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on September 4, 2011
I have read many of the reviews here before purchasing the player and despite being warned of all the cons, i decided to take a gamble for its price and Creative's brand name. I had some initial problems with the Bluetooth feature with the M300 but these were resolved when I upgraded the firmware to the latest one (1.00.16) from the Creative website. There are some things that this player cannot do but for those that it can, it does it pretty well.

The main selling feature of this player is of course Bluetooth streaming. Pairing the player to my bluetooth headphones and car stereo (you need to key in your 4-digit code) were relatively simple (it takes seconds) and the audio quality is excellent. This is my first Bluetooth-compatible player, and i am surprised by how much i like this wireless thing. Not having to worry about wires dangling around your dashboard is awesome. Also, the ability to automatically connect back to the last paired device when turned on again is a thoughtful feature. One feature i miss on this player that was on the older zen players is the option to create playlists on the go. But if you do use windows media player or winamp to organize your song library, you can also easily sync your playlist to this player. What I really like most about this player is the ability to drag and drop files - even on a mac. It just appears as an external harddisk and you just drop your songs or photos in it - no proprietary software required.

As far as i am concerned, i am happy with my purchase of the M300. It performed well as a music player and the bluetooth function is really useful if you have other bluetooth enabled devices. And for this, i would say that the M300 is of great value for something so small yet feature-rich.

BUY this player if:
- you are budget conscious, this is one of the most affordable feature packed branded bluetooth mp3 player
- you listen mainly to music and radio
- you prefer doing without additional music softwares like itunes, and rather drag and drop your music into your player
- you need a microsd slot
- you have a bluetooth headphones or speakers, it's more convenient than you think

DON'T buy this player if:
- movie playback is an important feature to you
- you use DRM or subscription services
- most of your music are in .FLAC and .M4A
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 I purchased Zen MP3 player because it is the only small dedicated MP3 player that supports bluetooth. I mostly use my MP3 players to listen to audio books and therefore the most important feature for me in any MP3 player is its ability to pick up listening exactly where I stopped last time. This MP3 player is able to do so but only when the sound is streamed from the internal memory and not from the external micro SD card. Zen player does not support bookmarking as such, but if you put pause the player before powering it down the player will continue to play from the same spot once it is switched back on.

The bluetooth feature works extremely well, pairing is easy, and my bluetooth headphones (ASIN B00BTJBPGE) work very well with it. Zen MP3 player remembers the paired headphones and re-connect automatically after it is turned back on. Note that the reconnect is not instant, there is a short pause after the MP3 player is turned back on followed by a beep that tells you it reconnected. Attached photos show Zen player during bluetooth pairing process. You can also see the display, I find it bright and easy to read even with my presbyopic eyes.

Here are some of my other observations on using Zen MP3:
1. The touch screen is VERY sensitive, it is easy to change it unintentionally. There is a lock feature, and I always have it on when I listen to MP3.
2. The first time you turn it on the device and try to do anything it is likely that you will touch the screen in a way that the first default option is triggered. This first menu choice will switch the language from English to French (first options on first default). Then you have to navigate the new device that you are still learning using French menus to get back to English. The first options should have been something harmless like brightness!
3. FM radio does not work with bluetooth because the wired headphones are also an antenna
4. I was able to move MP3 files to an external micro SD using file copy after connecting the player to my computer with a USB cable. The player was visible as a disk and I was able copy and paste files by dragging them in the standard UI. But since pause to bookamrk does not work with an external micro SD I stopped using it. I got a confirmation that it does not work with external micro SD from Zen support.
5. The screen is bright and the font is fairly large, I can read the screen easily even outside. My non-bluetooh MP3 is Sansa clip and the display is bigger and brighter on Zen.
6. The player has no clip, so sometimes when I am wearing shorts + t-shirt without a pocket this becomes a problem. By comparison Sansa Clip can be clipped to my clothing, I wish Zen had this feature.

Overall, I like this MP3 slightly less than my Sansa Clip, but Sansa clip does not have bluetooth and sometimes the wires get in the way (for example, gardening). In those cases I switch to using Zen player. So Zen has not become my favorite MP3 player, but it does a nice job with bluetooth and I learned to deal with the "bookmarking" mechanism and lack of a clip.

Ali Julia review
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on August 6, 2013
CONS: Perhaps, I received a fluke! Did they DROP this product during delivery or what?

When I attempted to "power" it up...there was just a BLACK SCREEN...NOTHING!

When it arrived, the mailing which, it was delivered was extremely HOT...perhaps, this misfortune somewhat "effected" the enclosed product...I don't know, but it would not work.

PROS: It's sad, indeed, because I really did like the style and the fact that it had a FM radio, had an expansion slot (up to 16gb)...and on top of all of that it was "Bluetooth" MP3 Player!

I want to "re-order", but I'm hesitate due to the SAME thing happening again. My friend ordered one a few weeks ago and it's WORKING PERFECTLY! Yes, I must have received a DAMAGE one.

*NOTE: In fairness to did make good on it and I recd. a prompt refund as soon as they recd. the product at the RETURN/CLAIM Center in NV. They even let me print a RETURN SHIPPING form directly at their website.

It would be so great "if" the shipping companies would STORE electronics in the cooler parts of trunks "or" deliver (electronics) in the cool of the day...this way customers wouldn't have to be concern with the item/product sitting in some old hot shipping truck for hours on end "prior" to reaching its destination.

I wonder if can request such a thing. Hum...
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on February 11, 2014
I love this player - but not the ear buds that come with it. I replaced the ear buds on my first unit [which I accidently washed in the washer]. So I bought another and it makes me so happy. I use it at the gym and it holds a ton of music which is easy to upload using the USB connection. I buy my music off a site called MP3milions and I download the music to my computer and then to the ZEN. The ZEN as a player is very easy to work and allows several modes such as 'genre', DJ mode, album of the day, etc. I don't use play lists --- I just like turning it on, getting on the treadmill or bike and working out to music. For the price it's great. I have an 8 gig player and have hundreds of pieces of music on it.

For me, the most impressive aspect of this player is that it plays for hours and hours with one single charge. In fact, I keep loosing the little connecter that allows me to charge it off the computer.
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on January 7, 2012
The only reason I did not give this item 5 stars is my frustration that I cannot seem to get it to recognize and sync with my Ford Fusion's sound system, but I have a feeling that is either a bluetooth conflict with my phone or Ford does not recognize the M300. Oh, and the earbuds are very "old school". But I have dozens of earbud pairs around the house that satisfy my needs.

My son's Ipod was stolen. He is in University. Theft is rampant. It happens. So, since I don't use my 8GB Ipod touch (I HATE ITunes), I restored it and gave it to him for Christmas. Now I needed an MP3 player. I picked this up, pretty much for a song, using my Amazon charge "points".

The best part is the filing of the songs. It is MY call...not the software. Seamless movement of my audio files to the unit. I guess you can use Windows media player, but for me I was happy to just move my music, categorized by album or playlist to the "music" file.

I had a Zen years ago and I really liked it for FM radio use when my music was boring me. I haven't tried it on this unit yet.

This unit has "Audible" file capacity. I WAS considering downloading audiobooks from the library for travel, but since I can't get the bluetooth to connect, that is moot.
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on May 22, 2013
There are only two problems with the unit. One - making playlists are a royal pain in the ass and the instructions they give you for this are useless. You have to go to their web site to get the directions. The directions on the web site are confusing as the ones for the latest version on windows media player are below the ones for the previous version. Very easy to miss.
Two - you cannot play the FM radio through blue tooth. You have to have the audio cable plugged in to your speakers as it uses the cable as the antenna.
Other than those two things, which are minor, it is compact, sleek, mega memory (you can even put a micro sd card in as well. I have an 8gig boosting the memory from 16 gb to 24 gb!) and it has the aforementioned FM radio that gets unbelievable reception. I live in an area where most of my radios don't get MOST stations. This thing gets them all and very clear.
All in all a cool device.
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on March 23, 2014
When I purchased this device, I had two requirements: I wanted to be able to stream MP3 via bluetooth to my car stereo; and I wanted to be able to manage the music on the device with just a file manager, and not be forced to use a certain well-known proprietary manager of "tunes". It can do those things okay, but I never worried that one of the far more basic functions of the device would be a weakness.

As far as a player goes, it's "meh". It could be a lot faster in navigation, and the overall user interface could use a lot of UI expert intervention, but it more or less gets the job done.

As a small rechargeable device should, it comes with an optional "idle shutdown" feature. If the device isn't playing music for n (1, 2, 5, or 10) minutes, it will shut itself off to save battery life. That is a good thing.

When you plug the device in to charge, it will automatically turn itself on and begin playing where it left off on the playlist. This isn't a horribly useful function, but it seems innocuous enough...

...until these functions collide:

1. Plug it in to charge; it turns itself on and starts playing music.
2. Stop the playback; it goes idle.
3. It reaches the "idle shutdown" time and shuts itself off.
4. Then because it's plugged in... it turns itself on and starts playing music again!
Repeat 2-4 ad infinitum (or until you stop charging it, whichever comes first).

So there are three options:
1. Disable the idle shutdown feature when you charge it, so you only have to stop playback once (which is still once more than you reasonably should), then set it back when you've finished charging. A minor inconvenience, but repetition makes it sufficiently annoying.
2. Never use the idle shutdown feature, but you still have to stop the playback once. And hopefully, you'll never forget to turn off your player after you pause it.
3. Allow the device to continue playing music (silently or otherwise) while it charges, whether you want it to or not.

Contacting their support department was just as useful as one would expect--format the device, apply the latest firmware (1.00.26, which is what I was already running and indicated so in the support contact form), and try again. When that (surprisingly!) didn't work, their tune became "Oh, that's by design." Thanks, Creative, but I know a bug when I see one. I always appreciate people wasting my time and insulting my intelligence.

When it's plugged in for charging, it should stay on (and quiet) or it should stay off. Flip-flopping between on and off is just dumb. And shame on you, Creative. When you have a bug, just admit you have a bug, even if your next sentence is, "But we don't think it's a big enough problem to worry about fixing."
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on April 15, 2013
This thing is pretty disappointing. The equivalent functions on smartphone apps are far better, for example the equalizer-- there does not appear to be any way to set up a custom profile. Worse, there is no native ability to play folders. Yeah I know, some people like to go through third party apps like Windows Media Player, WinAmp or iTunes, but nothing beats the simplicity of dragging and dropping music into folders.

The "touch" points are screen are not easy to use for a number of reasons. I would have expected basic navigating controls on such a simple device to have evolved much more, especially on a device that is generally well on its way to obsolescence. I mean give me something that makes it worthwhile to use this more than my smartphone.

The "creative" has left "Creative." Too bad, I've had several other Creative Zen products over the years and this is not one of their best.
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on February 15, 2014
One of the good option is the blue tooth output for wireless speakers or headphones. The display is small and it is hard to watch video. The battery last for a long time of playing. Adding music was a little difficult as it wanted to sync songs when ever hooked up to the computer. I ended up with double songs. I ended up putting all of the music on the external micro memory chip and uninstalling it when plugging the unit into the computer so if music did down lad onto the player you could do a remove all and then put the memery card back in once you unplugged it from the computer.
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on June 22, 2012
The product arrived as scheduled in great packaging. I didnt care for how small it actaully is. it linked up just fine but the buttons (arrows) dont always tap right away. The screen is very small. I should have shopped around a bit more. I will probably return this product because i actaully found the Zen Vision: M 30 GB.

Im not very satisfied with the M300. The main reason is you can create playlists and import them into the M300 but the MP3 player itself always shows the play lists as EMPTY. Plus the viewing screen is too small to watch movies on compared to the VISION: M. I like the 2.75 IN viewing on the VISION.

This product is definitely not worth $90. I wouldnt pay $20 for it. If you like Creative MP3 players, steer clear of this one and searching for the VISION M 30GB. I had one for over 6 years before it totally stopped working. I buying another one and returning the M300
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