Customer Reviews: Criss Angel - Mindfreak - The Complete Season Two
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on January 23, 2006
OK. Here is, what may be, the only true review of the DVD set released by A&E Entertainment, and not a debate over who is your favorite Magician. This collection will be enjoyable to any Criss Angel fan or Magic enthusiast, so get it and grab the popcorn. But first, there are a couple of things you need to know. It is amazing that the Title is, "The Complete Season One", considering that 4 episodes are missing from the set. (1) The "Bullet Catch" episode that was ready for broadcast but banned by the network and never aired, (2) the one-hour 10/31 "Halloween" episode, (3) "The Best of Criss Angel" with scenes edited out from previous episodes, and (4) "The Best of Criss Angel Vol.II". I am happy that A&E released the collection, and would be glad if they released more of their programming on DVD, but remain dumb-founded that they would forget 4 episodes and then title the collection what they did.
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VINE VOICEon December 27, 2005
David Blaine and Criss Angel are the forefront of magic in the new century. Why? Gone are the parlor tricks we've become so accustom to, and now we have magic that will make watch in wonder... how did they do that? Tricks on the street, with common observers. Tricks that not only take illusion, slight of hand and craftsmanship, but also take MENTAL TOUGHNESS and PREPAREDNESS.

Some of the more dazzling things that Criss Angel does in season one will leave you awe-struck. Like when he walks DOWN THE SIDE OF A VEGAS BUILDING... or WALKS THROUGH A GLASS WINDOW. Even the little things... like levitating a frisbee that had landed on the ground, spinning it up to eye level and throwing it to an observer without ever toughing it. Or don't let me forget when he walks up to some random people in a park, puts a young girl into a trace, bends her BACKWARD at a 90 degree angle and then LEVITATES HER ENTIRELY.

Of course there's the time when he levitates HIMSELF. I'm not talking a few inches off the ground like David Blaine did previously. I'm talking feet. Three feet. Four Feet. High enough to lift himself over a good sized dog. Not taking anything away from the equally incredibly David Blaine, but a nearby observer spoke the SAYS IT ALL COMMENT, "Blaine needs to kiss this guys ass."

I don't know about that... Criss still hasn't done anything close to the most amazing trick that David Blaine did. Removing a wrist watch from a woman... walking a few feet down the street to a jewelry store where the woman's watch was displayed in the window... and being after hours, the store was closed, so he put his hand and arm through the glass right before our eyes and retrieves the watch. Or creating water, wearing a sleeveless shirt with a single leaf for a jungle tribe that had no running water.

Okay, okay... back to Criss Angel. The show is incredible. I watch it religiously. One of the things I find enduring about the show is the fact that Criss' brothers are part of his crew and it's kinda cool to see them worry about him when he does his tricks... even though... sometimes it looks sorta staged.

Also, the fact that he includes other magicians in his show, like Lance Burton, Penn & Teller & the Amazing Johnathan. I'm just waiting for the 2 part episode where him and David Blaine team up... dear lord... wouldn't that be great!

If anybody out there is complaining about Criss Angel and the validitiy of his tricks... I'd like to see the magicians that they're watching because I can't imagine that magic could get much better.
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on June 21, 2006 an opening statement:

If you're looking for the unseen "Bullet Catch" episode, you're NOT going to find it on this DVD!

Aparently the episode was deemed "too hot for TV", THEN aparently "too hot for this DVD." While yes, I do find that somewhat assanine, i'm not going to complain about it too much. Although I basically DID get this DVD, hopeing that the BC episode with JD, would atleast make an appearance here. Just so I could atleast see the only part of season one, that nobody got to see.

But I was wrong.

Contrary to the DVD title, this is infact NOT "the COMPLETE season 1", because it's missing a few episodes. It's missing the following:

1. Bullet Catch

-The episode featuring JD (Jonathan Davis) of Korn, which was never aired. It was banned from being so. And thus, might be the reason why it's not on this DVD. Perhaps Criss will release it on DVD, on his website in the near future...we can only hope.

2. Halloween Special

-Speaks for itself. This was an hour long Halloween special Criss did in 2005. It was aired on TV as part of season 1, yet is NOT on this DVD. Somewhat disappointing, as that episode was actually quite enjoyable.

3. Best of I

-One of the two "best of Criss Angel" episodes aired on TV, that is not on this DVD. It showcased outakes, and never before seen clips. Such as a few from the "Bullet Catch" episode, with JD.

4. Best of II

-The second of the two "best of Criss Angel" episodes aired on TV, that is not on this DVD. Again, it showcased outakes and never before seen clips from the Mindfreaks series.

That's really my only complaint with this compilation of Criss Angel episodes. It's missing an unaired episode, and 3 aired episodes.

Also, the "bleeps" you got on the TV, that cut out the cussing...they're STILL HERE! This is also somewhat disappointing, as Criss could have atLEAST given his fans RAW and UNCENSORED episodes. AtLEAST for the DVD collection. Oh well. Perhaps nextime, eh? Knowing A&'s highly doubtful.

Anyways, aside from those flaws (the bleeps still being here/the missing and unaired episodes), the season 1 DVD is awesome! It contains every single other season 1 episode, exactly as seen on TV! Only now, you can watch them anytime you like, instead of having to wait for Wednesday nights.

I give this product 4/5 stars, for it's 2 flaws.

So if you're planning on buying this just to see the "Bullet Catch" episode with JD in it, you might want to skip this. Because that episode (along with 3 others) is not on this DVD.

And if you're thinking of buying this DVD, because you're thinking it'll be unedited and uncensored, again, you might want to skip this. Because the bleeps still exist.

But if you're a fan of Criss Angel, and simply want to own (most of) season 1, AS SEEN ON TV, then by all means, purchase this DVD set! You will NOT be disappointed!
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on July 1, 2006
In Mindfreak, Criss Angel has found the ultimate formula to make magic cool to the younger generation, while at the same time making magic interesting and fun again to us older folks who gave up believing in magic about the same time we started questioning the existence of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

The show is mindboggling, but at the same time down to earth, in spite of it's subject matter, and Criss Angel just has one of the those "larger than life" personality types that just draws you into being interested in his world, whether or not you've ever been into reality or magic shows, either one. Not to mention the fact that if you happen to be female (or otherwise inclined, I suppose) he's a hard man to take your eyes off of, no magic required!

In my opinion, this DVD does an excellent job of showcasing Criss as the Best Magician in the world right now, even though judging from all the talk on the Web at this time, there seems to be a fair amount of opposition out there on that claim. Why all the jealousy and sceptism exists at this time towards Criss and his talents, I don't know. But if anyone out there is looking at this DVD with a sceptical eye, or towards debunking Criss Angel's talents, let's consider for a moment what performing magic and/or being an illusionist is really all about. It's about putting on a show, and keeping your audience entertained, and Criss Angel puts on a flawless show, that will keep you enthralled from beginning to end. It doesn't matter how he does it, the point is that he does it so well.
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I've been a magic fan since i was a very young boy and my family and I used to attend the annual, worlds largest magic convention in Colon, Michigan, home to the Abbotts magic factory and Harry Blackstone. Angel is one of the new breed of magicians/illusionists who have said forget the stage and the beautiful assistant in skimpy outfits and who has taken his act to the street to perform tricks both mind-boggling and dangerous. One has to question the sanity of a guy who sets himself ablaze on his mother's birthday but that's just what Criss does.

His feats of sleight of hand and illusion make for great TV. Is it all camera tricks? Are all the people paid shills and plants there to oooohhh and ahhhh? I don't know and it really doesn't matter to me. Seein him levitate himself three feet in the air onto a chair in front of a casino lounge full of guests is pretty damn amazing no matter how its done. What makes Angel so intriguiing to me is his showmanship. The greatest magicians are those that have showmanship and flair. Even the greatest tricks can be dull in the hands of a bland performer. Angel is anything but bland displaying a likeability that anyone who encounters him certainly feels. The greatest trick isn't always how the magician pulls off his feats but rather how he manages to fool the audience.

Great stuff!
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VINE VOICEon June 14, 2006
I found out about Criss Angel late in its first season. Several friends were telling us about some of his feats and I had to tune in - This sexy Greek guy has it all - he is daring, very sexy (did I mention he was sexy?) and a master illusionist. A friend of mine is learning to be a magician in Vegas and he told me how cool Criss is -- May have to take a trip back to Vegas to see him in person. He peeks the imagination and the illusions are flawless. Houdini would be very proud -
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on August 19, 2016
I must say Angels Vegas show at the Luxor is great.
5 stars.
I did not really pay much attention to him until I saw that live show.
But these tv shows were a bit of a let down for me only because instead of featuring the same top notch level of illusions seen in his real act..... the tv shows mostly feature fake illusions that use video editing and fake audiences who are part of his team.
True the live show of course would use camera tricks and plants in the audience too to some degree..... but the th show does not really show the true magic skills of Chriss.
The tv show is more of the magic of video and editing than the stage magic skill and technique of Chriss Angel
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on February 8, 2007
Criss Angel has taken season 2 of mindfreak to another level! The illusions and demonstrations he performs are simply unreal! From the building float (he actually floated from one building to another!) to walking on water (surrounded by swimmers and with multiple cameras shooting!), Criss Angel keeps pushing the enveloppe and bringing never before seen material! In each episode, he performs a major demonstration and multiple illusions and street magic. He must come up with a great deal of never before seen material for each episode and that shows how creative he is. Mindfreak 2 is a must have for anyone remotly interested in the art of magic. It's fresh, entertaining and unbelievable. Criss Angel is the new and best form of magic.
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on March 30, 2016
I know I am being fooled by diversion of attention, deception, mis-direction and other tricks of the trade, but the illusions created and performed by Criss Angel are the best in the business. Pure enjoyment, including the reactions of the crowds. I have watched some of his "illusions" many times, trying to figure out "how did he do that", but with just a couple of exceptions, he has me fooled.
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on July 12, 2016
Criss Angel constantly tries new ways to vary his magic. He is an innovator in the magic world.

You'll see illusions in this show not done by others before him.

For those unitiated as to Criss' greatness, Mindfreak season one is an excellent primer into the art of a master of his craft.
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