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on October 24, 2012
This appears to be exactly the same product as the BBQbuy@7W "300 lumen" version, but at a higher price. Both products are exaggerating the specs and description, and this item's claims about lumens and waterproofing appear to be blatantly false. It's not 400 lumens, and it's not waterproof.

The "Q5" LED in these lights is a Cree XR-E Q5, a 2006 model rated by the manufacturer at a maximum output of 251 lumens at 4 watts. With a AA battery, you can get up to about 3.5 watts at most. And some of the output will be absorbed before the light leaves the aluminum body of the torch. So, you can expect something in the range of 150 to 240 lumens. To get 400 lumens as promised, the light would need a Cree XP-G or XM-L emitter (~500 and ~1000 lumens, respectively), but it has an old XR-E instead.

With a 14500 Li-Ion battery, you can drive the emitter at up to 7.5 watts. It may even be able to reach 300 lumens at that power. However, this is way beyond the maximum rated power level of 4W, and is likely to burn the light out far sooner than normal.

The exact product you get seems to depend on a combination of timing and vendor choice. I made three separate orders and got three different products... and other customers have reported even more variation. It may have high/medium/strobe modes, or it may have only on/off. It may have anywhere from zero to three O-rings inside. It may have branding inked on the side, or not. It can have at least two different types of optics. It may have a cheaper or broken emitter inside, giving far less than 200 lumens of light. It may cost anywhere from $5 to $20.

This light is not waterproof. Splash-resistant, yes, but don't try to dunk it underwater. Even if you were lucky enough to get one with all the O-rings, the lens and zoom mechanism aren't really sealed. In many cases, the lens is simply loose inside the body with no glue or other attempts to seal it. The clip screw holes also go all the way through the body, which is another way for water to get in. Many units aren't even fully screwed together unless you tighten them.

However, all that aside, this is still probably the brightest and most versatile torch you can get for under $6. It can throw a long way at its narrow beam setting, it projects a nice, even circle of bright light on the wide setting, and the front-most piece can unscrew to remove the lens for a true flood mode. And as far as batteries go, it's an omnivore. It can use practically any type of battery in any condition, drawing whatever power the battery can muster. But the other product listing is cheaper and seems to have some more reliable vendors listed.

Update 2014-09: I measured this light in my light box. Using a freshly-charged Eneloop battery, I got 39 lumens on the narrow beam, 72 lumens on the wide beam, and 101 lumens with the bezel removed entirely. On "low" mode the output is about 30% as much. So, nowhere near 400 lumens. But it should be higher with a 14500 li-ion battery -- roughly 2.5X as many lumens.

I also measured the beam intensity (or throw) on narrow mode. A normal SK-68 light got a lux of 3.6 kcd with an Eneloop or 10 kcd with a 14500 li-ion battery. That translates to 120 meters or 200 meters. Another variety of SK-68 with wider optics got 5.5 kcd on Eneloop or 12.4 kcd on li-ion, meaning 149m or 222m of throw. That's really far for something this size.
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on May 30, 2013
..considering the price. BUT...there isn't any reason for such poor quality control. Well, except that the units are likely assembled off-planet somewhere...maybe even China!

I ordered two. Got two. The light pattern is considerably different between the two..one has a halo effect around the LED. Removal of the lens cap showed the likely reason: The reflector is scratched up a good bit and the body of the light that holds the reflector looks like it was lunch for a starving hamster..scratched, gouged, dinged, and generally goobered. The reflector is off center..the edge of the center hole is hung up on the LED case. Not a great big deal...but why not put it in straight MINUS the damage?

For $5 it's a fine light. It would cost no more to have been assembled with a modicum of care. The other of the two I got is fine.

The lights I received have a simple on/off function in the tail switch. At one time these units had the multiple function on/flash/off switches, at least according to what I've read about them over some time. I prefer the single function switch. It's something to keep in mind if you prefer a multi-function switched light.

I didn't come across a battery life statement anywhere, so I measured the current draw on this light: 1.7A! Most AA batteries being rated at 1500mAH, the math says this light will run a good bit less than an hour. The actual operation is likely LESS than what the math number comes out to.

I read reviews more recent than this one that say this light has a multi-function switch. Evidently, not only is there zero quality control on these lights, but the parts being used to make 'em are hit-n-miss by design.

An exceedingly poor way to run a retail operation, Amazon. Folks can buy this light and HOPE they get something that works.

That's about it.

Good Luck.
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on June 5, 2013
I dig good flashlights, I've bought a few from different sources and power them with LiPo batteries. For under $6.00 this was an impulse buy, but I am AMAZED at the quality of product produced in China for the price you pay. I stuck a NiMH AA battery in it clicked it on and was shocked at how bright this is. This is NOT a pseudo military "everyday carry", tactical-schmactical light, but it is a solid, well made machined aluminum light that will run on common AA batteries or the same sized LiPo version for more brightness and longer battery life. I'll carry it in my briefcase for site inspections at work.

This one is silkscreened with "CREE" on one side and "UltraFIRE" on the other. The function button is neon orange. It has a pocket clip.
It has 3 modes- bright, dim and strobe. You can cycle through them by fully clicking ON-OFF ON-OFF ON-OFF, but you can also just depress the button slightly to cycle (not a full click, like focusing on a camera- half press to focus, full press to release the shutter).

The beam is perfectly round, with a well defined edge- the edge is not soft and diffused- you can see it. Color is mostly daylight white that fades to a warm orangy (~2700k) color at the edge. Beam is not adjustable as far as I can tell.

(Edit: I found that the beam is adjustable. The collar around the lens slides up and back to widen or focus the beam- it was originally glued together a bit with the lubrication that came from the factory- a few hard twists and it loosened up. It will focus in to the point that you're projecting an image of the LED emitter onto the wall which is kind of silly- pull back from that a smidge and it's a nice sharp point of light. Not a super wide beam all the way out, very suitable for everyday use).

I like this light so far. 14500 LiPo batteries are on their way to better power it.

From reading various reviews, it seems that there are various versions of this light available from different sellers each with slight variations. If you get the version that I did, you'll be happy.
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on February 27, 2014
So much light from a small package. This little guy can be hidden in your hand, yet it can outperform the large flashlights with which we grew up. It is a single mode light; on, off, but no adjustable brightness. The flashlight is able to zoom its brightness. With the lens retracted against its body, it gives a large bright circle of light with no hotspot. With the lens extended, it concentrates its beam to the shape of the led. The light is much brighter when concentrated. This flashlight can run off a single AA battery or a single 14500 lithium ion battery. It is much brighter with 14500 battery. It has an effective belt clip screwed to its side; it can be removed. The construction of the light is very robust. On one of the sides, CREE is printed. On the opposite side, HausBell is written. It was received in a box with the name HausBell printed on it. No instructions were included or nessecary. Below is a list of other flashlights I own and how this flashlight compares.

Mini Cree Q5 LED - sold by PoweraddDirect: This light is also $5.99. The Mini Cree Q5 lights up a larger circle of light (not by much) and is slightly less bright due to the beam not being as concentrated. The Mini Cree is a 3 mode light (high, low, and strobe). The lens zooms in and out as does the HausBell. You have the option of using 3 AAA batteries or a single 18650 lithium ion battery ( when used with the included extension). If size is important, go with the HausBell. If you don't mind a larger flashlight, I would give a very slight edge to the mini Cree Q5. It has more features and a wider beam with little sacrifice to brightness.

Lighting Ever adjustable focus - sold by Neon Mart: This light is very similar to the Mini Cree Q5. It is a single mode light with adjustable focus and it runs off 3 AAA batteries only. The beam is the same diameter as the Mini Cree Q5 and a hair less bright than the Mini Cree Q5 using the 18650 battery. Its beam's cutoff is sharper than the Hausbell and Mini Cree. It feels very well made; better than the HausBell and Mini Cree. If had to use a flashlight for work, this would be my choice. I would feel confident it would work every time and since it only uses AAA batteries, I could stock up on them for cheap and never have to worry. This is the light I'm buying my wife. Almost $10, but worth it. Although it gives up a tiny bit of brightness to the others, the build quality and the sharpness of its beam make it my choice for a compact flashlight.

Intsun Ultrafire WF502B - sold by Intsun: Longer and skinnier than the above 3 flashlights. It is a 5 mode light (high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS) and has a fixed zoom. You have the choice of using 3 AAA batteries or a single 18650 lithium ion battery. This flashlight performs differently from the others. It is more of a spot beam with residual light that spills off the extremely bright small diameter beam. This light would work well for illuminating a specific area at a great distance. It is much brighter than the above flashlights. This would not be my choice for a light to use to walk the dog at night. It is a more specific use light. Excellent flashlight, but in a different category from the 3 above.

Ultrafire Zoomable Cree XM-L T6 - sold by Intsun: Wow, what a flashlight! If you don't mind a bigger flashlight, this is the one to buy. It has the same 5 modes as the WF502B and zooms in and out like the HausBell, Mini Cree, and the Light Ever. You have multiple battery options: a single 26650 li-on, a single 18650 li-on, or 3 AAA batteries. It gives the largest diameter beam and is brighter than the others (except the WF502B, due to the smaller concentrated beam). It is very well made. It is priced around $10; a steal in my opinion.

In summary, the HausBell 7W 300L Q5 led flashlight is a stellar performer. It combines size, performance, build quality, and price in one incredible package.

I would like to comment about the advertised lumens of all these inexpensive, made in China, flashlights. They're exaggerated. In some cases, grossly exaggerated. Don't let that keep you from buying these great little lights. Their performance is comparable to flashlights priced many times their price. My, have flashlights come a long way!
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on November 18, 2013
My issue is actually with the seller named 'CocoFed' who sells these. I have purchased this product from several other vendors and have been extremely happy with these flashlights (look for seller 'tosell888' for best results). However, my experience with Cocofed is the opposite. my original order never arrived. After 6+ weeks of waiting, i emailed them asking for tracking info. They did reply promptly to my email. My order couldn't be found and they graciously offered to replace my order. Unfortunately, the flashlights i received today were not even close to what i ordered. they are larger, heavier, require more batteries, are a different brightness, and have multiple features not offered on the cheap product i desired. these are more expensive than what i purchased, for sure, which *might* be an attempt by the company to ensure my satisfaction during an otherwise undesirable situation.. BUT... the flashlights i received are also too large for my needs and require a type of batteries that i avoid. So unfortunately, this ended up being a major FAIL on the part of Cocofed.
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on April 20, 2013
I got this light today and tried it with a Duracell AA battery. It is pretty bright, certainly brighter than any single AA flashlight I have seen before. It is 3 5/8" long and maybe 1" or slightly wider diameter. It is all metal and unbelievably sturdy for this price. It has only 1 brightness level, ON or OFF.
However, I also recently received 2 of the Cybertech 3W LED Flashlights. Those lights are slightly bigger than this one, and they use 3 AAA batteries. They also have a very similar zoom mechanism as this light. The Cybertech is much brighter with its 4.5V (3 AAA in series) than this light.
Now that I saw how bright this light is with alkaline batteries, I just ordered four 14500 1200mAH LIon rechargeables and a charger. They were from "Crazy Cart" and cost just over $10 including shipping. I think they are claimed to be protected, but for that low price I don't expect much. I'm not an expert, but I am aware of the risks and rules using lithium rechargeables, and plan to be very careful and monitor closely. It is also important not to discharge completely, or the battery will fail. Better to play it safe and swap with a full battery sooner. I do expect the light to be much brighter with the 3.7V 14500 cells, as many others have said it was. I'll update the review after I receive them. For now I really like the Cybertech because it is VERY bright with AAA common alkaline batteries. It also has a High, LOW, and STROBE, and throws a wider beam.
I still want to give this light 5 stars due to it being a great value and I am confident it will work well with the rechargeable batteries.

UPDATE: This light is much brighter with the 14500 battery. I use a Nitecore Intelligent charger now. The cheap Chinese charger did work, but I feel better using the Nitecore.
I have bought about 8 or 10 of these lights in the last 6 months, and they all work fine. I gave most away as gifts. Everyone likes them.
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on July 1, 2013
Just bought this along with a couple of larger versions that all operate in the same manner. This one uses a single AA battery which was somewhat concerning as I use Rechargeable eneloop batteries which are only 1.2 volts as compared to the standard alkaline which are 1.5 volts. But no worries the eneloop's seem to perform just fine.

1) Very inexpensive even cheaper then buying an LED replacement light bulb for existing incandescent flashlights.
2) Performs as expected with the bright position very bright and the low position fine for most things (although I doubt that this is a 400 Lumen CREE at least when driven by a single AA).
3) I like the adjustable focusing ring although this will probably turn out to be more of a gimmick.
4) Seems light weight and well built from aluminium. Should last a while but even if it doesn't it's really a throw a way.

1) The light switch on the back of the light is very sensitive. It also doesn't seem to remember its last selection. Still haven't gotten used to it.

This light is supposedly water proof although I haven't tested that just yet but if I do will update this review.

I would have definitely given this a five star review if it wasn't for the finicky switch.
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on March 1, 2013
It took me a long time to decide on a tactical light setup. With so many options and conflicting reviews it can make it hard to press the button and buy. Deciding between a light that was mounted or buying the light and mount seperately are the choice. There are more options when buying seperately and I believe you can do better with less money this way. Anyway, this little cree is excellent and I am more than pleased with the purchase. Along with the "OFF SET TACTICAL Weapon Mount For Olight M20/M21/M30" the combo looks really great. Definitely beefs up your gear. The 7watts and 300 lumens are probably better served with a 3.6v battery versus a AA, but having the option to drop a AA is nice on your wallet. More than bright enough for tactical use, and definitely adequate for home or outdoor use when considering the size and price. Many lights at this price point dont have the option of a focus but this light can be focused into a sharp beam that has an incredible distance at night although its funny how well you can make out the circuitry when focused sharply. Even though its almost a new standard to have the medium power and strobe function they work well on this light and are easy to figure out how to operate. There isnt a Huge globe of light when unfocused but obviously there is only one LED in this light. Anyway with the bezel on this light it is obviously for tactical use which it covers nicely, unless you are only interested in a light that comes with a pressure switch. Did I mention how great it looks on an AR-15/M4. I would recommend this light with the Off Set light mount for anyone interested in balancing cost, function and looks when considering a tactical light for thier weapon.
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on March 8, 2014
Hey guys and galls. This is a surprisingly well constructed light for the price.

-Aluminum (I'm assuming anyway) construction
-Activation light is an orange color, which is a nice touch, seeing as though if you actually need to use the light, it's most likely going to be dark out, and the orange color helps it stand out a bit.
-Pocket clip is decent

-The focusing adjustment offers damn near no resistance. It's too easy to adjust. Honestly, the light would be damn near perfect if it just had a fixed focus and actually put out the lumens advertised.
-Lumen output nowhere near advertised. I've got a 6+ year old Gladius, and a bunch of Surefires laying around that only push about 60-80 lumens or so, and crush this light completely as far as light output goes. Then again, they were also 10-50x the price of this, but still 300lm stated is 300lm stated.
-The finish on the light is (as usual) sub par, but you're paying next to nothing for the light, so who cares.
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on August 6, 2013
It's bright - the adjustable beam is cool and it seems like it might be durable (although i'm not willing to drop it in use to find out) but from what i read about having adjustable intensity settings via the power switch - that seems to be not true or i'm not clicking it right ;)

it's more than 100 but less than 200 lumens (as checked with some other LED flashlights) but the ability to change from flood to spot makes it more useful than you'd think and seems to be a unique feature in this price range.

i'm not sure of the battery life of the unit but the bulb area didn't get too hot whilst in use so i think you don't have to worry about the LED overheating much (but i'm the type that unplugs or turns things off all the time so it's unlikely i'll ever have this on for more than 10 minutes at a time.)

The flashlight itself seems to be better sealed than some so it should hold up to occasional wetting but i'm not sure about a dunking in the pool or a full soak but if you keep it in your pocket during a shower it should be ok.

I've read about using higher capacity batteries for even more run-time - not sure of the ROI for those although i'm not sure the effect of heat on the battery life so it may be a waste if your keeping it in the car's glove-box.

The size of the thing makes it travel well - in fact it's about 1/2 as large as most others at this brightness from what i can see at the home depot.

For the price this little flashlight rocks - RECOMMENDED - just understand it's not a $70 LED flashlight so don't expect it to be as durable as one - buy 2 instead of 1 when you order it. (mine came from HK damn fast)
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