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Format: Paperback|Change
Price:$5.27+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 3, 2014
Amazing! Once again I'm an happier person for having read this book! I finished this in just two days because I couldn't put it down, I'm so enthralled about Nora and patch, I want to know everything! Lol!

Nora and patch try to recover from the confrontation with Chauncey and get on with their lives, but we all know it's never that simple. With the archangels breathing down patch's neck he has had to make a decision, well the archangels make a decision that threatens their bond.

Nora is a mess, and Marcie Miller AKA Nora's Sworn Enemy is to blame, Marcie and Patch have become awfully close and it's eating at Nora, but she will not be wipe away that easily. Nora has questions and liking the truth or not she always gets her answers.

There is also a guy in the picture, no love interest, but an interesting guy. Scott Parnell! Old child hood friends of Nora, moving back to the neighborhood. Something is not right about Scott though, and Nora, well she has to know why.

Secrets are uncovered, lives torn apart, New enemies are made, you do not want to miss out on the Dramatic end!
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This was a wonderful second book in the hush hush series. Yes Nora does some odd things that makes me wonder why, but you have to wonder what would you do if you felt the same emotions etc. The story flowed very nicely, though a few parts could have been moved out to keep it fast paced. I cannot wait for the third book.
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on July 27, 2017
I love this series! And the fact that I paid $5 for this book just made my day! It was in great condition and the book itself just drew me back into the lives of Nora and Patch.
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on September 14, 2012
I was starting to give up and not understand the insaneness of the Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick. The first two books were VERY boring and I did not understand the relationship of Nora and Patch; that is lack of relationship.

The two were together for a like a minute, only Nora would say I love you and only did once... finally in Silence their relationship came out and made me LOVE Patch! Now I understand him and their relationship.

Silence was a wonderful YA Paranormal novel. I actually really liked that Nora had "amnesia" and did not remember her life the past 5 months including Patch. I was really confused by the first two involving Angels and Nephiliums. I liked that Nora had to be reintroduced to them as well as I needed to be. Scott who has always been my favorite guy in the first two comes back into Nora's life. I always felt more of a connection for those two then I did Patch and Nora. He is a good friend but this time Patch really did step up to the plate and put his heart out on the line for Nora. I thought it was so cute when Patch finally took Nora to his house for the first time. Even if Nora did not understand the big deal, it WAS a BIG deal for Patch to take her there.

I liked the idea of the storyline of Nora and her biological father and it sure did set up an amazing storyline for the next and final book. I am really excited to read it! I wish I did not have to wait a month. I am glad I stayed on the Hush, Hush train and did not give up. Silence was a very good YA novel. I am looking forward to Nora's new title and Patch's role in her life.

I give Silence by Becca Fitzgerald 3.5 stars.

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on March 25, 2013
Ten Likes/Dislikes:

1. (+) Nora, the Protagonist - Silence makes it easier to identify with Nora. Not only do you have that first chapter where you really feel for her and the situation she's in, but Nora also admits that some of her choices are stupid. She had a sort of self-deprecating humor and assuredness that made it easier to connect with her. And she knew what she wanted. Nora takes charge of her future, and I like that. I like how much stronger she has gotten with each book in the saga.

2. (+) The Romance - Patch has some pretty sweet, swoon-worthy lines. This is one of the only times he's completely and utterly honest about how he feels though he's still got the bad-boy vibe going for him. And you know, I don't normally like it when I think the protagonist spends too much time talking about how she's looking up into his eyes, but wow, there was something so seductive to the color black and the way Fitzpatrick uses it along with Nora's memory of Patch. Plenty of flirty lines and the chemistry between Patch and Nora still runs deep.

3. (+) The Villain - I'm not even going to pretend I understood him, but at the same time, he felt... real. I would've liked to read more from his perspective, to know what he truly was thinking when he did all those things in the past, but oh well. They always say the scariest villains are the ones who really believe in their cause. Well, there have you it. I definitely felt the danger of what he was doing and wondered what it would lead to.

4. (+) World-Building - Once again, there is a lot more to the fallen angel / archangel / Nephilim world that we learn about. I would list some details here, but I don't want to spoil any of it; just know that it was an interesting touch, and I can't wait to see what the fourth book has in store for this. Also, loose ends regarding the paranormal world I didn't even remember from the previous books were tied up rather nicely in this book.

5. (--) Frustration - Since Nora has lost her memory, a lot of the characters need to tell her what happened to her, who she knew, etc. While it's integral to the story to find out who exactly is lying, there were times when I wanted to say... we already know this! Please, story, can you move on? Can Nora please just remember what happened here so we can move on?

6. (+) The Ending - Though it ends on a cliffhanger--which I normally hate--I have an idea of where the fourth book will head, and I like that. I like where it's headed. When Becca Fitzpatrick first announced that news, I didn't know how to take it or whether or not I liked that she was expanding 'the saga.' This book helped me make up my mind on that end.

7. (+) The Writing - When I read the first chapter of Silence, my first thought was: wow, Becca Fitzpatrick's writing has improved SO much. This is probably the best writing I've read from her! That mostly continues through the book with one snag--the questions. Nora's perspective is filled with questions. Normally, I don't think I would've noticed, but one of my critique partners pointed out how many questions my protagonist asks and got annoyed with the protag for that... so, if you get annoyed when protagonists do that, watch out, I suppose. I personally wasn't bothered by it; there are a lot of questions that need to be asked.

8. (+/-) The Pacing - I did say that I was frustrated with Nora's inability to remember some of the things that we as readers could remember... and that affected the pacing, making it seem a tad slow at points and clogged with back story we already knew. Also, in the beginning, I kept looking for more time with Patch. It also made the book go a little slower in the beginning because I kept expecting him...(don't expect him for a bit)... but other than that, the pacing was fine, and I didn't let the book go until I had finished reading it.

9. (+/-) The Prologue - Becca Fitzpatrick continues her trend of prologues written from another character's perspective. While I think it added great insight into his mind, I also think it would've added more to the suspense and mystery of the novel had she gotten rid of it. Granted, I wasn't able to predict what would happen next in the story, but I think that not having the prologue would've definitely reduced my frustration with Nora, because I too would've been in the dark regarding what had happened to her later.

10. (+) The Cover - it matches the other two! I can't wait to put it next to them on the shelves and see the prettiness all together. I love the black and white and red theme... Though I'm not sure I quite understand the symbolism of the beach. I understood the fall and the lightning from the Hush, Hush and Crescendo covers, but the beach is a little confusing. I do like that they put Patch and Nora together this time; I can see that reflected in the book.

Personally, I liked Hush, Hush the best of all the books simply because it was the start of their romance and I think that was quite possibly the most exciting bit--trying to figure out Patch's intentions and what exactly Nora had gotten herself into... but I like Silence more than Crescendo.

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick is a worthy contender in the Hush, Hush saga. Fans will definitely not be disappointed with the sweet romance, suspense, and interesting take on paranormal world-building in this book.

Extra Tidbits:
-Some people have complained about the absence of Nora's mom in the first two books--how unrealistic that was. Doesn't happen as much in Silence.
-Vee is still here, charming as ever before, though I didn't mention her up above. Her role is sort of eclipsed in this novel because of the sheer amount of things going on around Nora.

Hope you enjoyed the review!
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VINE VOICEon March 23, 2013
I really liked Becca Fitzpatrick's first novel, Hush, Hush. I read it cover to cover during my Christmas break last year, and was looking forward to the sequel, Crescendo. Sequels have a funny lot in life though. They are plagued by the opinions on the original book, are derivative by pure nature, and expected still to take a stand of its own and wow the reader into continuing the series. The sad sequel is just like the middle child- never first and never final. It is just a bridge between the two most important parts of a trilogy. So did Crescendo elevate Hush, Hush or disgrace the series?

We last left Nora Grey and Patch in a strange and forbidden relationship. Nora is the descendant of Patch's Nephilim- the child of a fallen angel- and as a fallen angel himself, Patch must kill the vassal or child of Nephilim in order to gain a human body. Instead he fell in love with Norah and not only didn't kill Nora himself, but protected her from another who was trying to do her in- Chauncey. Now Patch has been elevated to a guardian angels for his selfless act and is forbidden to love Nora, something he and Nora can't bear to admit.

The Nephilim are back and in rare form. They are creating a Blood society whose sole purpose is to keep the fallen angels from taking over their bodies during Cheshvan. Cheshvan is the only time fallen angels are allowed to feel and experience human thoughts and emotions, but it requires them to possess the body of their Nephilim for two weeks. Obviously, this doesn't make the Nephilim- a mean, super strong, immortal group of thugs- very happy. Now Nora is in their cross-hairs as Chauncey was once the leader of the Blood society and they are eager to exact their revenge.

As her guardian angel, Patch should be able to protect her, but when Nora sees him spending time with Marcie, her sworn childhood enemy, she breaks up with him and fires him as her guardian angel. When a guy she knew as a child returns to town (who is also Nephilim) she is oddly drawn to him despite her instinct that something is up with him. Can Nora survive the strange visions, the crazy Nephilim, the sneaky fallen angels, and the elementary school bullies?

As a sequel, this book doesn't surprise me. It's good, but not great. It's interesting but not thrilling. It is the perfect middle child in an eventual trilogy. If a student liked the first book, they might like this second one, but my guess is it might be a bit too stretched out with the meat of the story unceremoniously stuffed into the final 50 pages. I know the first bookw as written similarly, but you would think that by the second book with the characters finally having almost all the information about Angels and Nephilim that the story would be more involved than the first story. Unfortunately, it isn't. I liked the story fine enough, but I have to say I wasn't wowed. I probably wouldn't suggest it for a struggling student unless they had been flattened by the first book and needed more. If they felt lukewarm towards the first book, I certainly wouldn't encourage them to read the second installment. I am interested to see where the third book will go, but I hope Fitzpatrick ups the ante!
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on May 7, 2012
3.5 Stars

A lot of mystery takes place in the beginning of Silence. Nora has just awoken in a graveyard, with no recollection of her past five months. A lot of time is spent while Nora attempts to piece her past together. While this is going on, the evil Hank Millar takes a spotlight in the story dating Nora's mother. Patch comes back into the picture as a mysterious guy named Jev, whom no one has ever heard of, yet Nora feels a connection to him...

Things I liked:

THE MYSTERY- As stated above, there's a lot of it in this book. When combined with the author's captivating style of writing, it makes for a good story.

SCOTT'S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT- In Crescendo, he was pretty much a douchebag jock, but you can tell within Silence how much the events in his life have affected him. He becomes someone you feel for.

PATCH- He's more present in Silence than he was in Crescendo. His love for Nora feels stronger and more genuine.

Things I did NOT like:

NORA'S CHARACTER- Admittedly, in Crescendo, Nora does some pretty crazy stuff. However, most girls do crazy things when faced with raging jealousy. So it's understandable. In Silence, however, Nora came off as stupid and sometimes rude. There's one scene in the beginning when the school secretary shows her some sympathy and Nora reacts very disrespectfully. This combined with the hundreds of senseless acts of detective work makes me wonder if there is a loose screw somewhere in her head. The reader is left thinking, "Does this chick EVER learn?"

VEE'S LACK OF SCENES- She's my favorite character. And she wasn't in Silence as much as she was in the first two books.

CONCLUSION- Something felt off. I read the beginning very quickly, but the last few chapters took forever to get through. I think maybe it was too drawn out.

All in all, the series has gotten better for me. I hated the first book. Thankfully, someone convinced me to give the 2nd book a chance and I'm glad I did. It's a pretty good series, which makes me think the author can only do better from here.
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on February 11, 2013
SILENCE is the fast-paced, wildly entertaining, and absolutely riveting third book in author Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush, Hush series. As with its predecessor, it starts off with a captivating prologue that draws readers back into the world.

And it continues with a story that will keep readers glued to the page as Nora struggles to remember the past five months of her life. Not only the months she has been missing, but months that encompass her entire relationship with Patch. A boy she can no longer remember even exists.

Even as Nora remains in the dark about the world she had once been a part of, a world of Nephilim, fallen angels and archangels, she cannot seem to escape it. And even without her memories intact, when she learns of their existence, of Cheshvan, of the Black Hand's plans for war, of her friends' roles, of hers, she can't sit idly by.

Because not only does she have a stake in the outcome of the Black Hand's nefarious plans, she has a vital part to play in them. One that threatens her very existence. And one that could cost her everything if she fails.

SILENCE takes Nora's story in an exciting new direction. Instead of immediately continuing on with the love story and the struggle between the immortals, it's almost as if it's a new beginning for the characters and for the reader.

With no knowledge of her recent past, Nora must try to rebuild her life from where she last remembers it. Before her discovery of angels. Before she met Patch. And before she became aware of who she really was. All of which creates a new trajectory for the story, a new opportunity to discover a different - and far more likable - Nora, and a chance at a brand new love story.

This twist to the story gives readers the advantage as their awareness trumps that of the main character. It puts them in the position of knowing when she's being deceived and of when she's in danger. And it creates moments of tension and nail-biting suspense, heartache and heartbreak that would not otherwise have been part of the reading experience, making for an immensely entertaining read.

And with new hurdles for the characters to overcome, new enemies for them to defeat and even more obstacles in the way of a happily ever after, with SILENCE author Becca Fitzpatrick delivers the most exciting, most suspenseful and most gripping installment yet in her Hush, Hush series.
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on May 24, 2012
I have read all 3 books and Silence was my favorite it has mystery,suspense,and of course Nora and Patchs electrifying love for one another. The only critique I have is the never ending dragged out descriptions of certain things that do not need to be described in such detail and some of the retelling of events overlapping in every book. It gets to be too much at times but otherwise I love all 3 books and am very excited for The Finale of Hush Hush series. It took me awhile to read the first book but when I finished I was hooked and very excited for more!!
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on November 13, 2011
Becca Fitzpatrick has pulled out all stops in this installment in the Hush Hush Saga! Becca Fitzpatrick's writing really grew in this book and everything just grows by leaps and bounds. Silence was the best book yet in every way, and I just couldn't put it down.

The characters are one of my favorite things about this book - and I really loved the growth of characters I saw in Silence. In the past two books, Nora has had a bit of a whiny, helpless quality about her. In this book, she grows and becomes a strong, independent women. She was no longer going to be pushed around or left behind, and I loved that. Patch became even more of a wonderful character in this one. He was just so much more real in this one.

The plot is just brilliant. Everything was bigger and better in Silence. I was totally on board from page one, and the first section was interesting as you are piecing together things along with Nora, as she is clueless as well. The plot just grew and grew, adding more layers and twists. Nothing was in any way predictable. The book ends with the most epic ending ever, which makes it all the more cruel. I need book four NOW.I am really curious as to where the story will go now, as the stakes just got HUGE.

Silence was by far my favorite book in this series yet. I simply love Becca Fitzpatrick's writing, and I love the growth throughout the books. The characters are just wonderful. This series is a must read, or else you will be sad to miss out on them.
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