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on November 14, 2015
Very poor quality. The lengthwise bar that sits on the trim is plastic and arrived warped. This means the piece is unstable, and my daughter fell on her head when the whole assembly came down.
If you want to be safe, pay for steel exercise equipment - plastic has no place here. The screws that put the pull up bar onto the mount were not threaded properly and one stripped. This is cheap stuff to lie around the house. Would strongly advise against use of this product.
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on February 10, 2011
Having fully assembled my Creative Fitness Door Gym and placing it in the doorframe to my bedroom, I began to place weight upon it while gripping the thin foam horizontal grips provided. The cheap grips slid off the horizontal bars with almost no force. After sliding them back on and placing my weight onto the Door Gym again, The attachment point on the lower bars began to bend almost to the point of breaking. I weigh 155lbs. Hardly a weight that should cause issues with a Door Gym made to withstand years of pull ups and the full body weight of individuals. I am disappointed in the cheap materials used to construct the Creative Fitness Door Gym, as well as the poor design which allows the bars to nearly break when any weight is applied. Don't buy this Door Gym. You will not be satisfied.
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on March 6, 2015
The bar does work for the purpose it is made for, but I will ding them on QC/construction. The bolts which go through the grip pieces are slightly too long, meaning the cap nuts could not be tightened sufficiently to render the assembly rigid and stable without me adding an extra washer beyond the provided ones as a spacer. This is probably from the saddle points on the tubing being slightly more compressed than the spec for the assembly, making the bolt slightly too long. Not a catastrophe, most any household will have a couple of washers around, but not ideal either.
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on October 17, 2009
... the assembly instructions are incomplete. The diagram doesn't indicate which bolt goes where, nor does it mention the washers. There are 4 bolts (2 rounded, 2 hex), 4 split washers (2 black, 2 silver) and 4 nuts.

Here we go. Pretend you're looking at the finished assembly as in the product photograph above.

The 2 rounded bolts attach the red pad to the upper part of both "J" braces. The bolt heads face you; each bolt should fit snugly inside the little square hole on the pad so it doesn't spin. From front to back the order is bolt, pad, brace, black washer, and nut. Tighten the nut with a wrench but don't overdo it or you'll crack the plastic pad.

The 2 hex bolts attach the pullup bar to the lower part of the "J" braces. If you're going to mostly use the pullup bar as opposed to the 2 parallel bars, place the bar ON TOP OF the "J" braces -- not below as depicted in the instructions. (Otherwise you're relying on 2 nuts and a prayer to keep the pullup bar attached to the braces.) Line up the holes, push the hex bolt through, stick a silver washer on the other end, and finish it off with a nut.

All in all, I'd recommend this as a well-constructed, inexpensive alternative to a permanently installed pullup/chinup bar. Sometimes I simply hang from the bar to stretch out my back .... aaaaahhhhh. And I love that you can put it up or take it down as you please!
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on January 18, 2012
As others have noted, make sure your door fits the required measurements. The most unusual requirement is that the door be of particular width. None of the doors in my house fit the measurements. All of my doors are too narrow. However, the device still works in narrow doors, just wrap a towel around the metal that touches the door frame.

What's not as easy to workaround are the painful hand grips. They're this dense, sticky foam that simply rips into your hands like nothing I've ever felt before. Every part of the hand that contacts this torturous material will be red and burning after you complete a set. I think that because the foam is slightly conforming, it's rubbing against my hands where there are no callouses from a normal metal pull up bar. Ouch! Makes me not want to do pull ups.

That said, compared to other door pull up bars, this ones very high quality and solid. I never feel afraid the thing is going to break.
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on August 18, 2017
This is an excellent product. It is durable and holds up the test of my two teenage boys who are very rough on products. It takes seconds to set up. Very handy!
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on June 22, 2009
One of the descriptive lines for this item states "Breaks down and stores in case for easy travel". Maybe my box was missing something, but this product does not include a storage case and would certainly not be easy to travel with. I travel for business every week with only a carry on bag, and to me, if something is designed to be travel friendly, that would mean that the bar has to fit within a normal carry-on bag. This bar is fixed in width at about 32", making it too large for any carry-on bag. I found another similar product online that has a two piece bar that clips together, which is actually designed for travel.

Otherwise, the product appears to be well made and would probably serve its purpose well for a non-traveling individual. However, I say this without having actually tried the product as it did not fit my doorways, even though they have 3.5" trim.

In summary, I would only recommend if you have standard doorways with smaller trim and do not intend to use the bar to travel with.
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on January 9, 2010
I've owned this bar for a total of about one and a half years, and I'm definitely glad I purchased it.

I've used it quite a bit for all its intended purposes and it's still rigid and holding strong. Its never fallen out of my doorway or anything.. I use it without the safety holder as I lost it but it really isn't necessary anyways - stays sturdy during pullups.

It makes exercising simple and more enjoyable for me as in my view the only exercises anybody needs are pullups, pushups and chin ups. Can throw this up in a door way in seconds for pull-ups... throw it on the ground for a great push up base (it feels Much better in every way to do push ups grasping a bar vs. hand on ground.) Now as for the situps... sticking it in a doorway kind of sucks because as intuition says and as it does... it sits up a couple inches with your feet under it in a doorway so you have to point your foot up high and such so what I do is slide it under my bed which is at a perfect height to hold it tight.... you may not have a problem with it but when I do situps I like my feet to be held tight and flat. For pullups (and situps) it works perfectly though.

The instructions were lacking but if you glance at the box just once then any individual should be able to screw four pieces together.

It fits fine in regular doors... I used this on my door at a townhouse that I lived in a few months ago and the door in the room of my house now. So basically.. if you have what you think is a 'regular door'.. then it should fit no problem. I see these people complaining about it not fitting in their door and am just wondering what kind of crazy door they have. Look at the product - it's pretty easy to tell if it will work in your door if it has some funk stuff going on for it.

Um, lets see ... other thing.. somebody posted a photo of foam wearing the trim. It Does do this... additionally on my door trims it pushes in the wood a bit (since the trim is all 'fancy' shaped aka not flat,) nothing crazy mind you but I ended up wrapping some cloth around each end and duct taping them up..no more trim wear.
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on July 3, 2011
I bought this product about 1 1/2 yr ago when I first started doing P90X. I just moved and started a new job and gained a lot of weight due to the transition from college lifestyle. So I used the P90X workout series and used these pullup bars in my apartment. 1 1/2 yr later these pullup bars are still great. It's extremely simple to assemble, the instructions were not that great but the bar is so simple that you can figure it out anyway. The only thing that is worn is the grips at the ends after my constant use. Aside that everything is great.

I highly recommend this product, it doesn't have the bells and the whistles compared to the other ones but it has what you need to hit your back muscles. Take it from someone who actually is a gym rat and works out 5-6 times a week. Gl to your exercise plan and health.

Update: 2 years later, the pullup bar still hanging on my door and still working great. My gf recently started lifting with me and I got her started using these pullup bars which are a lot easier for beginners than actual pullup bars. I've stopped using these pullup bars about a 1.5 yrs ago but nonetheless awesome product.

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on February 27, 2012
I needed to find something to work out with. The Creative Fitness Door Gym is the perfect tool to do that!
Although it needed some assembly it still only took me about 15 minutes to put together (after finding the right tools) and this is the first break I've had since the item arrived.
I thought since my door frames were pretty weak and poorly built that the door gym would just tear it apart, but to my surprise it held strong and I haven't heard a single creak after several hours of on and off use.
Switching to the push up and dip position on the floor is perfect as well. The dips aren't very deep and seem utterly useless, but after about 20-50 you definitely begin to notice how difficult it is. The push ups are great and really work you unlike on flat ground where I tend to find my wrists hurting.
Seemed to me like people that bought this were crazy for being so pumped about the Creative Fitness Door Gym, but honestly... I'm a bit crazy for it now too.
Definitely an amazing buy.
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