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Creative Correction
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on May 12, 2015
I found this book at the library a couple months ago. I assumed that it would be full of positive discipline methods that were creative. WRONG!!! This book has nothing but abusive techniques for discipline. For example, making your child drink hot sauce or straight vinegar if they talk back or lie to you. Not only is this ineffective, but it can cause serious health problems to a child. I also didn't care for her suggestion on not allowing a child to use the bathroom in public, and Lisa writes like its a fun game she plays all the time. Secondly, I thought her tips on kids getting out of bed at night was horrible. It was suggested that if a child gets up too often to go to the bathroom or for a drink of water, to have them stand in the middle of the room for long periods of time, the whole time staying awake. What if the child is a toddler and needs to go to the bathroom after they have been put in to bed, or if the child has a bladder/kidney infection? Would you rather have the child go to the bathroom and then go back to bed, or would you rather have them stand in the middle of the room for hours and wet their pants? Most likely, if the child were to wet their pants by standing for hours in the middle of the room, they would be severely disciplined in Lisa's household. In another section of the book, Lisa actually admits to spanking her kids in elevators or other private places in public, so she won't be turned into CPS. If she knows that she is abusing her children to the point of having to hide it, why did she write a book on her methods? Is she wanting someone else who follows her methods to be turned into CPS instead of her? Finally, In the book, Lisa says that parents who do not use these methods are not good Christians. I find this extremely rude coming from someone who claims to be a born-again Christian. Just because you don't follow Lisa discipline methods doesn't mean that you are a horrible parent! I do not recommend this book at all. If you are wanting discipline books, I recommend "Discipline Without Shouting or Spanking" and "Dr. Sears The Discipline Book".
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on June 22, 2017
One of her "creative correction" tips is to feed her little children hot sauce as punishment. That's child abuse. This book is toxic. It's all about torturing children for negative behavior (stress positions, listen to disturbing music, charging your child $100s of dollars for forgetfulness, making them do repetitive motions) and there is nothing about encouraging positive behavior. She encourages parents to correct bad behavior and ignore the reason for the behavior. This book is toxic. I pity children that are reared like this.
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on May 1, 2012
I am reviewing this book as a student in an Early Childhood Education program. For my guidance class, I was asked to choose and review two resources for parents or teachers on the subject of child guidance strategies. I went to the library and brought home a stack of books. Because of it's friendly title, I chose to read this one first.

This book is proof that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Even though during and after reading this book I was utterly incensed, I decided to do my review for class over it anyway. I just could not hold back my opinion. I want to share with anyone thinking of buying this book a portion of the paper I wrote for class. For the paper, I was asked to include both pros and cons for the resource, and so I will list both here. I have included APA citations, so that you can see that I am not "twisting" the author's words. You are free to look it up for yourself.


Summary of Resource

This book is about using different kinds of corrections for children's misbehaviors. The author writes in memoir style, describing situations she has encountered with her own children. She intersperses these anecdotes with lists of appropriate corrections for the behavior described. These lists are separated into "Toolboxes" based upon the category of misbehavior.

What are the Pros of the book?

This book has some good information in it. The trouble is, one has to pick through the haystack to find the needle. There are a few suggestions that would be appropriate for correcting a child's behavior. For instance, in one tiny page and a half segment, she describes how she taught her children to practice obedience. The youngest boy had the problem of not wanting to stop playing and come when called. So the author taught him to "argue" respectfully (i.e. saying, "May I please have more time?" rather than "No! I'm playing a game!") [138]. Although this seems like a good bit of information, the author neglects to expand upon it. She does not go into detail on the techniques she used to teach her son to do this. Without this information, the reader is left in the dark and is unable to discern whether this is appropriate correction or not. I also feel the need to point out that in the very next paragraph, the author completely dissolves this particular piece of good advice by stating that sometimes she likes to throw her children a "curve", by "say[ing] no to some reasonable request, like "May I go to the bathroom?" [139].

What are the cons of the book?

In order to fully describe all of the things I feel are wrong about this book, I would have to write another one of equal page length. The entire time I was reading this book, I found myself growing more and more upset with the author. Some of the corrections she suggests are cruel at best, and could almost be considered abusive. For instance, to correct a child who has been caught playing with matches, the author suggests the following: "[...] take a few things that are important to him, like a couple of his baseball cards or some of her Barbie doll clothes, and burn them in a safe place. Remind your child [...] if he accidentally caught the house on fire, it not only would burn all his stuff, but possibly his family as well" [161]. This small paragraph halfway through the book left me completely horrified and disgusted. This author clearly does not understand the mind of a child. While her intended point is clear to herself, and possibly to other adults, a child will interpret her message this way: "I am bigger than you, and you have made me angry. So now I am going to take away something you love." This made me want to write an email to the author with the headline: "If playing with matches is not appropriate behavior, then WHY ARE YOU MODELING IT?!"


You will notice that in my citations, I have PURPOSEFULLY taken out portions where the author uses scripture, or, more often, twisted dogma to justify the "corrections" she suggests. I have done this because I would like for my negative review to be about the parenting information the author offers, not about her moral code. I am NOT in ANY WAY antagonizing this book because of its Christian base.


I would very much recommend any parent (especially the author of this book) to acquire a copy of the textbook I used in my guidance class:

Guidance of Young Children (with MyEducationLab) (8th Edition)

I also reviewed, for this assignment, another excellent book, geared more towards parents than teachers:

How to Behave So Your Children Will, Too!
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on January 10, 2018
Welchel should be arrested for child endangerment.
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on May 18, 2014
Where's the negative five stars? Who published this??? And how does ANYONE give a guide to how to abuse your children a positive rating. Her "ideas" range from insane to arbitrary to cruel. This woman is bats! I would HATE to be one of her children!!!
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on October 6, 2013
Lisa claimed on Survivor that she left home at an early age (10? can't remember exactly) and that she basically raised herself. The ideas in her book are about a 10 year old's level of maturity and understanding of a child's spirit and psyche. They are some very unfortunate ideas. I'm wondering why someone who didn't experience normal parenting and home life would think she would be a valid teacher of parenting. (I'm the mother of 5 grown self-assured, successful children.)
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on September 7, 2010
I believe children need boundaries, clear expectations, clear communication, and parents who won't "give in" or back down or be lazy or spoil them. I am a conservative Christian mother who is yearning to raise my children with a firm but loving hand, and to communicate with them as the people created in God's image that they are.

There are times that I do come up with "creative" ideas for my kids. Right now I have a rewards poster on the wall, wherein they color more squares and get closer to little goals, if they complete their morning chores on time, and well. Last week, My daughter received a skittle for each piano song she practiced because it was so very difficult for her, having taken the summer off. So I'm not against **occasionally** dangling a carrot for the kids. Additionally, there have been times where my kids did get natural consequences. Taking one hour in the shower, and then being late to dinner, means my daughter gets no dessert because there simply isn't time for it. She is so long finishing her dinner, that we are through with dinner and dessert before she barely gets a mouthful.

BUT...BUT... I just feel like this book is a never ending series of either dangling carrots or humiliations. There are constant presents, awards, prizes, and gimmicks for every little thing she wants the kids to do. Conversely, the book has innumerable ideas for shaming, humiliating, annoying and embarrassing kids with "creative" ideas to correct their behavior. Again, these are not "natural consequences." They are a constant merry go round of weird and unusual ways to frustrate the child. It seems rather controlling to me.

There are better Christian parenting books out there...Don't Make Me Count to Three, Hints on Child Training, and "Get Rid of whining, complaining, and Bad Attitudes in You and Your Kids" are all good options to consider.
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on February 18, 2013
I felt the book had too many silly ideas, always wanting the kids to compete with one another. I didn't care for how she made the kids do all of the chores, even make her bed. I got no ideas from reading this book, which is a shame cause I had really hoped I would.
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This lady is crazy. A sadistic monster. I wouldn't treat my dog like this, much less my kid. Tell me, how many kids did Jesus Hotsauce.

I might, however, recommend this book: it tells you everything NOT to do as a parrent. Example: telling a kid she or he can't go to the bathroom in a supermarket, just to say "no." Not that a four year old can distinguish the importance of "No" to taking a dump from "No" to running onto a major highway; but hey, who wants to get hyper-technical when playing dictator.

I had a fleeting hope that this was a Jonathan Swift-like satire, but evidently, no such luck. The author is not NEARLY that bright, though I COULD see her eating her children. Read the book once, and it sucks. Read it again and, yes, it still sucks.

Lisa does, however, have a sharped tounged, do-that-snide-hair-flip sense of humor, and why not: If you're going to write a manual on raising a new generation of obsessive compulsives(nothing against people with this problem, only with the parents who terrorize their kids into it) woman haters and serial killers, why not make it fun, exciting and zesty.

But after you read it, burn it. If you hold the book in your hand too long, it will probably start to decompose your skin.

Maybe we should rename this book for the concept of Whelchel and hubby being fruitful and multipling: Destructive Er--ction

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on February 18, 2011
Folks, putting hot sauce in a child's mouth can cause damage, seems to me that's abuse. If you shouldn't do it in front of guests or services workers because they might not understand, you shouldn't do it.

I understand that she is going to have the next edition reviewed by child welfare experts for "red flags". If she can't write a book of this nature without having someone double-check, then she is no expert. If you are not sure if you should do it, you shouldn't do it. These kids are our next generation. There must be a better way then bullying children into unthinking compliance. Very few children are going to encounter poison spiders and rattlesnakes that justifies turning them into automotons in their everyday life. I think this is more about creating people that will follow the parents way of thinking, life style, and choices when those children grow up.
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