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on March 24, 2014
I bought this based on the number of reviews and praises that many have written about these earphones. The sound is very good for the price point. It is crisp and clear and the separate drivers really make a unique combination versus the traditional single driver setup. The fitting takes getting used to because it fits from the ear canal to the back and the wire runs over the back of your ear starting in the front.

Packaging was very nice and earphones were well displayed. Certainly much better than the sub $30 phones you usually see at CVS or whatever.

The problem is the wires are too thin and frail. They don't seem to hold up very well to the rigors of every day movement. I don't recommend these at all for workouts. I also feel the wires after the Y-split are too short considering it has to be wrapped around the back of your ear from the front. I think a few more inches on each side would've helped a lot. These aren't insanely expensive but they aren't cheap either. I wish the wires held up better considering how well these perform technically.
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on December 26, 2012
The In-Ear 3 from Creative offers superb quality. I have been using the In-Ear 2 for a long time since its inception, and I have been very happy with the quality. I have tried several earphones for its price range*, and I know I am a proud owner of In-Ear2. And then In-Ear3 came out, with a hefty price tag. Even until now, the price stands at $150 from the official Creative store. I got one here at Amazon for under $99. What I got surprised me.

What I Like:
(+) Dual Armature Driver, gives superior audio quality from single driver earphones (dual-drivers are RARE).
(+) Very comfortable fit, I could wear this all day without noticing it. The In-Ear2 is a LOT lighter, but I find this one a lot more comfortable to wear. I have been wearing all my earphones over the ear, and this one is made exactly with that in mind. Very ergonomic.
(+) For under $100, this is a grab. I would say comparable earphones are priced at least twice this one, like those from Etymotic and Shure. Sure, those may be a little bit better, but for the price, no one can beat this.
(+) Elastic cord. Finally, they chose the elastic type cord found in their low-end earphones like EP-630, versus their "durable" hard cord found on both In-Ear and In-Ear2. I actually find these a lot more durable considering real-world use.

What I don't Like:
(-) The plug is a little easy to break because it uses a straight plug. I broke mine, as I broke my In-Ear 2 plug. By "breaking", I don't mean unuseable. A 33-cent glue will fix it. I am actually delighted to know that the In-Ear3 has more protection at the plug. When i broke my In-Ear2 plug, the wires are visible. With the In-Ear3, the wires are still covered by the elastic cord. A big plus. I personally think an L-shaped plug would have been better,, it it could just be from the way i use my devices and the earphones.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. Don't waste money on both Beats and Bose. They sound crappy and they are expensive - you only really pay for the brand name. Sennheiser is AS GOOD as creative, but offers its products at twice the price (e.g., compare Creative EP-630 and Sennheiser CX-300, you'd be surprised to know that they use the same hardware). I know, because I tried these products.

I like Creative products, but this is not a biased review (See my other Creative products review, a bit more harsh).
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on January 12, 2015
These are excellent for me overall. I play Bass on stage, and we use in-ear monitors to keep the stage volume low so our front-of-house guy doesn't have as hard a time mixing. I don't like wearing over-the-ear cans on stage, and other earbuds I tried were lacking on low-end support for my bass. These have great low-end support, so I can actually hear my Bass and the low end of the electronic drum kit we use, and I don't loose the high end of the guitars/keyboards/vocals either. I made some custom-molded tips for them, so they seal even better and really lock in the sound so I can keep the volume lower and still hear what I need to without destroying my ears.

My only real complaint about them would have to be the cable quality. Within a couple months, I already nicked the insulation on one lead with the adjustable slider while cinching it up behind my head. It didn't destroy the cable, but I've found I've got to be very gently with the cables on these. While the cable is nicely flexible, it is also fragile. I wish they had made these with modular cables that could be replaced easily.
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on May 16, 2015
I own a lot of audio equipment. I have tried many earbuds. Dual dynamic drivers offer heavy bass but leave a lot of detail at the high and midrange covered up because the bass can overwhelm your ear. While fine for the pile driver music of the age you miss a lot if you watch movies with 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 surround sound or like classical music, jazz, or big bands that have more than three or four instruments playing. These dual balanced armature earbuds do offer a great seal and multiple earbud options. They offer an incredible level of detail when watching movies on streaming video servers that offer premium quality sound. You will hear sound effects, and dialog you may have missed in the theater or with lesser headphones. These are a tremendous bargain and match the sound from many $300.00 professional musician earbuds. They have a nice caring case, a generous selection of ear tips and sizes, and an earwax cleaning tool. One thing keeps them from being a LEGENDARY offering at this price point. They don't have a detachable cord. Audiophiles view that feature as the holy grail in a quality product. These are easily the best sounding earbuds under $100.00 or even $200.00. They put BEATS, Klipsich, and Bose to shame. They even topped my Shure earbuds in sound. A better and detachable cord would have earned Aurvana a spot in audio Nirvanna.
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on May 13, 2015
noise isolation: 4.5 very good compared to many other earbuds, in fact you need to pay attention to your surroundings when you're walking on the street;
comfort: 4.5 sits tightly in my ear, not heavy at all, can run with these
lots of accessories: airplane adapter, leather case, rubber buds, etc.. and fancy packaging;

Sound quality 3.0 : good and accurate in mid to high freq. range, awful base, sound is too crisp, sound quality not impressive at all, sound quality worse than apple's new earbuds; i know balanced armature requires lots of engineering, but it just isn't worth it if you retained a high definition, but ignored people's ear feel to the sound. If you've ever tried Bose low-end earbuds, or Sennheiser momentum, or Shure ($99 ones, don't remember the model#), or Soul SL99, or even Apple's most recent earbud (those that come with iPhone 6), then Aurvana3 headphones are nothing compared to those.
after all sound quality is the most important property of headphones, i gave 3 stars because they didn't do well despite the complicated balanced armature driver design they use
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on March 4, 2014
I got this when the price has dropped to $59.99.

For the price point, it is an excellent product. I've tried various mid to sub pro versions in the past ($50-$200) and Creative Aurvana 3 provides great sound for the price given under $100.


- Dual Armature Driver. This is quite rare given the price point.
- Various ear tips. There are various ear foams and tips given to fit you nicely.
- Price. Just like other reviewers mentioned, I think this is a buy for under $100.

- Earphone case isn't that great. It's quite cumbersome to store your earphone case given. I personally use my previous klipsch IEM.
- Wire is too thin. When earphones break, it's usually because of its wires and the wire connections. The wires used in this earphone is too thin and the ear plug connections isn't well made. It should have been made to protect the ear plugs more robustly.
- I recommend using heat shrink tubing to reinforce it's ear plug connections.
- Ear plug is straight. Lot of earphones in the market breaks easily because of its straight plug and it is unfortunate that Aurvana 3 uses straight plug. Combined with weak wire connection, I'm sure the end of this IEM will be the plug related issue.

But overall, great product and I recommend highly!
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on January 12, 2014
These Aurvana 3's from Creative have been reduced to $60 on Amazon, and for the price you can't do better! Just a couple of
FYI's however. First off, be sure to choose the right rubber "adaptors" to fit your ears properly for the best isolation and sound.
( trust me,this DOES make a difference). I'll also agree with the reviewers who've said that these buds are a bit "shy" in their bass
reproduction if set at fairly flat levels on your equipment. I simply increased the bass controls on my EQ and it did wonders. I use
them primarily for home listening via my receiver, which offers a bit more flexibility in setiing controls.
Once I had them "dialed in", they were a pleasure to listen to. They are very clean and accurate, and the bass now comes across
with the necessary impact and definition that it should. I listen to a lot of jazz and classical......along with lighter rock. The Aurvanas
come across very nicely in these genres of music. For anyone who's interested, I have a couple of "older" CD's that are recorded
so well that I use them as references. ( I'm sure there are lots of excellent discs out there to use). I'm not sure if any of you may
have these CD's, but they are: Suzanne Vega "Solitude Standing". The opening track, "Tom's Diner" has her solo a capella
voice very closely miked and virtually whispering on your neck. It then flows smoothly into "Luka" with the full band displaying
their prowess on bass, percussion and guitars. A great demonstration of attack and definition.
Another recording is a not so popular CD called "Shortstop" from Sara Hickman. The test track would be "Aurora". After the
guitar plucking intro, it slides down into the most clean and solid bass guitar /drum thud I've heard in some time. Sara's vocals
commence and they are breathy and crystal clear. Superb recording ! But, back to the earbuds. These little guys will certainly
grow on you. I wasn't all that impressed, until I spent a couple of hours adjusting and listing......but now I'd highly recommend
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on April 30, 2014
Creative Aurvana 3 are great sounding headphones. I have issues with ear buds falling out of my ear, but these hold perfect. They are super comfortable and I can even sleep with them on with out waking up with an ear ache from sleeping sideways. I also use them at the shooting range, although I wear cans over them most of the time, they seem to be okay enough without the cans. I really want to give this 5 stars but the one thing that annoys me is the wire nearest the ears. I have some sennhiesers that are similar design and the part of the wire that goes over the ear is formed so that the curve rests on the top of the ear. This prevents the wire wanting to creep of your ear. The Aurvana 3 utilizes a normal wire. Therefore, if you were to jump the wire will want to stray off your ear. It very annoy in fact. I was think of getting some shrink wrap to form it with a curved profile to prevent this movement. Hope it works!
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on July 11, 2015
got this on sale, I love the sound of it, the only thing that I didn't like is the chord, too thin for my taste. but the sound is really good as well as the fit. this is a mid centric IEM, I love me some bass but after hearing this, i'm using this way more than my IM50 which is my fave out of all the IEM's I bought.

After a month of listening to it, this is how i'll rate it in terms of sound and which one I liked the most.

Creative Aurvana IE3 - IM50 - Macaw GT100s - OM Audio Inearpeace> Ostry KC06A - Havi B3> Brainwavz S0 - Zero Audio Carbo Tenore - Mrice E100> Soundmagic PL11 - AKG K311>Pistons V2 - Moxpad X6

Sidenote: Macaw shines brightly when using an amp, so with an amp it'll be the 1st on my list since it sounded so good!
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on January 9, 2014
I've never bought earphones more than $50 and this was my first try. I have it a chance since my friend recommended it to me. I must say it's the best one so far. Especially with this deal! It fits perfectly on the ears, which helps isolate the noise. It comes with 2 sets of 3 sizes of rubber ear pieces and also a few foam ear pieces as well. The case, for traveling, is wonderful. It comes with a box-like thing that keeps the earphones in place so they won't even get all tied up.

The only con is that the wire is a little too thin. I don't mind it that much but I might have to be a tiny bit more careful when handling it.

ps. many people said the bass is not satisfying...for me, it was fine. I listen to all types of music, especially electronic and the bass sounds good to me. This earphone is very neutral, unlike some that focuses a lot on the bass and looses a lot of detail and mid-range to higher sounds.

If you don't want to spend to much on earphones, get it!
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