest of the film brawling, shooting, and, uh, other things, while struggling to keep the temporary heart charged, in a race against time to recover his own.

This is a film that even Neveldine and Taylor admits was an excuse to see just how much they could get away with (including legendary porn stars on strike...a climactic fight in slow-motion, wearing caricatured passion in the middle of a racetrack, with thousands watching...a talking, disembodied head...David Carradine as a very horny 100-year-old Chinese man...and wait to you see the variety of power sources Chelios utilizes), so keep a very open mind!
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on April 26, 2017
Jason Statham is the dude.... Not sure why crank 2 is 10 bucs tho??!!!!
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