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on March 1, 2013
Wireless is so finicky, I can understand why this device would not work for some. I waited a long time to buy it for that reason, but finally after hanging out on my wishlist for a couple years someone bought it for me. I am glad they did because it works very well for what i needed it for: getting whatever audio was playing on my computer to play on my home stereo system, wirelessly.

First of all, I don't use iTunes so I pretty much tossed the remote as it is worthless to me. Same thing with the pause and forward/back buttons on the unit itself. I have this thing plugged into my receiver. When I want to start this thing up, I power it and the receiver on and then go into the basement where the computer is. I plug the transmitter into the USB port on my computer, and that's it. My comp recognizes it and switches all computer audio to the device. The only way to disable it is to change it through Control Panel, or simply unplug the transmitter. if you forget to do this and decide to fire up some internet porn, the audio is going to blast out of the living room speakers and everyone will know what you're up to.

The sound is really good. Sometimes the signal drops in and out at the new house, but that is because the transmitter is down in the basement. At my old house they were on the same floor and there was never any interference.
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on October 20, 2012
First of all I love this thing! All of my music is on a Desk Top PC in the back bedroom and I needed a way to play those songs on my home stereo amp in the living room. After looking at much more expensive and complicated options I decided to give this a try!

After cutting and tearing through abundant retail style anti-theft packaging I simply plugged everything in. After that little exercise that required a razor knife, I opened Windows Media Player, selected a play list and like magic music played in the living room!

Great so far right? After less than a minute I lost my wireless internet connection. I removed the USB transmitter and the internet was up and running again... This is where I was possibly lead astray by the on-line help files. First I was instructed to change the channel on my router. I choose channel 11. (There are 4 common choices for a router channel: Auto, 1, 6 and 11) I choose channel 11. I then set the the USB wireless transmitter to channel 1. Actually the transmitter is set to channel 1 by default, but I now know how to change it if need be. You'll need to install the software to do this.

The idea was since both the Wireless Router and the USB transmitter operate in the 2.4 GHZ band, they can interfere with each other. By selecting channels far apart you might eliminate interference. While this was a FUN learning experience into the technical world of wireless routers and such, I still lost my wireless internet when the USB transmitter was connected.

Did I mention I really like this thing! But I also like having internet on my PC. I contemplated my options which included reconfiguring my on-board wireless internet or buying a separate network card and disabling the on-board chip. While a network card is cheap enough and easy to install, I kept wondering if there was a better way.

Okay here we go... I purchased a USB extension cable! I connected everything again and placed the transmitter a few feet away from the PC. Drum roll please! Everything now works! I can use the internet while others listen to music in the living room. PERFECT!
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on August 4, 2013
I was hesitant to buy this after reading some of the negative reviews about difficult installation, not working, etc. I ordered anyway thinking, what the heck it's only $40. Well, I would like to state that this product was a breeze to setup and install. No problems whatsoever. I think some people fail to read and follow instructions or are pretty much computer illiterate. Yes, you may have to switch to force computer to use this as the default sound card and that is stated in the instructions. In Windows 8 it was done automatically. One thing NOT mentioned is to not install this device on a usb hub with another wireless device (like a wireless n or g adapter). This will kill your internet connection. Use a dedicated usb port on the computer itself. Also, I installed the complete driver and software package from the Creative website (instead of the supplied disc) BEFORE I connected the transmitter. This way when I plugged it in the driver was picked up right away. The receiver connects automatically and I plugged it in to the "AUX in" of my receiver and,voila, there was sound. I also installed this on my Windows 7 computer and it to worked like a breeze except I had to change the default sound device to the Creative product. No big deal. If you are looking to listen to sound in another room from your computer, or maybe outside, this is for you. Stated range is 100'. I doubt that but it will do at least 30', depending on walls, etc. Also, this transmits on channels 1-3 which can be set to auto select or manually set on any one channel. Make sure your wireless router is set to another channel(4-11).Creative Labs Sound Blaster Wireless Audio Transmitter and Receiver Bundle
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on June 15, 2012
I was very enthusiastic when I found this card as I thought it would be a much better approach to sending music to my receiver than using the Apple AirExpress device. Boy was I wrong. The first hint of bad things to come was my wireless mouse began hanging ever 10 or so seconds. No problemo thinks I, I am sure the geniuses at Creative have a work around for this, and in fact their crappy non compliant little dash board has 3 channels to broadcast from. Either they are are all the same channel with a convenient non functional control, or the spectrum the card broadcasts on is too wide to make a difference as the mouse works just as badly under any setting. Well me thinks, I can just use it for music when I am not at the computer with my mouse. Wrong again! Apparently there is little or no buffering in the send unit as any time a USB device does ANYTHING, music skips. At first I thought that maybe my external hard drive where I house my music was becoming corrupt, but no, when I play the same "skipping" songs without the "Creative Wireless Music Corrupter" installed, they play fine. Then I noticed that the skips happen when any USB device does anything. I am using this on a i7 SandyBridge machine with 16 Gigs of RAM, not a a 4 Mhz 286. This device proved to be a waste of money and time, but if you have a dedicated PC with no other USB devices attached that you may ever plan to use, or are not planning to do anything wirelessly in its range, go for it.
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on September 21, 2015
I've been using this transmitter with 2 bases going through a couple of walls for a couple of years now. Music clarity is good, and there is no noticeable delay when I simulcast the music through multiple rooms and audio systems, which is great for entertaining. On occasion, when a base unit has been on continuously for a couple of months, they sometimes need a power off/on. The range is not 100' in a conventional home. Part of the issue might be the incredible amount of 2.4 Ghz broadcasting in my neighborhood as well. I've knocked off one star for mild lack of range. If only it would go to one more room in the house (where it currently can't), then I'd buy another base and be completely satisfied.

I use it with Winamp, then I use a Android app for remote controlling Winamp to basically take control of all music in the house via my portable device. Geeky and functional!

I've just updated my main PC to Windows 10, and I had to remove this device and reinstall it a couple of times (just using Win 10 auto detect drivers) and it started working again... WHEW!
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on August 14, 2017
Had this for several years now, or longer. It stopped working on my old laptop and this past spring I finally tried it again on my Toshiba and it works great, downloaded the newest drivers via the web site vs the CD works awesome.
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on November 7, 2016
It works well and was a great buy at first but after I decided to order another one, the price shot up. I found just the receivers at a good price so I ordered three of them, thinking I could buy more transmitters later, not so! It became impossible to order the transmitters alone, either the company stopped producing them or doesn't want to sell the transmitter itself. It's hard to even find the package (receiver and transmitter) anymore and if you can they want too much money for them now. I would give it a 5 if it were still available at a good price but since it is neither now, it gets a 2.
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on April 7, 2012
I had very high hope for this, exactly what I was looking wirelessly stream my music collection on my MacBook Pro to my home stereo system. Installation was a snap....inserted the transmitter into a USB port in my MBP, used two RCA cables to attach the receiver to an Aux-in on my stereo pre-amp, plugged in the power to the receiver. I had to to to the Apple System Preferences to choose the SB as the primary sound output, simple enough to do. Started iTunes, and started immediately to stream music to my stereo. GREAT, I thought.....but after about 1 minute, the link dropped. Re-established the link by pressing the "connect" button on the transmitter, and instantly relinked....but then dropped again after 1 minute. I contacted via email the Creative support group, fortunately found a very responsive rep to assist.....but alas, all the troubleshooting solutions we tried failed, and the rep concluded the transmitter was faulty (note - - when the transmitter and receiver are linked, the light on each unit should stay on (indicating linked status)...when not linked, the lights should blink. But on my transmitter, I noticed that when the units were linked, the light was blinking, and when the link was disconnected, the light stayed on. Obviously not correct, and I suspect this is what lead the rep to conclude the transmitter was faulty). So, very disappointed that they've sent a faulty unit, but seems if it stays linked the sound is fine, as other commenters have noted.

There's going to be a second part to this story....I still want this unit as the sound seemed to be very good when it was linked. I'm working with Creative to give me a warranty replacement as the return window with the Amazon seller has expired and I want to get a replacement via warranty. I'll update this review with a comment on how the Creative warranty system works and on how the replacement unit works. I'll amend my rating accordingly.

UPDATE SEPT 14, 2012 - - I received a warranty replacement for this unit several months ago, and have been using it nearly constantly.....this new one works as advertised. I'm delighted with the sound quality, its simple to operate (basically plug and play, I'm using a MacBook Pro and iTunes). I've not tried the "zones" functionality, and although my laptop normally sits within 3 meters of the SB receiver, I have been in other rooms of my home and no deterioration of sound or disruption. Two things to note - - the size of the transmitter (USB plug-in to laptop) has a rather large surface meeting the laptop and, at least on my MBP, won't allow another USB device to be plugged in (not a problem for me). The other thing is that when awakening my MBP in the morning, I may need to unplug the transmitter a couple times for it to relink with the receiver, but again, not a big issue. I intend on buying another one of these for a separate stereo/laptop set up I have. Recommended.

SECOND UPDATE APRIL 15, 2013 - - I've been using this device nearly every day, and very, very often all day long, and it has performed flawlessly. I'm going to get another one for another installation I long as you get one that works, it really is a great, easy to use (plug and play, if using a Mac just change the sound output device in Preferences) and music streams. Great!
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on August 7, 2013
I never cease to be amazed at the ways Creative Labs either omits or skews the application of their products. The purchase of the Sound Blaster Wireless bundle, model SB1170 according to the naming of the product (Blaster Wireless for itunes + receiver) leads the customer to believe this product is made exclusively for the MAC. It's geared toward the MAC but a closer look into what I consider limited installation guide/product instructions indicates it will also run on the PC.

As so many other customers have pointed out in their reviews (rightly so) that the instructions are lacking in many ways. I couldn't agree more.

Turns out, this product does work and quite well on the PC. I happen to have it installed on a Windows 7 machine and it runs quite nicely. Creative's instructions indicate this product is geared toward itunes and windows media player. This is true to an extent but not limited to these two players. Media Monkey works without any problem on the PC side. To be honest once the transmitter and receiver are communicating, any audio source will work. This leads me to the biggest no no of all on Creative's part. I could not find any mention to the installer that your sound source had to be changed to reflect the Sound Blaster Wireless as the sound device choice. This is a glaring omission and leaves much frustration on the installer's part unless you have been down this road before. Once the transmitter emits a solid green light, and the receiver does the same, the two devices are paired. That's great but when you have no audio, the task is far from complete until you realize the need to switch the playback sound device from its default playback in the windows OS.

My Amazon purchase was flawless and so too the delivery. The scenario above is in no way their fault. Once the product is working, it works well. I realize this product has been out for some time but I hope this review will help others who may be considering this product or one of Creative's other audio products.
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on April 28, 2013
A while back I bought the Onkyo USB wireless dongle for my Onkyo 8050 receiver. It took 3 people and 6 hours to get it to work and it is very primitive and hard to use. Went back to Crutchfield for future credit.
Now comes the Creative Labs wireless transmitter from Amazon.
It took me abut 20 minutes to set it up once I figured out the power supply, which is 3 different parts and needs to be snapped together.
No software installed at all. I need iTunes like a hole in the head.
Step 1: plug in the USB transmitter dongle into any available USB port on computer.
Step 2: plug in 2 RCA cables (not part of the kit)into the Creative receiver, plug the other end of same 2 cables into the Onkyo receiver ( I used the game port in ).
Step 3: plug in the 3 piece power supply to the Creative receiver and connect it to household current.
Step 4: press the "Connect" button on the Creative receiver, then walk over to the Creative USB transmitter dongle and press the "Connect" button on the dongle.
Step 5: open any music source on your home computer, be it hard disk, external drive, USB thumb drive, or Internet radio station, and select play.
Step 6 : sit down, enjoy the music.

Cons: power supply is dumb, but works.
Pros: music quality is excellent, at least to my aging ears. I can play Leonard Cohen on the CD player and play the same track on the computer hard drive, and when I switch back and forth between CD or Game using the Onkyo's excellent remote control, there is no difference in sound quality. CD play is a bit louder.
Other: On days I'm not in the office I remove the transmitter only, so no one would snap it off carelessly. When I go back to work I just plug it in again and it goes to work without the need to press "Connect" again.
In our office the distance is about 20 feet from the transmitter to the receiver, but there is a chest-high wood cabinet in between, so there is no direct line in sight, but the system works flawlessly. I haven't tried it yet with longer distances.
By the way, I paid about $ 40 for this at Amazon. I noticed the price went double, but it's still worth it. I'll probably order a couple more just for future use and backup, because it is a great product.
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